post op day 9.. my right hip is soo much bigger than the left..very noticeable it to early to be concerned?

I'm 5'4 ..174 and ready Tp chNge my body!! I'm a...

I'm 5'4 ..174 and ready Tp chNge my body!! I'm a proud mother of 2 and soo grateful for my tht I'm done having children , I'm looking To get my sexy back!! I've been considering plastic surgery for a couple years now however after reading so many positive reviews on this website, I feel confident in going thru with it!!

Hey girly when is your surgery date ???
Hey! You know Wht it was suppose to be last Wednesday but I cancelled it for now..wanted to research a bit more ..but looking at lil lady's pic looks amazing!! I'm now hoping for Feb or march depending on my work schedule? Did u set urs yet?
Yeah I'm deff going to afifi !!!! Most likely by April the latest !!!

Any docs in Cali that can give results like Dr...

Any docs in Cali that can give results like Dr Jimerson from the ATL?


have you heard about dr.dennis dass in Beverly Hills? im stuck between alfifi, bruno and dass dont know who to chosse ...yikes
I have heard of Dr Dass but not much of him on this site..Ive pretty much been sold on Afifi from the first visit..something about her makes me feel confident she is the one to perform m surgery :*)
dr.bruno has been showing off lately with suckiig out all the fat and making those butts nice n round his butts r coming out realy good. dr. afifi well she doesnt take out enough fat ad its best to be at yr ideal weight with her and shes very conservative with the fat injection into the butt. ive only seen one good review with afifi on here. i live in cali n was in the entertainment business so alot of the girls get work done. if u go with afifi just make sure yr at yr ideal weight because she is not aggressive at all with the lipo she doesnt get all fat out so its best to be closer to yr ideal weight. Dr.bruno so far has been producing some excellent results there r two girl who have gone to him recently i think one is 2 months post op and i dont remember how far out the other is but they look good butts r nice n round n perky!! they r realself user u should check out their reviews!! goodluck

Spoke to Tammy her!! Im all...

Spoke to Tammy her!! Im all booked for surgery on 3/22.. pre op 3/6.. started gathering my list of things for my surgery..any afifi girls use a full body garment ? If so Wht do u recomend?

Less than a month away ;*) ...grtting

less than a month away ;*) ...grtting
What's your date mamas :)? I'm with afifi too :)
March 20 ;*) ..cant wait just feel like I'm not prepared tho idk...reading all these posts and everyones pre op shopping lists got me a lil anxious...I'm not really sure if and Wht is all needed
Hey are you paying cash or financing. I feel so un prepared !!!

Sooo I'm super damn frustrated!! My employer...

Sooo I'm super damn frustrated!! My employer goofed on my vacation and now I don't have the time off I originally thought I had to do my BBL..this throws off my entire plan!!FML

I'll be calling Tammy in the am to see if she can post poned it for another week..but this will only give me about 7 days off..hope its enough time to heal well enough to go back to work ;/

BBL Paid in full!! Can't wait for Dr Afifi to work...

BBL Paid in full!! Can't wait for Dr Afifi to work her magic!!!!
I WOULD take only old ugly gowns and even uglier old maxi dresses... you want a new wardrobe after and blood may end up on any clothing during the first 1-2 weeks
keep us updated
please show us pics.. ill be going in soon and im soooo nervous. Want to make sure she does a good job on me

So I got my blood work done today..kinda bummed...

So I got my blood work done today..kinda bummed tho Kaiser wouldn't honor my lab work from Dr afifi so I had to pay outta pocket..waaaah!! Original it was goin to total to approx $ 186 bux however I located a site/service online that helps with reducing the costs and was able to get the price reduced to $69. Super simple safe and ez service

So far this is all I have and plan to have going into surgery:

Boppy pillow
Lipo foam
Wedge pillows

Any must haves/suggestions that i left off my lil list are much appreciated!!
Good luck! I'm sure you will have amazing results because your body profile is in a good shape to get realistic results...
Is today SX day??
Everything is gonna come out the way u wanted! :) good luck and I can't wait to hear from you post op

Hi girls!! Feeling woosy but I made it out of...

Hi girls!! Feeling woosy but I made it out of surgery...bleeding all over the place not fun at all...well like most girls on here I don't seem to have instant results tummy is super swollen and my booty doesn't look like its been touch Nd thts with the gauze..but my post op is Friday ..ill let u know how it goes and hopefully post pics then xoxo
Wow! I can't believe you feel good enough to post. Glad all went well. Did you experience any nausea w/ the antibiotics or anesthesia? Remember you will be super swollen in the beginning but my friend had a bbl about 6 weeks ago and honesty the results get better with time.
Yes Sally I did
How much did they inject??? Are you in pain??

