I'm 38, 120lbs and have 4 children, after talking...

I'm 38, 120lbs and have 4 children, after talking about it for years i finally decided in August that i really need to do something about my loose saggy skin that makes me feel crappy in clothes. Surgery was scheduled for Jan. 9th, 2013.

Tues. Jan 8th
Anxiety has hit home really bad and i'm almost wanting to cancel surgery. I cleaned the house and cried, cleaned had anxiety and cried and continued to clean. I took a break and brought kids to movies but couldn't watch i was so nervous so i texted the whole time. Got home and continued to clean. At midnight i took an ativanto relax me and help me fall asleep.

Wedn. Jan 9th
Woke up at 6 a.m., took a shower, blow dried my hair. As i said good-bye to each one of my kids i was over whelmed with tears in my eyes. I arrived at the hospital at 9:00, the nurses were fantastic. They tried so hard to calm me down but nothing they said worked so finally i recieved my pretty white pill. Wow i was a different person within half hour. The docter came to get me at 11:00 and all i could ask him was "did you eat and drink i don't want you to be hungry?" lol..... he giggled and marked me up. I did remember to ask him to go as high as he can with M.R. . 5 minutes later i walked into O.R., layed on table and waited. When PS walked in the nurses asked him where he was and he said "my patient old me to eat and drink" lol.... everyone giggled. The mask went on and i was out. I woke up smiling, glad to be alive! Left hospital around 9:00pm in no pain just uncomfortable. I did get sick though and that wasn't fun. Couldn't sleep all night or the next day, Oxy's i guess keep me up. Took 1 oxy every 4-5 hours and wiened myself off by the evening of day 3. Still no major pain. I was also taking my surgery pack my natural path Dr gave me (arnica, bromelain etc..) I do think it helped the pain also.

3 day post-op
Sat Jan. 12
OMG......TMI........ but after 7 hours in labour an enima and suppository i finally had a bowel movement, what an awful day! Worst part of this whole surgery so far. Drained me out and didn't feel good the rest of the night. Again very little sleep.

4 day post-op
Sunday Jan. 13th
spent the whole day moving from recliner to couch, back to recliner. Watched movies all day. Sooooooo bored!!! Did i mention how bad my Butt hurts from sitting around everyday?

5 day post-op
Sun Jan 14th
Worst back pain ever! I can barely feel MR but man does this pain take my breath away. Had a clog in my drain and my husband milked the line. It felt so wierd. I only have one drain and it was removed the next day. I was so scared because i read so many people complain about it hurting when it gets pulled out. I didn't feel a thing, i was worried for nothing.

1 week post-op
Wed. Jan 16th
I was cleared to shower and did it ever feel great having the warm water hitting my back. The docter said i was able to start straightening up but its hard to do. My husband took me to Micheal's to get a few things and back home we went. I couldn't sit still so while my Mom vacuumed my main floor i dusted whatever i could reach, an hour later my body told me to sit. Tomorrow i'll be back to sitting around all day.

Swelling is really bad in the evening but i know it's normal and i know it's to early to complain about it. I'll try to post pictures. I am so happy with Dr and the way i look so far!

aww...hoping it gets better for you!
Showers are almost magical in the beginning! Don't think about straightening, your body will do it as it can on its own & before you know it, you will notice....hey, I'm standing straight!!! You sound like me, I had such a hard time sitting still and watching everyone else cleaning and doing everything for me. Just remember to rest and don't overdo it. Unfortunately, I don't realize I've overdone it until its too late. :( I'm 30 days PO and still very tired & still have to watch my activity through the day or else I'm swollen and exhausted in the evening. Can't wait to see your pics! Good healing to ya!
I'm up and down, i just can't sit still. My boy's are going to make great husbands one day cause Mamma is teaching them alot. Today my 12 year old vacuumed my whole main floor and i have to say he did a great job at it. I might get use to this lol....

10 days post op When do you really know if you...

