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I have been excited to read various ladies'...

I have been excited to read various ladies' reviews on Real Self specifically for my doctor Afifi and with some encouragement have decided to begin sharing my own experience and road to surgery. :) I chose Dr. Afifi foremost because of the sharing and successful photos and stories from other #afifidolls on here. My surgery is 29 days away and I go back and forth between very excited and then I have some nights I have to take a anxiety meds to fall asleep because I am so anxious specifically about the blood work and IV! At my initial consultation we didn't discuss CC's for the BBL but at my blood work/post op appointment I am going to request 1000 ccs for each cheek. I am getting lipo for the fat transfer in my full abdomen, hips and flanks so hopefully there is enough there to produce that amount. I have been working out (cardio a min 1 hour each day) to tone other areas but with little to no results after 3 weeks. I am looking forward to my donut breast lift and implants as well! My breasts are currently a B/C with some breast tissue but no volume especially in the upper part. To have bigger boobs and a hot butt in a bathing suit has always been a dream!


good luck honey dr. afifi is great i know youre going to look phenomenal! please keep us posted honey and take some before and after pics
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Thank you for your support! I will post more before pictures either tonight or tomorrow as well as post just a couple wish pics! :)

My before pics :(

Ok here are my before pics. Flat butt, big hips and love handles and big belly with saggy unshapely boobs. Although in taking the photos I noticed that my flanks have gone down so although I am not losing weight from the gym sessions I am toning my body. I really don't want to tone too much though, because I want enough fat to make 1000 ccs in each cheek for the BBL.

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My wish pics!

I went into my consultation not really knowing exactly what I wanted for my BBL but after looking up multiple reviews on Real Self as well as online I have decided that I want a bubble butt with lots of projection but NOT wide and NOOOOO hips! Think more Vida Guerra and NOT COCO OR KIM KARDASHIAN. I want to look thin but with a big butt and big boobs. This is not to offend the beautiful ladies that want curves it's just that I've had hips my whole life and I do not like them on me at all! I can't wait to not have any and see what I look like!

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How to and if I should tell my family?

Any tips on how to tell my family about the surgery? I am worried they won't have a positive reaction based on past comments from them. Any advice? Should I even tell them?


Afifi work is great. I considered her also. I have the same dilemma but the only person I am telling before is my hubby. The rest I will tell after. I will be going to dr yily. She said I may need a tummy tuck but I refuse. It's all about the booty for me and lipo. You are going to be gorgeous, I just know it.
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Thank you! Are you nervous to travel to Yily? Will your husband be going with you? I am very excited for you! I'm also happy you are refusing the TT it's what you want not her!

More excited than scared!

As my surgery date is approaching I am getting more excited and less scared especially about the needles! I think the recovery will be painful but thankful I will have pain meds!


I am excited for you love bubble! I am going next week to book my surgery for early Nov. I wish I could have it early but I can't do to my husbands job/my job. Keep us updated!
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Thank you! I'm excited for you as well! Are you also going with Dr. Afifi?
Yes I absolutely love Afifi; she really the only officially consultation I had and I can't see myself with no one had another consultation but it was unexpected because technically I was getting a consultation for laser surgery but she happened to be a plastic surgeon too but I just didn't have a connection with her. She was very nice and wanted to give me 1000cc with 4000cc lipo but I was looking for a bit more..Do you know what other things we might need other than a garment?

Shopping for post surgery supplies!

Today I went out and bought a couple things that I think I might need for after surgery based on reviews on here but keeping all the receipts in case I need to return them once I get my new body. I won't know details of exactly what I need until my pre-surgery appointment with the doctor which is a week and 3 days before my surgery. I went to Walmart and purchased 2 compression garments a size XL and 2XL and unfortunately the lady at the fitting room wouldn't allow me to try them on although she said I could return them if they didn't fit once I got home and tried them on. Weird policy but whatever. I also bought 4 Danskin Now clasp front sports bras in 4 different sizes I am currently wearing 38C bras but the cups have gotten too big as my breasts have shrunk recently so I bought a 38C, 36D, 38D, and 40D. I also purchased 2 maxi dresses as I heard those are best to wear while in recovery. I tried on the compression garments when I got home and the XL and 2XL fit okay but I feel like one of them should be a little tighter so I'm going to go back to grab the large when I return the 2 sports bras that absolutely don't fit me around right now. There is still so much to get for my recovery but I'm happy I got started since it's coming up. I can't wait for my new body especially my new boobies!


