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Appointment went ok except for injections in belly button ugh!!!

Hi im back reposting some how i ended up closing...

hi im back reposting some how i ended up closing account (mommyto6) but just had to create new name.....hope all you girls are healing well with great results! Just to update i have 6 kids ages ranage from 4 to 16, i have wanted to have TT for yrs i have went up and down with my weight after having kids 2 yrs apart... finally i started working out and achieved the desired weightloss, but the results of the extra skin are not complementing!! so i decided after a lot of thought this is what i need to make me like me and feel comfortable in my own body. so im sooo excited and nervous my date is nov 20!! I will re post before and after pics soon. Goodnight ladies goodluck to who is going tomorrow:)

Ok the clock is ticking!!!!!! So nervous, excited,...

Ok the clock is ticking!!!!!! So nervous, excited, overwhelmed, I can't believe it my turn got long awaited TT:) I posted pics... Warning objects appear larger in pics!!! Lol alright I guess time to pretend to sleep going over all possible outcomes in stead of counting sheep! UGH!!!
See you on the flat side (me too). Surgery tomorrow!!!
Looks like we both have a big day tomorrow. Good luck to you and hope to hear an update soon!! God bless.

Ok on flat side I'm in lots of pain doesn't seem...

Ok on flat side I'm in lots of pain doesn't seem like the meds are helping didn't get to see... I asked ps to take pic after TT but nurse told me he said NO??? Not sure why but I have a binder and its soooo tight and under it is do much gauze ! All I feel in burning all over grrrr! I have to drains... Well I will keep posting!
!good luck to all you girlies that went in today and the ones who are still waiting or recovering
Congrats on ur tt. What we women have to go thru for beauty... Try to take it easy. I hope they can assist u in some way w/the pain. I hope u love ur results & have a speedy recovery!

Thinking about you today:)

Good Luck!!! Can't wait to see your results!! Next week at this time- my turn- :)

Well I can say from my experience in the last 23...

Well I can say from my experience in the last 23 hours... Do take pain meds on the hour or 10 min before its a huge difference!!! I had severe pain all day only because I was only taken one pain pill every 3 hours so I wouldn't get nauseated but the nurse called to check up and advise me to take 2 pills or I will end up in more pain today because of surgery meds wearing off!!! Now I am able to get up on my own and walk to washroom.... My nurse that is helping me ( my 16 yr old daughter ) kind of forgot mommy needs assistance and put pillow over head to block out noise! Hahaha me calling her please get me this... And this or move this pillow here ... But all good she is a wonderful helper just not early morning. So my mom has been amazing help!!!! Ok meds kicking in talk later congrats to all us beauties!!!!
Congrats! I just made it to the flat side myself and I just had to wake my mom up at 4am so I understand. Good thing we have their support though. This pain will be over soon enough n it's worth it!
Congrats to you too!!! Hope your feeling ok with not much pain! Please stay on the meds! I made a huge mistake and slept through and didn't take pain meds at 2 am and woke up in severe pain at 5 crying just wanted To inform its unreal I won't let that happen again! But hope your getting around ok can't wait to see our progress! Good luck :)

So it's 3 days post op felt sick all day! Still...

So it's 3 days post op felt sick all day! Still have pain tried to get off meds but ya no that's not going to happen yet.... I have had 6 kids and laboured for long hours and was induced for 5 of them but that pain does not compare to this but not trying to scare you ladies who are about to have TT but just stay on meds!!!!! And you will be comfortable with barely no pain!:) good luck and I would do it again! I just can't wait to see the new tummy!

So feeling better can't believe it's already 4...

So feeling better can't believe it's already 4 days post op! Still feel tired off and on through out the day, it's so hard to just sit here and relax and sleep!!! And have others wait on me that's very weird anyone else feel that way? And omg so itchy! You never realize how many muscles we use to do the simplest thing like dress yourself, or brush your own teeth! After all that and washing up its like bedtime all over again! I just can't wait to see what lying underneath this contraption thing they call a binder! :) ok so getting very sleepy talk again soon good luck girls on your recoveries!
Where did u get ur binder from? It looks like a body shapper.
My ps.....,I woke up in recovery with it on so tight and under the zippers is tiny clips I can't even try to look at tummy! :( can't see til Monday!

This has been very exhausting, sore,...

This has been very exhausting, sore, itchy,painful!... Hopefully the results are worth all of this!:) go in to see ps tomorrow can't wait! Hope all of you beauties are doing very well and are having a great recovery!

Gosh now have to see what's causing heart burn......

Gosh now have to see what's causing heart burn... Tried tums that is not helping!!! Drinking fluids.. Not sure how to get rid of :( ok time to sleep AGAIN!! Tomorrow is the day to see my new tummy it's all wrapped up hopefully it's nice and flat! Good Luck girls going in the morning prayers are with you all!!!:)

I'm not sure what to think... Seen my tummy today...

I'm not sure what to think... Seen my tummy today all the bandages are gone still have drains til Thursday but I don't know what's up with bb why it looks like this and I was told to keep garment on and not to touch or apply anything! Is this normal? Any ladies have the same response or look? And it feels so weird like one of those stress balls! I hope this changes within a few Wks or even month! Will my bb look normal????? :(

I also had and have terrible heartburn. I asked my PS if it could be from the tummy tuck, and he told me to call my Primary doc, so I'm not sure what the deal is with the heartburn. All I know is that I did not have it before my surgery. I also have to run to the bathroom after every meal, sorry tmi

Cimetadine works really well for the heartburn!!

Thanks for info!!! Seems like I'm getting it all the time now! But I will try that :)

Today was ok slept quite a bit have a lot of back...

Today was ok slept quite a bit have a lot of back pain and the drains are really bugging me at this point, they didn't bother me until all the bandages were removed now any movement and they pinch and hurt!!:(they come out on Thursday!!! Very happy to say goodbye! But scared of the pain it will be to have them removed!!!! Is it that bad????
Well hope all you ladies are recovering well and feeling great! Can you believe it... WE DID IT!!!!! Ya for us!!!!
So I'm posted new pics does the tummy look like its going to be normal? Does the soon to be bb look ok? I look like 5 months preggo!
Hope your recovery is going well. Did you get your muscles repaired?

If it keeps bothering you please call your primary doctor. There are prescription meds they can give you that may help better than the OTC meds.  

I had a bit of heartburn for a while but it did pass.  What I mainly noticed was that I could not eat every much at all.  About a 1/2 of food at a time otherwise I was so full it hurt.  

thanks Kimmers25

So can't believe it's going by so fast it's been...

So can't believe it's going by so fast it's been ok off and on good and bad! But I would have to say so worth all of it!:) it just seems I get very tired after standing for about an hour... Is that normal? Just getting little ones ready for school and my back was in so much pain and I could feel my tummy starting to swell! But it was so worth it.. I miss my kids so much even though they are here with me it feels different that I'm not doing the normal things each day with them:( but today meant so much it made all us happy:)!!!! So now just resting until appt to have drains removed very nervous about that hope it's not to bad. Well good luck ladies with your recoveries and upcoming surgeries!
looking good cant wait to see updated pics

So did some Christmas shopping today for my little...

So did some Christmas shopping today for my little ones... I'm sooo exhausted had to sit a few times, feels like maybe did too much walking swelling still! :( but kids will be excited( Santa picked up some pretty cool jeeps) or maybe that will be from mommy and daddy!!! Santa can be the stocking stuffer supplier! Lol well hope all you ladies are doing well. I will post more pics once I see some difference in swelling! Oh had drains removed and ya didn't like that at all! Ugh! That was the worse part for me so far.... But hey stitches come out on Monday so hopefully that won't be as harsh! I'm just wondering has anyone had to get stitches removed? I was hoping it was all dissolvable ones:( . Later ladies! Good luck in recoveries
Mine are all dissolvable. Best of luck, hope it goes easy!
Awww lucky you!!!! Lol I wish! But you look awesome! Best to you!!! :) how is your back? Lol just asking cause seems to be the real killer!!!!
I'm scared of drains and stitches too!! I'm only 3 days post op and my back is killing me! Hang inhere and keep posting

So it's almost 2 Wks post of wow can't believe how...

