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Stats 5'10", 120 lbs, small frame, no kids, 32...

Stats 5'10", 120 lbs, small frame, no kids, 32 negative A, 375 high profile silicone unders.

Background: I've been thinking about surgery on and off for 8 years. I've never been very self-conscious about small breasts as I have always had supportive boyfriends, husband and family. I figured I would get them done after having kids, but I have PCOS and after 2 years trying to have kids without any success, so decided I would have "twins" instead.

Day 1: had my surgery today and will have to admit it was way more painful waking up than I expected. It hurt to talk and breathe. Since I've been home and taken the muscle relaxers and pain killers, I feel much better. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight and will wake up feeling good. More to come.

Day 4. I still feel like someone shoved rocks...

Day 4. I still feel like someone shoved rocks under my chest. I think everyone is so excited to finally have boobs, that they forget to tell you that it is still surgery and it still hurts. I actually stopped taking the pain killers yesterday and feel much better- the pain killers made me super nauseous and gave me a massive headache. I slept in my bed for the first time last night and slept the whole night which felt great. Had my first postoperative appointment- swelling but no bruises. Size looks great on my frame- not too big and not too small... Looking forward to healing and no more pain!

Day 8: Feeling sooo much better. Most of the pain...

Day 8: Feeling sooo much better. Most of the pain is gone with an occasional tightening of my right side which I just massage out. Sleeping has been rough for the last couple of days, I think mostly to being cooped up andnot exercising (I'm fine with not exercising for a little while if it means a faster recovery). I was seriously considering why I chose to get implants the first couple of days after surgery because the pain and tighness felt like it would never go away. For any of you second guessing, just be patient, it gets so much better. :)

Day 13: I am surprised how quick the pain and...

Day 13: I am surprised how quick the pain and tightness fades away. When my girlfriends ask me what it was like- I tell them it feels like working out your upper body for 18 hours straifght and then trying to get out of bed the next morning- entire upper body hurts. Fast forward 13 days and life is (almost back to normal). The mornings are still unpleasant, sleeping on my back sucks, turning the steering wheel driving is still uncomfortable... But I don't feel like a robot with my elbows next to my side anymore. Swelling has gone down considerably- now I know why women often say they could have gone bigger, you get used to the (bigger) swollen breasts and it's kind of a bummer when they get smaller.

Day 19: Had some issues with chaffing because of...

Day 19: Had some issues with chaffing because of wearing a sports bra 24/7, but started putting vasoline on my nipples and moroccan oil on the rest of my breasts and it seems to be helping. My implants still feel firm, but in looking at my progression pictures, my boobs are definitely starting to drop/soften in shape. I am still tight in the morning (other posters call it morning boob), but feel better in the afternoon. They still don't feel apart of me, but instead of feeling like rocks they now feel like over-filled water balloons. I haven't had any zingers like others have mentioned. My nipples are still sensitive but I don't cringe anymore when they rub up against anything. Overall, I think I've hit my stride and am feeling well. I took pain killers the first 2 days and muscle relaxers for the first 5 days. Since then I haven't taken any medication. I am still sleeping on my back, massaging the top of my breasts a couple times a day and squeezing them together a couple of times a day.

1 month: Had my 3 week post-op appointment and...

1 month: Had my 3 week post-op appointment and everything is going well. My PS said I could stop massaging the top part of my breasts, that they had settled adequately but continue pushing them together to stretch out the cleavage skin. I started sleeping on my side at 3 weeks, traveled comfortably to Europe for a week, and only experience a mild "morning boob." It finally feels fine to lift my arms over my head and use my arms normally. My breasts still hurt when I hug or bump up against something. I bought my first wireless bra today and it was a 34C. Bought my first bathing suit and it was a medium/large. I look like I have big boobs in a bathing suit or naked, but look totally proportionate in clothes. Overall, happy and with boobs :).
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hello travel~ Any piks to share? Would be nice to compare differences between pre and post op. Thanks for sharing your story.
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Thank you so much for sharing with us. This surgery is a big deal, but I'm glad you're doing better without the pain meds. That size sounds great for you. Please keep us posted on your healing!

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