Hi ladies. A lot of the stuff you see on these lists are unnecessary. You need stuff for pain, a 2nd stage garment, something to help you sit, bruising, vitamins, and cleaning yourself afterwards. Since you may not be able to shower for the 1st 2 days. Other then that save your money for your new wardrobe! and comfortable clothes after surgery. lol
Thank you so much I really need a start list!
I would like anywhere between 1200-1500; I will choose a final # @ pre-op when I see my final weight I am in the process of losing 10 pounds because Dr. Afifi suggested it so everything comes out about you? How much did she charge you for your boobs? I have thought about my boobs but I need a lift too so I would have to do it later on if I decided..


I just noticed I made a typo I meant 1000 CCs total not a 1000 CCs in each cheek. That would be crazy as hell.

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Ugh wrong again

I guess I did mean 1000 CCs in each cheek. Sorry it's early in the morning so I'm not thinking straight!


Love ur screen babe! Best of luck to you! I'm also going for a bbl with bl+implants.. I'm going in nov n too excited to n nervous '
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Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you! Are you also going with Afifi? November will be here in no time!
I want bl with implant same time but I get mixed reviews from doctors. Some say it can't be done. Idk


I tried to update my supply list yesterday but it didn't go through so here it is.
In addition to the 2 garments and multiple sports bras and maxi dresses I purchased:
A couple more sports bras
Female urinal
2 fajas (look on bear for these I found a crotchless one and an open butt one both were priced at under $40 on eBay and they allow returns if it does not fit.
Camp stool for "sitting"
Squirt bottle
Arnica gel
Arnica Montana
Cocoa butter
I still plan on purchasing:
Stool softners
Pineapple juice
Compression stockings
Antibacterial body wash
Medical tape
Anti-itch cream

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Starting to get nervous

Read some reviews on Real Self (not of Afifi but of other Drs) about girls having to get blood transfusions after BBL surgery. It has opened my eyes to the risks although I still want to proceed with the surgery I've gotten more nervous than excited.


Congratulations on your decision. I wish you the best! Btw I love your wish pics.
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Thank you!

After looking around I think I want bigger boobies

I am scheduled to get 600 CCs but I feel I actually might want bigger. Will be talking to the Dr about it at my pre op. it's 10 days away and I have lots of questions ready can't wait!

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My before pics!

Here's my before pics the descriptions are in a prior post.

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Before pics

Whoops forgot to upload the pics with the post. I wish Real Self would let you edit reviews so you can delete mistakes like that.

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Balance is paid in full!

I paid my balance in full today!
Getting more excited!


You will be so happy with your decision :)
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17 days awayyyyyyy!!

I purchased 2 XL Faja garments on Ebay and they arrived today.
It's pretty hilarious how badly they didn't fit! I couldn't even pull them up anywhere past my knees! I don't think I'm that big of a girl but these things are TIGHHHTTTTT! Needless to say I am exchanging them for a larger size.

My surgery is 17 days away and it feels surreal. Even though I have a post surgery stock pile it doesn't feel like my body will be changed drastically in only 17 days! I go back and forth between excited, nervous, and then feeling nothing about it. The other night I woke up around 3 AM scared about dying during or after surgery and leaving my husband alone on this earth. It made me very sad because I felt like if that does happen it's because I am selfish for wanting to change my God given body. I heard that something like this will be an emotional roller coaster and it's true!!!! I wish I could lose more weight before surgery but it's been a SLOW process! Still working out at least 45 minutes to an hour a day of cardio but my portion size and sweet tooth need to go away!!!!

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Boob wish pics!

Here's my boob wish pics!


Not long now babe. Are u excited ?? :)
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Def getting there! I think I'm more excited about my new boobies and shape than my bbl righty now. I love your shape and can't wait to have similar I just want my clothes to fit better! It's hard with big love handles!
you are gonna look sooo amazing i cant wait to see you! just be prepared for pain like nothing else! xx

2 week mark!

