Surgery Scheduled for 8/20...nervous - CA

I have had silicone implants for 21 years. No...

I have had silicone implants for 21 years. No issues, still feel soft and look nice. My last mammogram showed an enlarged lymph node, doc believed filled with silicone. They are probably leaking or seeping through, and way past time for maintenance.

I was so young when I got them (19) I don't even remember what I looked like before. I don't have any before photos as my previous ps passed away and I coud not get my medical records. I would say I was a very small A. I am now a 34 C. I am 5'8", 124, small frame. Even though I do not want to be flat chested, I know they need to be removed and do not want a replacement. I have 4 kids, youngest 2, and my health is not worth big boobs. I am most scared about how I will look after, sunken, flat...not quite sure.

As for the surgery scared about the drains and infection. My mom will be here for 5 days to help then I am back on my own with the kids and hubby. I will post updates on how my surgery goes. If I can figure out how to post pics, I will. I know I will be relieved to have these out of me once I am well and healed. I can't say I won't miss having some breasts though, hoping for a nice outcome.

Surgery at 1:00. Getting nervous...

Surgery at 1:00. Getting nervous...

Explant done. At home in bed. I took some tylonol...

Explant done. At home in bed. I took some tylonol and the pain is manageable. I took a peek and am totally flat. Trying not to get depressed. The nurse said I looked like an A cup/ 34A. I have drains. Right now I do not have any pain associated with the drains, but they seem like they will be annoying. Hoping to be healthy and be able to accept my appearance. Much to my surprise my implants came out intact.

Day 2. Some soreness, mostly in the drain area I...

Day 2. Some soreness, mostly in the drain area I think. My post op is in the morning tomorrow. I am not taking any pain meds and am able to eat normally. It hard to do stuff that requires lifting my arms...wash face, hair would be impossible, open things, hang things up.

I washed from the waist down and sponged my under arms and neck. That made me feel a little fresher and better. Drains are still filling, so no chance on them being removed tomorrow. I look abnormally flat, even with a hoodie on. I think that is because I am so wrapped up. I am trying to be strong and focus on my health. I honestly don't think I will even be an A cup. I also should have bought some short sleeve button up shirts. I just cut one of my hubby's tees in half and have it connected with hair clips.

Home from my first pre op. I feel somewhat better...

Home from my first pre op. I feel somewhat better now. I will have the drains for another week, which seems to long but the doc insists. I am getting very little drainage. The drains are the causing me the most discomfort and nothing really fits over them to hide. I am very disappointed I have to keep them in that long. On a better note, they removed some tape which made the itching better. I got to see myself also. I look as flat as a piece of paper bound up, so I was expecting to see that. I do have some breast tissue though. It is very squished up and has imprints from the wrap, I can't tell what size they will be but probably a 34A. I think once I am no longer so tightly bound it will drop a bit a form out a breast... I hope. The incision sight was longer than I expected, purple in color. My breast probably won't cover it up but hopefully it will heal nicely and I don't think it will bother me. The drain sight was hard to look at, I have to clean it 2x a day, and just try not to think about it. I will be really happy when I am healed up, can wear a bra with some padding, no drains, and this is all behind me. I have my actual implants at home and I can't believe I had been carrying them around so long in my body. Looking forward to being healthy.

My most difficult part so far has been the drains....

My most difficult part so far has been the drains. I know they are serving a purpose, and I am still draining but I find them quite uncomfortable. Funny, one of the reasons I choose my doc is because he used drains and I felt he was cautious and throrough. I am still glad I did but I cannot wait until they are out. I am looking forward to being healed and comfortable. I look at my breast implants, which I kept, and cannot believe I had been carrying these around for over 20 years. I have a sense of feeling free...I don't quite know how to describe it. My breasts are small and squished up, I am still compressed...but they do not seemed deformed at all. I am glad my journey is almost over.

I have been looking more deflated as I think the...

I have been looking more deflated as I think the swelling has gone down. I have a pre op visit today, can't wait. I am hoping to be able to go try on some bras soon . Hoping I can fit nicely into some typ of padded bra. I also a little wrinkly. I will post an update after my appointment.

Got my drains out today....hallelujah! I haven't...

Got my drains out today....hallelujah! I haven't had much drainage in days. What a refief to finally get them out. I am sore in the area where they were and am all over slightly sore. That pain has been masked by the drains up until now. I am also wearing a spots bra with sterile pads on the edge near my incision sight. I have to wear it 24/7 until my re check in 2 weeks. I don't mind as it is so much better than being wrapped up. The bra is slightly molded and makes me feel so much better than being wrapped up flat as a pancake. I cannot fill it though. It is from Target, Champion brand.

I am very flat with a deflated look. I don't think I will fit an A cup. I have slight wrinkling, mostly on 1 side. I haven't let it get me down yet as I am so relived to get the drains out I haven't had time to focus on my breasts. If I can find a padded bra that fits, adds a cup size looking natural, I will be happy. I bought inserts that slip into a tankini top I just bought on sale before surgery. Hopefully that will delete any bathing suit issues. I will try to figure out how to post pics now since my drains are gone.

I am posting some photos. The first is before...

I am posting some photos. The first is before explant. I was a 34C, soft, no issues with implants. After explant, I am sure I am a 34A or AA, not pretty I know...but I feel free. 9 days post op. Hopefully the scars will lighten up, my breast is not going to cover them. A picture with a tankini. One side I put in a bra insert, I thought it looked very natural and made me feel better.

