UPDATE: 13 weeks before and after pic

Hi there...I am 45 years old and a mother of 4...

Hi there...I am 45 years old and a mother of 4 daughters and 1 son, ages 20-25. I have always been a fluffy kid, teen and adult. After my kids were born I hit my all time high of 237lbs (I am 5'6") . I was very unhappy and finally decided to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers in 2001. In a little over a year I lost 75lbs. Since then I have fluctuated over the years. Currently I am on a losing streak again and weight 177lbs. After YEARS of wanting to feel better in a bathing suit and just overall better about my body I finally decided to seriously look into a MM. The one thing that has kept me from doing this is the anesthesia!! I am well aware of the pain and recuperation time that is entailed. I am sooo afraid that I will not wake up from surgery. I know it's silly but it really freaks me out.

I decided to just go in for a consultation at least and see how it goes. I met with Dr. Wirth on June 16. He made me feel so comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns. I told him I would think about it. On July 3rd I went ahead and put a deposit for my surgery and set a date for 12/14!!! I am super excited and nervous but reading your experiences here have certainly helped with my decision :)

I tried taking some pics this weekend but it was...

I tried taking some pics this weekend but it was really tough to look at me all hanging out like that so I deleted them :(. I will try and post some soon. My kangaroo pouch is pretty bad but when I see the pics of how some of you ladies look I get soooo excited. Right now my goal is to lose 15 lbs by surgery. I am cracking down on my eating and getting my workouts in. I told my mom over the 4th of July holiday that I had scheduled my surgery. Of course she thinks that I look fab already.. bless her heart. Thank goodness she is supportive and said she offered to come by and cook and clean up while I am recuperating. She lives about 5-10 minutes away. My hubby is also very supportive and all along told me he would be ok with whatever I wanted to do :) Thank goodness my kids are older.. 3 don't live at home anymore so they will stop by and help out also. Now the countdown begins!!!!

Well I have been thinking way too much about my...

Well I have been thinking way too much about my breast lift. I definitely need a lift but the more I think about it the more I am wondering if I should get a breast augmentation also. If I understood correctly I might lose a little size with the lift. I am already a big B small C cup. I am torn because I never wanted anything foreign in my body lol weird I know. My hubby is all for whatever I want. My kids.. which are mainly the girls don't really want me to. How did some of you ladies decide to do the BA or just the BL?? Good thing I still have plenty of time to think about it. I might make another appointment with my PS and talk about it.

Have a great day all :)

OK so after thinking about it for awhile and...

OK so after thinking about it for awhile and talking to my hubby I called my PS and set up a follow up appointment for Aug 11th to talk about a possible BA. I want to get his input and see what he thinks. I don't want to be super busty just a big full C and still look natural. I am excited about it tho. I never thought I would get a BA done. I never wanted anything foreign in my body lol but if I am going under I am going to do it just once! I'll need to get my list of questions ready :) If you ladies think of anything I should ask feel free to post. Have a great week all :)

Happy Monday all! Well this weekend I went to see...

Happy Monday all! Well this weekend I went to see Dr. Wirth regarding a possible breast augmentation. I love Dr. Wirth!! He spent almost 2 hours with me answering all my questions and concerns. He also works with Dr. Paydar who will also be in the operating room assisting. Dr. Paydar was also in the consultation on Saturday. He was also super nice and I felt very comfortable with him. I decided to go with the BA and not the BL. He said that with the BA I would get a nice lift. I am going with silicon and 400cc on my left breast and 425cc on my right. He said that size would be my sweet spot lol I want them to look natural but also have people wondering hmm did she have a boob job lol Riding the fine line. He would insert them under my muscle. I would have a small incision under my breast at the crease so that would hide the scar. NO drains for the BA.. yay! I also asked if I would have a pain pump for the tummy tuck and he said yes :D My bedroom is also upstairs so he said I need to camp out in the living room downstairs for about a week maybe week and a half :( I am gonna miss not sleeping with dear hubby. Overall I am happy with my decision. I don't want any regrets later. I am excited!!

Hi all.. well I am about 8 weeks away. I have been...

Hi all.. well I am about 8 weeks away. I have been struggling with my weight loss :( I have stayed pretty much the same give or take a couple pounds. I really wanted to be down a lot more by now but I still have time so I am optimistic! Trying to figure out getting my lab work done. See if my insurance will cover it or at least part of it. I am feeling a little stressed about the surgery but I will go through with it. I am also trying to bring myself to post some pictures. Whenever I try I get super embarrassed. I rarely let my hubby even see me with my tummy hanging out lol I would like to post some before pics though. Maybe I can bring myself to do it this weekend :)

I hope all of you are doing fantastic and those of you that are recovering also :)

Toodles for now!

Good morning ladies!! Well today marks one month...

