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RIP OFF. Did NOT Work Even a Little! 300+ Dollars Spent! - Ontario, CA

I ordered the wraps.. And after 3 weeks, they...

I ordered the wraps.. And after 3 weeks, they discovered it was lost in the mail, I was sent a new pack, and my distributor sent me one of her packs. I used all 5 wraps, I drank BOAT loads of water, I didn't sweat for any, and I lost NOTHING. Nadda. Not even HALF an inch! I've ordered thermofit and it also did nothing that I didn't do myself. I lost a mere 2 pounds in a MONTH, however I changed my diet.. So I mean, healthier foods will make anyone lose weight. I've ordered the skinny pack now, fat fighters, defining gel, wraps.. (It's my last month as a loyal) and I'm eager to see results, but in my heart I'm confident in saying I most likely will see none. Trust me people, your wasting your money.
The caffeine content in the wraps along with some other ingredients tighten and very temporarily tone the skin. That's it. The rest of it is just diet and basic biology- maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Crazy how eating healthy can actually make you lose weight, huh ? Luckily the latter is a much cheaper solution.
Hello there, I was looking for information about these wraps and stumbled over your review, I can relate to you. I tried everything out there to lose weight and inches. I do my own wraps and scrubs with ingredients from my own kitchen. I got results from them, is just a matter of consistency and patience. Good luck with your journey Instagram : **removed link**
Hey there, you can always try using saran wrap and an electric blanket. Drink lots of water over the course of a few days and do some light exercise. I do want to point out that these products are falsely advertised. The It Works wraps do work for most people, but not because they flush out toxins or shrink fat cells. Please remember that drinking water doesn't flush out toxins, nor does applying a wrap with "natural" ingredients. The human body is much more complex than that; your kidneys are what flush out toxins. These wraps are designed to rid your body of water weight temporarily as well as tighten the abdomen with ingredient such as hyaluronic acid, a product you can buy for fairly cheap and use as a serum. I use a hyaluronic acid serum after using my plastic wrap "skinny wrap". The exact same results can be achieved this way.
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