Scheduled for March 8th, 2011 - Ontario, CA

I am having my surgery on March 8th and I am so...

I am having my surgery on March 8th and I am so terrified to do so.
I have had other surgeries and was not the least bit afraid, but this one scares the crap out of me.
Have anyone of you experienced this? I am reading all of these letters and I must admit that I am feeling a little better about it.
I am about 40 lbs overweight too and I am reading that it won't be as effective if you are not at your ideal weight.
I also have a large scar from gall bladder surgery alongside my belly button and don't know if this will be affected.
One day I am ok and the next day I am going to cancel.
I need help, lol

Has anyone heard of anyone dying from this surgery?

Has anyone heard of anyone dying from this surgery?

I am so nervous I can't sleep at night. I have...

I am so nervous I can't sleep at night.
I have to make my final payment today and I dont' know what to do.
I had a dream last night that I died during the surgery and I am not sure that I can go through with this. Help!!

PS Get a good look at my Pic! My Before will have me with a Paperbag over my head LOLLLL and the After will be when I'm slim and Trim!!

@ MelsFlossin I refuse to "Weigh" myself but I am between a 10-12 but 1/2 month a 12 1/2 month a 10. I want to be a ten completely with the curvy waist. I don't look good any smaller than that. 185 depending on how tall and how you carry your weight is still small. Seriously! I was 176 and wore a size 8 for many years. I guess I was Beyonce Thick with curves but still it worked! that was in my Earlier Years .. now i'm just trying to keep hope alive haha!
Girl I am hella terrified too . . all totally natural ! You will do just fine. Think positive thoughts, ask questions if you have any (to the doc as well as here, peeps are so nice and helpful!) and just keep thinking about your new tummy :-) That's what I am trying to do ! Mine is scheduled for April 4. Its the waiting that is killing me (okay, wrong word LOL !! ) All the best and I would love to see your before and after pics, eh?
@ Farz! you're funny! "Killing" OMG I'm so nervous to!! I got this Wed (23rd) For my Bloodwork and Pre Whatever! My friend on the West Coast gave me all of this stuff to do! Green Green Green Foods. Salads..Hardly no beef the week of.. Pinapple juice after the surgery. No Vitaman E until after surgery then Hike it'll help the healing much faster. Just think get it done now and you'll be a FOX by Summer time! I can't believe this is finally happening for me to. just 12 days to go for something i've been waiting 10 years to do is almost surreal. I have an hourglass shape but i want a "HOURGLASS BOO YOW" "Foxy Brown" Shape LOL LOL . I sound vain right now but far from it. I just want my body back! and it's time

Horrah!!! I am 4 days post op and I feel...

I am 4 days post op and I feel absolutely terrific.
I had barely any pain, was able to walk around, although not a lot, the next day.
I had tummy tuck and breast reduction at the same time.
My doctor was totally amazing as were the staff at this office and the hospital.
I have a nurse coming each day to change the drainage tubs and dressings. My dressings had virtually NO blood on them from the getgo. This doc is so good at what he does.
The draining has almost stopped so hopefully get them out tomorrow...really looking forward to a nice hot shower.
I had one night stay in the hospital which I would really recommend to everyone.
I would have this surgery done again in a heartbeat. I have a flat stomach now that I havent' had since I was 17!

Feeling even better today..........This is good!! lol

feeling even better today..........This is good!! lol

I'm having my procedure done Oct 25. I am more excited than nervous. I have been reading this forum since April and have lost the 20 lbs and just got the go sign from my ps today. This is my second post. If you want to read the first, you can just click on my pic? If so you will see that I am 65 and have a new future with a new man. I want that body to be better and have been wanting this forever. A tune up!!!
well the tube is nothing...worry not about that..
Everything will be a-ok!! Trust me..I was worried but for nothing really..
Mine is April 4. I am soooo exited but I am sooooo scared because of the anesthetic mostly. I am also scared because of them having to but a tube down my throat (intubation)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Derek Ford He's amazing. Very small incision and no bleeding after surgery...Very little pain overall.

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