10 days post op
When do you really know if you own dog ears? I know i'm only 10 days in but i have a fatty spot ontop of my right hip and not sure if swelling needs to go down or if it's a dog ear.
Hi glad to see your post! You look awesome! If you look at my pics I put more on and you can see where I have dog ear on the right side! :(... Do you remember me telling you that right from the beginning I though I was going to have one and yup! But it's ok doc is going to remove it at no cost! So how have you been doing? Are you getting lots of rest? Talk to you soon!!:) but you look amazing! Oh and I can't believe it didn't hurt to have drain removed! Your lucky I wish! But I had 2 and they were in for 9 days if that makes a difference... But glad it's going good so far for you!
Hey you! Hope your doing well? I do remember you telling me, i'm hoping its to soon to tell cause i really don't want to go under knife again and if i have to i'll be doing what you are doing and get a lift at the same time. You must be sooo excited? I am resting but am having a hard time keeping still. Maybe drains hurt more the longer they are in. My skin was still numb when he did it so maybe that why i didn't feel it. Hope your good and i think you look amazing! TTYS!!!

12 days post op Last night i took off my cg and...

12 days post op
Last night i took off my cg and noticed a wave in my lower stomach area, does this mean i have seroma? I'm seeing my ps tomorrow and will proably have to remove it, can anyone tell me if it hurts to have it drained?
Did you have lipo, too? Hang in there! I hope you're up and walking and feeling good!
No lipo, MR and TT. I am up and down, can't keep still. I'm feeling great except for this wave of fluid in my belly, it's making me nervous!

Today i am 13 days p.o. and got the tape pulled...

Today i am 13 days p.o. and got the tape pulled off so i got to see my scar for the firt time today. It looks okay but my left side is alot higher then the right. Also i have a dog ear on my right side and I know i'm speaking to soon but i think i may still have loose skin in scar area, unless my stretch marks make it look that way. Not going to let it bring me down because i know it's way to soon to see final results. I will post some pictures a little later.

I forgot to post that i had some fluid build up i...

I forgot to post that i had some fluid build up i was worried about so he froze the area and drained half ounce of fluid. I think he wanted it to dissolve on its own but because i looked worried he did it. I did feel a pinch and little burning from freezing but didn't feel the draining at all. Glad it's out!
Hi there, I had TT on 10th jan 2013 so we are almost at the same stage! My drains were taken out after 2 days, no pain with that at all, in fact the only pain iv had has been from my back. My ps said to walk bent over and it's been killing me, I read on this site that u can stand straight after 2 days so iv started to straighten up but it's hard sometimes. On my 7 th day po I noticed a small amount of blood in the middle of my scar tape it got worse and I had to go to my emergency doc, she dressed it and said there was no inf but by the next day blood an fluid was just pouring from a small hole in my scar, it was a seroma! All is well now and my scar is good, I'm going to start driving in two days and I'm back to work fri! Hope u heal well !
Looking good lady. Hang in there.

What does everyone think? I'm not sure what to...

What does everyone think? I'm not sure what to think. I've been using vitamin e cream and messaging in circular motion, is this okay?
You look wonderful
thank you!
My ps told me I could start massaging with Shea or cocoa butter. He advised against vitamin E oil because some ppl have skin reactions to it. What did your ps say?

Hi everyone! I'm 3 weeks po today and feeling...

Hi everyone! I'm 3 weeks po today and feeling great! Scar is looking a little better but i know it will take time. Yesterday i met with someone that got her tt done 12 years ago and you can't even see a line anymore. It literally disappeared. I have only lost 2 lbs but thats okay i'll take that. I am also excited to finally get into a pair of jeans this morning, now mind you they were already 1 size to big when i bought them but they are a little loose on me now too. I was expecting for them to be to tight. I'll try my tighter ones on next week, don't want to get depressed if they don't fit yet. I am back to work part-time and its working out well. My swelling isn't to bad but i still see a little wave in my lower tummy. All in all i'm feeling great! It's amazing how different you feel as each week passes. Still wearing my cg 24\7 i think it helps the swelling but it also helps me feel all together. I took it off for an hour yesterday and i started to walk hunched over again. I'll post some pictures from last week and this morning. Thank you all for your comments it really helped me out last week when i saw my scar for first time. So glad i found this website when i was ready to get it done! Happy healing to you all!
Looking good neighbor! I'm right up the road from you! I am 6 weeks PO and will start to walk a little hunched over STILL if I have my binder off too long. I think it's in my head, I feel so vulnerable without it. Happy healing to you!!!
I think you look great ... dont look to swollen ...
Thank you, swelling goes up and down all day.

