4wks Post Op - Ontario, CA

Did my tummy tuck 4wks ago. I am pleased as I'm...

Did my tummy tuck 4wks ago. I am pleased as I'm actually seeing my curves. It is taking some getting use to the huge scar. But it's expected and it won't show. I'm getting a lot of stiffness and on mornings my tummy gets flat and by the end of the day its hard and swollen. Any advice. Will d swelling go away.
Swell hell!!! Probably 5 more months! I am 2 months post an I still swell like crazy an PS said prob another 4-5 months .. Just don't get frustrated even though it's hard not too. I have had my ups an downs but honestly walking, Zumba an trying to gety eating habits back under control is what I'm focusing on to get past these months!! Good luck an welcome!
Wow. I long to resume exercise but my PS advise against it as he feels the muscles are still in the healing process. I am a zumba freak. Lol. On mornings I feel sex but at nights I feel pregnant. And I still wear my compression girdle. I long to sleep on my sides as my back aches tremendously My doctors visit is tomorrow so I'm hoping to get some questions answered
I am right there with you.. I am 27 days po, 1 day prior to 4 weeks.. My swelling is small in the am but by the evening it is horrible.. I know I do way too much, but I have to. I have no suggestions, I am looking for some myself, I just want you to know you are not alone... ")

today's doctor's visit

I I finally had my 1 month check up. My surgeon thinks I look fabulous although I personally have issues. But he says I'm doing gr8 4 1mth. The stiffness and swelling at the end of the day I learnt is quote normal with increased activity and this would not affect anything internally. However with continuous activity the body will eventually adjust itself. I did however put on weight yikes! Yep. I went in at 120lbs and now I'm weighing 128lb. Not good at all for me. I never weighed that much except during pregnancy. So I am concerned as my eating habits are less. None of my jeans fit. And my dresses cannot go beyond my hips. I hope there's someone else who has this experience and can tell me it's going to be fine. I'm only 5 ft 1inch so I am overweight. Although it may not look so physically my hips and legs say otherwise. Help!
My surgery was 11/13 I guess I know I too have a long wait! Thank you for sharing your info

feeling bloated and depressed

I'm 5 wks and 4 days today. I'm doing great but I resumed work this wk and every evening I'm very swollen and get pains in my abdomen. Am I over doing it? I feel like I'm 5 months pregnant today. I woke up to a flat stomach and was great throughout the day. Now I can't move from my bed as my stomach is very swollen. Is this normal.

6 wks and 4 days

I'm loving my new look. Most of my swelling is down. I'm not getting much stiffness. I reconstructed my umbilicus as I had a suture running through from a previous surgery and it's healing nicely. Still slightly swollen. But doing great. My only concern is when can I resume exercise? Also if I do Put on weight how will it affect my new stomach?
I'm the same I'm only 4 ft 10 and any extra weight shows I also went up 8 lbs but I think it's that time of year too so I'm leaving it till the new year then I'm gona bust my ass to look as good as I can :)

7wks and 4 days

This week was really tough. I resumed work with the intentions of staying at work for the rest of the year however I am very swollen at the end of the day as My job requires up and down hand and feet movement constant. I noticed my swelling on my upper region isn't going down as I would like it too and it's worse on evenings. On mornings I have a perfectly flat stomach by the evening I feel overwhelmed and want to cry. Os this normal and when will it stop?
your's came out nicely, I go in on 2/28/14 Friday im a little bit nervous.
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