46 Year-old 5'4" 136lbs - I child Starting with 36 I Cup Going for a Reduction - Ontario, ON

I didn't have any issues in high school with my...

I didn't have any issues in high school with my breasts. In my twenties Is where they really took off. I went from C - DDD. Then when I was pregnant in my 30s they exploaded. Whenever I look in the mirror that is all I see and it makes my head look small. I never enjoyed the attention it got me and they made shopping torture. Last year I was professionaly fitted and realized that I was a 36i Cup. I had been wearing 40DDDs because a) the largest cup size in regular stores only go to DDD and b) they only have 40 band size with the DDD - no wonder why they never held me up, no wonder why they it was so much strain to carry. A proper bra should be supported by the band that sits on your rib cage NOT by the straps the dig into your shoulders. Anyhow, these new bras held the girls into the best position they could and looked much better but I was still not happy. My new bras cost $150 a pop, my sports bra $100 - I can't afford to support that.

I had thought about getting it done a few years ago when my mother had hers done but because she had complications I was so very afraid. She has now said that she played a large part in that she ignored everything we are told not to do from lifting, pulling, cleaning, gardening, she even travelled! **note to self, the housework can wait!**

So I guess I really decided that I wanted this once and for all about 1 month ago. I recently took a ride on the Rheumatoid Arthritis train and it has not been fun. Pain all day every day and it has made me stop weight training for a few months now. I'm hoping I started with a flare up and it will settle down. Anyhow because of this I am really worried about my recovery in October. Nights are my worst times and getting started in the morning. I have OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and sleep with a mask so there is also that! How am I going to put my mask on and off when I am not supposed to put my arms above my head. I'm trying not to worry myself before the fact but that is my nature unfortunately.

Like most of you I am obsessed with pictures, videos and everyone's story. Oh yes, I am also worried about my stomach being the focal point and have been trying to get used to seeing it by wearing my flattening sports bra most of the time. I'm really nervous about posting my boobies on the internet but at the same time I want share my story with you like so many have you have shared. It has really been helpful to me and I guess it is a way to give back and hopefully help someone else.

My surgery is October 8th - 2 days before I come back from a week's vacation out of the country.

I am in Ontario Canada and our OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) covers all costs for breast reductions because it is for health reasons.


Can someone tell me how to add myself to the calender countdown please?

Bought a few things today

Arnica massage oil - is this the one everyone talks about?

Baby wipes for bird baths

38dd bra by Exquisite Form Fully from Walmart - I had asked my doctor what size I will be and he says he does not go by bra sizes. He said he would remove about a pound each. He only does the Lollipop incision so I am guessing I will be a D?? I would be happy with that because I really liked when I was a D as they stood up by themselves plus I have squared shoulders which he commented on. He said his goal was to make me porportionate - can't argue with that!

Turmeric Bromelain For inflammation which I have been currently taking for my arthritis

I also bought prune juice which is not pictured. I've never had prune juice but I eat died prunes for snacks which I love (am I the only one?) - the prunes don't make me go, I must be immune but I hope the juice will when the need arises.

My current bras

Here are 2 of my European Prima Dinna bras that cost $150 and the cheaper ones I got at Additionelle on sale for about $80 last year. The Prima Donnas spread the girls apart and make me look wide in my tops. The cheaper ones squeeze the girls together up front and centre. As you can see, my bras can double as a face mask.

Question time????

I tried on the bra I plan on using post op - there is no support at all but all my breast tissue is enveloped. It is a a 38DD do you think I should go smaller?

Comparison of bras through the years

So I saved this bra I had from high school in hopes to hand down to my future daughter. She will be 13 at the end of this month and is nowhere near fitting into this :-)

Anyhow this red bra is a 36C cup and it just proves how bra cups have changed throughout the years. They look like an A cup to me but then again.. Maybe I'm not the right person to judge. I don't want to be a C - I will be happy with a D.

The second photo is a comparison shot of my then 36C to my now 36i bras.????

Jumping the gun

I couldn't resist this cute bralette from Walmart because it is in one of my favourite colours melon. I got the matching panty too - I can't remember the last time I was able to get a cute bra with matching panties. So cheap too!

Yikes! Not much of a buffer

I am going on vacation to Jamaica on September 29th - October 6th or so I thought. The airline changed my return date to the 7th which is the night before my surgery on the 8th! Now I won't have any time to do food prep. While I am happy for the extra day I do not like that it will be literally vacation then surgery bam bam! I pray there aren't any delays with the airlines. Here is a picture of my playing around with the possibilities of my new look.