So excited that i'm 4 weeks po today!!! I feel...

So excited that i'm 4 weeks po today!!! I feel great like me again. I do have times during the day that i might swell but nothing crazy. Funny thing is when i swell i'm afraid of getting my old stomach back lol...... All in my head! Scar is looking a little better and just a little itchy but nothing i can't handle. I think i'm going to lightly start walking on treadmill for an hour everyday so i can start shedding 5 lbs. I know it's only 5 lbs but damn its so hard to do. My problem is i need to lay off the junk food. I am so happy i did this! For all those girls out there reading reviews everyone is different in pain levels, i didn't have any pain but was uncomfortable because of the muscle repair. As long as my hubby helped me up from recliner i was fine just stiff and oh boy back pain was probably the worst part but thats because we are hunched for a week. I would probably say pain is very equal to c-section but then again c-section didn't really hurt me either. Love my belly button! I can be picky about a few things with tt scar but all in all i'm so glad i did this. Happy healing everyone!!!
Ur pics are looking good! And your sounding in good spirits! I will be four. Wks on 17th, I really think it all changed at three wks, didn't have a lot of pain or swelling at any time (just a small seroma) during my recovery, thank heavens. I swear by ice packs for keeping swelling at bay.. I hav put a new pic up of my scar it's healing quickly!
Beautiful results! You look great! :)
thank you so much! I am feeling really good today!

So excited! I bought two new bathing suits...

So excited! I bought two new bathing suits yesterday, lower then i've ever worn but higher to cover scar. Certain bathing suits were way to low for scar but i'm okay with the ones i bought because i haven't shown my belly button in 14 years. In the last picture i'm a litlle swollen. I put silicon strips on this morning..Can anyone tell me how many weeks i need to use them for? Hope everyone is feeling good and happy healing!!!
Looking HOT, love the new suits:)
Thank you! I just wish i could get rid of all the swelling i've had in the last 2 days.
yeah..expect that on and off for a few more months..sad but true.

I am 5 weeks and scar is looking better and is...

I am 5 weeks and scar is looking better and is already fading. I think the silicon strips and alternating creams evey night has helped. I just wish the swelling would go away. 4 days ago my muscles were hurting when i moved, it lasted a couple days but swelling this weeks doesn't want to go away. Urggggg. I hate it because i just want to wear my jeans all day long but thats not possible right now. I even had muffin top today wtf...... Don't get me wrong i am sooooo happy i did this. My only regret is that i didn't do it a few years ago! Happy healing my friends, so glad i found you all!!!
Many thanks for sharing your amazing scar progress - at 5 weeks it's incredible to see it has transformed in to such a fine line! I'm just 4 wks post op and as I had very little skin my scar is quite high so difficult to hide - I'm sure I won't mind at all if it improves as well as yours! You look fab - keep healing! Best wishes G x
Can you provide the name of your doctor? I'm in the area and looking for a surgeon.
Thanks for your update! I'm 1week behind you. Yes, I get disappointed when I get the muffin top. I hope it's just swelling and not permanent. Your scar looks really good. I won't be able to start mine for a couple more weeks because it hasn't fully healed yet. I also need yo lose 5 lbs so good luck to you. BTW, your bikinis look great.

I enjoyed a relaxing pedicure tonight. I also got...

I enjoyed a relaxing pedicure tonight. I also got laser done on my underarms. 1 more time and i probably won't need to shave anymore, so excited about that. I am feeling like me again, i just wish i could get motivated and start working out! Going to see PS tomorrow for 6 week check up, i want to make sure everything is looking good. Happy healing to everyone!!!

So tomorrow i will be 6 weeks po and i had my ps...