So it's almost 2 Wks post of wow can't believe how fast time went... Seems like waited forever for the day to come! But it's all good! Can't wait to be over all the appts! Drains! Dressings! And next in line is.... Removal of STITCHES!!!! UGH!!!!
So hope all you lovely girls are recovering well!!!! And loving your new sexy body!!!! And good luck to the girls counting down to the day! Prayers are with you!:)
Wow, look at you. You look great! Everytime I see your binder I think how much looser yours is than mine. I can't turn mine up like you can. Right now it is digging into my upper waist. I think the numbness is wearing off weird on my belly now (are you having that)? There is just strange sensations between prickliness, itching and gauging from the garment, haha. I am so thrilled with my results so far! Is your scar tape still on? Mine is and seems like it will be for another week....
Hi thanks!!:) you do look amazing!!! Awesome!! And yes I get that feeling too!!its so weird... I was hoping it wasn't just me:) lol but my binder is so irritating it dig in too at waist under ribs... But it is loose now I washed it yesterday I feel like the swelling takes so long to go down and you see others that have that flat tummy with no swell! I guess it's all about patients! So I do have the tape still on but tomorrow it all comes off stitches too:( I'm scared for that!!! The drains came out other day and that almost killed me! It's funny cause I have been video taping all appt! My sister thinks I'm crazy! And I need to give back all the gore to the saw producers!!! Haha
Thank you for your posts. I can't wait to be two weeks post op!

I'm so upset got stitches out today and I'm...

I'm so upset got stitches out today and I'm horrified at the incision! My ps said oh it looks good! Wtf???? I don't think it does he says it will go down when the swelling does! What do you ladies think???? :(
Hang in there momto6! I am guessing my sides are going to be pretty icky cuts when I first see them and I can see puckering already. Like you, I have great faith in my PS and know it will be great and if not, they can do amazing repair with lasers afterwards!!
Really? They can with lasers??? That would be good! And you look great! Ouch to the markings of the lipo! How painful is that? How is your recovery going? So it's so horrible what we do to ourselves to feel confident And happy!! :)
I had my 2 week appt today and the bandage came off! I am pleased with how things look but there is some skin separation and puckering. The PS said it would all settle and do fine in time. He cleared me for exercise, sex, swimming in a week so I must be pretty good and even swimming in a week. I am taking a trip in 10 days so he gave me more diuretics for my flight because he said I will swell more. I am starting lymphatic massage to hopefully get some of my hardness to break up in my abdomen and the knots in my armpits and swollen lymphnodes from the lipo. Anyway, that's it for me. I hope things are going better for you today!

Hi ladies! Well first I just wanted to say thank...

Hi ladies! Well first I just wanted to say thank you for all the helpful words of encouragement it helped me a lot!
So today is 2 Wks post op and I'm almost standing up straight which helps the tummy look better and the incision look better i still have quite a bit of swelling on the lower part of my tummy can't wait for that to go away!! But I'm very happy that I did it... Just it such a long process well that's all for now ladies nothing else to update since I'm just relaxing a lot and sleeping trying to get back in my regular routine one day at a time!! Good luck ladies getting ready for your upcoming surgeries and hope all the ladies that are on the flat side are doing well! :)

Well today is not to good swelling more feels like...

Well today is not to good swelling more feels like I'm so much bigger than before my TT and I see a lot of other pics and you lovely ladies look so awesome with no swelling! Today is a bad day feeling sick as well with headache and feeling nauseas :( oh also exhausted! Not sure what I did to feel this tired! Haha always in bed that can't be to much work. Later ladies have a good night! :)
Just wanted you to know I'm still following your review happy to know I'm not crazy and this late in recover is still hard for others too. Keep posting your a great measuring stick for me. Prayers with ya, you're looking amazing. Keep posting pics too!

Well still feel tired throughout the day but...

Well still feel tired throughout the day but getting better went out today :) for breakfast and to a movie that was nice to be out of house for a little while!!!!:) so I have tried therapy shopping the other day and I realized it does work so I tried more today! Lol!!!! Bought some good stuff for my room going to fix it up different new bedding and candles and pillows just change it up a little.... Well I will post more pics!!! I'm happy with what I see so far! Happy healing all you beautiful ladies!!!!
You look amazing!
You look beautiful and svelte. I haven't done this yet (my mini TT is just over a month on 11/01/13) but know from reading all these blogs that the healing process goes back and forth whereby you think you're finally on the mend one week, to be followed by a hideous week of swelling, and then looking good again. It definitely seems to get worse before it gets better. Stay positive, you will be sporting that cute bikini before you know it with the utmost confidence of knowing how fab you look. (Treating yourself to new room decor was a great idea too! Have fun with the new stuff. :-))
Thank you! And I must say you look beautiful!!! :)

Sorry not much to talk about today pretty much the...

Sorry not much to talk about today pretty much the same with swelling but getting better... But that seems like nothing when I'm sitting here in tears with what has happened to all those innocent children and teachers! It's horrific and I can't even imagine the pain these parents are going through... I myself have lost my 2 yr old baby, but not in this type of tragedy!!! To have someone hurt your baby is I just don't have any words for this the pain for you to lose your child is like you have died inside yourself.... It's going to be so so extremely hard for the parents to recover and heal my prayers are with all if them! Take a moment and give your babies extra love and hugs and kisses we all need to be so greatful for each and everyday we have with our families!! Goodnight ladies prayers!

It is incomprehensible what has happened today. I cried for those poor babies, teachers and families. We should all be thankful for our families today.
I know this isn't the forum for it, but my heart is so heavy. I am supposed to host a Christmas gathering tonight at my home and I feel like I am struggling just to sip my coffee. My thoughts, along with yours and others on here, are with the families.
Getting TT in one week. Your posts really helped. Thanks(;

So hi all you beautiful ladies!!!! Hope your...

So hi all you beautiful ladies!!!! Hope your recoveries are going great and your loving the new tummy!!! Not much new swelling is going down more, I just notice it's nice when I wake but after about 2 hours I'm back to swell hell!!!:( but its all still so worth it. I'm doing my normal things I had done before TT just at a slower pace. So just getting ready for Christmas making sure all the last minute things are done:) I posted new pics! Later girls have a great day!!! :)
It has been nice to follow your progress since you are one week ahead of me. I'm feeling good as well physically (mentally anguished of course from the CT tragedies). Keep up the healing and don't go overboard. My doc still hasn't cleared me to drive yet.
Glad to here you are doing good!!:) it's funny I've been driving since drains came out which was 10 days post op! I stopped the pain meds on day 4 but its not that bad I don't drive too far I just get a lot of swelling within an hour of being mobile lol which sucks! But I guess I need patients!

So finally hit the one month mark! Tummy is...

So finally hit the one month mark! Tummy is looking better!:) but I get swelling fast hope that don't last long:( but my only concern is how my incision looks.... On one side kind of hangs a bit over I was told it will go down and smooth over so here's hoping!!! If not i will just get it fixed. So the incision has little sections of scabbing which are starting to peel off ewww! Lol I still have to wear binder all day and night which feels better anyway. Well not much else to catch up on just preparing for Christmas. So hope all you girlies are recovering well... Good luck to the new girlies just starting out in the TT journey!!!! New pics! 4 Wks post op

So lets see sorry I've been off for awhile!! So...

So lets see sorry I've been off for awhile!! So results of my TT are getting better each day.. My incision line is great at first I thought OMG! Someone help me! But doc was right it went down and is ok looking.... The only problem is I need revision which I was already thinking I would need even before surgery I wish my doc just went a bit further with incision line and I might have been able to deal it incision! Not sure if you ladies feel the same but now I notice so many more FLAWS!!! Ok so where did the huge hip roles of fat come from didnt see that with the sagging tummy in front now it just dont look right having somewhat of a tight tummy to have the sides and back all mushy!:( But I have got a plan!!!!! :) what is it you ask? Well I was thinking doc said its no problem he will fix the dog ears in office with some freezing! What... Cut skin with just freezing! Ummm no I'd rather not so I decided I will get breast augmentation!!!!!! Yaaay so that way they can fix the dog ears and go back further towards back and maybe lipo and then I get new boobies I've been small in that area all my adult life and its even worse that I nursed all 6 of my babies and the longest was for over one yr! I go for consult on Thursday:) I just think to pay all this money I want to be happy with end result and if I'm still insecure then it's not what I want to just have to deal with! So I hope I'making the right decision! Hope all you girls are happy with the results so far! I've been reading a lot of post and your girls are so beautiful and your results to me look amazing!!! Just want to say good luck to the new girlies with the new you surgery!!!! IT'S SO WORTH IT!!! But I've realized PATIENCE is the word! Later sisters!!!
Fabulous plan!
Looking great! Funny... BA is in the back of my mind now too.... although, I need more of a "lift" than anything... lol. I have a dog ear that will probably need to be fixed as well.. and it has been in the back of my mind to do that all at once.... :)

Hello ladies!!!!! Hope you are all doing great! So...

