Mom of 3, Age 32 - Had a Tummy Tuck on March 25th, 2010

I am a mom of three boys ages 9-5-3. I had a...

I am a mom of three boys ages 9-5-3. I had a tummy tuck last Wednesday. I had a breast lift back in August and I was super happy with the results and the pain was nothing so I decided to have a tummy tuck and my thighs done.

The pain was alot more that I anticipated. After having three natural births with no pain killers I always thought I had a high pain tollerance. Obviously I was wrong. I am still sleeping in my lazyboy and walking with a "hunchback". Every morning I wake up and hope that I can do a little more and I get dissapointed.

My mother in law pulled out my pain pump on Friday and I didn't feel anything when it was coming out and the pain level hasn't changed much since. I still have the drain tube and as of now it hasn't bothered me at all. The worst of it is my hipps on the bones at the end of my incision. I can't wait to be able to walk normal and do things my boys want to go play outside and I can't go, I feel useless. I am having second thoughts about having the procedure but there is no turning back now. I just have to get though this and hope the end result is all worth it.

My plastic surgeon and his staff were super awsome. I slept at his office over night and was taken really good care of. His nurse calls me everyday and he has called me himself on two occasions. They both assure me that my feelings are normal so whomever is thinking of having this procedure be prepared. Apparenly the pain pills can make you feel down and out.

I am going to try and have a shower today, I just don't want to have to look at the draining tube coming out of my stomach (I'm worried it might make me pass out). I'll keep you posted....

Thanks for sharing your feelings. Please keep us posted.
Keep us posted on how you're healing!

Okay so it's Tuesday March 31st, 2010, 6 days post...

Okay so it's Tuesday March 31st, 2010, 6 days post op.  I am feeling a little better, I attended my plastic surgeon's office and had the draining tube removed, I didn't feel anything.  When I'm touched over the belly it's the weirdest feeling because I don't feel anything.   After having my tubes removed I had a "lymphatic drain massage" I wasn't quite sure what that was so I was a bit nervous.  But it was amazing I have three of them that were included in the price of my surgery and basically it's a massage arround the area where I had lypo to help with the healing and it was great!!  Exacally what I needed, I'm considering getting a few more after.  I'm still a little nervous about the end result because I still have a hard time looking at the incision, it's really gross.  My plastic surgeon assures me that it looks great and things are healing well and the end result will be amazing but at this point I'm a little discouraged.  I still don't walk straight upright and the nights are the worst.  I started sleeping in my own bed two nights ago but I have to put pillows under my legs.  I get stiff at night so the pain when I try to move wakes me up from my sleep and I have a hard time finding a comfortable position to sleep.  I can't wait to be able to sleep normally again!!  I am going to attempt to go back to work tomorrow, I have a desk job and my employers are very forgiving so even if I put in a few hours and want to go home that is an option for me.   As soon as I am brave enough I will attempt to take pictures and post them up...

Looks wonderful!!! Your gonna feel great by week 4-6! :)
Lookn awesome! :)
By the way your pictures look great. You look like you are healing beautifully.

Hello everyone!!  So I'm exacally two weeks...

Hello everyone!!  So I'm exacally two weeks in.  I feel alot better!!  I had an apt with my plastic surgeon today to get the stitches out.  It was totally painless, my stomach is starting to look really great.  The pain is totally gone, I can walk straight, I'm even wearing my heals again.  I wore my jeans today, with the corsett, so I can assume I have dropped down a seize. I've posted a new pic.  I'll keep adding them.....

Your stomach looks great! I just had mine yesterday. I had lipo as well. I hope mine looks a good as yours does. Keep us posted on how you are doing. :)
you look awsome!

Hello everyone!So I am almost 5 weeks post op from...

Hello everyone!

So I am almost 5 weeks post op from my tummy tuck.  My feelings have completely changed.  The swelling has gone down the scabs are almost all gone, my stomach looks amazing.  I never expected the results to be this awsome.  So for all of you out there who just had a tummy tuck and are regreting it, just give your body time to recover and you will remember why you did the procedure in the first place.  As soon as the scabs all fall off, I have purchased a "sylicone strip", I used them for my breasts when I had a lift and there is little scarring, you can't even see anything, so I'm using them again.  My clothes look and feel great, (skinny jeans with no muffin top!!) didn't think that would be possible after three kids, but thanks to modern medicine it is.  I will post more pic's up so you can all see for yourselves.  I hope this helps you all out as I read probably everyones blogs on REALSELF during my recovery process and it really helped me to understand what I was going through and that it was totally normal, and that is why I feel I want to help out others who are going through the same things. 

Do you have any before pics?
Do you have any before pictures?
Hi, I am going on 13 days and my tummy scar is bulging and kinda hard...did this happen to you? Is it normal?
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My plastic surgeon and his staff were amazing. I had a breast lift in August of 2010 and that is why I was a no brainer to chose him again for my tummy tuck. I slept at his office overnight for the tummy tuck and all three nurses were awsome. They kept me very comfortable and I never felt like I was bothering them. I developped a migrain headach during the evening and my room was across the nurses station and she even kept her lights off and went arround with a flashlight because her light was bothering me. The nurse has called me everyday and the doctor himself has called me to see how I was feeling.

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