So tomorrow i will be 6 weeks po and i had my ps appt. today. He couldn't believe how well my scar looks because he said from 6 to 10 weeks is when scar usually looks its worse. My muscles are good and i just need to continue what i am doing. He looked pretty happy with his work which made me feel great! I asked him about tanning and he told me to cover up a little longer and thats okay with me because i don't want to mess anything up. I will post pictures tomorrow to see difference in scar since using silicon strips.
Love this site and how honest everyone. Hope everyone out there is healing well!!!
You look great! Saw you had laser underarms, me too. I also have one treatment left, hardly anything to shave! Wish it was not so pricey, I would love to do my legs!
Yes i have had 3 or 4 treatments and i think i may only need one more, so happy. I also got my upper lip done a couple times but i was to sensitive so i stopped, i'm back to waxing that but eventually i'll do it again. I was just looking at your pictures and you look great! Your scar is healing so nice and you have a great shape, you must be so happy! Happy healing!
So tomorrow i will be 6 weeks po and i had my ps appt. today. He couldn't believe how well my scar looks because he said from 6 to 10 weeks is when scar usually looks its worse. My muscles are good and i just need to continue what i am doing. He looked pretty happy with his work which made me feel great! I asked him about tanning and he told me to cover up a little longer and thats okay with me because i don't want to mess anything up. Love this site and how honest everyone. Hope everyone out there is healing well!!!

6 weeks yesterday and everything is great except...

6 weeks yesterday and everything is great except for the swelling. OMG the swelling, i feel like i'm getting bigger and bigger by the day. Anyone else have this issue after 6 weeks?
Hi to love the sun, im 12 days po and I think I have a dog ear...i have an apt to check my swelling next week since I had both my drains taken out but did your ps say if it was a dog ear you had when can they take care of it?
Hi, i thought i had a dog ear but i really took the time to massage the area and i think it broke the skin underneith because it is smooth now. Give it time because week by week it gets better. I love the way my scar is looking. This is the 4th week i'm using silicon and vitamin e cream and think it is really helping the healing because my dr. told me i'm way ahead of the game. Hope your well!!! Happy healing!!!
Oh and he did say when i thought it was a dog ear that he would do a revision at 6 months but every dr. is different. Thank God mine went away!

I'm 9 weeks and other then a bit of swelling at...

I'm 9 weeks and other then a bit of swelling at night i'm feeling great. Scar is fading a bit and smoothing out more. My biggest issue right now is not being motivated and i still haven't gone back to the gym. I do this every year around this time and once spring rolls around i am back to my exercise routine. Can't wait for some warmer weather. I don't have much to say about TT other then i am so happy i did this!!! I posted some pictures. Dog ears have smoothed out and now are flat. The little spot over scar that looks like my old button will be revised after 6 months if it doesn't fade. For everyone new on here give it time because scar looks better and better every week that goes by. Good luck to those that are having TT soon and for those that are already done HAPPY HEALING!!!
Wow, you are looking great! I just came across your profile and had to read through it to "catch up" on your progress. I noticed that you have the same type of scar I am going to have. The "W" style. I don't have a lot of skin and I guess it helps the center area from having too much tension. I hardly see them so I was pleased to see how well yours is turning out. Thanks for all of your updates, very encouraging!
Thank you!!! I am very happy!!! I didn't know he was going to do this, i thought it was going to be smiley face across but he told me after that i didn't have enough skin so had to do a bit of verticle. I can still see a bit of the old bb over incision so if it doesn't get lighter i'm getting a revision at six months. The incision is very thin and getting lighter week by week. I haven't posted anything in a while because their really isn't much change since last update. Sweliing comes and goes, very normal until at least 6 months or maybe longer. You are going to love the new you!!! I have always loved shopping but now i love it even more. Good luck!!! Keep us posted with your recovery!
Wow, you look great!!! And I am super impressed at how well your scar is healing, that's amazing!! What all did you do besides the scar strips to improve it?

3 month p.o. What can i say not much has changed...