Hello ladies!!!!! Hope you are all doing great! So I have some good news that wanted to share.... I had my consult today for breast augmentation!!! It was the funniest thing my ps comes in room and starts talking about the procedure and asks what size bra do you wear! Omg! I was like confused because I don't have really any bras that fit so I usually most of the time wear sport bras! So I tell him that and he was like smiling! And after I change in to gown so he can determine which size to go to he tells me your an A cup! It's was funny... I guess maybe you had to be there to see why it was kind of funny... Ok I'm rambling! :) so I got all the info I needed and I'm going with 339cc silicon under muscle partial and round which I researched and is the most desired. So my date is June 4 and at that time he will also fix the TT incision I have dog ears on the ends ugh! I never though I would ever get augmentation but after the TT it just completes the makeover and I will feel more confident about my body! Well that's all for now I just wanted to share my news!!! Later ladies enjoy your evening keep healing!! And stay strong!
Wow big changes this year for you :) June will be here before you know it
Yes...I'm still not sure i want to do the BA! But I feel like I do but in some way I feel maybe it's selfish... :( I just felt like hey I had 6 kids and nursed all of them so maybe it's ok to give something back to my body???? Lol
YES IT IS! You deserve it momma!

Hello ladies how is everyone doing???? So it's...

Hello ladies how is everyone doing????
So it's almost 9 Wks post op and I'm so upset with what is looking like results...that I will be left with I have so much extra skin all over tummy I can pull it :( my hips are so flabby I can't see my feet when standing straight I have that lower tummy pouch not sure why! Ugh! I have flabby tummy when sitting its rolls... And I'm so sad! Paid lots for this for what to look and feel like its a waste and I have to have revision on the hips because of dog ears! And when I bend forward it all hangs down! It's like I need another TT! I will post pics if you can please tell me what you think???
Hi Momto6, we have the similar outcomes in terms of sagging skin skin. I'll be 17 weeks PO this Thursday, I'm well pee'd off for what I paid a fortune for to be still left with skin that I was told would be pulled from all forms to my tummy, be gone and be taut and tight. My revision when I get it is "free" which really means included in what I paid for but it's the stress of it all again but added stress of the second outcome. I worried too I was being negative but girl we paid good money, it's got to be sorted. I hope your ok, chin up, big hug. X
Hi thanks for sharing... I think your pics look amazing! You have such a tiny waist:) you look so great!!! Except for the problem your having like me with the extra skin! It's good that your revision will be covered!!! Your results are pretty much what I wanted with the shape my doc didnt do lipo but I didn't ask because it was to be part of TT which he says they include with it if needed! Ummm I know I needed it! But I didn't get it:( but I will have to pay out of pocket of course to have my TT fixed.... Thank you again for sharing hope your doing well! Good luck with everything!!!!
I'm sorry that you are going through this. I read your comments below and you don't need to apologize for being negative or worry about insulting the doctor. You paid a lot of money for the TT and you deserve to get the results that you paid for. I agree with the others who said that he was way to conservative with you and should have cut more skin off. No amount of sit ups is going to take that skin away. He should also do it for free, as it should have been done right the first time. If he doesn't then I definitely wouldn't let him do your BA!

Hi girls just wanted to say thank you all for...

Hi girls just wanted to say thank you all for posting and helping me feel better! I had talked to my ps nurse today... Well funny thing is they called in the morning to re schedule my BA til end of may! But I'm going away the beginning of July with my family to Grenada :) so excited for that! So the only date available is march 5 so I took that... But only if he is going to help with my issues I'm having from TT or I will just cancel it all with him and I will have to look for another surgeon to hopefully help! So girls sorry for complaining but is it just me being picky or do I need to have more skin removed? I posted a few more pics! Please let me know if that is what it's supposed to look like after full tummy tuck and muscle repair? Thanks so much for listening:)
I am so sorry you are having to go through this. When I first started looking at your pics, I though, Dang! She looks great! But those last several are disheartening. I don't know anything about skin elasticity, but I thought that the main reason we all went in for the TT was to get rid of all that extra skin. I would definitely let your surgeon know that you are not happy, and, quite frankly, I don't think he should charge you another cent to fix it! Are you sure you want the same ps doing your ba? Please keep us all updated. I hope it all works out for the best in the end!
Hey Momto6. Yeah, I think you were left some unnecessary skin. Granted, I'm no professional obviously, and I am simply looking at your pics. I hope you are able to get some answers from your doctor and are able to make the decision that works best for you. Keep us all posted. Good luck. xo

So it's been a few days since I've posted but I...

So it's been a few days since I've posted but I have made appt for next week to talk with my ps about my concerns... It's do weird my Tummy changes with each day one day feel 6 months preggo and others just a bit of bloating so I have made myself to not put to much stress on this problem until the 6 month mark but I will bring it to my surgeons attention to make sure we are on same page in terms with my expectations since I am paying for it! I'm not trying to look like Barbie but I would like to get the tight tummy I paid for and not have so much loose skin all over the front...mind you it was looking really good but it just started to look more loose as the swelling subsides! Well thanks for listening ladies hope all are doing well! Thanks for all the kind words it has helped so much! Have a good night!!! I posted a few new pics I think I'm like 9 or 10 Wks lol

Ok so today was my appt with my ps and wow all I...

Ok so today was my appt with my ps and wow all I can say is I'm so happy I explained that I wanted revision and he at first didnt understand for what and why? Because my results we awesome in the beginning! But within this last month that's when things started to change! So he says lets see ... And right away he say I totally understand I can see what's happening with loose skin your skin has very poor elasticity so it's now relaxing, so yes I agree we will do revision and I asked if he could do the extended he agreed! ( one happy girl) lol at the end of that conversation I asked how much will this Cost me? He said nothing! Don't worry about any of it at all! But he said of course I do have to wait 6 months from date of surgery so in April! And moving on to the new boobies lol that is scheduled now for feb 26! :) have to go in next week to look at pics to what I want or at least what I will try to achieve! In the beginning we were going with 339cc silicon partial under muscle mod profile... But today I asked if that will give me a full C and look natural (lol) he said I'm thinking maybe we should go with 380cc but I ask uh.. Ya won't that be huge and I'm gonna look like DOLLY lol:) he chuckled and said NO but said next week I will go back in and look at the photos to see what each size looks like so that's great! Anyway glad I could share that with all you fine ladies!!!! Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and words of encouragement it meant So much to me!!!! Have a good night girls and happy healing
Awww that's fantastic news and no cost too! I reclon if it's going to get more settled your better off waiting till April n all! Well chuffed for you. X
Wow thats great news Im glad he agreed with you and confirmed what you were feeling. Sorry you had to go through it but the results will be worth it!
Omg! I was shaking in his office not sure why! Because either way I was going to have revision I guess it's because I didn't want it to go badly since he's a great surgeon!:) thank you for all your encouragement it's nice to be able to talk with others... My family seems annoyed with me talking about it and stressing but they don't understand! Thanks again

Hello realself beauty's How is everyone? Hope...

Hello realself beauty's
How is everyone? Hope your recoveries and up coming surgeries are going well!
So not much new just started INSANITY again UGH! That was a challenge this time round:( but it will get better! ( I hope) lol so I'm getting very anxious for my up coming surgery feb 26! Day before my bday... What a nice gift from my hubby! :) I'm not sure what size I'm going with yet but I go back next week to look at pics to decide but my doc did say 339cc I picked round silicon under muscle mod profile ... But after asking a few questions week he actually said we should go to 380cc I have a few friends and my sister that went with that so I think that's what I will go with:)... Well I will post another pic 3 months post op! Thanks for reading girls glad to have this site to share our stories with! Later girls have a good night!
I'm a mom of 5 and am 4 wks PO. I had a TT and BA done at the same time. I like my results but am not thrilled about them. I wish my stomach was flatter and my breasts look really big. Having poor skin elasticity after multiple pregnancies makes sense but I hadn't thought of that until I read your profile. I know it's still early for me so I'm hoping that with time and exercise, it will get better. You look great right now and I'm sure will look even better once you have your next surgery done.
What cup size is that equivalent to? How tall are you?
I think he said full C... I'm pretty short! 5 ft 1 if that... But I have to look at pics next wk I just don't want to look like a freak! Lol just want cleavage!!!!