Today marks the 2 week countdown of my surgery so that means no alcohol, ibuprofen, asprin, or vitamin e for the next 4 weeks and start taking my multi-vitamin, bromelian, vitamin C, and continue taking iron. I am so excited to get my new body! Today it felt like everything I tried on from my closet just doesn't fit properly. I am so tired of my big belly and love handles and my gym progression has been so damn slow. I haven't gone shopping in forever (aside from sports bras and maxi dresses) because I'm not sure what size I will be post surgery both on my butt and boobs. I wish the surgery was today already!


Holy smokes that sounds so incredibly painful! I'm glad you're doing better now though!
its all good babe, oh and get yourself a TON of Gatorade. Sipping on that was the only thing that made me feel somewhat human again.
Thank you! I will def stock up on that! I also heard pineapple juice helps the healing as well!

Frustrated with the Faja garments

Okay got the 2 XL in the mail today and THAT doesn't fit. Freaking frustrating!!!!! My husband and I had a good laugh when I was trying it on but I couldn't get it past my thighs and I don't feel as though I am that big! Hopefully the garments I bought from Walmart work because I have already wasted money on sending these Faja's back and forth. Damn it! Another thing I am stuck on is my boobs. Do I want HP or Ultra HP also silicone or saline? Ultra High Profile will give me more projection which is what I want but will it give me cleavage? In my opinion saline looks faker which is the look that I really want but silicone won't deflate. I feel as though I am boob obsessed right now. I really hope that my boobs and butt turn out big enough to where I am happy and I see a great amount of difference.

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Okay tried again and it fits!

Okay tried it again and with my husband's help the damn faja fits!!!!!! My thigh was coming out of the crotch hole and he said it looked like I had ball sack so he had a good laugh. I told him now I think he's truly seen me at my worst (although I think the worst is yet to come). I have a feeling I will be a huge cry baby with the pain but he's so sweet I know he will take great care of me.

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Lipo Foam or Abdominal board?

Can anyone please recommend either getting Lipo Foam or an Abdominal board? I do not want waves in my tummy. Please advise and where you got them from if you could. Thank you!


I'm sure everything will go great and you'll have a banging body! Very excited for you, keep us posted! :)
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Thank you so much Jackie! I just checked out your results and you look amazing!! I will def keep you guys posted!!
You have to get help putting it on. If u can put it on by yourself and hook it by yourself thats when u get a new one. buy lipo shorts in large. Take those walmart things back they will not give u the support u need for max results. You also need a squeem,
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A week and 2 days away!

My surgery is a week and 2 days away! It's slowly but surely becoming more real to me...!

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Question for my BBL/Lipo sisters

At this point, aside from my husband, no one is aware that I will be getting a BBL although they are aware I will be getting breast implants. This question is for my BBL/lipo sisters: Aside from your spouse, does your family, friends and coworkers know about your BBL or lipo surgery? What did you tell them in regards to the change in your figure if you have already received this procedure? Did they even ask or notice?


Good luck hun, your day is almost here!
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Thank you Zulu Princess! Getting excited and anxious! Good luck with your surgery!!!!
My squeem came in the mail yesterday! Just waiting on my ab board to arrive!

Getting ready!!!!

Just went grocery shopping for post surgery recovery food and drink needs! I'm getting more and more excited!!!! I am not focusing on the pain that I'm about to endure because why worry about something you can't do anything about right now? I really just can't wait to have my big boobies and booty! I was supposed to start my low sodium diet on Wednesday but have failed miserably! To be honest I really can't wait until after my surgery to start working out again!! I've become addicting to working out recently so I know I will keep up with my post surgery flat tummy! :) This is all really just so exciting! I've been waiting for years to have bigger boobs and have always wanted a round, bigger and more shapely butt! I can't wait!!!!! Today I'm cleaning the house like crazy to make it a zen and calm atmosphere to recover properly in.


Fyi you need to stay away from salt to include gatorade which has a high sodium content. It will make you swell more. Nothing with sodium after sx.
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Thanks hun!

A few more befores!

So ready to do this! Bye bye love handles! Hello sexy figure!

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More before photos

Here's the photos corresponding with the last post.


I thought I was the only one with the cute lil dimples above the booty. I told my PS to save them because they were my trade mark he said butt or dimples. .lol. needless to say he saved them. .lol
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Haha how cute!
Thank you for the info girl friend! :)

What to wear to surgery?

What should I wear to surgery? Any suggestions would be appreciated! It's only 2 days away!