3 month p.o.
What can i say not much has changed since my last post. I'll have a couple good weeks and then i have a week of swelling. Swelling gets really bad during my period. It's funny cause just in last week i have been getting a popping feeling in my right muscle everytime i breath in deep. It's a really funny feeling, maybe everything is now waking up in there? Anyone else have this? I've gained 4 lbs cause of my poor eating habits and no motivation to work out, so to feel better i started tanning but have been putting a towel over my belly. I'm so happy i did this!!! Now i just need to get some motivation to get back to gym and lose 5 lbs. I keep looking at my before pictures and think why didn't i do this 7 years ago!
I think you and I have similar incisions. Did you PS tell you why he had to do the little vertical incision? I hardly even notice it in your last few pictures so I'm hoping mine fades as yours is!
No I never asked just assumed it was because to much skin around my old bb when it was stretched out. I'm sure yours will fade too. Just take care of it with silicon strips and cream. You will be fine!
As you knew I'm not even 2 weeks out but I've been getting a popping sensation now and then. It's only happened like 3-4 times. I thought it was the stitches dissolving... Who knows...

Almost 6 months

On July 9th i'll be 6 months PO. Can't believe how fast time flies!!!
Not much has changed other then the scar keeps getting lighter and lighter. I have been back to the gym for about 7 weeks now and feel so much better. Although i have only lost a few pounds my clothes are fitting me so much better. Hopefully i will tone up a little more and lose a couple more inches and i'll be exactly where i want to be. Its so cute that my 15 year old noticed Mom has a little muscle going in the arms lol.....Love it!!!
Went to the docters for my 5 month visit and asked what the bulge was over my incision and i was told a pocket of fat, i was hoping to hear that it was muscle but nooooo its fat! So i'll be seeing him at 8 months PO and we will decide if we should do a little lipo. For now i'll try to work it down at the gym. He also wants to do a little revision over my T cause i have a little spot that looks like it may be my old BB. If i can get the bulge down then i may just tattoo the round spot and make it look like a beauty mark that way i'm avoiding surgery all together. I know swelling is suppose to get better at 6 months but im having a swell week and i'm feeling like i almost have something wrong because i'm bulging again. I should have asked him if theirs a way of seeing if i did something to my muscle repair but then again i was pretty flat that week. Oh and Ladies before i forget, as he was touching my belly i told him how numb i still am and how wierd his fingers felt on my belly and he told me the the numbness on some people may never go away. Wow something i did not know. Can't wait for 1 year PO so i can see final results!!!
Hope everybody is enjoying this weather and to all the new RS Girls wishing you a healthy and happy healing!!!

updated pictures

hope to post pictures later on today


I'm having a hard time updating my profile and pictures, anyone else having an issue?
I too have the small fat pocket above my incision. Dr said he may have to do a little Lipo. I go back in Sept. Guess I will see then. I also haven't been able to post new pics in a while. Can't get the site to work for me. :( Glad you are doing well besides the little hiccup. If you are like me, your belly looks so much better, even with the pocket that I can't wait to see me my belly without the pocket. Take care.
Hi so happy others understand what i'm talking about, love this site for that reason! I hear you about the site not working properly. I've been trying to change my update title to 6 months but it won't save the changes. Oh well!!! Glad to hear your doing well also. Let me know if you go threw with lipo :)
Hi you look amazing. Can I ask which strips and creams you are using? My TT MR and lipo is 11th July excited but nervous I weigh 132 pounds don't know to try to lose more. My consultant says no. What's your thoughts? Xx

New pictures

6 months po on july 9th

Is anyone else having problems changing review title? what am i doing wrong?
It's done from the top of your profile page.
I've tried and saved but it won't save, not sure what i am doing wrong.

Bikini day

So today i wore i bikini for the first time in public, mind you never took my shorts off because that was just to weird for me to have that much exposed all at once lol. Maybe next weekend i will take the extra step and actually take my shorts off. Loving my results but still have some swelling days. Hopefully with working out and some healthy eating it will get better by my 1 year anniversary.
Congrats on the bikini! You look great! Lose the shorts!!! lol

6 1/2 months PO

So i finally decided this weekend to lose the shorts in public at the pool. Boy oh boy was it ever weird but yet it felt so good. Did any body else feel so tight in the water while swimming?