Well hello realself girlies!!! It's been a few...

Well hello realself girlies!!! It's been a few days since I've posted... So lets see about two Wks ago I decided to start insanity which I have done before so I though its ok I'm over 3 months but after doing the fit test my lower tummy in the center where old bb was pulled down well it was swollen and pink so when I went to see doc for pre op for BA I showed him he said it was ok! Well few days later it still was sore and pink and swollen but I noticed a purple vein in that area and it was becoming more transparent through my skin... Well yesturday it popped and it was bleeding so I was freaked cause it was normal skin it wasn't part of incision so the skin just broke not big or anything but it hurts and I'm just hoping its gonna heal and still not sure what caused that to happen... Oh and ya well ok so my husband came home for 5days as well and he works away from home so we don't get to see each other as much... Ok so we played a bit of house!:) but really could I have cause this? I mean we are not crazy freaks when together!! LMBO! Oh well hope it gets better i have to see ps in the morning to pay balance for BA which is one week from today!!! Woohoo and he's going to have a look at my little booboo:( later girlies hope you are all doing well!!!!
I would definitely head back to the doctor or call them and let them know it popped. Good luck!
What the Hell! That sounds scary. I hope all goes well.
Thanks! Ya it was a bit weird considering I'm 3 months post op and I'm not sure how my skin even opened up to cause the bleeding but it's better and healing! Just no more lifting heavy objects or working out to insanity!:( thanks again! Good luck to you:)

Ok so wow how time flys! 8 am I will have some...

Ok so wow how time flys! 8 am I will have some nice boobies lol! I've never had so this should be interesting to see... I wish my TT went well and it was looking great :( . My revision will be end of April or beginning of may! Can't wait to be done with surgeries. Well hope all you girlies are doing fabulous:) and are healing well!!! Nite girls. I will post some pre ops...
Good luck tomorrow!

BA.... 2 days post op:( soooo much pain! Wow I...

BA.... 2 days post op:( soooo much pain! Wow I can't believe how painful this has been... So I got to the surgical suite and vitals were taken and my ps marked my chest... Then I was off to O.R so I was pretty nervous hey were still setting up and they asked are you ok? You have this look of silent horror! They were trying to help me relax? I'm guessing lol so they tell me to hope up on table and they hook up the iv and blood pressure cuff... I'm thinking to myself I god what am I doing hope this is worth it! Hope I don't have a lot of pain and doc says ok I'm putting o2 mask take 40 deep breaths and when u..... That's it I was out. Next I remember the nurse saying its ok your all done we are in recovery breath... Calm down breath easy and I guess I was freaking out! But OMG the pain is horrible and I can deal with pain.. 6 kids all 9 pounds and a TT 3 months ago but this had been by far the most painful recovery ever! I have cried so many times in one day it's unreal and I'm taking perks and they make me so sick and out of it not really treating the pain .. Now I'm having fevers off and on I'm cold, I shake like when given epidural! All I know is the doc and other have said oh this procedure is nothing compare to TT! Ya I would have to disagree 100 percent!:( but I hope these girlies are worth all this pain! So I went with 371cc silicon round under muscle moderate profile:) I have posted a few pics hard to see they are all bandaged up... Later girlies I will post more pills are starting to kick I.n
Hope you are recovering well....! how are you feeing?
Good luck with your new ta-tas. They look great so far.
hang in there sister.Rest up!@

Well girls just had to tell you all that after the...

Well girls just had to tell you all that after the pain I have been suffering from having the BA for a straight 13 days And my surgeon just kept sending me on my way saying I'm FINE! In this little bit of time I have seen my ps 4 times from pain and had been to the ER 2 well I will be quick cause of the pain and meds!!! So after I had came to er they said I have infection and a build up of fluid so the freeze with needle which hurt like a! And then he put another needle and pulled out blood not fluid I had developed hemotoma and for
That I got severe infection so they
Clean it up and I was sent home with meds! Well yesterday I'm sorry us girls we know our bodies and can tell when something is wrong so came back to er and after a few hours the had to call the ps (NOT MINE) and asked if he could come see me and told him what was wrong so he said yes and came in and within 30 min I was having emergency surgery! So all this started with a blood clot soon after surgery! That doc didnt see then I developed huge pocket full of blood now remember this had been sitting for 13 days so from that major infection! So I had the surgery late last night the opened incision had to remove implant. And flush the inside of my breast and replace the implant with new pocket cause the old one was wrong and way to high! And he had some others things to repAir but he will see me today and tell me more but now I'm in hospital. For several days on iv antibiotics to help get any bacteria out if my body! :( and I'm in so much pain even having a shot of morphine grrr ! All I want is to be able to see my babies I've been sick and in bed haven't ate much since feb26 this has been the most horrible experience ever! I will update when better later girls hope your all doing well!
I am so sorry!!! I hope you start to feel better soon!
OMG im so sorry. This entire experience has been horrible for you. I hope you are considering changing surgeons. Heal fast! Keep us posted. I will be thinking of you. xoxoxoxo
Omg, I'm so sorry. Feel better soon!!!!

Hi ladies wanted to say thank you all so so much...

Hi ladies wanted to say thank you all so so much for being here and your thoughts and concerns it has helped me feel better! I'm able to move today with little help I just have to stay in bed for a bit taking antibiotics for 7 days and got more meds for pain! Have to see ps on Wednesday... The nurse had called me in hospital asking if I indeed had the surgery cause the surgeon who preformed it notified my surgeon who apparently doesn't have rights at that hospital in which his site says he has rights at two! And he does not! Well anyway now they want to seer ASAP! Why now? They didn't care about me all the times I've cried and repeatedly told him how much pain I had and all the other symptoms that clearly indicates infection and blood clot! I've called numerous times I've went to er 3 times and went back to ps 2 with no one listening til finally I spoke up and made it clear i need to see SURGEON! And wow within minutes of seeing him I'm rushed to O R it only took 13 days for help!!! Great medical system we got here! So why all of a sudden does my ps feel its important to see me?.... Wait what is he scared? Cause I know they can't say it will turn out fabulous and then you don't like results..... But what they cannot do is avoid all signs of infection and blood clot putting lives at risk of possible death! Ok I'm done venting its over and I will work on getting better and research better! Happy healing ladies :) thank you again for being here!!!! Need to sleep now :) bye
Hey been thinking about you... how are you
Hi I'm good glad all the other issues have been resolved and my doc has been very helpful and supportive with me so that's good at least:) I'm just trying to heal and rest a lot and listen to my ps as he says I will heal but with time because of infection and hematoma more trauma has been done so it will take time:( but I will be patient .... How are you! Hope your well
Everything is well with me and my healing process. I pray it will be a smooth sailing for you. Keep us updated. You stay on my mind. Keep on resting and take it one day at a time.

Hello ladies!!!! I can't believe how fast the time...

Hello ladies!!!! I can't believe how fast the time has passed! I've been recovering and it flew by ugh! But I guess that's good since I'm doing better still have pain in the right breast from all the troubles I've had but I'm healing each day!:) I have appt on the 4 of April to talk about my TT revision which I think it's best to hold off until September since I've been put through so much pain with BA and having the severe bacteria infection I'm still on antibiotics my hemoglobin is very low turns out I'm anemic which is new to me great! But anywho I'm finally liking the new addition to my family my twins they are doing great sore and tight but I'm liking them more each day I went with 371 round moderate profile under muscle.... They are as of now D34! Woohoo! I was a A! Or sport bra lol:) so I'm finally uploading pics! Well not much else to say but glad to be back in here updated and sharing my journey with all of you! I wanted to also thank all of you for all your thoughts and kind words and prayers it has helped me through all of this! Thank you all do so very much!!! Later girls
Please let me know if these pics are upsetting or not wanted on here I will remove ASAP! I just wanted to share exactly what can happen with any surgery... Mind you it's very uncommon for this to happen well getting all 3 bad things like I did extremely rare! Just my luck!
Chicka you look AMAZING!!! Be proud, you are HOT!!! Glad to hear it's getting better and better everyday. I know you had a setback but man look at you! Keep getting better Sister and SHINE LIKE A DIAMOND!!!
Thank you sister! We will both shine together like DIAMONDS! Can't wait we have to get together soon!!!!y husband finally is coming home on Saturday woohoo can't wait he has been away since feb 17 miss him sooo much but I guess it was good he wasn't here during all this drama he is a big guy 6ft 7in... But under all that bigness he would have been a mess! Lol so how have you been? Are ready for Easter??? Thank you for the post!! That's for all the lovely ladies as well who are amazing and who are sharing our experiences together!!!! Later sexy!!!
You look so great!!!! The twins look awesome :-D one hot mama!!! so happy you are feeling better too!! But wow you look amazing!!

