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I have had size 34DD breasts for as long as I can...

I have had size 34DD breasts for as long as I can remember. I suddenly "sprouted" in grade 7, and since I first had boobs- I HATED them! I am now 22, turning 23 in November, weigh between 115-120 pounds, and am about 5'5. I have been thinking about getting a breast reduction for about 5-6 years, and because I will be getting married in 2 years, I have finally decided I want to get a reduction preferably sometime this year.

There are many reasons why I want to get a breast reduction. First and foremost, for MYSELF. I have long felt extremely self-conscious about my body, and have grown to hate my body. While the rest of my body is relatively thin, my breasts make me look much larger than I actually am. I have always struggled with clothes and bathing suit shopping, and try to hold back tears whenever I am looking for outfits to wear on a vacation, graduation, or a special event like my sisters wedding last summer. I have always worn "old lady bras" because they provide the best support; I have never felt sexy wearing lingerie and wear 2 bras every day to make my boobs look smaller in clothing. Many people don't understand how emotionally distressing it can be to feel so uncomfortable and hate your body so much. I don't want to be vain, but I am still young and want to feel good about myself! Reason #2 is for health. I have a lot of pains in my back- my upper back, lower back and my neck. I have an extremely hard time exercising, and over the past few years I have been noticing that my posture is becoming HORRIBLE and I don't want to end up a hunch back! My boobs sag almost down to my belly button when I am not wearing a bra, and I am fed up with feeling uncomfortable and miserable about my body.

While I am positive I want a reduction, I have a few concerns.. the main one being scarring & complications. Now I know... you can drive yourself CRAZY looking online at breast reduction horror stories- losing a nipple, horrid ropey scars, infections, the whole nine yards. While my boobs are large- they aren't bad looking. I really don't want to regret my decision to have a surgery because of my desire to look and feel better. I'm thinking this is something probably a lot of people go through when deciding whether to have a reduction. I KNOW I want to reduce.. but I have the nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach asking "Will I regret it!?"

I am also wondering.. where do I start!? I have done a TON of research so far on reductions, and have also talked to my family doctor about getting a reduction. She told me many people wait until after they have children, but I don't feel this is right for me, which she totally understood. She explained scars can be minimal to dark kelloid scars (depending on the person). She has also told me it can be a wise decision, especially considering my health reasons and insecurities.
She gave me a list of 3 surgeons and I have read reviews online for 2 of the 3 surgeons. Out of 5, the first doctor had a rating of 2.6 and the other surgeon had a rating of 3.6/5. I live in quite a small town (about 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, ON, about an hour and 15 minutes away from Toronto, ON). Tomorrow I am making appointments to meet with surgeons, but I feel uneasy about the ratings online. 2.6/5 to me is not good, so right off the bat I am thinking that I probably would not want to go to this surgeon. The other surgeon who got the 3.6 rating actually performed a reduction on my moms friends daughter- who had rave reviews about him- so I will definitely be meeting with him! But really, what I am wondering is HOW do you choose the right surgeon? My doctor said meeting with them to feel them out is crucial, and seeing how they answer important questions will give me a good feel of these surgeons. But I am wondering, Should I stay local and choose from the 4 doctors in the area that perform the surgery, or maybe go to a larger area, like Toronto, where there are more doctors to choose from? Decisions, Decisions!

I have an amazingly supportive family, friends, and boyfriend (who I have been with for 8 years). They all encourage me to do it, if it will make me happy and promise to be there for me 100%. All I have on my mind lately is a reduction! I want to talk to them about it- but ultimately, they cannot put themselves in my position and truly understand how life changing of a decision this is. That's why I decided to post on here.. I am desperate to hear what people in similar circumstances think and feel!

If anyone would like to respond to this post, maybe let me know what they think, their experiences, they stories.. I would really appreciate it!! Thanks so much for anyone who took the time to read this rant! I clearly have a lot on my mind!


