Mommy Makeover: TT & BA 12/20/12 - Orange, CA

My motivations for my Mommy makeover began long...

My motivations for my Mommy makeover began long ago. When I was a teenager I realized that I wasn't developing into what I viewed as a woman, in the breast area. So I always dream of getting a breast augmentation.

Years later I had my first son, who is now 11 and then my daughter who is 2. Both of my children were delivered via C-section. After enduring the scars of that and breastfeeding both children I was in dire need of help with my body.

Since the birth of my daughter in October 2010, I really wanted to address my tummy fold and fix the loss of volume that I experienced with the girls. So I began researching my options. I ended finding a reputable PS, scheduled a consult, and went on to book my surgery with him. With the help of my PS I decided a TT and BA would improve my overall body concerns. I decided on 375 to 400 CC's. I liked both, but am still not sure which will look best. My PS and I agreed that he would consider both options in the operating room and select the best option for my body type. He knows that I would rather go up if it is close. I am so happy that he has been so accommodating and considerate of my needs.

At this point in time, I have gone through my pre-op appointment. Now I just have to get everything prepared at home for my recovery. My surgery is scheduled on 12/20/12. I am so excited and nervous. Yesterday I read a comprehensive list of items to have for your surgery, so it looks like I will be going to the vitamin shop among other things this weekend. I was not aware of Arnica and Bromelain until yesterday. I had discussed what I would need with my PS, but these supplements never came up. So I will call and ask what their opinion is on these items. He was a great resource when I asked him about a lot of the ps products that are out on the market. He told me that he would let me know what would be necessary and best for my recovery.

I will also be picking up some antacids & stool softeners. I am not looking forward to that! I remember not being able to have a normal bm for a while after my csections.

I have also found myself trying to imagine what to expect post op. I am also trying to compare my TT to my experiences with my C sections. I asked my PS about this and his response was basically we can't really compare the two. He also said that they now have a lot of innovate techniques and medications that help with pain management. So with that and with the input that I read from fellow bloggers, I imagine I will be uncomfortable and pretty much sleeping through the first couple of days post op.

Another challenge I am struggling with is that I won't be able to hold my baby girl for a while. She is so attached to me, and I to her. It is going to be difficult. I am so greatful that I have a large support system. My husband has been so supportive in my decision. I have prepared him with my expectations, and what he should expect. At times I think he is more excited about the surgery than I am. I know he is going to be a great help and resource through my recovery. I also have the help and support of my family and friends. I didn't know what to expect from them, but I was so happy with their response.


Congrats on being so close to a new body. Don't be afraid, because you can handle it, but the first few days are horrible. You need someone to help you, not just help with your kids. The pain can be horrendous. Make plans with your husband for getting back in touch with the doctor if your pain is too high. My biggest mistake was not being able to communicate to my husband that the pain was so bad that he needed to call the doctor and change the pain meds. He thought I was in a reasonable amount of pain and tolerating it well. My true opinion was that the pain was too great to be out of the hospital. This feeling can be avoided. It's simple. Plan ahead with your husband. Decide on a phrase (kind of a safe word) that means this pain is really over the top and too much. I was too painful and doped up to simply tell my husband to call the doctor, because I couldn't handle any more. I later discovered that many patients had much more powerful pain meds available than I did and that all I had to do was make the call. I don't know if my old posts are still available, but I know I addressed the pain from the movement of the drain tube and might be able to help you with those. Plan on this being much like a c-section without the demerol and a bundle of joy. There is a great prize. It's just not immediate. If you focus your thoughts on a long journey, you won't mislead yourself and be unnecessarily uncomfortable. The summer after I had my TT and BA, I loved the way my bathing suit fit over my tummy. The nasty c-section rolls were gone and it felt good to be me again. Don't be afraid of the first week after surgery. Just be prepared for it and focused on the good to come.
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Thanks JuneBug! I had never considered the pain tolerance. I will be sure to discuss this with my hubby. My Dr. prescribed Vicodin for me, so I imagine I will be sleeping for a couple of days. I am definitely in it for the long hull, and looking forward to my summer body. :)
Hi Jennifer, loved reading your story and so glad to hear your husband is so supportive! My surgery is 12/19, so our dates are very close. I wish u the best of luck!
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I am getting so excited. Thursday is going to be...