I still can't change and save my title to 6 months, what am i doing so wrong grrrrrr
Great result!! Question - the pic with stretch marks I'm assuming the camera pics up more than seen in natural light... I'm enquiring since I have a lot of folded skin right above my bb and my surgery is nov 4... And I'm looking to get advice on what should be my realistic expectation going into surgery. I am a few pounds (5-6) more than you...thx so much in advance...happy healing!
I love my results! I do find though that because of the soft skin and stretch marks above bb that my skin has poor elasticity closer to incision. I only really notice it if I bend down with poor posture. Mind you its so low that with a bathing suit on you cannot see it. I love my bb and love how thin my scar is. I will take more pictures and post them since I am 9 months today. Too I will check out your profile page.
Oh I forgot to tell you that yes the flash on camara makes the stretch marks look so much worse. To be honest I found after I tanned a bit they actually blended in more. I just checked out your pictures and you will probably have very close results as mine depending on your Dr. It is so normal to be nervous and wonder how everything will turn out. I wondered for months before surgery. All I can say is even though I don't have my 20 year old body back I am so happy to have what I now have after 4 kids. The way I see it is my stretch marks are my personal prints of my children, each and everyone gave me them and it actually is special to me! Good luck with everything!!!!

9 1/2 months

Not much has changed since my last update and i'm still happy with my TT, hate the pocket of fat above incision and the stretch marks but happy happy i did this. Dr said i can get some lipo in the area of fat pocket but i really want to try to flatten it myself. We will see at my 1 year mark what my final decisions are. I'm also not liking the fact that i gained 5 lbs after this surgery and i'm having a hell of a time trying to lose it. I think in my head before surgery i thought i was going to lose instead of gain but then again all the drinking that happened every weekend this summer didn't help. Need to get rid of the love handles fast! I know my age is not helping right now either, but i refuse to let age take over my body and sole!!!! I will fight the aging process as much as i can lol. Funny when i was in in my 20's i use to say i was going to grow older gracefully and now i'm fighting it darn it! lol.
I'm still swelling if i have alot of salty foods or lots of gasy vegi's, it's not as much but it comes and goes. During the swelling or on my period my skin feels numb again, just weird it hasn't gone away yet. Hope to get some pictures up today even though there isn't any change from the last picture. Hope everyone is doing well!!! :)
Hi Great to hear ur progressing without any hitches! I too am progressing and I too put on 7lbs since my surgery which I'm finding impossible to lose! U wonder what that's all about, I also still have numbness all the way down to my bikini area. Iv found that my bikini area can swell sometimes, do u have that ever? Will be great to see ur new pics, will update myself later...
You look great. I have a fat pocket above my incision too. Started Mesotherapy a couple weeks ago. Will have it again on Oct 4th. Trying this before lipo, we'll see how it goes.
Let me know how it goes!

Almost 10 months

So I've decided to get a trainer 2 times a week to see if maybe he can help me get rid of the pocket of fat and also define my abs a bit. Oh and let us not forget the butt that grew under the original butt. Today was my first day, we will see how much I hurt tomorrow. lol
Your incisions looks awesome.....your scar healed so smooth I'm 2 weeks on the Flat Side....seem to healing really well, except for a slight ripple of skin on my right hip..... I Love the Flat Side have not felt this excited EVER!!! (((Hugs))) LIveLove Believe
Thank you!!!

Review title

Why won't it save after I've changed it. I was told I couldn't change it but there are girls on here that changed it even yesterday. I don't get it!!!
Hi how are you doing? You look so amazing! I should have went with your doctor!!! Ugh! Lol hope your enjoying your work outs! Have fun with the family!!!!
You look awesome!
your scar is beautiful,thin flat and lightening every time! Congratulations to you!

