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Hola I'm 26 years young and a mommy of two girls...

Hola I'm 26 years young and a mommy of two girls (10 & 6). I have always had small boobies, but had hope after my two pregnancies I would be left with something (bigger) for me, boy I was wrong. My bobbies did get big, but once I finished nursing I lost it all plus some. After years of thinking about this procedure I finally made up my mind and decided to go for it. I’m 5’2 123 lbs and currently a 34B, but do not fill up the cup. I have always had in mind silicone, full C, small D cup size and of course natural looking. However I’ am very afraid of losing sensation in my nipples and also of capsular contracture.

Here is where my story begins…about a month ago I went to a consultation with a Dr. that was recommended to me by one of my co-workers, who’s boobies look so natural can’t tell she has implants. I took my husband along with me and after a short consultation (did not explain much and was not very informative about my concerns) the Dr. recommended I go with textured silicone 440cc and over the muscle, after all he is the doctor so of course I agreed with what he said. Once I returned home I continued my research and focused specifically on what this Dr. recommended. After days of researching, I did not like the information I came across about going with his recommendations. So I decided to go to another consultation and this time with a Dr. who I researched on and who happen to be nearby my work (found great reviews on him and is well certified in this field). This Dr. explained sooo much to me, I literally walked out with a headache (wish my hubby could have made it to this consultation too). He focused on my concerns, explained all the pros & cons about both types of implants and so much more. After this consultation I also went home to do more research and was more satisfied with the information I came across. I’m now stuck, I do not know which implant to choice. Like I said I have always had in mind silicone but now that I know I can achieve the look I want with saline I’m confused and need a little more help on deciding. So before I go bald stressing over this, I have turned to this wonderful site I came across.

I have decided to get my boobies done by Dr. Li (#2 consultation). I went in today to give my deposit and scheduled my surgery date for August 17th. So I have to make up my mind by July 31st, which is my pre op date. Now that I know my dates, I’m beginning to get nervous :-/ One last thing, the ladies in the office are so wonderful…they allowed me to bring home a silicone and saline boob to help me decide, lol.

That is a tough choice. Generally, silicone is considered more natural looking and feeling and is considered safe. Saline implants might be a little less soft and are also considered safe. There is a school of thought concerning silicone causing illness. This hasn't been proven, though there are plenty of women on this site who claim otherwise. Here's a link to a thread about breast implant types. Please let us know what you decide to do!

Thank you, there is so much to consider before making the right choice it can be hectic.

The date is getting closer, so excited…I have my...

The date is getting closer, so excited…I have my pre-op this coming Tuesday, July 31st with Dr. Li. The nervousness has seem to come down a bit and I’m now leaning towards saline implants, but will finalize everything on Tuesday. I have posted pictures with sizers, please give me your honest opinion on what would look better. I want a full C small D cup size and natural looking boobies, I’m a 5’2 123 lbs. Thank you in advance
Hi LuLis, I know it can be really confusing when it comes to picking out implant size to get the size results you want. Try not to get too hung up on what bra tag size you want to be. Not all bras are sized and made the same. Go for what makes you look and feel good. I can tell you how it turned out for me and my sister.

I am 5’6”, 130Lbs, with a 26 inch ribcage. I have 475cc hi-profile silicone implants under the muscle. Pre-op I wore a 30D bra (equivalent to a 34B) and measured 33-26-36. Now I wear a 28GG in UK bra size (a J cup in American bras) and yes I have to special order all my bras out of country because they don’t carry them here. A 30 band had been too big for me. Now I measure bust-waist-hips 37-26-36 and can fit a size 4/6 dress size with an hourglass body shape.

My older sister is 5’2”, 115Lbs, with a 29 inch ribcage. She has 500cc hi-profile saline implants under the muscle. She got hers about 10 years ago. Pre-op she wore a small 34B (sorry I don’t know what her measurements were and she can’t remember it was so long ago), and now she can wear a 34DDD BUT she had been wearing the wrong size bra like a lot of women and due to the lack of support her breast have started to sag. Currently she is now wearing a 30G bra in UK sizing (an I cup in American bras). Her measurements around the fullest part of her bust is about 36 inches, but she is a lot smaller on the bottom than I am. So she looks top heavy now. She can wear a size 2 or 4 jeans from Express and a size 6 on top. She does complain that she can never find fitted one-piece dresses that fit because she is now considered top heavy.

