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Hi every one , So I got a tattoo about just over...

Hi every one ,
So I got a tattoo about just over two weeks ago which I never thought in a million years I'd feel regret over ( I'm artistic and I love tattoos and I have 4 small ones already which I'm fine with) but almost instantly when I took the bandages off I freaked out. Couldn't eat , sleep and full of anxiety.. Not because it was a poor tattoo or the design but the sheer size of it and shock of seeing somthing so big on my body just sent me into a complete panic attack. Since then I've been researching tattoo removal and just wondering what the likeliness of removing this would be? ( note the 3 falling cherry blossom more so on the back under the wing are pre existing and I want to keep. Been feeling so conflicted and sad when I look at myself in the mirror now .. Just feel ugly and that I've made a mistake. *sigh* sad thing is I took about 3 years to think of the design. Well I guess you live and learn.. It's not finished no shading obviously and I'm glad for that because if I do decide to do laser it's less to do at least. Thanks for the support. Cheers


I'm feeling the same way. Thought about my tattoo for a long time but now I just don't feel like myself. Afraid that it won't ever go away and an ugly ghost shadow will remain. Mine is as big as yours too.
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Is yours colour or black ink? How long have you had yours? Keep your chin up your not Alone.. It's hard and I feel the same way with the worry that it won't ever go away if I decide to remove it but we can't think like that. All we cando is educate ourselves as much as possible and find support in our loved ones . That's what matters most. We are all beautiful with or without the ink.
HI . I enjoyed reading your story. I feel your pain! I don't have a tattoo quite as big (yours is beautiful btw) but the regret I feel is just as bad. I know exactly what you are going though. It's horrible. Even though we both may have options with removal, the process is long, expensive, and not guaranteed. I am a perfectionist and so to have something flawed on my body is tough. I keep thinking I can live with it, but honestly I'll go a few weeks without it on my mind and then it creeps back in to my mind and stays and ruins my mood and takes the joy out of life. I hope you can keep your head above water with all of this. Angelo
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Does anyone know (doctors included) if the newer the tattoo the more likely of having full removal? This is another thig I'm factoring into my decision and if so I don't want to wait too long to make a decision. Just curious, thanks!


I agree its a nice design but then again many people said same to me and I've started laser treatment. If you've ended up on here it seems your already sure your not happy with it. You can split treatments up into halves. I recommend picosure it works absolute wonders on black ink. Only been a week since my first treatment and theres clear breakup in the script on my ankle.
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Hey there, First off, I'd be happy it's in an area you can cover... I went for the large outline but on my arm... (Yea been a tough year) my clinic had me wait 8 weeks to start, it was placed November 7, 2012 and first laser session was January 24?, 2013 (don't remember exactly but I have a review up, a long one since I document feelings as well as removal) I'm on my 5th session, and from what I've learn an outline takes more time then the shading does because an outline is intended to be the bold lines that your artist is working in... Either way, I have seen fading, fading that is hard to fully capture on photos but it's there... It is a long, painful, and draining process... But at least for myself, I knew I couldn't learn to love it and refused to pretend to... Good luck!!
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It looks nice to me as well!!
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