Good morning ladies!! Well today marks one month until my surgery. Yesterday I went and had my lab work done and an EKG (all done through my primary doctor). That will get faxed to my PS so he'll have all that on my pre-op appointment which is 12/3. I am starting to get a little nervous and anxious. I am pretty scared about being under anesthesia for 3-4 hours but I know I am in good hands. Once I stop freaking out about that I start worrying about how much discomfort and pain I'll be in. Then I look at all the after pics you ladies post and you look fab!! I wanna look like that too :) Ok so I FINALLY posted some pics *ugh* I can't even imagine my hubby thinking I am sexy just the way I am. It kinda makes me tear up because my tummy has been an issue for me so long and hubby is so supportive and loving! I am fortunate that he came across some family money and is willing to use that for me to have my procedures. I feel a little guilty about spending that much money on me but he tells me we could have spent that money on a new car but he thinks this is a much better investment since he will benefit from it also lol ;) I hope the pics help someone else who might have the same body type as me. Have a great day and let the countdown begin!!!

PS: The pics came out a little crappy I did them quickly this morning. I'll try and post better ones later.

I can't believe how quickly the time has come. I...

I can't believe how quickly the time has come. I am excited to talk to my PS tomorrow. I have a list of questions but afraid I might forget to ask something. Still working on losing some weight *ugh* that has been the hardest part of all this. I had my EKG and lab work done already. I was told I was anemic and vitamin D deficient and taking supplements for that. EKG was great and was cleared by my primary for surgery. I will go over the results with my PS and see if there is anything else I need to do. Well that's all for now... I'll update tomorrow after I get back from pre-op :)

Surgery is paid for!!! OMG this is really gonna...

Surgery is paid for!!! OMG this is really gonna happen :D Signed all my paperwork and got my instructions before surgery. My PS ok'd taking my multi-vitamins and vitamin C up until surgery. I have to stop my iron and vitamin D supplements 10 days before. I got all my questions answered and I feel really good. My PS said that he is gonna pull me nice and tight and gonna lipo my flanks so I have some nice curves. He seemed really excited about sculpting my body lol My surgery will be 12/14 at 12pm and I need to be there at 10am. He said it will take about 5 and a half hours! That makes me a little nervous but it'll be all good. I also have to wash my body with Hibiclens the night before and the morning of from head to toe! He'll put the drains along my pubic area. He doesn't like putting them on the end of the tummy tuck incision for fear of the dog ear flap. Going with 400cc's on the left and 425 cc's on the right. I will have a pain pump.. YAY... at least until I see him in 3 days.Well that is all my tired brain can handle tonight. Time to prepare for the big day. Hope all you ladies are recovering nicely :)

So I just realized that I use the other user name...

So I just realized that I use the other user name for other purposes also and I don't want anyone googling my ass and finding these pics here *yikes* I have 3 days to go till the big day. "Aunt Flow" came into town today which is a good thing hopefully I'll be close to done when Friday rolls around. I am a little stressed out. Still need to do some more clean up, x-mas shopping and grocery shopping! I have even cried a little. I fluctuate between being nervous about the anesthesia and then thinking it'll be ok and worrying about the pain :( My doctor and his staff have been wonderful. I got measured for my CG and Bra which is covered with the cost of surgery. my recliner will be delivered tomorrow and I think just pack up a couple things since I will be staying over night. I also got all my meds. I have a phone appt with the anesthesiologist today at 2pm to talk about the surgery which will make me feel a lot better :) I can't believe it is right around the corner!!! Good luck to you ladies and hope you are healing well!! BTW I also added a couple pics that the nurse took for me last week at my pre-op. I am hoping to have a great before and after pic to share!

I'm about to go to bed. Feeling pretty mellow...

I'm about to go to bed. Feeling pretty mellow right now. I'm sure tomorrow will be different. I have followed all my PS pre-op directions and ready. My surgery will be at 12pm and have to get there at 10am. I am sooo excited can't believe how quickly the time just flew by. Wish me luck!!! Off to the flat side I go :)

I made it!! I can't believe I went through with it...

I made it!! I can't believe I went through with it lol. I had a couple waiting to be wheeled into surgery but sweet hubby reassured me that everything would be fine. I stayed 23 hours in the hospital so they could watch over me. We I came out if anesthesia I was no pain. Yesterday after the pains from surgery wore off I was given morphin then Vicodin. There were sometimes when I was in extreme pain but today post 2 days I am feeling better. The real pain I have right now is my back. It's killing me. Toilet seat riser and walker a must have for me. We also rented a recliner with a power lift and that has been awesome! Getting sleepy I'll post more later. :)

About late afternoon I started feeling better. My...

