Super Excited for my New Tummy!!! - Ontario, CA

My original date was sep 9 but my Surgeon had an...

My original date was sep 9 but my Surgeon had an emer and had to leave town!!! Which sucks bc they called me 5 days before my surgery, I had to move my vacation back a week and my hubby couldn't get it switched!! My mom has to mom me with my kids and me!!! Oh yea it happ to me!! :( now the count begins again lol this is me one wk before tt

Little about me

So my tt is this coming Monday and I want to tell u alittle about me!
I'm 26 a mother of a 21/2 yr old and a 8 month old :)
I wasn't left flat after I had my first so I decided to get smart lipo! Which was stupid, smart lipo doesn't work. It leaves u flat for about 3 months but than ur tummy fat starts to come back. And I was still left with lose skin!!! Waste of money!
So I decided to save my money and get a tt after my son and my hubby and I decided only 2 kids for us :)
I've had my tt booked for 6 months now and this Monday is it!!! Super excited and scared at the same time!!

Belly button

I can't wait to have a normal belly button!!!

Me with clothes on

I can't wait 3 more days!!!

I almost have everything ready

Oh yea today was my last day working and I got some stuff for my surgery!!
Mid soap
Some snacks
Oh my so excited :D


Tomorrow is the big day I have to be there at 6am surgery is at 7am!!!
Stocked up my frige and all the food my mom well me needing to make me diff kinds of soup!! Yes I love my mommy lol I'm so scared but I well try to post something tomorrow on how I'm feeling :)

After surgery

Well I did it :)
I was in a lot of pain when I work up but they have me med to help!
I'm back home now and not so much in pain. Ate a apple sauce and and took my Antibiotics and Vicodin so feel good!! Here are some pic but can't take off the Garment until 42 hr when I have to shower!! Dr kadz took me :)

2nd day PO

Well I feel like I have done a million sit ups lol I feel so tight!! Good thing right!! The pain isn't too bad ill give it a 5. It just hurts to get up to go pee, but today my mom bought me a walker which helps bc u hold urself up with ur hands and not ur back!!

Rest rest

I have my little helper here next to me :)

2nd day OP

Oh my today I took a shower and my mom and hubby helped. i didn't take any pic's bc it's not very pretty yet :( I'm so Swollen everything just looks so crazy lol maybe in a couple of days ill take pics!!

3rd day PO

Today I feel a lot better, am able to walk more and finally went # 2!! :)
Thank god lol
I'm down to just one pain med every 4-5 hrs instead of 2 every 6hrs!!!


Well the drains don't hurt just when i took off my garment they burn my skin :( where they were at!!! So after when I wash my garment and put everything back on we put glaze first on my skin and than the drains and than the garment back nice and tight! So the drains wouldn't be directly on my skin! But I was so glad to put my garment back on it helps so much to put everything in place!!! And it's less painful having it on!!

3rd day not feeling well

Well I told a shower again today and I just feel like my line isn't straight and it's wrinkled :/ WHY I know I'm still swollen but I don't know how's it's going to heal straight!!! Feeling sad! I feel like I'm worst than i was before my tt!!! Please tell me my tt friends that's the way it heals??!! :(

4th day post op

So I feel a lot better today and able to walk a lot more :) my mom is going to bring me tea that helps with swelling and later I'm going to shower again and this time wash my hair lol I know nasty but i'm afraid of my shampoo to wash down my body and make my incision infected because of the fragrance!!! So have to wash it in the sink ;)and post more pics of my tt I hope it has gone down!!! Let's pray

? I had for my PS

So I emailed my pics to my PS and he told me that's normal some ppl just get that swollen lol I guess I was one of them and the winkles well decrease and the swelling goes down just be patient!! Which I understand! :) oh and to finish things off I just started my period ugh lol 0_o

5th day post op

So I feel a lot better today and i'm able to walk more and. Today I took another shower and not much improvement with the swelling :( but my scar line is looking better on the sides it look pretty straight and super low to me!!! :) it's just the middle of the line where everything bunches together :( but I just have to give it time :) bb looking good so far

Just need to

I hope the wrinkles go away and I'm super blowed I can feel it!!

