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Forehead Lumps and Bumps From Botox

Pros: Opens and Brightens your eyes and gives you...

Pros: Opens and Brightens your eyes and gives you a definite look. Smooths out lines.

Cons: Unexpected reactions. Causes the occasional headache/bruising and swelling.

I did it to give myself a lift. A bad couple of years started showing/frown lines, etc.

I have been getting Botox for a few years now. I have always liked the results. On 12/24 I had my forehead injected and an injection on either side of both eyes. For me, Botox usually takes 5-10 days to see the full results. It opens my eyes and lifts my forehead and gives me a certain glow and a well rested look. It can shave off some years. My doctor is a bit conservative, which I like. However, this time, my experience was not as positive as it has been in the past. In fact, it looked like I had some lumps/bumps under the skin on my forehead and when I pulled my eyes together, my forehead scrunched up as if I never had Botox injected. I went back today for a follow up and my doctor, at no charge, injected my forehead again. I know I have to wait, but already, I have three/four long rippled like lumps between my eyes on my forehead and this never happened to me. I am wondering if my body is rejecting the Botox or that my muscles are reacting adversely. I sure do hope this goes away, as it looked better before Botox.

I have been going to the same doctor and I think he's great, but not sure what to think at this point. Also, my eyes didn't raise like the usually do. I will wait a week to re-post, but would love to hear if anyone else has experienced these results. I hope I'm not looking at plastic surgery to repair this, as I don't feel ready for it and it's manmade. I look tired with sad eyes rather than the usual uplifted glowing look I get from Botox.

Has anyone ever experienced this?
Back from the derm. He injected the cyst again. There's always a risks of indenting but I couldn't take the pain and the ugliness. He said if it wasn't bothering me wait and see if antibx would zap it but I knew it wouldn't. Plus I can't sleep on side, ever put my hand on forehead, wear sunglasses, bend over or raise my voice without pain....I hope this works without denting. This stinks!
Thanks for asking your nurse. My dr says the bottom hasn't caused this either but Ida know. They think it was the needlestick that caused cyst. I don't understand all these tiny breakouts near the inner cornets of my eyes too. So strange. I not loving any of this, wrinkles, bangs, pimples....I'll keep you posted if I try it again. I'm using alpha hydroxy acids now!
Bumpy, My forehead is already high so I'm not a candidate for that! I know women who have had it and said if they knew how badly it would hurt, they might not have done it. Such an individual thing.
The one procedure I would do is Fraxil. My nurse, Mary does that and it's wonderful. A doc could do the deeper fraxil where you are asleep and wipe out your wrinkles.
I saw Mary today and asked about your cyst. She really thought that botox would not cause that and actually thought botox would help it.
My forehead had gotten pretty clear as of last week. I decided to try a hair spray that I bought a while back and had stopped using.
My skin started to act up a little again. The little botox injections I had as a test on my neck never gave me a reaction. I'm going to start taking claratin everyday because I seem to becoming more sensitive to so many things. In a month or so I am going to try botox again.
I know what you mean about vanity. I don't want to become obsessed, but a little help is nice.
To be continued:)
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The doctor has done amazing work until now, so not sure how to answer at present.

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