Well here's another depressing update! So after my...

Well here's another depressing update! So after my ps said he would do the TT revision because of the skin becoming very lose... He had just told me to wait 6 months at least and we would discuss the plan... That was at the same time we were planning BA so I had told him in advance I wasn't doing BA if I had to worry about fixing TT he assured me it would be at no cost! So of course I trusted him and booked the BA now after all the horrible complications I've had to endure and still I have pain on the right side and the other breast now had completely bottomed out! So one is way below incision crease line out of my breast tissue... The right one that I had blood clot, hematoma, and severe infection causing me to have emergency surgery and they put implant back! That one is being squeezed by scar tissue and its getting firmer and firmer with each day it is also up higher. So with knowing that can you believe I go into his office on the 4 of this month and he says you look great! WTF! My breast are deformed one at end of ribs no shape at all and the other is hard and looks smaller... I said what! This one has bottomed out and it moves all over I can't even wear a bra! I don't have the crease for bra to fit and the other breast is way to high! He says I'm not going to touch that one! If needed later I will cut and release the other to match the bottomed out one! Is he for real! I said. NO! You will not touch that breast! I don't want bottomed out boobs! So I'm already upset and I ask what are we doing with my tummy? He looks and says ya well just looking at your skin it's horrible and doing it again it would just happen all over again! What kind of surgeon says that! I was devastated! I'm like 115 lbs! And isint tummy tucks meant for moms who have had babies and loose skin! Am I not a candidate for tummy tuck!? And now I have breasts that are horrible and causing pain that I have to get removed! And a TT that failed and my belly button is jacked! I regret ever going to this guy who calls himself a plastic surgeon! Board certified that is! My butt! So now I will see my family doc to be medically referred to a surgeon who can finally remove these implants! I will never put implants back that was the most horrible pain I have ever experienced! As for the TT I will do at a later date! So girls sorry for the negativity:) I'm over it and I've learned my lesson! Hope all you girls are doing great and recovering well if your new to this... Thanks for listening!:) nite nite ladies!!!
Wow, I'm sorry that this whole experience has been sooo negative for you, only a word or two here or there in all your writings that have been positive about your TT (same for BA but that's a whole different story!) Almost makes me not even want to go through with it! Hope it improves for you so that you can be happier.
Oh I am so sorry this has all happened to you. It's not fair and I can't help but think that your surgeon is the problem not you and if you ever bring yourself to fix what he has screwed up that you will have very different results. Hang in there sister.

New update!!! Another journey to come!

Well it's been wow so long since I've updated anything :( so much has gone by.... Ok lets see where to begin... Ah yes I'm getting revision!!! By another surgeon:) go back to see on oct 8!!! Well so back to all that has happened had TT with muscle repair/ nov 2012 had BA feb 26,2013 the TT ya uh.... Need revision!!! And BA had so much problems and stress need revision for this as well! What you want to know my ps name??? Lol.... So after a lot of tears and stress and frustration I've decided to accept what is or do what I feel needs to be corrected and go for it! No more crying or stressing over this I have really learned a lot from this experience. I don't think I have any pics available to post yet but I will soon :) well you ladies all have a great night good luck to those of you who are just starting your journey later beauties!!!
Keep us posted how everything goes on the 8th. I almost want to drive up with you and hold your hand. U did not deserve this!!! You do deserve this revision and i'm praying it all goes well and it will leave you happy. Okay ladies lets start a chain of prayers for my friend Momto6. Thinking of you always :)
I'm sorry to read that you've had so many problems. Hopefully, your TT revision will be a success and that you'll be totally happy with the results. Clearly NOT everyone has a great outcome with plastic surgeries.
I guess not!! Or maybe it just takes a lot of research and time to choose the right ps, well that's a definite in my case! Lol. Well I have really learned a very expensive lesson!!! :)!!!!

Consultation next week for revision!!!

Well I'm starting my journey with revision TT/ BA ugh yes both need to be addressed! So this time I'm going to have paper work and blue print(lol) of exactly what I hope to achieve this time! I mean if I'm paying all over again at least I can have a say!! I have a question if someone could please let me know about this... If you want your procedure done ex TT ok but the ps tells you ok it's going to be done like this but you can see that it's not helping in the other areas as you would like it to like the sides are still very loose skin!!! Do TT normally have loose skin remaining all on the sides and top part of tummy? Ok so ya that's what I'm left with! Now I want it done again and have it nice and pulled tight and flat!!!:( causes what's the point if they won't remove the extra skin? Well ladies hope your days are going great! I will post some picks tomorrow nite nite beauties:)
When is your revision? Isn't there a law that if you have to have revisions by another ps they have to refund you? I know there is a time frame of like one year or two? You need to get your money back from first ps that is insane. Especially since you had another surgeon in the ER work on you and say your breast where done all wrong! Sorry I am just so angry for you!
Hi thanks for your post!! I'm not sure when revision is but my appt is next week to book it and sign all paper work :) No we have no law to protect us victims from any results due to cosmetic surgery!!:( I mean you can report to the college of physicians and surgeons but that don't help! Or you can get advice from lawyer ( my sister is one) but not many lawyers want a case like this it's very costly and ps have huge barriers from being sued! It's time consuming as well it's very unfortunate how much money we spend to help ourselves but in return we are looked down on for the choices we made! The sad part from all this is that not very many ps will willing help correct another surgeons error! So when you do find one that is willing to clean up another ps error it's amazing and that just shows how much they enjoy what they do and how they can change someones life in such a positive way!!
Hi I had an extended tt and even though my lower tummy is flat and tight I do have residual loose skin at the top of my tummy. My PS said i have protruding ribs (which I do) and he couldn't pull that section any tighter or I wouldn't have been able to stand up straight! I only notice it when I sit down but then I'm 45 years old and I'm not bothered about it because I'm not wearing a bikini and the improvement on what it was before is 99% better. I don't have any loose skin on the sides.

Consultation next week!!!!

Hi ladies just wanted to say thank you for the kind thoughts it's so helpful to me, some people that are in your life don't understand how things are and feel its well my fault for CHOOSING to have it done at all! Or the negative feedback to why do I need revision! And some will compare themselves to me and say well I wish I had your size! Blah blah! It's selfish I think really because not all of us our born looking like Barbie not that I want that look but seriously if didnt come easy for me geez! I have always struggled with me weight! Having thyroid disease ugh good bye metabolism! And then have 6 BIG babies! Big as in my first was 9lbs 13ons!! That was a ouchy!!! I said omg never again will I have another baby! Haha ya right who was I kidding my self only! 2 yrs later another girl! But thanks to sickness she stayed at a decent weight 7lbs 10onz and again 2 yrs a boy comes along 9lbs 7 ons omg! Really and how about 2 more yrs another boy! My guardian angel today!:( his weight 9lbs 3ons... Than a lot happened and things went on I decided to reverse my tubes and try for another baby 2006 tubes reversed 2007 a baby boy! 8lbs 10 ons! 2008 geez busy mama lol last seriously this one was our last .... A girl!!! My smallest of all 6lbs 9 ons she was like a china doll soooo tiny and cuddly and ok that's enough of that! Getting off topic all mushy( NO BABIES) allowed:) it's funny how easily side tracked we can get! Lol so my point is... I gained a lot of weight with each one but didnt loose all if it before the next one ugh! But i did loose after the 4 baby and than depression hit hard after our tragedy and I gained a lot back so it took a good few yrs ok more than a few but I got it off all of it without help I watched what I ate and I worked out hard! Did insanity full 60 days 2 times OMG! That seriously was very hard and painful so in march of 2012 I started it and my weight was 167 at the end of it my weight was 125 ish and I just kept losing :) my date of TT was nov 18 my weight 121!Woohoo( scale broken I think) but who cares!!! Lol and after that my BA was feb 26.. Weight was 116! But even weighing that I didn't see it or even feel like it! Ok I'm seriously rambling I hate that lol you girls must be thinking uh... What site are we on? Is it weight watchers or family matters?? Haha you love it!!! ( you do right???) so that was just explaining how we all have reasons to why we choose cosmetic. Procedures and its no one else's choice to what we choose to do! Ok have a great night girls and happy healing with all of your procedures and for the ladies just starting out.... Omg! No I'm kidding good luck and get lots of rest!!!!
Oh I forgot I will post some pics sorry if they are like OMG her boobie is really hanging low! Don't worry yours won't look like that!!! It's all good!
I had a complication with one of my breast, the implant was falling out. I showed my ps and he scheduled emergency surgery within 2 weeks and did it for free. he also adjusted my other one to make sure they both looked the same. I love them more the 2nd time around. sorry you are going through that with the dr. its so unfair that they get paid in full and can do whatever they want in the end.

