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I am a 20 year old 6'2 Male. I'm currently in the...

I am a 20 year old 6'2 Male. I'm currently in the process of trying to decide whether or not to get the procedure done. 3 Years ago i weighed 290 Lbs, after drastically altering my diet and lifestyle, I now sit around 170 Lbs. It has been a long journey and I just want to be able to feel fully satisfied with my weight loss. I'm just wondering if I should wait a few more years or go for it now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Do it, it's difficult and expensive but you will not regret it
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Thanks for the feedback everyone , it's much appreciated !
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I've been hearing from so many people they wish they had done it sooner. I am 37 and over the last couple of years lost just over 175 pounds. I wish I had done *that* sooner. I also believe the investment is incentive to not let the weight come back. If you have the means, do it now!! :). PS: I'm in Ontario too. :)
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Consent Signed, Going forward with the procedure !

April 2014 after graduation I will be getting the procedure done ! met with the doctor last week and signed consent to go forward, I am very excited and can't wait until April. However the doctor would like to see me gain 15 pounds , which I'm not to thrilled about. But I am going to try my best ! Thanks for all the advice guys !


Best decision I ever made seeing results each month, now almost 8 months post op, new pictures coming soon, most I portent thing wear the binder a long time, then dri fit our under armor, keeps swelling done and really helps flatten. It ll out
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Why do you have to gain weight? (And YAY!!)
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I guess do to my height in proportion to my weight the doctor would like it to be a bit higher, I'm quite boney and lanky at the moment

Surgery is booked

Yesterday I phoned and booked my surgery , 2 days after I finish school in April I finally get to have the procedure ! Thanks to everyone on this website for their advice and information it is much appreciated !

I am however a bit nervous because I've been reading a lot about how to tell whether I have fat under the loose skin or if its all just loose skin, it's really bothering me.


Go for it. You will not regret it. It is not just the looks, it will help you remain healthy the rest of your life.
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Exciting news!!
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One month to Pre-Op

Today marks one month until my pre-op appointment and exactly 38 days until my procedure ! Getting very excited but also experiencing some nervousness. My biggest fear is that I will have the operation and still be unhappy with my body, thus not improving my mental health, it really terrifies me.
I would also like to take a moment to thank all of you who have commented on my post, you are all so inspirational and your comments have been ever so helpful. Thank you once again.

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