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I want to caution anyone who is offered the latest...

I want to caution anyone who is offered the latest "Six Month Smiles" procedure, which is supposed to straighten crooked teeth in a matter of six months, DON'T DO IT! I went to a dental practitioner (who probably did a three day course) and now my teeth are more messed up than before! He pulled my upper and lower arches forward, out of their natural shape so they are now very narrow and long. It's caused my whole face to change as well as my profile. Everything is much fatter and pushed out.

I've finally made it to a qualified orthodontist and after having those "Six Month Smiles" on for half a year at 19, I have to have conventional braces for another two years!

There's a reason orthodontic treatment takes so long! Take it from me, if you're considering braces, the best thing to do with your money is to invest it in someone qualified, and a treatment that is going to give you everything you require, rather than compromising aesthetics for straight teeth.


You have such a great attitude!

I would love it if you would keep your review updated as you go through braces & let us know how you are doing and the changes you are seeing. :)

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i definitely will!

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with 6 month smiles. I have wondered what the results were like. I think you have made a great point that it is important to go with a qualified treatment provider.

Are you planning to start your full set of braces soon, or is that on hold for now?

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So just an update! I now have both my top and...

So just an update! I now have both my top and bottom braces on. I've added a photo to show what they look like. The top brackets are clear, and I know people say clear braces are "hardly noticeable" but I can tell you, they're very obviously there. I've had four extractions, my four second bicuspid teeth. The extraction process was very simple! No pain whatsoever, a lot of blood for the first day but very little swelling which went away over the first few hours. My braces have been tightened once and the only pain I'm experiencing as of now is in the side of my cheeks, the brackets at the back seem to be cutting them. However, that pain is minimized with the relief wax they've provided me! I was told it would take two months to straighten my top and bottom set of teeth out as they were pretty much straightened with the "six month smiles" and the rest of the 20 months will be pulling them back and up into their proper position. Which will involve elastics. That's all for now!


Thanks for posting.
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I had the 6 month smile braces put on a year and 2 months ago. The dentist told me it would take 4 months for the top and 6 months for the bottom. Over a year later, my straight teeth on the bottom are crowding (we were only closing a small gap) and so are my top teeth. We were only straightening my front 2 teeth that were slightly turning in. I kept asking why they were crowding, etc and would get very strange answers avoiding giving me real answer. I have now hired a lawyer and will hopefully be getting my $4,300 back on top of the damage he has done to my teeth. I cant believe I have paid someone to screw up my teeth. It was a VERY NICE office and he seemed to have a lot of patients. I went to get a 2nd opinion from a real orthodontist 7 months into the treatment and she told me all the things my dentist was doing wrong from looking at my braces and told me I need to have them taken off and ask for my money back. Now Im told I will have to have real braces put on for 2 or more years to correct the damage done. The worst part about it is… that these dentists only go to a 2-3 day course to learn how to put braces on us. The have No Real Orthodontist training. At all. Go to the website and you will see for yourself. Do Not get the 6 month smile braces!

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Ugh, so sorry to hear that! I wish you all the best, hopefully in the end it'll be worth it for both of us!

Almost done!

So I have one month left and then my braces are finally off! After such a rough go, I can't tell you how excited I am to see these pearly whites. I am going this week to have a crown lengthening procedure done because the dentist who did my 6 month smiles pulled my canine teeth too far down creating a lot of gum tissue. Besides that, everything is good! The four gaps in the back of my mouth where I had my extractions are now closed, and I can see my facial profile has gone back to normal. That was the toughest part, waiting for my face to look like my face again. I appreciate all the support everyone! And all I can say is, seriously do your research before jumping into these new kinds of braces, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


I'm in my 6th month of my 6 Month Braces and I severely regret my decision. I got these as I can't afford regular braces (it was even extremely hard finding the money for these!). It's caused a couple problem, one major problem is that it's caused the root in one of my FRONT teeth to become exposed over half an inch! Now I've gotta get a gum graph (AND I've got to pay for it! It'll be 600-1000$) and my teeth ARE NOT fully aligned. It's like 50% of the work is done and now it's time to take them off and after paying 3,500$ I'll have to pay another 1,000$ to get my gum graph and another couple thousand dollars to get actual braces to ACTUALLY correct my freaking teeth. I'm outrageously upset, but the damage has been done and now I'll have to take out a loan to get the damage fixed. STAY AWAY FROM 6 MONTHS SMILES!
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I am so sorry to hear this but I know your pain. My experience with this so called easy way was terrible as well. I hope all goes well with your new treatment and please keep us posted.
I wish I would have read this before I got the six month smile. I am now in the care of a quality orthodontist after nine months. I went to get a second opinion after much doubt about how my teeth were moving and the fact that she always want to file my teeth to make room. I must say that I did not have any trouble with my bite and my back teeth lined up perfectly. It is just that my lower teeth had been crowded together because of my wisdom teeth and a top tooth was VERY slightly turned in .I had told her at the start that I did not want skinny little front lower teeth and I really feel that if I would have let her finish that is what would have happened, my teeth still do not line up. My back teeth are so misaligned that I can not chew properly. The Orthodontist said that my brackets are wrong the wires are the wrong size causing my teeth to become narrow which was causing the misalignment, and you should NEVER have your teeth filed to make them fit. So I go in on Monday to get ex-rays to see if there is any root damage and to get my brackets put in the right place along with new wires. I will be in braces for another 10 months. There is no reason that anyone should avoid the Orthodontist, in most cases they are even cheaper than the six month smile which is their big selling point, along with less time in braces which is crap if you end up needing your teeth fixed. Not to mention all the damage that can be done. You have one set of teeth GO to a professional!!
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