19 days PO, new pics and still feeling AWESOME!

I had my drainless TT as an outpatient on Dec 18,...

I had my drainless TT as an outpatient on Dec 18, and it went well. At 24 hrs PO I was in a lot of pain, however, so I doubled up on the pain meds every other dose which made a big difference. Just sent my hubby back to work since I'm mostly sleeping anyway. Need some coffee before my head pops off. Still all wrapped up in a binder so I can't see much, but the incision is quite low, peeking out beneath the binder. Am taking protein shakes, senekot, pineapple, pears and lots of water, plus Gas-x. No BM yet, but am passing some gas. Can walk around ok, up and down the stairs no problem, only slightly hunched over. Can't seem to get logged into this site from my Playbook, so now I'm downstairs updating on the main house computer. Adding my before photos. Thanks to all you ladies on here whose stories and information has really helped me through this.

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So today is day 3 post op , after TT & MR on Dec...

So today is day 3 post op , after TT & MR on Dec 18. I feel really good, aside from the perpetual gas pressure that kept me up most of the night. Just back from my post-op check, Dr was amazed at how upright and mobile I am! He said 'I tightened the crap out of your abs, thought you'd be still quite hunched over'. Felt GREAT to have the binder released for a few minutes. Gave up the narcotics this morning and switched to xs Tylenol. Dr thinks the gas is mainly from oral antibiotic changing the the 'flora' in my intestines. Says to take it 3 more days at least. Incision is low, down where my c-section scar was. Lots of glue in my belly button which is nasty to look at because it's mixed with dried blood, but no issues otherwise. Still some swelling, obviously, but happy with what I've seen so far! Now if I could just get the gas under control...

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Important newsflash: Yahoooooo...Day 3 and I went...

Important newsflash: Yahoooooo...Day 3 and I went #2! TMI but I'm ...pardon the pun...relieved. LOL


I am on day 4 and waiting! That's a big deal!
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Welcome to the tummy tuckers.  Hurray for #2!  I call that a victory party..LOL

Try some GasX and that usually helps the tummy.

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Well, I am 11 days post op and still feeling...

Well, I am 11 days post op and still feeling great! Day 3 PO I stopped the heavy pain meds, and stopped Tylenol on Day 6 PO. I really don't have any pain to speak of, just tightness, and th odd 'twinge' on the right side if I move a certain way. If I had to, I could have gone back to work this week (but am very happy I didn't have to!!). I'm doing most everything I would normally be doing ...well, almost...not really lugging full laundry baskets around, just kicking them along the floor, and not exercising of course, which feels sooo lazy! We've been out boxing day shopping, spent 4 hrs shopping at Ikea, went to a musical at the theatre, had a mani at the spa, plus holiday visiting.

When I first get up in the morning I feel a bit stooped over, but am pretty much 98% upright most of the day. Later in the day things tighten up again, which makes my back a bit tired/sore. I'm wearing my regular clothes over the binder (which is 24-7), and there's definitely room in them, so I expect size to go down after binder/swelling is over. Have been able to sleep on my side the last 3 or 4 nights which is wonderful! Have suppressed all sneezes and big coughs since the procedure, thank GOD...had a half sneeze yesterday (I forgot until it was too late to completely stop it) that set off a weird spasm for a few minutes. Drinking lots of water, so no excessive swelling, and the regular swelling has gone way down. Bruising is still there but fading. Incision is of course pretty monster-like still, but that will just take time. Belly button looks nasty...a combo of dried surgical glue with blood in it so pretty much black (ugh) but doc said he'll remove that mess at my next appt. Otherwise I'm flat and taut and excited about the results I see so far!

I have to say that I was very concerned before my surgery reading about all the special prep other people were doing, renting recliners and shower chairs and raised toilet seats etc...I was scared to death that I was woefully unprepared for how bad it was going to be. I am NOT in any way knocking what works for others, but I can honestly say that for me, none of that was necessary and I am happy I didn't go there. I've been sleeping in my bed since the day of my surgery, with extra pillows to prop up wherever needed. I share my thoughts only so others in preparation mode, who might be feeling unprepared like I did, can consider that everyone is different and they know themselves best and will decide what works for them. :-)

Hope everyone else is recovering well, and for those coming up, know that day 1 - 3 is the hardest part...once you're over that hump, it's all good!


Sounds like you are doing fabulous! I'm almost three weeks post op and kicking the laundry basket too! I also agree that there was no need for a recliner and to worry so much. : )
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Hi CrossFitJen! I secretly picked up the basket yesterday (it wasn't a large load)!. I've read other say they not to lift 20 lbs which seems like a good number to me and I know it wasn't over 20. My doctor said to do what you feel comfortable doing, with caution, so that's what I'm doing. Hope your recovery has been similar to mine! At 3 weeks I'm oping to be able to go binder free in the daytime if I want. By then my incision should also have lost most of the scab, so should be looking way better, no?
Oh yeah should be looking way better asap. I don't mind the binder so much. I have the garment and binder as they did lipo on the flanks. I'm lifting cat litter now, lol. I just tend to wear out easier at the end of the day, but being active as really helped with the overall recovery.

Well ladies, I'm 19 days PO and have really been a...

Well ladies, I'm 19 days PO and have really been a lot of the same status for almost 2 weeks now, so not much in the way of updates...have posted a few comments in the 'December TT check in here' section, but that's about it. Aside from exercise I'm pretty muchback to normal. No pain at all, some 'tugging' feelings in bb but nothing concerning. Doing all my regular around the house stuff, eating normally grocery runs, errands etc. My recovery, once past day 3 or so, has been a non-event. No real swelling concerns despite eating pretty much whatever I want, (need to clean that up now that we're back to regular schedule!) Adding a few pics from Dec 31 and today, including a weird close up of my bb (so I could get a good look at it LOL!). I removed the rest of the surgical glue after my shower today.

OH, also, I posted a tip in the 'Dec' section re SNEEZING that I think people need to know! I read that actors press their finger along top lip right under their nose to supress sneezes on stage at teh first indication that one is coming. I have used that religiously since my surgery day and it works! No painful sneezes for me (I was terrified of having one, and had a bit of a cold going into surgery)!! About 1 week PO I had one that I didn't quite catch in time...I still sneezed but it was more of a...HOOOOOOUGH, like a windy grunt (haha)...than a sneeze, did not hurt, but was still enough to trigger a muscle spasm for a couple min after. TRY IT!!


Your surgeon did a great job!
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Looking great!
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You look amazing too!
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