Almost 1 year PO

Hi everyone it's almost been 1 year and I have to say this journey has been so worth it! I remember having anxiety last year at this time preparing not only for Christmas but for my surgery. I remember how excited but how scared I was lol. I became addicted to the site and had to be on it any second I had a chance lol. Reading everyones journey and getting excited for everyone that was having surgery in new year like I was. Time flew quickly and wow 1 year later I'm a whole new person especially when I get dressed. No more buying things and not wearing them cause I couldn't get my stomach flat enough because of extra skin. Now I pick out an outfit put it on and out we go (my husband I so happy for that!), no more changing a million times before we leave house. I'm not going to lie but I am far from perfect but I went in knowing this. Let's face it girls our before children body is gone but think of all the stretch marks as beautiful tattoo's our children gave us. Each and everyone of my marks represents my children :). I have been working out in the last 11 weeks and I'm feeling so much tighter and have lost the 5lbs I gained after surgery. I find I am starting define my abs from all the ab workouts, loving it! No more swelling other then when I'm on my period and eat way to much, which is so normal. I do go numb every once in a while and I'm not sure what that's from. Still have the pocket of fat above incision that I'm trying to get rid of naturally and it has gone down a bit but not enough to my standards. Docter told me I could have lipo and get rid of little bumps on end of incision in new year but I'm not sure I will. I really want to see if I can break down that pocket by working out harder. Bumps don't bother me, sometimes I can't even see them. Scar is healing beautifully and is so thin and light already. The thing I don't like is that skin has loosened up a bit and I'm very wrinkly above incision but I guess this is all natural and skin needs to move right? I catch myself looking at woman that haven't had children and seeing if their skin wrinkles up when bending and sitting and yup it does! So end results is my Dr was amazing and I'm so glad I chose him!!! I'm so happy!!! To all my fellow TT girls cheers to you all during this Holiday Season, enjoy your fab bodies and to all upcoming TT girls try not to stress and good luck ;) Enjoy Christmas everyone!!!
Thanks for the update! I can't wait till summer so I can finally be confident. I know it will fly by but I'm nervous about the pain but posts like yours remind me of why I'm doing this. You look fab!!
Thank you!!! I was so paranoid about the pain and wish I had not worried so much cause I had no pain at all. Maybe it was the meds that worked or maybe it was the arnica & bromalin that worked but I had no pain. Just very tired and my back hurt because you are bent over for a week. I think I was just really scared of opening up so I tried not stretching my abs. I think the worst pain for me was the first BM lol. I did not feel the drain come out and I did not feel him drain me a week after tube came out. Like I said just felt very drained for a few weeks. Remember don't believe every pain story will be you because everyone has different pain tolerance. Good luck and try not to worry you have a lot of time lol.... Merry Christmas!!!


So today was 1 year since my surgery. What a year! Still can't believe I did this and now wonder why I waited so darn long. Everything is great and my motivation and self esteem is awesome!!! So happy with the way the scar has healed and I love my belly button. Have been working out for 3 months now, trying to get rid of fat pocket over incision. It's slowly and I say slowly going down. I am finding that my body is shifting and getting better ever week. My second ass that I grew under the original is starting to tone and lift and my abs have gotten stronger and I'm seeing a six pack starting to form. I couldn't be happier!!! The only thing I regret is not getting a breast lift with my tt. Now I have this beautiful Belly and saggy boobies lol. Oh well maybe that will be my gift to myself at the end of the year. Hope your all doing well and wishing all my fellow TT Sisters a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
Your scar has faded wonderfully and your one year results look great! Thank you for sticking with it to share your updates along the way! It really helps those like me who are just beginning the journey. Congrats on your new bikini body!!
No problem! I have enjoyed posting so others can see we are all so different when it comes to surgery. We have all I'm sure shared the same emotions before during recovery. Some have been excited for surgery where I myself was so scared. Scared of what will happen during surgery to what if I don't get the results I am looking for to oh shit what about the pain. But now I know all that worry was for nothing! I'll have to check out your profile. Thanks for commenting :)
Also I wanted to ask did you see my 1 year title or does it still say 3 months? Idon't think its changing for me