New recent pics added!

Omg I feel awful for you I hope you get the desired results this time round please keep us updated xxx
Good luck and ill be praying for u
I'm so sorry for all you have gone through! (( hugs)) I hope this next PS will be able to fix the issues and you can get this all over with and on with healing! This has been such a long road for you!

My new chapter to this journey!!! Revision!!

Well just a few days and I will be driving to have another consult with ps I have chosen to do my revision for both TT/ breast augumentation! Actually this ps agreed to see me!!!! I'm so grateful for this!!! It's extremely difficult to find a ps that is willing to help with revision but I'm so happy finally to be able to stop living each day hoping and waiting for this to be fixed and I can enjoy life!
I'm truly sorry you have to go through this again and I know that all will be better soon xoxoxox
Praying it goes well....
Thank you :) I'm looking forward this time I'm not nervous (YET) lol one more day I will be seeing new ps for a second consultation can't wait!!

My journey to a new ME!!!!!

So girls had a perfect day, went for consultation for revision on breast and tt ...the new plans for all this has made me finally feel real, and relieved happy anxious and important!!!!:). This journey will begin on January 16 2014 the count down begins... NOW lol ok beauties nite have a great night!
Thanks for the update- keep us posted. Hugs to you
Excellent news for you :) I'm hoping for my revision late Oct/early November but I'm not sure he'll do it until next year. I've not long had since a hysterectomy just over 6 weeks ago and off for another 6 weeks which would be ideal so no more time off work which I don't have to take this year now. We go away Feb/March so if he won't do it this next few weeks it'll have to be April for me. If I had it done in Jan I'd be all swollen and don't fancy that by the pool! So chuffed for you :) Take care. X

So anxious for this revision!!!

Hello realself ladies!!!!! So just an update about the first and now second journey I'm about to take...
So I had first full TT/ MR NOV 2012, and BA FEB 2013.... REVISION for both is JAN 16,2014!!!! I can't wait to finally have this done by a different surgeon in different city! I would NEVER RECOMMEND my first ps!!
My revision is going to be:
Full tummy tuck with muscle repair!
NO DRAINS yaay for that!
The removing of implants to fix the right side positioning
The left side need to have the pocket re done and put permanent stitches to hold implant in place since my first surgery the ps pretty much made huge pocket and some how dissected my natural breast crease!
So this can't come fast enough I'm counting the days. So I'm not one to put blame on surgeons for what results I'm given I understand what's possible and what is not realistic to what I can achieve!!! But to be left with serious issues with each surgery and with the last one to have major complications and have to fight and cry in pain repeatedly for help even after the seriousness of this matter! To have all symptoms of INFECTION! But to be told YOUR OK! That where I feel my ps was very negligent to fulfil his duties and responsibilities to me as his patient! I realize that these types of surgeries along with any surgery has its risks but no one regardless if its a cosmetic procedure or medical surgery each patient should be given the same amount of care before and after the procedure! This I can definitely say was a learning experience an expensive one at that! Well ladies take of you! Have a great weekend!! Good luck to the others starting your journeys :)
why are you having a revision?
I had full TT/MR last yr well nov will be one yr! And from about 5 Wks post op things were changing, I had noticed before I had loose skin but by 5 Wks mark it looked like I didn't even have surgery just a huge incision that was thick and red and sore :( my BB didn't heal correctly at all, so after all the promises if him telling me no to worry he will fix I chose BA 3 months later and that was a nightmare in itself! Serious complications! So now I have researched for long time and decided to have these problems resolved I have chosen a new surgeon! I feel more confident than I ever did.... So I'm having full tummy tuck again drainless and revision BA I'm so anxious for this day!!! Jan 16! Counting the days! Hope your doing well!!
Just found your page and my heart goes out to you! I pray you have WONDERFUL results this time! You deserve it! Good luck, can't wait to see photos. I love your upbeat writing style, in spite of your very tough journey. Best wishes to you!

Revision date is fast approaching!!!!

Well hello ladies I've been a little busy with kids and house also my mom... Work work work!!! Lol so I haven't updated in some time but not much is happening I will have more to post after my revisions having both done full TT and revision BA.... But this TT will be drainless I'm excited about that part no irritating drains!!:) well my plan is to stay in Toronto for the week or a bit longer depending... But my gosh it's so difficult to find a reliable person friend/family member to accompany me:( all the responses are well if you change til April! Not!! Or if u go for 2 days only.... I can't leave that soon!! I live 3-4 hours away!! The other part is I have 5 kids I'm leaving yet again but this time I won't be back at home with them!! That's the hardest part I feel so horrible for the younger ones really the 3 older ones they tend to do things on their own or with friends so not worried about them being without me home!!! Anyone have to explain to your children your leaving for a certain amount of days and why?? My kids ages son 6 and daughter just turned 5.... They are stuck to me like glue... Seriously they both sleep in my bed!! Like they own it! Lol it's all good I love being close to them makes me feel safe know they are ok..... So any suggestions will be greatly appreciateted:) also is it bad to take my 5 yr old with me for the trip... I will be at my sisters home for the recovery time, that's where I could bring my youngest if that's the plan I will end up choosing ( sisters home) so now the whole meaning of me asking this was us it bad for her to miss 7 days of school? She's in SK.... I myself think it is but I'm trying to convince myself it's fine it's sk and she can come with me!!! Well ladies I will post more updates and pics soon! Thanks for listening, reading!!! Lol have a great night! Good luck to the ladies new on here and are preparing for your surgeries!!!!
I really hope your new plastic surgeon gives you the results you desire! It really amazes me now different everyone's experiences are the level of care! In so sorry for what you have endured, in life and now with this surgery! One thing it tells me, is you are a survivor, and because of this site, your story I hope helps others! Much of luck to you, and happy healing!!!!
Good luck!! IMHO it's great to being your youngest with you!


Well hello ladies sorry I've been slacking but i really haven't had much time so much going on you know...( dreaming for this day to come) I don't have a second to spare lol!!! Ok so we arrived at our hotel and booked 8 days hope that's enough to feel a bit better to drive back home 4 hours away! So I'm having full TT/ muscle repair again( never even happened the first time) so you could actually say its my first real procedure being done by a professional surgeon! Also I'm having revision breast augumetation both need to be removed and pockets fixed (bottom out) and replaced INFRONT I have them behind and I'm not sure how much behind they are but looks like they are in hiding!!! Lol so yes I've come to terms and realized its happened all the complications and PAIN from the original surgery that could have been prevented is behind me now and it's just sad that some surgeons feel ok and proud of the final result where as the patient is so devestated and ashamed and has no one to turn to for help not many amazing surgeons who appreciate the skills and artistic ability to change someone's life forever will accept the responsibility of correcting another surgeons error! But I would like to say for those SURGEONS who are willing to help out the unlucky ones( including myself) I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Now all I can really say for the doctor who scarred me, he neglected me as his patient! He ignored all symptoms that clearly indicated I had INFECTION! HEMOTOMA, BLOOD CLOT! And needed emergency surgery in the middle of night! Not only did I need this done 11 days prior to the actual day, I had to have a different surgeon!!! Again my words of THANK YOU for saving me that goes out to the surgeon on call at that hospital!!! ( my doc didnt have rights at hospital mind you all info I was given prior to procedures verified he had rights to two and other facilities! Ok so where did all this blah blah blah come from I though I said somewhere on here I was over that and time for a fresh start!!!! Ok well now I have like 5 hours till its time to go oh and sorry I messed up times 730 I have to be there 930 is surgery!!!! I will update how everything goes!!! Oh this is a drainless TT !!! Woohoo I couldn't of handle drains again those babies were not for me! Lol have a good night ladies and good luck to the ladies with upcoming procedures:)
Awww FAB! How you doing? Hope all is well. Just got my revision booked today for April, can't bloomin' wait! Hope your doing well. XXX
I am so excited for you!!! Praying praying praying you get the job you deserve this time. You are a remarkable woman with lot of patience and now 2014 is your year!!! So happy we have become friends on here, maybe one day this year we can meet for coffee. Please let me know how u are doing :)
Wow you have been through hell, I will be thinking of you. Good luck and let us know how it goes... Tx

Revision complete!!!!