About late afternoon I started feeling better. My lower back is still in a lot of pain. I have two drains and a pain pump. The drains are giving about 25cc's on the left and 50cc's on the right. Hoping they might be taken out at my post op Wednesday. Still not much of an appetite but trying to eat a little more everyday. I have a headache sometimes when I wake from a nap. Family has been awesome taking care of me. As far as of day of surgery. I arrived at 10am at the surgical suite. Signed more paperwork and waited till they called me. The facility is super nice!! I got called in first once my IV was in they let me husband in. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me. She was so nice and really put me at ease. Dr. Wirth came by later and marked me. Showed me where the lipo would be and how he was gonna make my boobs look. I was wheeled in a little later and then bam I was awake in recovery!!! My PS made sure when I woke up it was painless which it was. I'm not gonna lie it hurts and I did go through "why would I do this". When hubby saw me he was like OMG you look so tiny and your boobs are awesome. That was the best lol. Still not standing up straight but getting better everyday. Ok off to rest and keep ya updated. I keep forgetting to takes pics when I get up but I will next time. Good luck to those that are coming up and happy healing to those already done :)

Oh my goodness.... this has been quite an...

Oh my goodness.... this has been quite an experience. The first 3 days were the worst! Between getting my pain meds down and that BM it was nuts. I am 2 weeks today and have been sleeping in my bed for about a week now. I am almost sleeping flat but wake up pretty stiff in the morning. Almost standing up straight up but i definitely feel a little strain on my tummy. My drains are out and have taken my first shower which was heaven! I asked my PS if I could wear something different because the garment they but on me was soooo uncomfortable. He said I could wear Spanx or an abdominal binder. The garment they put me in at the hospital goes from my rib cage to mid thigh (with an opening to take care of business). I am now wearing a garment that holds my tummy in and ordered an abdominal binder. My PS has told me to massage my breast so the right side can drop a little more. I am still pretty swollen which sucks but today was a better day. Hubby has me doing nothing but get up and walk a few times a day. I think I was hoping to be farther along as I see some of you ladies already standing up straight and getting around better :( I guess I just need to be patient. Going to see my PS next week for a 3rd time. He wants to make sure that my boobs and tummy are on the right path to healing before he spreads the appts apart.

Hope you all are doing great!!

I am back to work after 3 weeks off. I am not so...

I am back to work after 3 weeks off. I am not so sure about how it's going to go. I have a desk job but I do tend to get up a lot to grab files and help students. I work in student services at a college. My boss is awesome and if I need to work half days the first week that would be ok. I am a little frustrated that I am not back to 100% :( I am still swollen. No seromas just swollen. Walking slightly hunched but almost straight. I still walk slow. We took a walk at the mall and all the old ladies were passing me up lol Everything is looking good so far. I am just impatient with the healing process. Most of my swelling is below my belly button. I still toss and turn at night trying to get comfortable. I took a Vicodin last night an that helped. My PS has me massages my boobs to try and help the right one drop a little more. He also said I could gently massage my TT incision. I still have surgical adhesive and just waiting for that to fall off. Doing light clean up but hubby is still doing everything. I have included some 3 week pics. Hope you all are doing well :)

Hi ladies, I posted a pic of me at 5 weeks post op...

Hi ladies, I posted a pic of me at 5 weeks post op. I love it! I am still swollen but it is getting less and less week by week. I will be 6 weeks post op this Friday. My how time has flown. I still get tired at the end of the work day and swollen. I am pretty much up straight when I walk and walking faster lol I notice when I sit at my desk tho it does take me some time to straighten up. The surgical glue finally came off my scar. I tried to use Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotion but after a couple days my TT scar was red and a little irritated :( I stopped using it and once it gets better I will start using my Oleeve Silicone Sheets that I got on ebay for a cheap price. I can start back at the gym next week which I am happy about. Seems like I have been eating like crazy but I am still down 8 lbs from my pre surgery weight :D My boobs are doing great. My right one seems to have finally dropped. I am still sleeping with my band around my boobs. I see my PS next week and I'll ask him if I can stop wearing that to bed. I am on and off with my Spanx. I sleep with it at night but leave it off for a few hours during the day. The thing bugs me lol Just started being intimate with hubby last week. I was nervous about it but hubby was super patient and all went well :) I tired on bikinis this weekend and I swear I almost cried. I have NEVER in my life ever wore a bikini. It was just amazing.. hubby was amazed also. I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday this year with a sexy outfit!!! Hope you ladies are doing awesome!!

Well I am feeling pretty great these days. I have...