Omg! Good luck on your surgery! I cant wait to be an Afifi dol!!!! but I would like to know ur height & weigjt...?
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Thank you CaliforniaCheli! I am 5 feet 6 inches and weight 179. I'm a chub. :(

Day before the surgery!

I had all these good intentions to clean the house and dye my hair and so far I've done neither. At my pre-op I decided to go with 740cc saline implants filled to 800-840ccs and 1200 cc in each cheek for my BBL. I can't wait to see the results! Not nervous yet but I bet you I will not be able to sleep tonight. I am always unusually calm until I'm at the drs then I freak. I wish they would give me a oral sedative before the IV because I'm already scared of that.


baby!!! good luck to you! try not to be nervous. you are going to be in a whole world of hurt for 2 weeks after but it will all be worth it and over with before you know it. remember to drink lots of Gatorade after and keep ur food intake up so u dont get sick from the pain pills. will be watching and
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Thank you gorgeous Sarah! You are healing beautifully! How soon would you recommend having visitors? I have friends that want to visit me the day after surgery but I think I'm going to look and feel so ugly and in so much pain!
haha you are right. i was not sociable until 5 days later. i remember my dad called the day after surgery to see how i was and i yelled at him for 5 minutes and hung up in his ear. I also went through phases of crying one minute and laughing the next. haha was so weird and im happy nobody saw me in that state. :) xx


Well I made it to the other side! Only my boobs hurt but they hurt like crazy! I will update more later.


I'm glad you're okay. Praying for a speedy recovery and fast healing.
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oooooh sweetness. im so glad you are ok! please take it easy and get plenty of rest. hugs and kisses! xxx
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Wow ladies!

So surgery went well! I'll have to ask her how many CCs I got in each cheek but my husband tells me I have a butt now! Yay! Neither my butt or my lipo areas hurt but my boobs hurt tremendously. Dr. Afifi told my husband the implants were a tight fit so maybe that's why. I ended up with 800 ccs in one and 740 in the other or around there and saline mod plus profile and a donut lift. They look enormous right now so I hope after the swelling goes down they will just look good and not obnoxiously big. The norcos I was prescribed make me vomit each time I take them so my hubby suggested I take half of one and I take it with a extra strength Tylenol I haven't got sick doing that yet but the pain in my breasts hasn't really subsided using that method either. My husband has been so patient and wonderful. I have been so grouchy to him in the couple of days leading up to the surgery and even the morning of and he has still been so sweet and loving. I told him he is angel. He looks at me so sad because he knows how much pain I am in and I also know that the drains I am wearing freak him out (bc he's the one that has to drain them) He said he's going to call tomorrow and see how much I should be draining because it kind of seems like a lot of blood. I have been resting and trying to switch laying and recovering on my each side as the doctor ordered but I prefer my right side over the left. When I sleep on my left my legs ache like crazy (which is strange because I did not get lipo on them only my flanks, upper back, upper and lower abdomen) and I can't seem to find a comfortable position that way. She does not have me using a garment right now just a binder so I'm hoping the chances of me losing volume is slim! :) It's actually not very painful to sit on my butt but obviously trying not to in order to keep all the fat from absorbing. You ladies have been so sweet and supportive! I really don't know what I would have done without Realself! It was so informative and reading your stories of looking forward to your surgeries and recovery were so inspirational that it gave me the courage to move forward with this big surgery. Thank you and bless you all!


Happy fast healing , thank you for sharing your expierience ;)
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Hppy healing babes! Glad you made it through safely. Please post pics when you are up to it
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I am glad your journey has been a success and you have your husband's support, which he is certainly getting something very sculptured out of the Congratulations!
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I read on several reviews and people warned that the pain would be crazy but I thought I could just dope up on pain meds and not feel a thing but I was sorely wrong! If you have scheduled your appointment get ready for a world of hurt! Some days I wonder why the hell I did this? I haven't gotten over the hump to happiness and that it's all worth it yet. I refuse to have visitors and barely want to talk on the phone I just want to feel better ASAP!