Quick update girls: 2nd post op I was super sore...

Quick update girls: 2nd post op I was super sore and still couldnt eat mom made me a bowl of fresh fruit n yogurt in the am and some yummy chicken soup which I was able to handle in the evening. The pain meds,really didn't do much for me however I was really never in pain just sore as heck.

I've been takin my arnica and bromelin faithfully..really do think it has helped with bruises and soreness. I have had no problems with using the,restroom.

3rd day po/ po with afifi: my po went well .Dr assistant Tammy said girl Afifi was excited after Ur surgery said she made u look like a rock star ;*) she soo sweet!! kinda nervous cause my home is about an hour away from her office and was worried about killing the fat.cause of sitting ..anyways she put 875 on the left cheek/ hip and 760 in the right. I have been wearing the vedette compression garment butt in mid shorts..Doc was concerned that it was squashing the booty so she suggested I cut it in the rear to give my booty room. My tummy is looking good although there is a lot of fluid and.swelling underneath..been trying to massage,it myself and I can literally feel the fluid moving around..taking it day by day and can't wait for the end results in a couple months..still workin on pics ..can't upload from my phone ans haven't been around a desktop
Wow can't wait to see the pics thanks for the update ;)
Hi Cat99! Yes I had some nausea coming out of surgery but not too too bp was,extremely low so maybe that also had something to do with it..I'm on my 3rd say post op and feel great! Dr did advise against cleaning the house or doing anything but resting even tho I feel good..said my body just went thru a lot and needs time to rest n heal.
Glad to hear you are feeling well

Day 5 and soreness seems to be getting better day...

Day 5 and soreness seems to be getting better day by day. I switched out garments today but not sure if the new is given me enough compression..thinking of throwing the,squeem on top and hope it works. I have been ready to sit and its driving me nutts!! Being on my tummy and standing all day is getting to be daunting ..any one with tips on how to sit and preserve fat.send em my way!! Booty and hips are rock hard not sure of my measurments ..but hips are pretty wide and projection and fullness aren't quiet as big as my hips. Just waitng on my swelling to go down on my tummy cause my Dr contoured the shit out of me =*D

I'm must clarify that I asked Dr to focus on on...

I'm must clarify that I asked Dr to focus on on flattening out my tummy and mainly my hips ( my #1 wish pic was the girl in the grey leggings n then the chic in blue bikini) cause of some uneveness and flatness..didn't really care about projection and I feel she did exactly wht I asked for..I know,from this point its up to me to enhance Wht she,did by sticking to my diet and to continue on wearing my garment ( she said a minimum of 8 weeks since I had kids..this will help with the loose,skin) she really is A Gem in Cali and def worth every penny ;*)
No pictures yet??
Post pics girly my surgery is next week ;)
Check out ForeverBooty she has a fold out chair that she cut a hole in the bottom of to sit. I am definitely having my husband make it since I'm having both procedures done

9 day post op..overall feeling good. Last night I...

9 day post op..overall feeling good. Last night I struggled with sleep due to my body itching like crazy ! I tried to tuff it out but ended up ripping off my garment and lathering my tummy and back with Allegra itch relief wonders.

My current struggle is locating a garment that fits right. Ive had to return several because they dont fit however the 2 Ive been using are way to big..kinda frustrating.. Ive been wearing a medium squeem over my garment with foam across my belly underneath.. hopefully I can locate a good 1 soon cause i'm in need.

My next issue is the size of my hips..I was realistic in the fact that my hips would not be exactly the same however mine are pretty obvious and ridiculously off. My right is high and sticks out and my left continues to shrink..not sure what to do to fix this crossing my fingers it will all figure it self out in a couple more weeks.

Have yet to start massages..Are they necessary? Also , how do you avoid smashing your ass-sets during the massage?
Hey doll! Did your hips align after a while? I am having the same issue. Please respond!
I think it's kind of a to each his own thing on the massages. I had 1 lymphatic massage and 1 free massage from the spa at my ps office and that was it. I have no lumps and bumps at all and would just rub out sore areas on my own.
happy healing!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

Dr afifi has to be one of the best ...absolutely love her!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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