Well I am feeling pretty great these days. I have hit the gym again. Starting off slow but have been able to pick up the pace this week. Happy about that. Doing some weights just upper but no chest. I have an appt in March with my PS which would be about the 3 month mark. I will ask him then about doing some ab work. I am nervous about doing abs so I'll wait. I am still swollen but not as much. Mainly after being at work and after working out. I do see it being less and less. My breasts are awesome I love them!! They have finally settled.. I still massage them tho per docs order. I have also started scar therapy. I am currently using Oleeva silicone strips and BioOil. It seems to be looking pretty good. In some places it has faded nicely. I still get tired sometimes after a long day. I also have stretch marks on my tummy but I kinda expected that since I was pretty big (240 lbs and 5 kids later) but the pooch is gone and I can't believe sometimes how flat I am even with being swollen. I have got back to having sex with hubby on a pretty regular basis and all is going well. I still am careful when he is on top but all is good. I feel super sexy and even bought some lingerie for our V day evening. Also finally bought a bikini!!!!! Things are going smoothly. For those of you healing now.. it will get better just be patient and hang in there :)

Things are going along well. I had a 3 month post...

Things are going along well. I had a 3 month post op appt last week and Dr. says he loves the way things are looking. I haven't really heard anyone talk about this but I feel knots along my incision where my pubic area is. They are the internal stitches that should fade in time. So far they have diminished except for one that you kinda see when I lay down. My PS told me just to massage it and hopefully it will soften up just give it time. Other than that boobs are good. I went to VS and am a size 38DD.. yikes!!!! I went and bought a pair of jeans this weekend and fit into a size 12 petite!!!! OMG I can't even remember when I fit into that size. I am working on losing maybe another 10 to 15 lbs by summer. I am super happy and when I look at my old pics I can't even believe I was ever like that! I was talking to my hubby and I can't even explain how happy I am with my PS. He did an excellent job. The whole healing process went so well. That's not to say I was not in pain because I was but the rest of the healing has been going great. His bedside manner is awesome and he wouldn't do anything on you that he wouldn't do for his own wife. Love this guy!!!

I posted a before pix when I was heavier side by side with a new pic of me now!! Happy healing ladies!!!
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

My boss's husband has had some plastic surgery done with Dr. Wirth and highly recommended him.

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Looking good in that dress! I still have the internal stitches also. They were so red and bumpy a few weeks ago but now they have gone down and fading it will take a few months for them to go away for both of us :)
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Ugh.... darn stitches holding me together lol I hope they go down soon! BTW you look fabulous!!!
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you look awesome!!!
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Thank you!!!! :D
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WOW you look good girl
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Thanks so much :)
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Oh WOW sweetie, you look amazing!!!
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Thanks for sharing such a personal journey. I'm super scared of anaesthesia as well and freak out when I have to be put to sleep. Thanks for the reassurance. You look wonderful by the way. Xxx
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I almost teared up reading your recent post. I'm so happy for you. You look great. Happy healing.
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thanks :) you are looking sexy there.... happy healing to you too!!!
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You look great!! Your doc did a super job. Congrats!
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Thanks.... yea I kinda cursed him the first couple weeks cause he pulled me pretty tight but now I love him lol
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You look,fantastic! I'm 9 days post op now and seeing how great you look at 5 weeks gives me hope:)
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Thanks.... I looked at your pics and girlie you look awesome!!! I am hoping to look a little better once I can hit the gym again. Can't believe I actually miss it lol
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You look amazing! I can't believe how quickly the time is going by.
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Thanks Jennifer.. I know!! I never thought I'd ever get better lol I am tho slowly but surely :) how are you doing???
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I felt the same way. Last week was my first week back to work, but I am feeling even better this week. I went to VS and got sized Monday. I am so happy I ended up with a 34 DD! I was kind of shocked. Overall, I am still swelling but that's expected. I hate wearing that bra they gave us, so I try to wear it periodically. I mainly wear sports bras and spanx. The compression garment kills me by the end of the day. I can't wait to exercise again too!
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Jennifer.. that bra was the worst.. I asked Dr. W if I could use something else.. so what I do is wear a sports bra at night with a band I bought at night only. He said he wanted me to do that for another two weeks. I see him next week so hopefully I can stop the band too. He said I could wear any bra during the day. Are you still swollen?? I am but the area is getting smaller. It's worse during the week when I am at. Weekends it's much better :)
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I am rebellious and haven't been wearing a bra to bed. I just want to be free! I should prob. try to wear it periodically. Yes, I am still swelling too, and mine is also worse during the week. If I am really active on the weekend it has been bad as well. Overall, I am so happy with everything though. I go in to see him next Wed.
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I am going to see him next Wednesday also :) My appt is in the AM!
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You look great, glad to hear you are progressing along. My compression garment was really uncomfortable too... It actually left red marks along my rib cage. So when I can I will switch to spanxs.
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Thank you.... yea that CG is the worst. I am doing much better now with the spanx!! I also sleep a lot better now and able to sit upright. Hope you are doing well :)
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You look amazing!!!
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Thank you!! I am pleased with the results so far :)
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