hehe i told you sweetie, so at least u were prepared lol! BUT its very short lived and you will be feeling and looking fabulous in no time! im here if you need to talk or vent babe, your not alone in this and it will all be over soon :) xxxx
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Thank you so much Sarah! Yeah I thought for sure if I take enough pain meds I won't feel anything but boy was I wrong! I just wish I could sleep a full night and get comfortable. I read some reviews that some people are already feeling great by day 4 which gives me hope but I know everyone heals differently. Just ready to be back to my feeling better self!
you had a lot done at once sweetie, which is good in a way because everything is gonna be over with at once but i know how u feel, if i could have cut my body off just for a few hours i would have. i dont think day 4 but definitely in 2 weeks you will be well on your way. in a few months u will forget all about this and the pain babe :) for sleeping prop yourself up with pillows, towels for neck support, ice packs, whatever you have to do to make yourself comfortable. eat some fruit and try and go number 2 babe!xx

Booty pic update with garment on

Here's a pic of my booty with the garment on. I will update with more photos later. I have been taking stool softners but with the luck yet so I'm still feeling and looking bloated so don't judge.


Can't wait to see more pics!!:) looking great:) & Thanx for sharing
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Booty pic update without the garment on

Here's another booty pic update without the garment on.

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My "after" boobie bikini pic!

I'm feeling like a million bucks! Well probably more like $500. My husband was gone all day to work today and I was able to move around the house, get up on my on, wash the dishes, take a shower (thank goodness bc my hair was feeling like brillo)! I also tried on a bikini top and it gave me the yay it was all worth it feeling! There is one issue, she was to put more in my right hand side breast since it was bigger to start with but post surgery my left hand side breast is noticeably larger STILL. I pointed it out to my husband while we waited for her at my first post op then the Dr pointed it out herself. She said it should look even once I'm healed but she was going to look at the post operative report uso I hope that's the case and that I didn't get 800 cc in the incorrect boobie. I don't think you can tell from the bikini top pic but bare breasted you can. She also reduced my nipple size which I am so very excited about! No more bologna or pepperoni nips! Just small pretty nips. I hope I still have sensation and they seem to be kinda permanently more erect than usual I wonder if that's going to stick around. Just really loving the no nausea!!!!! Feeling like you have the flu all the time was not helping all the pain. I can't wait to get out of the house soon! I also wanted to say that I am very pleased with the size of my booty bc it looks natural and since I haven't told anyone aside from my husband that I would be getting my butt done it will be easier to pass it off as diligent squats and excercise. Also I was able to go to the bathroom a little today so my tummy went down since it wasn't so full! Excited all around to keep healing and keep this happy feeling!


U look amazing! Congrats!!
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Hey you look good! Don't do to much because you don't want to be in pain later on ... I'm happy for you ;)
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Thank you GAPeach78! I stopped myself from leaving to go get something to eat but I totally agree! Taking it easy but still loving being able to move around!

My before bikini pic

I was just looking in my phone photos and came across my before boobs in the same bikini! I thought I would share so you could see the difference which is huge!


I'm you feeling better I was hurting bad at first and I was numb and doing to much woke the night is so much pain I'm glad that is over .. For the love of bobbies I'm glad I'm passed it Take care ... How does you hubby like the new you ?
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U look amazing! Can't wait to see more pics!!!!!!
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Thank you Bklynbeauty! Good luck with your future surgery!

The booty is no bueno

Just got out of the shower and took some booty pics and what the hell? Where did my booty go? I should have taken my measurements before and after but I didn't have a tape measurer on hand. My butt is flat! Flatter than the other days picture. I don't even know why this could be! It's flat like a pancake on the actual cheek parts if you are looking at it straight on. Has anyone heard of this? Not happy!


Omg:/ I don't think I will go with her nomore..
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I totally understand the same thing happened to me. And it sucks because I don't live in LA so I can't show Afifi my results. :(
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oh babe i am so sorry that your not happy. out of all my friends i wanted this to work for you the most :(
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Pancake butt pictures

It doesn't look as flat from the side but there is zerooooooooooo projection when you look at it straight on and after only 8 days post op. Really? Come on now! In my opinion it was not worth the money. Although I'm keeping a positive disposition because there is nothing I can do about it at this point, the money has been spent to pay for the procedure and the surgery is over. I don't think there is any use to be upset over something I can't fix. I would NEVER go for a round 2 after going through it the first time and I don't think I will ever get any type of PS again after being in that kind of pain. Just my thoughts and hope you ladies are all doing well.


I can't see your pictures !
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How are you doing?
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Hey how are you ?????
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