7 dpo

So today was my follow up and my ps told me that the wrinkles should go away!! So I just have to trust him :) but as far as I could see it does look like it's going down little my little :) I just feel like the swelling is crazy! Around my bb it's so swollen :( my tummy is as hard as a rock!!

Some pics

8 dpo

So right now I'm feeling like, why did I do this ugh I just want be able to walk straight! I'm Frustrated, my back hurts :/
The healing takes forever!!! I see improvement with the closing of the scar!! I'm going on vocation on sat and were going to Mexico for a wk on the beach and now I feel like I don't wonna go!! Bc I don't wonna be walking funny lol I hate this!! :(

back from my vacation

Well my vacation was good the first couple of days and starting Thursday my tummy started getting infected :( so I got more cream and antibiotics today before I got home! Bc I couldn't wait for my app Monday I hope it gets better :( I'm so sad bc of it!!! But my vacation was good but I wish I could of stayed home!!!

Doc app today

Went to my doc app and he told me that it wasn't infected, that sometimes incisions open!! That the yellow is just part is the closing and it's not yellow discharge!! But he still put me on antibiotics for 6 wks :/
That u have to let my opening close on there own!!!
I hate this, I feel like this hasn't changed my body but make it worst!! I don't want to add pics bc it looks nasty!!

Back at work :(

So yesterday went back to work longest 8 hrs of my life lol my scar opening in the front for bigger like the whole front like open. But my ps told me that it gets bigger before it starts to close!!! So just waiting :( I Clean it twice a day and I hope it heals fast it's depressing for it to look like that!!
Bc I'm scared that it won't close straight and I'm going to look like a monster!! :(

Some pics

Here are some pics of the scar that is healing good and my bb!!

Feeling better

So I'm able to stand straighter and feeling a lot better!! Saw my ps yesterday and he told me I'm doing a good job in keeping it clean and it should start to close in a few wks, well see!!! I'm loving how I'm looking everyday :) ex the holes lol!! I can't wait for them to close! I don't want to post any pictures bc it looks gross!!


So I decided to post pics of my open scar so lady's going though what I'm going see the out come!!!
I've been searching of before and after pics and I can't fine any myself to see how my scar will close!!!


This is how my tummy and scar look today my tummy is looking so amazing and the open scar is making it look so nasty!! I still have to use surgical pads everyday and change it twice a day and use my garment! I can't image how my scar well look yet!!! I'm scared it going to close huge but my ps promised me it won't so well see!!!

So I'm feeling better

I don't know if I see any improvement yet!!! But it doesn't hurt as much!!! It just bugs me that it's open and I can't wear my clothes right and be sexy yet lol and buying surgical pads every 4 days sucks!!!


Progress update 5 wks I don't know if it has gotten smaller! I asked my ps about santyl yesterday and it told me that he would look into it bc he has never heard of it!! He said whatever makes me more comfortable :) at least he's being nice!!

So I feel the same

I feel like the holes haven't gotten smaller :( I've been using santyl for about 5 days now and I see it cleaning the yellow hard stuff that was there so u hope once that gone it well close fast!! The ointment wasn't cheap either $121.00 :( ugh I just hate this!!!

Forgot a pic

So finally back lol

It's been a long time!!! Holiday and my kids birthday party my son turn 1 yesterday and my girl dec 29!
Did there birthday party dec 14 :) that was fun
So it's almost close it's a little more to go I don't have a pic of right now one of 2 weeks ago

Hi tummy tuck friends

So I finally log back in lol sry that I took foreverrrr!!!
I love the way I look ex for the scar. I am thinking of getting it redone!!! My PS said he'll fix it for free :))

So finally had my scar revision :))

I'm so excited my PS cut off all the nasty scar!!! Even thou I had a bump on the road with my tummy tuck my PS has always said positive comments so I wouldn't be stresses over it and I know it wasn't his fault, Now he fixed it for free!!! I have to say he was so nice threw the whole thing!!! He took off about 4" of scar it's like a whole new tt lol my tummy looks even more flat! I well post pic if my new tummy in Monday!!!!!

