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After loosing 90 lbs (naturally) I decided it was...

After loosing 90 lbs (naturally) I decided it was time to get a panniculectomy. With plenty of research and questions I found that it was right for me. The first couple of weeks are very painful, but so worth it. No more saggy skin or uncomfortable sitting. I would recommend anyone to get one just do a lot of your own research.

Update: Drains have been out for six days, I am...

Update: Drains have been out for six days, I am off all meds, I am up and moving at about 90 percent and I was able to take a real shower(so happy). I am still uncomfortable while sleeping but otherwise healing well. The scaring is already starting to heal (hard to believe). My stomach still feels alittle tight but thats what happens when they cut and stretch your skin. So far no stretch marks or and no issues have arised. Fingers crossed. I will update again soon.

Yes 6 months later things are wonderful. Extremely...

Yes 6 months later things are wonderful. Extremely happy and the pain and scars are no more!!! I just got back from Vegas and was able to wear all the cute new clothes and even wore a sexy 2 piece at the pool. I just updated a couple photos..and yes I am still here for questions :) ~~~Valarie~~~

Please Comment, ask questions and press the "Thank...

Please Comment, ask questions and press the "Thank You" button if anything you have read here has been helpful.

Cute clothes that I can not fit into anymore will...

Cute clothes that I can not fit into anymore will be sold on ebay (for cheap) if anyone is interested.

Okay gals, I was getting questions on how much I...

Okay gals, I was getting questions on how much I weighed before, during and after. I posted photos from beggining to end. From the time I was 95lbs (before weight gain), to 240lbs (after weight gain), to 180lbs (during weight loss) and the photos before surgery and after. Hope this gives you a full sense of how my body has been through hell and back. Now at 40 years old I am one happy and comfortable person.

I am still here for questions. I will update more...

I am still here for questions. I will update more after photos soon.

Down another 6lbs. I am now 139lbs. The surgery...

Down another 6lbs. I am now 139lbs. The surgery has given me so much more hope and energy for continuing to loose weight and staying fit.

New picture

So how are all the ladies out there? Any new updates from you all?

new body

After the lake. Loving the new body.
Dr. Karamura

Dr. Kawamura was very helpful before surgery and he has wonderful hands/ talent!

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You look great! Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Have you had much bikini weather this summer?
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How much did your surgery cost you?
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I have just finished reading about your journey. First of all, you look amazing! I am having the same surgery on April 30, so I am researching all that I can. I am terrified! I have never had surgery before. I wish you continued luck! Take care, Vicki
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Yes it was a panni only.
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Thanks! I'm leaning towards panni only--not full tummy tuck!
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Just confirming that you had the panni only--not a tummy tuck? You look great!
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I'm int in getting a panniculectomy done but don't know where to start. Will Medical Card pay for it? Also, do you have any helpful tips for when I do get to talk to a Dr.? :)
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I have my panni on Monday!! I'm so excited and nervous. Your pics were so helpful!! I have pics I'll be uploading soon. I wish I was doing abdomino too... but that's OK! :-)
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I'm in the middle of my weight loss journey and looking around for doctors and procedures. I'm trying to get insurance to pay for mine. I am not looking to get this done till around Feb or march. I'm so excited for u. How did u come to decide this over abdomnioplasty?
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Things are going great. Now down to 135 lbs. Scar is minimal. Just got back from the lake and love how I looked in my bathing suit.
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I go in October 4th for this procedure. It is being considered medically necessary so SK government will pay. No MR though, and I was a little nervous to not have the muscles done. I have lost a total of 145 lbs through diet and exercise. I am currently at 204. Your results make me feel a little better about not having the muscle done. I have three weeks off work, hoping that should be enough.
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Your results do look great! I didn't even know there was a babe for a skin only procedure till now, which is what I'm doing. I am honestly going back and forth cause I keep hearing results are much better with MR but you look great! Did you have any separation if the muscles?! I've had three kids, honestly, I guess small separation, but my problem us mostly lower hanging skin below my belly button!
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Name, not babe, lol! Stupid auto correct
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How do you feel about no muscle repair and what was the deciding factor not to do that? I don't want it and I think your stomach looks as good as the people who do MR, so not sure why I should do it. any info would be helpful and if you know of others on here who have pics and did no MR, please let me know so I can look them up - thanks! I have a fear of not being able to do my normal exercise routine for a long time or even permanently for certain exercises if I do the MR
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I don't know anyone that has had it. But I hear there is more down time when you get it.
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how much did you pay.. did you only get cut below the belly butto. how long did you have the drains and how many drains
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I only had a copay. My ins paid for the rest. I was cut below belly button and they removed my belly button and relocated it. I had 2 drains one one each side and only had them in for couple weeks.
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This is super exciting to see all my girls getting the panni done. I am very happy to be apart of it and glad I can help in any way possible. Congrats ladies. lots of love!!!
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my panni was scheduled for today but when i got there and talked to my surgeon, he realized i am ok for the gastric sleeve and wants to do that first. i'll keep you updated. thanks for all your input valarie! its helped me prepare for these next steps!
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Val They recalled me for tomorrow, so it is a go! Operation at 11:30 am. Thanks for your support
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Good luck girl keep us posted. :)
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your results will be mind blowing I have been out of surgery for 3 weeks and I cannot believe it
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Should I try to take off the few pounds I gained. How hard was it to get OHIP to approve?
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Try to lose the weight before surgery as they don't recommend losing it after. It was easy for me to get approved. Every Ins is different.
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I am going for a consult in Scarborough in July! I had lost 94 lbs. and maintained for a year and a half. I'm up a little as I was feeling a little down with my stomach hanging and sagging. I'm hoping OHIP will cover it. Any advice?
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