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I believe it was conned by Lifestyle lift. This...

I believe it was conned by Lifestyle lift. This procedure was not explained to me correctly, i was told it would be it easy told that barbed stuchers would provided a lift on my eyes. I was informed these would be placed in a v that would heighten the corners and lift my brow. I was informed also this procedure would allow for return to work within two weeks.
There is more that happened to me, but now I need to find out if their is anyway the pinch rd and puckered skin on my forehead (w brows) can be fixed.
Also, is it true this procedure is no longer in the USA? if so why does lifestyle lift perform it?


Thank you for sharing your experience on RealSelf. How many days post-op were those photos taken?

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I have a friend who had this threading done back in the early 2000s on her face. She had a lot of problems with it. The threads started to poke through her cheek. I remember thinking that I would NEVER have that type of procedure. I brought it up with my Lifestyle Lift consultant (just making conversation) & she said US doctors do NOT perform the procedure because of all the problems associated with it. I don't understand why your eyebrows seem to be gone.
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2 hours meeting with lifestyle manager

So finnaly I get a response from lifestyle life, (before I bought in, I had to ask them several times to quit calling me). This is the offer, we'll send you to another lifestyle lift r doctor in Orange county. Oh and here's the topper, manager states "I've had a bad foot operations, one was good the other foot bad". REALLY, my God, no one compares a foot to a face. And to top it All off she tells me she had been in the field of plastic surgery for 40 years, yet she hasn't ever had a thing done. 66 yes old And looks every day of it. What on earth are these people trying to prove, (stupid, mad, unhappiness, lierers, con artistry......because certainly that's where the artistry lies, not in the promised.

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would not give me my medical file

So while I was speaking withy manager, I requested over dozen times to see my file, I stated it was my right, after listening to her tell me about her stories of whoe, (foot thing) she leaves the room and comes back with a condensed version of file. I know what he file looked like when she was speaking with me and I know what he notes stated, as the Dr. Michicha told me on my second consultantation, he had wrote down information about my resent trip from Italy. My God pls let the bullshit stop.


w wow, if only I would have known, for some reason I always see good in people, I'm not stupid just ignorant to scam artists. Shame on me for believing people are good.


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minimally invasion procedure - dont get conned


Holy..what the heck? I have never ever seen anything like this!! WOW. My thoughts are with you!! Have you been to a board certified plastic surgeon to see how you can fix that? Not sure if you can sue up there but I sure would be looking into it!! ~Hugs~
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lifestyle lift offered to fixed botched procedures- but never answered emails or calls

Like stated above, they were going to supposedly send me to a liftstyle Doctor in Orange county, but they stopped taking my emails, and didn't call to confirm appointments. Basically they admitted the procedure was botched, and lying again.
These people don't CARE what they do to peoples lives. I've been to several board certified plastic surgeons, and they have all stated, the threadlift procedures were taken off the market several years ago from the FDA. They were astonished that LSL would even consider this procedure, and none could fix the dents and puckering.
One doctor told me to go to the California State attorney general and the American society of cosmetic and reconstruction surgery, one gave me an attorneys phone number, stating he would get my medical records.
I asked them over a dozen times to give me a copy of my medical records, while in the two hour meeting, to date I still haven't received them, I don't even no who manufactured these threads or what the name of them are.
Conned, lied too, and deceived again. There is alot more, they've stated, but I hope any one considering LSL, will not reply to the numerous emails and phone calls they send telling you how easy and wonderful you'll look, it's a scam, your on a chopping block, and you'll never be the same,they just don't care after they slice you up and get the money.


Lifestyle lift, Dr. Brian K. Michida, did this to me.
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I had a "contour threadlift" to lift my cheeks about 7 years ago. a thread is starting to poke through my cheek, hasn't broken the skin yet. I am going to have a "face lift" in 2 months and the plastic surgeon is going to "remove" the threads. so they can be removed. hope that helps.
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My heart goes out to you. I was considering going this winter in Fla, but am definitely having second thoughts.
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Dr. Brian K. Michida, medical Records

So, I finally received medical records, and the Doctor Michida, states that I would both see him, when in fact I did see him and ask him what to do. He just looked at me and started to leave the room, I r him I wasn't donkey speaking with him and I can't live like this, he came back into the room and told me to massage it and drink a bottle of vodka, what kinda of SOB, tells u to drink vodka, after they've disfigured u for life.
Furthermore, the medical records contain no informative on the structures input, only Quill being the manufacture, I have no idea if they Will dissolve, but no amount of massage will fix me.


Are you SERIOUS?????? I am sitting here actually having a fit because of what this doctor did to you!! At the very least I would sue him in small claims court because you know these doctors have a buddy system much like lawyers. At least get your money back so you can have this corrected!! I don't even know what they could do. I am furious for you! ~HUGS~ Please check your inbox I am sending you a private message. GRRRR!! Girl, oh gosh!
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see Fat Injectiion/Brow Lift Ontario CA

For more pics, can't update this blog


many surgeons will refuse patients who need correction of a prior surgery that didn't have a good aesthetic outcome. for one thing, it's often hard to get the results the patient wants, so they're opening themselves up to all kinds of potential problems that come with patient dissatisfaction.
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My god. Did u see the pics. This is more than dissatisfied. This was a blatant disfigurement.
lifestyle lift procedures are generally less invasive and less expensive than the more main-stream face lift operations. but i've read a lot more accounts on the web of people who are not happy with the results than pleased with their outcome. whatever they say the cost might be, i'd take that number to a good facial surgeon first and see what they could do on that budget. the fine print in their tv ads states the people have had additional operations like neck lifts and eye surgery done in addition to the basic lifestyle lift. in other words, you need to pay more to get a good result. and even then, i don't think i've ever read a positive opinion of the lifestyle lift franchise coming from a plastic surgeon.
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