So day after my scar reversion

So it doesn't hurt like the first time!! My scar just burns like a cut :( and when I move!
And I've been feeling super nauseous ugh hate the feeling! So I would like everyone to look up why a tummy tuck scar opens up after. It has to do with diff reasons like bacteria in the incision
Line or too much tension or bad history with bad skin, I did a lot of research on it and believe me when I say it's not the PS fault! But tomorrow I will shower lol gross huh I wish I could shower today but I can't! And I well post pictures!

Have to say

That the nurses in Beverly Hills office were super nice and sweet to me! I've never had such nice nurses like them, one of them even held my hand threw the whole surgery!

Finially took a shower lol

I feel good not to much pain. I do still feel like my pressure goes down or something I get dizzy idk why!
I feel like my belly button looks funny now it looks pulled down but I think it well fix itself!!! Here are some pics

Looking good I'm so happy

I've never been so happy about a scar lol

Feeling great

I feel so good and flat I love my tummy
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He was so nice though the whole thing he kept telling me that im going to look beautiful! That I'm going to love my new tummy :) I hope so!! I hope everything turns out good and I have a straight line which it doesn't look like it now but I have to trust my ps :) and be patient!!! So I got my revision don't for free :) and I'm so happy with him and it wasn't his fault my scar opened up! Things happ something and he was willing to fix it for me!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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HI, Dr. Kadz did my BA and I love em I am looking to have him do my TT but I've saw some bad reviews and i'm scared. Yours looks really good after the revision.
  • Reply
Looking fab Hon. glad you can finally enjoy your new body
  • Reply
Your scar revision looks amazing! I'm constantly looking at mine for signs of it opening up
  • Reply
Was looking at ur profile and u don't wear a compression garment why?! Umm doesn't look like u well open up mine never heal right I feel like I had a lot of scabbing :/ I should of put neosporin on everyday but I didn't
  • Reply
Looking great..
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Wow, what an improvement from that original scar!!! I'm so happy for you!!! In about a year it will hardly be noticeable! After everything you went through you deserve this!
  • Reply
Thank u so much I know my healing was hell but I'm much happier now :))
  • Reply
Understandably so! After spending all the additional money to make your open wounds heal it's a darn good thing that your surgeon was willing to fix it for free (as he SHOULD have). I'm sure fixing the scar wasn't that big of a deal for him to fix and it would have been a shame to have left you with that wide scar!
  • Reply
Yea ur right my experience was horrible!! I wouldn't wish it on anyone! I am much happier now my tummy looks so flat and before the way the scar healed it was lumpy!!! I was scared that I was going to be charge the surgical room but he found a way to get me in for free!!!
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You definitely didn't have the "typical" or uneventful TT recovery and I'm very happy for you that it finally ended well! Now you can show off your beautiful body in a bikini!!
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Wow! That's wonderful he fixed it for free!!! Looks great!
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Thank :)
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Thanks everyone I posted more pics :))
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I'm so glad your surgeon fixed your scar. Keep us posted! Would love to see your results when the steristrips have come off!
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I'm so happy your doing better!! Looks great :)
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Good he fixed it, you lood great, have fun with the new you !!!
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Looks good glad you are happy!!
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Hey hon..... So happy he took care of you! Can't wait to see your new pics. ... happy healing again
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He should have done that next one for FREE!! He messed you up, i've never seen anything like that, and YES IT WAS HIS FAULT !!!!
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I can't wait to see pictures of your revision. I'm curious though why did that happen? I talked to my ps at my 5 week check up and he said that the reason he didn't do lipo on my sides is because it cuts off your last blood source to your tummy tuck area and your scar opens...but you didn't have lipo did you?
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No didn't have lipo
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Congrats on going back in to get your scar revised. I hope your healing is much smoother this time!
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How do your scar look now. It scared me looking at your photos. What happen. Can you show us a photo of yourself now. How do you feel.
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It's great that your surgeon is willing to fix your scar for free but that being said I wouldn't personally feel too comfortable with this same surgeon if this had happened to me. Other than the scar you do look great!!!
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