Breast Augmentation ! :) - Ontario, CA

My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday July 18th...

My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday July 18th and I'm super excited :)
I went to two doctors before I decided to go with dr. Li in ontario, ca.
The first consult I went to was with dr. Hakeem. I knew a girl that got hers
done by him and hers turned out great. At the consult however I felt a little
bit rushed and uncomfortable. Just wasn't "the one" for me. I scheduled a
Consult with Dr. Li and the consult was great. He answered every question
In detail and made me feel comfortable and like he actually cared about me
and my end results.

My pre-op is scheduled for July 12th, going to go over final sizing and get all
My labs and stuff done. So far I've decided on 550cc's high profile silicone
Implants. I'm 25, 5'4", 140lbs, and a small B cup. I have one 6 year old daughter,
Didn't breast feed. I've always wanted bigger, fuller boobs with cleavage so
I'm super excited to finally get the procedure done. Can't wait to put the padded
Bras away! :)


Thanks! Going to be putting up my before pictures soon
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New boobies in a couple wks yay for you ! Good luck !
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How exciting! I look forward to reading on how it all goes!
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My pre-op is this coming thursday. Going to decide...

My pre-op is this coming thursday. Going to decide my final size and get my labs drawn. Also paying for the rest of my balance in full. It'll be a little hard to hand over so much cash but I know I'll have some great boobs for it :)
I keep going back and forth between 500 and 550cc's. Scared of getting them too big. I know 50 cc's isn't that much of a difference though.. I'm feeling a little nervous but more excited. Well I will lost some more updates after my pre-op :)
And hopefully some before pics, wish I could through my iPhone, thats how I do all my Internet stuff mostly.


Hi Pinkbunny87
I'm so excited to have came across your post. I went in yesterday for a consul with Dr. Li (I did do not know anyone who has gotten work done by him, but I work nearby so decided to give him a shot) let me say I was very impressed by this dr. He explained so much to me (I had one other consul, but he did not explain so much to me and I did not feel comfortable him), I literally came out with a headache  After all the info he gave me I have decided on having my work done by him with 475cc (I’m 5’2 & 123 lbs) but now I’m debating between saline and silicone (I have always had my mind set to silicone). I never thought it would be this difficult on deciding which implant to choose. I hope all goes well for you and you have a speedy recovery.

Please keep us updated on your surgery and recovery.
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Hiya bunny~Good luck on the upcoming surgery!! I'm sure your tummy is filled with butterflies, I know mine was! 550 cc's will look awesome.... Be prapered to turn a lot of heads....Lol Look forward to seeing the post op piks soon:-)
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Thanks, getting more nervous the closer I get. Not so
Much about the actual surgery, mote nervous about my results. Keep thinking what if they are way too huge? How long do thy take to drop and look "normal"?

So I had my pre-op on Thursday (6/12). Got my...

So I had my pre-op on Thursday (6/12). Got my before pics taken, all my prescriptions, final sizing, and the surgery bra to wear home on the surgery date. Decided on the 550's still, they said I'm going to lose 50cc once they are in. I brought in a regular tshirt and a scrub top to try the sizes with. Even tried on 500's since I'll be losing that 50. Definetly going to be big. Just hope not too big. Still really nervous about it and wondering if I should go with 500's?

It's now Monday morning and my surgery is this Wednesday! Can't believe it's soo soon! Definetly have butterflies in my tummy. Tomorrow they're going to call me and let me know what time to be at the surgery center. Excited and nervous!


Yay !!!! Big boobies tomorrow ! Good luck !
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I know! Excited but I don't think the reality really hit me yet! I'm sure It will in the am
In the drive there. Just finishes some laundry, taking a bath and then bedtime. :)
Good luck tomorrow! You are going under the muscle, so the 550 should be great. I'm 5'2" 135 lbs and went with 500 overs. At first they seemed too small, then incredibly large. Now they just fit me perfectly. I look like I have "a nice rack" as my DH says, but not like I've had a boob job. I am almost 7 weeks out and they look pretty darn good. Be patient, don't expect perfection right away. RxGirl has a great photo collage showing the progress of larger implants from day one to week 8. Check it out, it's really eye opening and reassuring.
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So it's now Friday, had surgery at 830 on...

So it's now Friday, had surgery at 830 on Wednesday. Wednesday was not bad at all. I went to the surgery center, talked to dr Li again, he drew where the incisions and everything would be. Then anesthesia came abs introduced herself, she seemed very nice and answered all my questions about what meds
I was going to get, and about the intubation and everything. Sounded about right to me.
Then they wheeled me on the gurney to OR, I scooted over to the OR "bed". She said she's giving
Me my meds to go to sleep and it will burn a little but. I remember saying "my hand hurts, my hand hurts!" and that was it. Somehow woke up on my couch. Don't remember recovery or driving home or any of that.