So ladies had my revision thursday morning... Was supposed to be 3-4 hours turned out to be 51/2 hours but seemed like minutes!! So much pain that I had forgotten about!! And can't stay awake longer than 25 min so I stayed in hospital over night and now at our hotel til next wk! I can't post pics yet have bandages and very tight binder... Thank you to everyone for thoughts and prayers during this time!!! I'm so greatful for this site to be able to talk and express our issues and concerns and ups and downs and we are all in here to help each other give support!!! Well getting so tired passing out with each word lol i will update again!!!!
Congrats on finally getting this done right! Heal fast and rest up. And cheers to the end finally being near!
Wow what an ordeal you have been through! You poor darling. Thanks for your story, I'm sure a lot of us look at other areas once we get one surgery done. Really makes me think twice. Your dr sounds like a complete idiot. Anyone with eyes can see your ba wasn't right. Here's hoping your revision goes well and you get the results you deserve.good luck with everything
I hope you are feeling better!!!! Thank you fir keeping your post so real... Happy healing!!

3 days post op revision!!

Today's now 3 days post op revision full tummy tuck no drains and BA revision!! So far everything is going excellent well except for the pain that I can't deal with but to be expected as they say pain is beauty!! Lol but I know my new surgeon is amazing and im so pleaded with her and everything she has done for me!!! I would see her again and again 100 % the best surgeon!!!
So I have a poem I will share with all you girls its funny my sister always writes them for me and she sent this minutes before I went into surgery! I may have to post it seperately but take care girls get rest and hope you all are doing well cheers!!!

3days post op!! Continued

So here is the poem I though would be nice to share with you lovely girls!!! Enjoy! This was sent to me just before my BA
revision from my sister!! Lol Now I lay me down to cheat
What genes forgot, so I must seek
If I should wake before a C,
His skill lacked hands no more shall be!

Maternal words of fate were wrong
A bust-full D's where I belong
I want them round and firm and high,
Please rid my chest of summers fly!

Now hold your tongue before you speak, don't waste your breath, your envy stinks
I'm heading down, I've paid this ride
My hills await the mountainside!

With gentle hands and touch like silk,
Release thy bands that bear no milk
You'll shape and mould, create my dream
Don't let me wake and hear thy scream

Oh make my choice of artist sound
I researched all that could be found
Don't let my fragile frame regret
Bear pain streaked scars from those inept

I take this risk that those deem vain,
Devoid of thought on what's to gain
Beyond your breasts, your ego's blinds... You'll see the woman this girl did find!

Revision 4 days post op

Posted some pics day of surgery no drains!!!! Today is 4days post op and feeling better with each day but still so tired!! Seeing my surgeon tomorrow afternoon and will be able to see my new look!!!! Well girls very tired now going to take nap I will post again soon take care real friends!!!!:)

6 days post op REVISION!

So i though I would update on a few things... The TT went amazing and incision looks great! Can't believe how amazing the line is!!! When I look at the before one and this one it's unreal! But doing good can walk more but I'm slouched over.... And taking baby steps lol leaving to go back home 3 and half hour drive this should be fun! And one more update ... Need another surgery for BA! Ugh!! Have to wait til tissues heal, the repair to the bottomed out breast needed several hours to repair! So in few month I will be back here for new girls! So much work and pain to get boobies!!
Well I will post the before and after pics! Have a great evening girls!!
Happy healing to you!!!
You have quite a story, i'm so pleased that you are finally getting there ... Good luck in your recovery xxx
You look great!!! Wow already such a difference :) So happy for you! Your line is so thin and don't worry about pucker, I to had a little pucker and it all flattened out. Love how thin the T is too! Congrats Chicka :)

Loving loving loving RESULTS!!!!

I'm so finally happy with my results with revision!! How is it one doc can cause so much pain and destroy your body and a very skilled, loving, caring, AMAZING!! TRUE SURGEON can change your life forever in her procedures and her care she practices with all her patients!! I'm so happy I found her!! Finally after all the downs in my life with losing my baby boy which was the end of my world and that piece of me has been forever gone! And now I get something positive wow my guardian angle was over her and me during this revision!!! For all you ladies my angles name is Joshua!!! He's my saviour:)
Ok sorry for that but I've been so emotional for the last 11 days something has come over me not sure what or why!
Well update I'm doing ok no more pain meds!! See surgeon on Tuesday 4 hour dr each way! Ugh but it's ok! So I'm posting more pics!! What do all you girls think from before photos ( why needed revision) to new pics!!!
Wow what a difference! Love it, what a great Dr. I can't believe how tight she pulled you, you look wonderful and I love you Belly button ;)
you are looking great now!!!! don't worry things are going to be perfect this time ,rest , eat well and stay positive , my best wishes and prayers for healing . :)LOL

Can't believe how much of a differenc!

Hi ladies thank you all for the support thought all the ups and downs I have had it has helped me huge!! I'm so grateful for all of you and this site without it I would have been without all of you amazing girls helping me cope for so long! Finally I'm happy I see results that I've wanted to see forever on other post but never my own except for NOW I SEE ON ME!!!!:) it don't even look like my body! Yes I have 6 kids.... What it don't look like I even had one!!! :) lol..... Mmm I'm lovin it:) cheers ladies have a great night!!! Love all you girls on here keep on smiling!!! You are special! You are important! Because best of all you are YOU!!
Hello ladies!!! Well I can't complain it's been amazing journey so far! ( is this me???) lol yes I'm so happy at this point I can't explain how long it has been to get to this part in my life! Dr KASRAI has forever changed my life!! She is my miracle worker! I'm so happy I found her and her staff!!! Not much pain at this point more of uncomfortable, sore back I have to admit but worth every bit! Not standing completely straight but working at it! So I'm posting more pics ... 3 Wks post op!!! This don't even look like my body! Seriously I never had flat tummy that I could remember!!! Lol... Ok well it's 5 am and I'm still up kids are gonna be up in few hours lucky me ... :) night girls!! Keep smiling be strong it does get better!!!
Looks very nice!!
Thank you ... It's going better than I imagined!! :)

I love the new ME!!

Ok well ladies ya I must be tired lol I just updated my review but ya I put it in the post message box! Lol that is so funny!!! I'm gonna scroll on down. And copy and paste it here lolHello ladies!!! Well I can't complain it's been amazing journey so far! ( is this me???) lol yes I'm so happy at this point I can't explain how long it has been to get to this part in my life! Dr KASRAI has forever changed my life!! She is my miracle worker! I'm so happy I found her and her staff!!! Not much pain at this point more of uncomfortable, sore back I have to admit but worth every bit! Not standing completely straight but working at it! So I'm posting more pics ... 3 Wks post op!!! This don't even look like my body! Seriously I never had flat tummy that I could remember!!! Lol... Ok well it's 5 am and I'm still up kids are gonna be up in few hours lucky me ... :) night girls!! Keep smiling be strong it does get better!!!
Do you need to have implants removed? Your boobs look great now!
I mean do they need to be replaced?
Wow you look so good!!! Hot!!!!!

Feeling amazing!!! Almost 3 Wks post op!!!