Been losing weight

So I keep updating my weight in the title.

Pre-op has been confirmed !

I just got off the phone with my surgeon's office and my pre-op is Thursday September 25th - it seems so real now I'm so excited!

Found a front closure bra

Even though my surgeon says to just bring my regular bra for right after (how boring is that??) I bought this Carole Martin bra that I found at Giant Tiger for just $9. It is a size 38 and will be interesting to see how it fits after.

This guy is going to miss my boobs!

His name is Noah and we've been together for 23 years. He was a gift from my husband - well he was my boyfriend then. Noah likes to climb on my chest and "knead". I hope he doesn't do that during my recovery.
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just stopping by to say hello! :)) I noticed we have the same surgery date, can't wait to see your results!
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Very cool - we can share our recovery!
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Noah is gorgeous!
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Thanks, he knows how to Werkit!
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Oh bless, Noah looks like a friendly soul! My cat isn't much of a needer so I didn't worry about that...... I did put a blanket on my chest that he hates though so he didn't want to come near me anyway haha. X
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He has become very friendly in his old age. He had a hands off approach most of his life. I will try the blanket. When I was pregnant the pets seemed to know and were gentle, hopefully this will also be the case.
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Well done on your weight loss! Wished I'd bothered before my surgery but I didn't ! Once I feel able I'm going to start working out to loosen everything up and hopefully loose some pounds :D x
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Thank you Missydee. I also can't wait to start working out again. My RA has caused me to stop but the new meds are slowly working so one day soon. Your new body will definitely be a motivator so you will lose whatever you want to, I am very sure about that.
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Thank you so much! I hope this gives me the kick up the butt I needed! Exciting that you have your pre op soon! It really does begin to feel real from then on when they start measuring you for compression socks etc! Exciting times x
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It sure is.
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Woohoo! Congratulations on ur weight loss! Ur gonna b truly reborn after all this! Enjoy ur vacation! (:
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Thank you Cree11. I have been on a weight loss journey since last July when I saw a picture of my on my birthday. I am 1 lb away from my original goal of 135 but I think I am going to try for 130. At the snail's pace that my stomach is going I will probably have to get down to 125 :-). My username was created for my weight loss journey but now that I am putting the breast reduction in the mix it will most definitely be accurate!
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Hello Reborn, just wondering, what has your surgeon said about your medication? I was able to continue taking my Lexapro throughout the whole thing. The weight loss from the operation is bound to help with your arthritis. I forget where I saw this but I read that every 1lb taken off your breasts is equivalent to 10lbs as far as your spine is concerned. Actually i think it was in "When less is more' by Bethanne Snodgrass, very useful guide written about breast reduction. I ordered it from Amazon. Think its out of print now., would be happy to send it to you if you like?
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I was going to wait until after the 4th to ask because I will probably be on something new then. I really do hope that I will be able to take something just like you because it will be sheer hell and I wouldn't even be able to walk, surely that kind of trauma to the body can't be good for an operation. I'm just praying that everything works out in my favour. Thank you for the kind offer
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http://www.amazon.co.uk/When-Less-More-Bethanne-Snodgrass-ebook/dp/B000ROKXVU/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409655761&sr=1-1&keywords=when+less+is+more+bethanne+snodgrass Really worth a look!
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Wow that really helped thank you! I have been having rotator cuff issues since last fall so when that was mentioned it even gives me more hope that my miracle will come.
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I put on one of my old (36gg) bras yesterday and laughed. Its really great to buy an average sized bra. I might be arrested for fondling bras in the lingerie section but it will be worth it, i head for the giant bras and then remember I am not condemned to them any more...so i go and admire the normal ones. you will have great fun shopping after1
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Lol - I just bought another bralette set yesterday. I was just thinking today that if they fit me after surgery I might not even bother with a regular bra if I can get away with it - it's nice to dream right??
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That's all I've worn since my surgery 8 weeks ago! :)
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To be honest if I didnt want to wear a bra at all i could get away with it, but I am more comfortable in one.
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I'll probably end up doing that too.
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Good luck to you too! Feels so nice to hear from women who are in the same boat :) it's going to be an amazing change X
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Thank you, it really is good to be able to talk about this with other women who are experiencing the same things.
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The melon bra will be great for comparison pics post op. I posted pics on my review in bursting out of the bras i had bought pre op and it makes the improvements really obvious
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I also want to take some pics of outfits for comparison later.
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