1 year Anniversary

Oh and I wanted to add for all the new TT Girls you really won't see final results until a year so be patient. It will all come together and swelling does subside after 11 months :)
I'm so glad i found your reveiw :) your stomach pre-op looks really like mine stretchmark wise (i have a photo attached to a question i posted) well mine is prob worse lol ... But its so good to have a comparison to give you an idea of what could be !!! The actual shape of your incision is what my ps told me i would have and he also said i will prob havemy old bb too (somewhere) as apparently my ribs are low and i have never been really big above my bb so not much flesh to strech up there . Did you decide to leave your birth bb bit alone in the end, also what is the texture of it like ? Is it as smooth as the rest of your scar, i'm asking as my ps had told me it would be hard and stick out a bit ... That was worrying me slightly, although yours looks great so inthought i would ask ... Sorry for asking so many questions xxxx
It just looks like wrinkly skin. It's not very big at all, and it gets covered by undies and bikini. To be honest its not even that noticeable anymore. /I've shown a few people my belly and they don't notice it till I point it out. It's more us that are so critical on ourselves. I don't think i'll get revision on it even though dr said he would cut it out if I want. Like I said I think once I tan a little this summer it probably will blend in. I think if dr would have made my T a little longer it would have been cut out but then you would be able to see incision going up even in a bikini. It was harder but it softened up a bit and feels more like the rest of my skin but it harder under the skin if that makes sense lol. It does not stick out at all. Like I said its so little I think it looks like a birthmark now. I will try to post a picture of just that so you can see :) I'll also check out your profile :)
k posted picture

1 year po

Just wanted to show a really close up of my belly showing wear T was made and old bb is and how much its blending in now. Its really blending in nicely and I'm sure it will blend in more once I tan it. Stretch marks are not that bad, I think flash makes them look so much worse then they are. All you new TT Girls you will see how much it all comes together at your 1 year mark :) So worth it!!!
Wow your scar is almost invisible!! Fantastic results !! That gives me hope!!
Thank you, I am so happy!!!
Your scar looks phenomenal!!! So thin and faded. You look great :)

Losing Weight

So I have been following the free app myfitnesspal.com and working my ass off at the gym and I have finally lost 8lbs in 4 weeks, so so happy. Easiest app you can follow. I just wanted to share that with you all cause its free and really does work if you follow it :)
I've enjoyed reading your journey. Thank you for your honest review. Your scar looks really good. I have darker skin, so hopefully mine will fade to the point you can't really notice it.
Thank you! I'm sure your will blend in better then mine. I'm actually tanning right now and I feel like my stretch marks don't look as bad. So happy I did this!
Does tanning make your stretch marks and scar blend in more? I read somewhere that the stretch marks doesn't tan and it makes it stand out more??? What are your thoughts?


I have been eating clean, working out and tanning. I'm feeling great!!! I'm starting to feel my abs and hopefully soon i'll be able to see a six pack lol .... Just wanted to post some pictures on how much nicer the belly looks once its tanned (I think so anyway). Something to remember though is the scar and stretch marks do not tan. Let me know your thoughts :)

1 year and 6 month P.O.

Well Ladies today was my final visit with my docter unless I'm getting tata's lifted and then i'll be seeing him for another year so we haven't officially broken up lol. He seemed to have been happy with my results so we got off topic and started talking about a breast lift. Of course I think I was trying to lean more towards filling them instead of lifting. Not sure yet what I want to do but I will take my sweet ol time to figure out what exactly I want to do. I don't want to get a lift and regret it in the end. Anywho I hope your all doing well and wishing you all happy happy healing!!!
Amazing results thanks for sharing your results After the year most people drop of after a few months..
You look great!
Thank you! How have you been?

Fathers Day weekend !

Happy Fathers Day to all great Husbands and Daddy's out there!!!!!
Looks great , im having it done on the 28 th august now starting to get nervous about it , hope it looks like yours and well worth it !
I'm sure you will look great! Don't be nervous, it's sooo worth it!!! Good luck and please keep us all posted!
Thanks for that , will keep U posted , will try and upload some pics of the way my stomach is now, and hopefully look as great as urs does a year from now x x
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Asked around and his name kept coming up.

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