I tried on a padded bra I bought before the surgery. It fit kind of akwardly, but looked good under a fitted tee shirt. It was a 34A, gave you a full cup size added. I felt good in it, just need to find one that fits better.

My drains are out and I just took my first shower. I feel much better. Washing my sports bra to put back on 24/7.

I am happy this is behind me and am praying I heal well and can get back to my active life with 4 kids.

I hope my pictures don't scare anybody, I am happy...

I hope my pictures don't scare anybody, I am happy they are out. Hoping I get some "fluffing" but not counting on it.

Wondered if anyone else had this happen. 10 days...

Wondered if anyone else had this happen. 10 days post op and I am getting more of a deflated look, very empty.

On a better note, I am feeling good. Light soreness, full appetite back.

I am feeling pretty good. 15 days post op. I am...

I am feeling pretty good. 15 days post op. I am still wearing a tight sports bra 24/7. Funny, when I take it off it feels like something could fall out of me. Maybe that is the muscle healing. I also noticed some slight " fluffing" in the bottom outer edges of my breasts. Still a little wrinkly in the inner bottom, and no fluffing in the upper area...I just don't think I have any breast tissue there. My scars are flat and look like they are healing good.

Even though I am pretty flat, I am happy to be done with implants. I am liking my natural, soft body. I still wish I had more natural breast tissue but am just going to use a padded bra to help with that. I will post an updated picture later this week.

I am about 3 weeks post op and feeling great....

I am about 3 weeks post op and feeling great. Sometimes if I more my arms in a certain position when doing something my muscle feels funny, but that is about it. My scars are healing great. The doctor did a fantastic job, scars are flat. He also used dissolving stitches which was wonderful. I have been wearing sports bras with contouring in them so I dont look too flat. I am probably a 34 AA, but have been buying 34A or 34B, but I do not completely fill the cup in. I am thrilled this is all behind me. I have posted some pictures...keep in mind I took them myself so they are not the best shots. I have been happy with my doctors post op care.

5 1/2 months since surgery. I feel great and so...

5 1/2 months since surgery. I feel great and so happy to be implant free. I wear padded bras and am happy with my appearance with clothes on. My husband doesn't mind my small boobs which really helps the whole situation.
I am so thrilled to be natural...even though I am small.
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Thanks ladies. I feel amazing and am so happy to be implant free. I don't know how or why I lived with them for so long....even though I didn't have any issues feels good to be free.
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Congratulations! You look great!
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I think you look great and more like an A or a B even. At least in that last photo. I'm going for my explant as soon as they can get me in, potentially Feb 20th, but more likely April 10th. I hate the waiting until....... Good luck and thanks for sharing.
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Hi. Glad to hear all is well. I bought the gel inserts for my swimsuit too and they work a treat. You look great. X
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you look great! thanks for updating
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you look beautiful and your breasts perfectly suit your frame. thanks for the update!
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I have just read your story and I am now in the process of scheduling consults for my explant. Mine are saline and 21 years old. Would you mind telling me who your doctor is , as I am in Orange county as well. Thank you so much! and I think you look perfect, the way god made us!
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I sent you a private message. Good luck!
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Thank you so much for sharing. I am also looking to have my saline implants removed. I've had them for almost 15 years and the right one is deflating slowly. I had a consultation today and it went okay. Your honesty and courage gives me strength to make what i know is the right decision for me. You look great natural.
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Thank you! Good luck. I feel so much better that they are gone. They were not breasts, they are just bags in the body. Glad to be rid of them.
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Hi CAmommyof4

Just read your story and it's very similar to mine. You're looking great. Like you, I'm so glad it's over and done with and can get back to family life, boobies have taken over so much of my life recently. All the best. X
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Thanks! Yes, I know how you feel. I am definitely back to my life. The hardest part is dealing with these uncomfortable sports bras and trying to look like I have some type of boobs.
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Thanks Ladies. I am happy they are looking beter. I wish is was more than a 34AA, but I am happy the implants are out. I will update photo in a month.
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You are looking really great, such a nice shape. You must be thrilled xx
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You look FANTASTIC!! :)
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You look fantastic!
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How brilliant!! It's so amazing how much they can change isn't it? Thank you so much for updating your review. It's scary having explant and not knowing how they are going to look like afterwards and your experieces and photos are so helpful. You must be so happy!! :) xxx
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Oh my goodness! You are looking so good. I see a big change in such a short time!
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CAmommyof4, youre looking great!!!!
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You are looking really good!! I'm glad to hear you say your not getting down over the things that bother you :) I'm trying to do the same thing :) your only 10 days post op. my doc says it takes anywhere from 5 to 6 months to be able to see where your really going to be :) so I got a bit of hope there lol :)
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I am hoping, but don't think it is likely I will fluff. They seem to be deflating right now.
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What type of bra insert are you using? I have to go to work tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out how to pretend that I have boobs!
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Original Looks Silicone Bra Inserts. I paid about 25.00 total with shipping from I am thinking about getting a second set. I have on 2 sports bras on for compression right now and popped them into the top one when I had to go out for about a
1/2 hour. I felt more more comfortable looking like I had some boobs when out.
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You look fantastic! well done on your explant. I will be going for explant myself at some point in the next few months and I cannot wait to be free of my implants (mine are cold, hard and painful). Hope you fluff up nicely, take care xxx
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