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My experience during the procedure was as expected...

My experience during the procedure was as expected however I was suprised that the little incision under my chin was much larger than I anticipated or had seen on other paitents. I did have a little gobler I am thin so even know he did lipo he did not have to do much to require such a large incision.

I am in the recovery process day 7 the muscle tightness is loosning the brusing is fading, as the swelling subsides the skin is loosening, yet to see how this will turn out, I am concerned that the firmness I was seeking will dissapate further as the swelling subsides and I will be dissapointed. I will post weekly to be continued.

I went in for my suture removal today and I was...

I went in for my suture removal today and I was told the incision under my chin was to tighten the underline muscles in addition to the lipo, I am glad they did a thourough job, now that the sutures have been removed it doesnt look as noticible and Im sure will only look better over time. I am still swollen but overall I am feeling better about my procedure and probably judged too quickly.

As my lift has setteled I am showing tightness on...

As my lift has setteled I am showing tightness on my jaw line and increasing sagging in my cheek area, LATERAL SWEEP is the correct term for the deformity, I went to my Dr and he blew off my concerns, said if it does not go away come back for fat injections to fill in the area and denies the deformity. I seen another Dr who confermed the directional pull was faulty and another surgery will be required to correct defect. He advised not to go forth with fat injections. Not sure what I am going to do, I would like LL to fix my lift but not sure if they are qualified. To go forth with another Dr will be the cost of another face lift completely. Not sure what to do!

Corection update

After consusting with another suregon and then again Dr Machida both recomending surgery to reposition the direction of the pull I decided to go forward with LSL to repair a lateral sweep. In addition to repositioning, the doctor removed some fat from lower area of my face and also addressed another area below my chin that wasnt perfect, I did have some complications with blood collection that took a long time to recover from, however, Dr Machida did a good job with the correction and was very professional and polite. Im glad I stuck it out and now love my younger appearance.
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Vicki B, sorry to hear that you are having problems with you lift. Many women (like me)  have had undesirable after effects that do not look right as the healing continues. I would like to warn any woman considering this "surgery" to please take the time and get a 2nd opinion from an independent board certified facial plastic surgeon. Compare apples to apples and be sure to talk to other women who have had this same surgery. I wish you the best, Chrystal Eckes
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Thanks for sharing your story, Vickie. Do you mind if I ask how old you are? You look so young in your pic.

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I am 61.. as of this May. I feel younger now that I have my chin line back and smooth face back. Others should consider this procedure. BB
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I am almost 56 years old and I see my skin under the chin loose and my jaw looks old too. I want to do the lift, but my concern is that the pictures of the patients on the magazine I received looks done by photoshop and seems like the the skin was smooth by filters, how I can be sure that this is a real thing not to mislead people into this? Neither the magazine or the papers inside the envelope explains at all about if is a surgery or something else, neither prices., or what kind of different surgeries for each one of the results. Is not clear.
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Hi Gloria,

Your right it is not clear what the result will be, I had the basic procedure; a lower lift or mini lift, with no enhancments and my results are suttle. Im sure down the road I will need more I wasn't quite ready for my eyes or forehead lifted, they did suggested adding some fat to enhance my cheeks but I declined, ( I chickened out! ) I was afraid to do anything else. The Dr did tell me that my frown lines could be filled and would not go away with the lift by itself, however, they are less noticable now but they are there still there. Im sure the photos you see are of the most dramatic cases with the best results, and have had more then just the basic procedure to achieve such drastic results. I wish you the best, keep me posted .
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GloriaD, please be careful. If you go for the free consultation, listen to what they have to say and then go and get a 2nd opinion by a independent board certified facial plastic surgeon. The advertising is misleading, this is not a procedure, but SURGERY and it is done in a non-certified operating room. It is not sterile, LSL is not certified by any agency like JACHO and the procedure itself was discarded in the late 60's and early 70's due to it longevity. Pleaser read some of the questions and answers about this procedure in this section:  

There are also many doctors listed here at realself that will give you a free consult if you mention that you saw them listed here.

Best, Chrystal Eckes
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Gloria, Did you do the lift. I am thinking about it myself but want to be sure that most people have favorable results. I am a bit scared right now.
Thanks Rose
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You look wonderful... I am glad I had the procedure too. I also I am glad I have this site for support. Then numbness in front of the ears and the lumps still bother me. But, each day I see improvement. I feel I had the best doctor too. Good luck, Barbara
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