So Wednesday's pain was about a 5 for
Most of the day, increased to about an 8 towards evening but was still bearable with the pain meds. Thursday was my post op appt and it went good. Pain was still about a 7-9 all
Day but bearable as long as you stay up on your pill schedule.
Valium every 8 and percocet every 4. It is
Now 6 am Friday morning. I set my alarm for
230 to take my Valium but slept through it. Then at 430
I woke up in horrible pain. Almost crying. Couldn't
Move my arms or get up at all. Woke up my little sister who's been taking car
Of me when everyone else is at work. She got
Me all my pills and some jell-o. Pain is now an 8 from the horrible 10 or more
It was when I first woke up. I will try to take some post op pics today a little later, they look decent for just being put in. That's it for now, feeling super drowsy and still in pain :( but still was worth it. Excited to have boobs :D

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I am now 6 days post op and am loving my boobs...

I am now 6 days post op and am loving my boobs more and more every day :) putting up some pictures now.


Hi pinkbunny87
How are you and your new girls?? Thought about you yesterday when I went in for my pre-op with Dr. Li. I hope all is going well...please update us :-)
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Everything is going great, dont have to go in till October. Just healing at home. They are starting to get softer, only in pain when I wake up now, been off the pAin pills for a lil over a week now. I need to post some new pics, I'll try to do that soon. Very happy with my results tho and hope the scars heal nicely. I need to go down on Friday and buy that silicone scar cream they have there. It's like $60 but hey, if
I'm spending this much on my boobs I can spend 60 on scar creams. I want to do lip fillers next ;)
What size did u end up picking? Are you doing saline or silicone? I actually wish I went with 600's but he said they will be a tiny bit bigger once theyve settled in 3 months. Love them tho and can't wait till I'm done healing. Going out Tuesday night for the first time with them :) good luck with everything, make sure you keep us updated too

Today was exactly 3 weeks post op. I Love my new...

Today was exactly 3 weeks post op. I Love my new boobs :) I have been taking pictures every few days or so and need to put them up. The stitches have all dissolved by now and the scars dont look too bad. I've been putting bio-oil on them for now, this Friday I'm making a trip down to the doctors office to buy the silicone cream they have.( The office is about an hour away) They still feel kind of hard but are way softer than they were. I'm only in pain when I first get up in the morning, about a 6-7 for a few minutes.
My nipples and area underneath are not really numb but have an odd sensation to them. Super happy with my results tho, hopefully put up a few more pics tomorrow in the am :)


How exciting, so happy for you. Glad everything is going well. Yes very true, must give good care to the new girls :-)
Well when I went in for my pre-op I decided on 475cc mod plus smooth saline, but I'm now thinking thats too big so I called in to the office with my concerns and the ladies at the office suggested they order 450 and 475 for the day of I'm back to sqaure one :-/ why is this so hard??
I think i'm going to stick to 475cc, because I dont want to regret not going bigger.
Wow 600cc seem so big, but they look great on you :-) Have fun out in town with your new girls!
I sure will, hope everything goes as smooth as it is going for you. Only one week away, so nervous but yet excited...can't wait to get it over with.

Today is 7 weeks post op. I can now sleep...

Today is 7 weeks post op. I can now sleep comfortably on my side again :) even lay on my stomach for a bit. They still feel a little bit hard but definetly much softer than they did. I bought the silicone cream the dr's office had so I've been applying it twice a day to my scars. It's called bioCorneum advanced scar supervison in case anyone's wondering. Right now the scars are a pinkish white, they seem to be healing well though. That's really the only thing I worry about now. If I could go back in time I think I would have gone a little bit bigger, like 600. So glad i didn't downgrade last minute to the 500's. But overall I'm thrilled with my results and size :)


Hey pinkbunny87 had mine done with the same doctor 1 month ago and unfortunately I didn't have the same outcome as you. I'm quite disappointed with the results thus far. I believe he didn't make my pocket bit enough on one of my breast which caused complication from the very first day and now I'm left with a lopsided boob. This is my biggest complain however not my only after the surgery was performed. Very very disappointed :(
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Hey, where in Ontario did you get this done?
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You look great bunny! ! super cute bikini btw, where did you get it?? I've been using Mederma for my scars daily & at 6 months post op they are almost invisible. ;-)
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Dr. Li

Found through Internet browsing. The dr and the staff are great. They are always friendly and answered all of my millions of questions. Dr Li is great, super friendly and tells you "if you were my daughter.." really gives you the pros and cons of everything. He did his wifes breast augmentation twice. (she had saline first, then when they had to be replaced he did silicone). He was even telling me he has done some playmates because he can actually go through the nipple. Not cut around it But through the center! He is an amazing doctor, couldn't be happier at this point. Still only on my day 2 1/2 though so I will update once they drop more :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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