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If your husbands like me I wouldn't want you too if you work out with calisthenics real calisthenics you bobs will shrink and perk up and you back won't hurt anymore don't doo it they look awesome check out the book convict conditioning its forty bucks but in a year you'll your boobs
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Just wondering if you'd gone ahead with your surgery or not?
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Hi JuliaLl,
I'm in the exact same boat as you! 22 years old and a 34G. I just got a referral for a plastic surgeon in Niagara falls, I did quite a bit of research and he sounded more then qualified..I'm just wondering if maybe you had a consultation with him already? I'm still waiting to hear back from his office to get a consult date. I'm also hoping to be covered by OHIP considering theres no way I could afford it on my own! Hope to hear more on the progress you're making, keep us posted!
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well i hope everything works out for you i am waiting to get a breast reduction i am much bigger then you though lol.... but yes i just called my doctor and they was set me up an appt what did your doctor say about it you have to get approved first honey so see whatyour dr says ok then go from there they should be able to help you are you paying for your own surgery or what i am waiting for june 4th this monday to get a surgery date i hope my breast reduction is fast soon and in hurry i am praying for the best so i wish you luck and for your size they are pretty big but they dont look bad girl but i wish you well please let me know what happens and whats going on god bless you and good luck
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Thanks so much for the advice Iowa71! Glad to hear you are so happy with your decision!
I definitely am thinking I would prefer to look outside my small region :)
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Hi Julia. I live in rural Iowa and there are no plastic surgeons anywhere near me. In fact there aren't that many in the entire state at all. I drove about an hour and 45 minutes to my plastic surgeon. In my opinion it was worth the drive. I didn't have a lot of appointments beforehand and I knew that if something arose I could always see my local doctor for an opinion and then go to see my PS if necessary. I would not let distance be a deciding factor for you, especially if you have the means to get there if needed. I was a 34H before my surgery and I can certainly say that it was worth it. My scars are minimal, my recovery was ideal, and my pain was relieved. With the support of your family, friends, and boyfriend I think you will do great. Good luck! And please keep us updated as you proceed!
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Julia, my experience is that meeting a doctor gives you lots of information and some of the most important information is your gut feeling. Do you like this person? Do you feel comfortable talking to him or her. Does the doctor listen to you? Does the staff treat you well? The problem with online reviews is that one unhappy person can really skew the rating, so unless there are a LOT of ratings, that might not be the best measure. I sure share your fears and concerns, but I think you can be confident in your judgement. You will pick a good surgeon, and if it takes a while to find someone you feel good about, it's totally worth it because this is your body and YOU are worth it!
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Thanks for your comment. I agree with the online reviews, you're totally right! Most of the time the people who take the time to review are people who are extremely happy with the results or extremely displeased. Still, I think after reading those I would never feel quite right going with that one particular surgeon. Thanks for your advice, I definitely want to take my time deciding as it is a huge decision!
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The fact that you "hold back tears" and "hate your body" are reasons enough for me to think a reduction is a FABULOUS idea for you. I'm shorter than you, at 5'0" and 130lbs, but before my surgery I was a 36DD and had the same feelings about my body. I also wore 2 bras daily. Which now, as I sit here in my delicate 34C lacy bra, I can't believe I ever put myself through such a thing!

It's rare that scars ultimately end up anything more than faint white lines. I wouldn't factor them into your decision or let them scare you. And judging from the shape of your breasts now, I'd guess that you'd have a beautiful, shapely result.

I went from a 36DD to a 34C and couldn't be happier. I had the exact same fears and I"m SO GLAD I didn't let them stop me! I now have perky little breasts that look beautiful in bras and clothing and my confidence has gone through the roof!

You do have beautiful, full, nicely shaped breasts now, yes, but they do look large on your frame. I know it's helpful to get outside opinions on that sort of thing, so I hope saying that isn't offensive. But I think you'd be a hundred percent happy with a reduction. Good luck! Wish you all the best!
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Thank-you so much for your comment. It is honestly so nice to hear from someone who has been in a similar situation, and feels where I am coming from. While my family and friends are ultimately supportive of my decision, I get a lot of: "They're not THAT big" and "You should wait until you're older, after you have kids." But for me, the timing just seems right. I feel like I've lived with this for long enough. Wearing 2 bras is hell haha.

I'm so glad you're results turned out amazing and you're so happy! I dream of the first time going bra shopping and clothing shopping! Must make you feel so good!
Thanks again for the comment! Hearing other peoples' feedback is definitely making me more and more sure of my decision to get this done and not let my fears of what COULD happen get in the way of doing something that will ultimately make me very happy!
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I am in a similar boat. I think, in your situation, that I'd ask myself how far I am willing to travel for an appointment. A half hour? An hour? And then look up reviews of a few more doctors in a larger radius. I think most charge around 50 to 70 dollars to have a consultation, and if you find a couple who look promising, I'd go for a visit. A lot of your fears will be lessened, and you'll have a better sense of what you want to do. Best of luck to you!
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Thanks for the advice!
I did some more research today and found two doctors with way better reviews in Toronto than around in my area. The one place has a free consultation which is nice! I've decided to go to one doctor around my area first, and then check out the other doctor who is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from my house. He has amazing reviews and I think, in the long run, I'd rather be a bit father from home and have better results than go somewhere that's just convenient. My main concern is- what if something happens and I want to go back to the doctor... it's much more of a hassle for me to get there unfortunately.. hmm..
Let me know what you decide on this matter as well!!! Good luck to you too!!
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