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Since my late teenage and early twenties years- I...

Since my late teenage and early twenties years- I have had a tummy - even though all in all I was fairly slim. I had one miscarriage, and one full pregnancy term pregnancy. I gained weight and struggled for a couple while to lose it, but in general - I kept fairly slim. While I do not excercis regularly, I do eat helathily. I wore body teddies, which held me with my tummy shape under clothes. Last year - I was transitioning between jobs.. and for that reason I decided to go for liposuction. I did my general research and chose my surgeon - who explained that liposuction will not be enough in my case, and a tummy tuck is neeeded - but no muscle repair required as I don't have muscle separation or damage.
I was very concerned about the scar and its length - but it seemed that the results will outweigh the ugliness of the scar. The area around the belly button - remains red all around but I know the scar has closed . the central section in the scar remains swollena and a bit hard closer to the stitch line.

In addition - the cost of this surgery was much, much higher than what I had initially thought. I did more research and decided to go for it.
This weekend is 3 months since my surgery.
The surgeon and staff were wonderful. I was fairly swollen for the first few weeks. THe scar was awful looking and too long but I was hoping to finally have a flat front. There seemed to have been some complication with the scar concentrated in the C section.
In my visits - the surgeon was not too concerned, explained that area will take longer to heal and that eventually all be ok. For the first two days I took the medication for pain..but since there was no muscle repair -the pain I went through did not seem as high as I read from some of you. I was under the impression that in a couple of days I would be able to move around.. so I actually started to lead my normal life, but not with a straight back.
I was not wearing a binder or compression garment ( my OS did not feel the need for it ) - and had no drains either - due to the type of stitching used.
The scar looked ugly and a bit zigzag.. but also asymmetricaly - I was not balanced on the sides - just above the hipbone.. The first few weeks, and visits to the OS - my focus was on the scar healing. It was taking much longer than I read from some of you...nevertheless it was slowly progressing. At the two months mark - I was still fairly swollen..and frustrated beause in clothes - I still looked like I have a protruding tummy - but without the teddy. Again - was advised to be patient - and that the welling will go away.
I started using the silicone strips at the 7 week mark - just before I left on a trip. Amost three weeks now - but I honestly do not feel they make a difference.
When I last visited my OS - he said scar in the center will take a bit longer to disappear and to keep on with the silicone strips. He also said swelling might take a few more weeks to subside..and that the removal of the excess skin was as aggressive as possible. He explained that the operation is not about losing weight ( which I understand) and that he removed the excess skin, but that if there is fat in the abdomen - its removal is not part of the surgery..
First week after the surgery, I actually weighed more than I did before..but stabilized.
My weight has been the same throughout - not up or down. A little less than 2 lbs - was removed.
I still look the same around the tummy area with my clothes on, which is frustrating...except now I do not wear a teddy...and I gained an unsightly, long scar.
Some of the stitches started to pop-out - and I had the doctor remove a few of them.
This week - there are a few more pushing against the skin. And I am still with a tummy basically..I have seen so many before and after photos on several different sites including this one. Some patients started out a lot worse shape than me - whether in weight or shape or complication -but seem to have ended with a much flatter tummy almost immediately.
I'm nearly 6 months and still very swollen 80% of the time,although nowhere near as much as when I first had the op. Like you, clothes still feel tight and my belly still sticks out. I really was very slim when I had the op and I feel that the enforced slow pace after the op may have contributed towards gaining just a couple of unnecessary pounds that seem to very much undermine the flat look we're looking for from this op. I'm seeing my doc this week as he says I'll need lipo to a fatty area that is left above my scar. Another anaesthetic! :-(
I do see a difference in your shape :) looking good.
Hey girl! I was swollen off and on until recently. I'm 4 1/2 months PO. Now. When was your surgery? I would give your self 5/6 months to heal and see what everything looks like before you make a final verdict of your outcome. I still swell with workouts and certain foods.

My doctor is patient in answering my questions, and explaining issues surrounding the surgery. I had no reason to question his judgement about the surgery and the procedures he did or did not take.

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