I am getting so excited. Thursday is going to be here before I know it! This weekend I tied up all my loose ends. I finished holiday shopping and baking, deep cleaned the house, and grocery shopping. The next couple of days I plan to use to enjoy holding my babies and spending quality time with my family. For me, not being able to hold my daughter is going to be one of my hardest obstacles.

I have taken a few pre-op pictures of my own, but I am reluctant to post them. I really appreciate how other women in the community have posted their pictures. I guess I didn't realize how vulnerable and insecure I feel about those parts of my body. So here's to changing these perceptions of myself! I am excited to begin a new stage/journey in my life.

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OMG, I can't believe my transformation begins...

OMG, I can't believe my transformation begins tomorrow, I can't wait!!


Thanks. Merry Christmas to you too! I'm finally building up enough energy to post in the next day or so.
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Hope your okay...merry xmas
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GOOOOOD LUCK TODAY! Post when you can:-)
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Today is day 5 PO. The last five days have been a...

Today is day 5 PO. The last five days have been a long journey. Going into surgery I thought I knew what to expect, but I quickly learned that I was wrong. As I mentioned before, I have gone through 2 C-sections. I thought that this would give me a good idea of how painful it would be and how I would recover.

My procedure went very well. My PS told my husband that he was very pleased with the surgery. I vaguely remember waking up in the post op recovery room. I was heavily drugged up. After those initial med's wore off the pain really set in. To top it off, I began throwing up from the anesthesia every time I sat up. The nurse would give me morphin, but I felt like it would stop working quickly. After I finally was able to eat some jello, they gave me some pills. I just couldn't stomach eating food.

Some of my initial feelings were that my ribs cage was sewn to my pelvis bones. My PS was agressive with the muscle repair, per my request. I just didn't realize it was going to fee like that. I stay in the hospital one night, and was discharged in the afternoon.... I just couldn't make it up out of the hospital bed until around 6 pm. I finally gained enough strength to go home.

Over the last couple of days, I have mainly been in a vicodin induced sleep on my recliner. I have been so blessed with the help and support of my husband, son, my parents, and my in laws. They have been so helpful and supportive. So much more than I could've imagined. I have done pretty well in my recliner, except for the strain in my neck. I am considering repositioning today.

Yesterday I was questioning some fellow MM recipients here about my ability to stand straight. I wasn't sure if and when that would happen. Think morning when I got up for my first walk I noticed that I was walking a little more straight. I am starting to feel my energy levels come back. Tomorrow is my first post op appointment. I am curious to see if I can get a drain or two out, but that may be a little ambitious.

Once I am a little more "normal" I will try and update some pictures. Thanks for all of your support. This has truly been a journey, and will continue to be a journey.


Hi Jennifer!! Glad you are doing better. The recovery has been harder then I thought also. I saw Dr. W yesterday and got my drains out thank goodness! Keep us posted on how you are doing. Rest as much as you can and take it easy :D
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Thanks ;-) you must feel so relieved! Glad to hear all is well with you too. I am hoping to get my drains out tomorrow !
My first post OP appointment went well. I got my pain pump removed, but he wanted a few more days of less than 30 ml. Today was my first day of that. So I have an appointment Friday afternoon to see if I can get them removed. Saying prayers and keeping my fingers crossed!
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I am so happy to report that I got both drains out...

I am so happy to report that I got both drains out this afternoon :D Yay!! Now the next challenge is taking a shower tomorrow.Then working toward walking upright. I have notice progress in this everyday. I also can't wait until my energy levels are better. Just going to the Dr office was exhausting!

Happy Healing everyone. I just thought I would mention that I am so pleased with the results I got from my surgery. I will try to take an updated photo this weekend, after the much needed shower ; )


So happy you got your drains out!!!! It makes things so much better not having them hanging off u:-) Do u feel like u swell more because they are out? That's when I really started to swell...
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Thanks, so am I! At this point I haven't noticed an increase in swelling. We will see if that changes in the next couple of days. Now its time to get ready for my first shower!!
Nice showers are good:-)

Today is day 11 post op. I finally posted...

Today is day 11 post op. I finally posted pictures, but as you can see I am a bit swollen!

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