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Hey dolls, my name is cheli & I'm 20 years...

Hey dolls, my name is cheli & I'm 20 years young & have 2 babies. I've been wanting a bbl for over a year now & thinking about going thru with it. I just wanna know the bad side of it or should I say if their is a bad side to it. So girls if ur considering on doing it too or if u had one I wanna know ur thoughts/ experience.

So my consultation will be June 7! Well see what...

So my consultation will be June 7! Well see what she tells me... Can't wait=)

Brazilian butt lift <3

Consultation this Friday!!!!!!

Ahhh I'm so nervous! My consultation is this Friday I can't wait to hear what she says!

Wish pic

Consultation with Afifi

So today was my visitation with Afifi, & it went great! She said to achieve the body I want I should loose 10 lbs & since I'm still breast feeding my bby I have to wait till he's a little older. &&&&& also..:( my hubby is doubting me now, he says what if I leave him for some one else because ill have a nicer body-___- & I'm so deplt sad to hear that from him! I will never leave him or cheat on him. He's the love of my life! But if he keeps doubting me I guess I just won't do it! I'm not going to risk him doubting me in the future....(sight)


I'm sooooo depressed! I keep looking at my old pictures & I wish I can get it back! I am really hoping for this surgery to happen this yr! I hate not being comfortable with my body. ;(

I will post of me before I had my 2
angels & my body now...


I am 5'6 177 lbs

I don't want to be this skinny again tho..

Post op

Assss & curvess

Idk if I have to loose a couple pounds before my procedure????


So I have changed my dr. From Afifi to jimerson in ATL
I'm obsessed with his work!!!!
I'm hoping to get this done by April 2014, meanwhile I'm going to save up. I will probably book my appt next month or two....

Afifi it is

So I am sticking to dr Afifi, the reasons why is because my husband & I think it's better to not travel & also he likes afifis work & I do too but ill be honest I like jimersons better (its just hes not in califirnia)& We both feel like a natural sexy body fits me better so I really hope she can give me a small waist with a natural bubble butt


I'm now 175 & not planning on loosing or gaining more i think this is a good weight for the bbl...

Afifi no more....

Ok so oficially i wil not go with afifi, i Dont want to regret it later. So i guess i will look into hughes..i have to do it here in California and he is probably the best dr here. Ugh this is so frustrating!

Hughes it is!!!=)

So I already sent him pictures and I hope to see him soon!!!! I have lost a couple pounds, I'm currently 171. I'm hoping on getting this procedure done before summer so I can look hot hot hot in my bikinis!!!!! I also would like to get my boobs done i. The future but I was wondering g if you can still breast feed with implants?....

Before pics

I want my body to be sexy not scary! I wanna be a 21 year old milf!

Got my quote

So dr Hughes said he will charge 9,500 & I have my consultation the 7th of January!!!!:0 can't wait to meet him! Soo exited!!!

Consultation went great...

He said he can definitely get 1500 cc in each & he will lipo my sides lower back and stomach!!!!! & lucky me today was last day of promotion so I will pay 8,000 instead of 9,500 yayyyy & I will pay cash. I left a deposit so now I just need to choose when I wan to get it done!! Their is no turning back now woot woot=)


Need help

Even tho I've read soo manny reviews I'm still not sure what I need. I live in the area so I won't be traveling. I need help on where to buy the fajas & what I need!!! Please & thank you:)


Does Hughes provide a garment?


I'm not sure if I should add hips... & do what do you guys think, is 1500 cc to each butt cheek too much? Ugh....

Plastic surgery stimulator



So I'm wondering if Hughes patients also got the massages? & if so where did u get them.


For how long did you ladies take pain meds?
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

My dr will be Kenneth B Hughes

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Thank you btw:)
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Oh I see, it's cuz I was considering not taking the meds at all...
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I just needed mine for a week. I wasn't in any pain at all. Just my tummy muscles were sore for a while. Didn't think I needed pills for that. Good luck with everything.
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Dr. Hughes does not require them, but I think they are helpful. You get a free one on the spa next door, and they are $55 p/session thereafter. I wasn't going to get any because I've had so many expenses but I still have a few hard spots so I'm going to start getting some. I just started looking around for places last night, hoping to find a better deal. I'll let you know if I find something and please let me know if you find something. Are you getting closer on choosing a date? PS you should email Kirsty (the community manager) to change the doctor on your review.
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Thank you mesan ur soo helpful
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Oh & I haven't set a date yet I told Adam I want April & he said we would discuss a date when were closer to April
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Ok so my whole comment didn't post .. But yes mesan thank you for helping & I will definitely let u know if I find a place cheaper. & yestarday I was trying to change my dr but I couldn't but I'm going to email her right now thanx again!
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LOL it happens, I hate it when I get cut off. April is good you don't want to do it in the summer. You're very welcome :-)
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Yeah it is! Right now I'm weaning my almost 1 yr bby boy from my boobs & I'm having such a hard time since he is a boob addict so I hope I accomplish getting him off breast feeding before April.
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Wow so many girls getting sx with him this week. I'm one week post op. I look forward to the rest of your journey
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I chose dr hughes aswell and im paying 9000 getting my bbl in less then 6 days:) hughes is soo good:))
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Yes as far as I've seen he's great! Omg how exiting it's almost ur turn!
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Mines is coming up as well. 17th which is this Friday.
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Omg how exiting!!
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I'm nervous very nervous
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Did you ask Dr. Hughes his opinion on giving you hips? Based on your wish pics, I think hips would be a nice addition, but you should really consider whatever advise he gives you on that. Again based on your wish pics,1500ccs is too much at all. Too many girls regret not having gotten more, so if he can give you more I say go for it.
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No I didn't ask him I forgot lol, did you get hips mesan?
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LOL, it's ok I forgot to ask him a few things when I first saw him, you get caught up with the excitement. You should email him and ask him. I did not get hips, I've always been wide so once he removed all the fat my hips popped out. But I did ask him what he thought about giving me hips, since I thought I wanted more, he told me no because it would only make me look wider (fatter) and wouldn't do anything for my butt, I'm glad I followed his advise.
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Check my post on the supplies list, you really don't need a ton of stuff, most of the lists I've seen are for girls who will be traveling or getting sx in the DR. Dr. Hughes will give you a "binder" I'll probably be putting a picture of it in my review soon. You will wear the binder for about 3 weeks, after that he recommends shapewear (like spanx). I wouldn't worry about the faja so much right now because you don't know what size you'll end up being, it might just be a waste of money at this point.
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Thank you very much mesan!:) I will look at ur post right now!
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I really liked him & I'm happy I chose him to do my bbl :)
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Hi, will you still be getting BBL & BA? i am really considering Dr Hughes i am wondering if its 9,500 for BBL & BA? or 9,500 for just BBL? since the promotion already ended :( i also want BBL & BA at the same time. Thank you!
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Hi:), I'm only getting bbl, I wanna wait to heal good & then get the ba.
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I knew you would love him. Lucky you! You got a great deal, congratulations. How exciting, do you have any idea when you will be getting it?
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I want in April or May
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