Hope this info helps you out a little. ^_^
Thank you for sharing this. I will be going with 475cc mod plus profile under the muscle oh and saline. Before staring my research I never thought there was so much information to consider, but I'm glad I did my homework.
Thank you again, hope you and your sis are doing well.
Hi Lulis! My surgery is near yours, August 15th! I originally wanted to go with saline, but when my husband and I held up both implants, we saw rippling on the bottom of the saline implant. Then after feeling both, we were both so impressed how natural the silicone felt. But I've seen pics of both that look great!

Hello ladies, haven't updated for awhile. I'm...

Hello ladies, haven't updated for awhile.
I'm soooo nervous, tomorrow is the big day, I will be going in at 7:30am.

At my pre-op I decided 475cc Saline, but a few days later I was not sure of the size. So after going in again for resize the wonderful ladies in the office offered to order 450cc and 475cc...after doing more research I will be going with 475cc (not much of a difference from 450) and leaving it open to my PS for the volume (giving him all my trust).
Like I said I'm so nervous, but excited...just want it to be over. Please keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!

Thank you all for the wonderful support :-)
Hello ladies i have boobies!
its day two post op and I'm feeling great, a little sore and tight but nothing too bad (thank God). Have been on top of my meds and drinking lots of water and also prune juice. Took a quick bird bath today with the help of my hubby. My two little ones (10 & 6) have also been a big help. So far Its worth it, glad I finally got my boobies. Will post pix soon, thank you all again for the thoughts and prayers.
Beauty is pain :-)
Hi, lulis...are your boobies here??? Hope you're doing well and will keep us posted on your progress.

Hello lulis~ I'm sure have a million butterflies in your tummy right now......I felt exactly the same way before my big day! No need to worry, it will all be of piece of cake. So, you're getting 475 c's, that's very big considering you are only 5"2. I'm 5"10 & went with 304 cc's and currently fit into a full C/D cup. You will be turning a lot of heads that's for sure!!!! Lol GOOD LUCK:-)

Day #7 Doing great so far! Ready to go back to...

Day #7 Doing great so far!
Ready to go back to work on Monday, I have a desk job so I should be fine.
My recovery has been great, only tough day was Saturday. Not as bad as everyone described the second day would be, just VERY uncomfortable not much pain only sore and tight. I have been very lucky to have the support of my hubby and daughters have been great with helping out when my mother-in-law has left for the day (she has been coming over every day till today to help out---I love her). I started driving yesterday, took my mother-in-law home (about 5miles away) felt good. Today I took my daughters to school and I'm now home resting enjoying my last few days of vacation/recovery.
Once again, thank you for all the support. For any lovely ladies thinking of going through with this, DO IT!!! It is not as bad as we imagine we all recover differently, but it is worth it. I will be posting pictures as soon as I can.
I wish all you ladies many happy booby days ahead :-)

Hiya lulis~ Glad to hear you're feeling better. I agree, all ladies feeling insecure & hating their ta ta's should DO IT.....but only after extensive research!!! It's a shame so many doctors are not really qualified  to give good BA's and leave uninformed patients with unsatisfactory results. Can't wait to see your post op piks! take care:-)

Hello ladies

Hello ladies

Lets try this again... Hello ladies

Lets try this again...

Hello ladies

Maybe one last time. Hello ladies

Maybe one last time.
Hello ladies
Do you have any updated pics? Did he tell you what the fill volume was? I'm scheduled for Wednesday and my ps wants to do 450-475 moderate plus overfilled to like 550-600... I am scared to death! I just want a full c small d as well. I am 5'3" broad shoulders.
Hi there!! Are u still satisfied with his work? Was it 5 grand out the door?
Good glad to hear you are happy!! I'm going with 450 mod profile plus under the muscle too. I guess I'm just going one size down from you. What size of breasts did you end up with a full C or a D? It's so hard to figure all these cc's out. Thanks for the advice. So nice to read someone that is going through the same thing!! Congrats!!
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