Feeling great! How are you ladies hope all is we'll! Just a quick question if anyone can tell me if they have experienced weird stinging pain in muscles are TT ? I think it's maybe from nerves trying to fit in... But not sure... So everything is going great I have no complaints at all! This journey has been smooth and I'm so happy I didn't give up on it and I just continued to take it one day at a time until I found a very skilled respectable surgeon!!! I found that SURGEON!!! Thank you!:)
So I'm posting a pic tried on this bikini ... Never wore one before!!!:) have a great evening ladies, rest, and be strong and patient during the most sensitive stage in your recoveries!!!

Maybe it's not meant to be....2 1/2 months post op revision TT/BA

Hello ladies!!!!!
Sorry I haven't updated in while... Busy with kids and their sports, school work and I guess all the duties if being a mom(MAID) ugh!!!
Ok so update well like my title reads... I just don't have the luck as other ladies I guess :( I feel it's happening again the skin is become loose... My legs feel huge like not sure what's going on but instead of feeling happy and comfortable in my own body I feel horrible and don't want to get dressed.... My tummy is swollen every day no sign of a pretty flat tummy I only got to see that the first couple if Wks just as before with first procedure and than I started to notice the loose skin and tummy muscles let go!!!:( now I'm experiencing lots of pain on the scar line in the centre it's so painful I can't walk for long no more than 30 min and in that time frame I'm constantly holding that area to apply pressure to relieve some of the pain or I also have to sit or bend down for few minutes just to be able to stand to walk to car! :( well I'm done trying to keep fixing what can't be fixed I guess and accept my choices and loss of $ to feel worse now than I did before I started this whole process 2 yrs ago!
It's like you see an image of how and what you hope your results will be! You do your part to make sure it won't let you down... Eat right... Rest..... Sleep... And this cycle continues but after trying and seeing it's not going to change you than will have to accept what is.... Your true beauty is on the inside and out! Because cosmetic surgery is not guaranteed!!!!!!
So I realized that after having 6 kids and gaining lots of weight... Losing it and gaining it... Losing it and keeping it off was my biggest goal... I was so proud of my self but on the down side now I'm left with ugh lots of loose hanging skin!....... So I figure remove it and that will be it.... Ok well now my chest if deflated and ok one more procedure only to match my tummy... Oh no... My tummy looks bad and now my chest went through hell! Ok well now no choice to fix this tummy and my breast implants since one has bottomed out bad! .... More $$ but we are blinded and only see that this is a need...(that's what I could only see) so now that I feel I'm probably faced with the same problems as before .... Mind you this is no way shape or form my surgeons doing!! This is my body just refusing to stay put!! My surgeon did amazing I have no regrets at all and I would still recommend her 100%! I just know I have way to much skin that needs to be removed and the amount I need to have removed I might as well have a industrial size vaccum just suck all this loose skin or hang upside down and remove all the hangs! Lol:) so on the bright side ... Yes I have one lol.... I'm ok with this (no choice)...:) I will keep up eating healthy (nachos) and drinking lots of water(coffee) :)... And be happy.... Have a great night ladies sorry long update needed to vent... :)

Guess it's not meant to be..

Hello ladies!!!!!
Sorry I haven't updated in while... Busy with kids and their sports, school work and I guess all the duties if being a mom(MAID) ugh!!!
Ok so update well like my title reads... I just don't have the luck as other ladies I guess :( I feel it's happening again the skin is become loose... My legs feel huge like not sure what's going on but instead of feeling happy and comfortable in my own body I feel horrible and don't want to get dressed.... My tummy is swollen every day no sign of a pretty flat tummy I only got to see that the first couple if Wks just as before with first procedure and than I started to notice the loose skin and tummy muscles let go!!!:( now I'm experiencing lots of pain on the scar line in the centre it's so painful I can't walk for long no more than 30 min and in that time frame I'm constantly holding that area to apply pressure to relieve some of the pain or I also have to sit or bend down for few minutes just to be able to stand to walk to car! :( well I'm done trying to keep fixing what can't be fixed I guess and accept my choices and loss of $ to feel worse now than I did before I started this whole process 2 yrs ago!
It's like you see an image of how and what you hope your results will be! You do your part to make sure it won't let you down... Eat right... Rest..... Sleep... And this cycle continues but after trying and seeing it's not going to change you than will have to accept what is.... Your true beauty is on the inside and out! Because cosmetic surgery is not guaranteed!!!!!!
So I realized that after having 6 kids and gaining lots of weight... Losing it and gaining it... Losing it and keeping it off was my biggest goal... I was so proud of my self but on the down side now I'm left with ugh lots of loose hanging skin!....... So I figure remove it and that will be it.... Ok well now my chest if deflated and ok one more procedure only to match my tummy... Oh no... My tummy looks bad and now my chest went through hell! Ok well now no choice to fix this tummy and my breast implants since one has bottomed out bad! .... More $$ but we are blinded and only see that this is a need...(that's what I could only see) so now that I feel I'm probably faced with the same problems as before .... Mind you this is no way shape or form my surgeons doing!! This is my body just refusing to stay put!! My surgeon did amazing I have no regrets at all and I would still recommend her 100%! I just know I have way to much skin that needs to be removed and the amount I need to have removed I might as well have a industrial size vaccum just suck all this loose skin or hang upside down and remove all the hangs! Lol:) so on the bright side ... Yes I have one lol.... I'm ok with this (no choice)...:) I will keep up eating healthy (nachos) and drinking lots of water(coffee) :)... And be happy.... Have a great night ladies sorry long update needed to vent... :) SHOW LESS
I still think you look great!!! Are you sure you r feeling like this because of the swelling? I am just now more satisfied after 1 year mark. It's crazy cause I to have some loose skin when I bend over, I think it may be just after surgery our skin relaxing again but at least we don't have to tuck extra skin in our panties when we sit down lol..... Give it a few more months I'm sure it will look so muh better! Let us know what your Dr says. I'll be calling you soon to get together, I just wanted to give you enough time to heal :)
Hello how have you been??? Thank you for your positivity!!!:) I sent u message k .... :) later Bella!!
Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that. Did you dr say your muscle repaired failed and can they do anything about it?

Appt went ok didn't like the needle in BB!!!

So ok went to appt today and it's actually funny because she comes into office and was very happy with my results so far!! And I was about to say yes my tummy is very swollen and my legs and as..!:&,&:!..... Feel huge and my breasts feel like they are not where I would like them to be!! But she was overall satisfied except for my belly button she said I needed some injections... Right now so hop on table and I will do that for you!!! I'm like uh.... Oh uh... Ya I was not prepared for needle in belly button in four spots! But it was not bad stung a little I guess she said the scaring was to thick.... And I wasn't even worried much about bb! So than I couldn't believe I'm like well I don't like this it's upsetting me in regards to the lots if skin that is on sides and extends to my back side! She said I would need to have it removed starting from end of incision all the way around completely... I said ok I'm in yes I want that she said you will have another scar! I said ya don't care about scar it's the so much skin that hangs over she said you have a lot of skin due to weight loss / and 6 kids lol and she said well if you pull your pants up like this lol pull up to my hips uh... Ya I'm not a hip pant wearing kind of girl... Posting new pics 2 1/2 months post op revision TT... Thanks for all your post they mean a lot to me!!!! All you girls have a great night!!!

Another pic added

Hey! I found your post for FlabbyPatty. I'm having exactly the same issues as she has. In March, you describe dissatisfaction with your revision tt (although your pictures look fabulous), so I wonder how you are doing now months later. Would love to see pics! I'm 55 and petite, and my tt pics now look like yours did before your revision. How are you doing these days!
Hey there! I'd love to see your latest pictures! I'm going to post some later in the week.
Wow...what a time you've had! As we say here in the south, Bless your heart! How are you now? That last picture is major swelling!! Please update us when you can. Hope you're improving!
DR kasrai

I finally found the plastic surgeon i've been searching for all i can say is amazing! Understanding! Professional! Not only is she the best of the best her staff has the same amazing qualities!!! Ok also now I'm positive she is the BEST surgeon ever!!!! I'm blessed to have found her she is very professional! Caring, knowledgable! She's everything in her tiny little body! If you Girls are researching for the best! For amazing results! For a caring surgeon! Skilled surgeon! Someone who is listening to you and what you want from your procedures!! Want someone you can feel safe with your life! Want to feel you can relax through it all so you can focus on healing...than you need to consider contacting her dr kasrai!! In Toronto Canada!! Call get appointment you won't be sorry she's my life saviour!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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