Only Do It if You Have Enough $$ to Do It Twice

I had 2 augmentations done-$13K total for both....

I had 2 augmentations done-$13K total for both. The first set never dropped (I was an A and got 350 cc's and I'm 5'3" and 114lbs) -they were almost in my clavicle and looked awful. I found out I was pregnant 1 month post op (Lord knows if I was pregnant during) and they got even larger.

My doc just told me to put a band over them but they never ever looked normal-I was so disapointed but she acted as if it was normal to look like this a few months post op. I was spilling out of D bras pregnant and just about a D I ended up moving cross country and to my horror, they never "dropped."

I went to a surgeon down here (they were still a 34D 6 months post pregnancy and I didn't breastfeed) and so far 6 days post op-they already look 100% better than my others ever looked! I wanted smaller and so far so good with 300cc's.

In hindsight, knowing what I know now, I would have never had them done although this second set (or as I refer to them-my corrective set) look great. If you do decide to get breast augmentation, I suggest having enough funds to get them done twice. Great results are never guaranteed although expected, as I was reminded and do remember that they do not last forever-they do need to be replaced every 8-10 yrs or as they necessitate.

I checked out his work, you are right. Beautiful breasts there. Glad to know the doc that helped you. Will look into this guy and study him some more, thanks!
Coral Gables Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lenny Roudner is amazing. He can do breast augmentations with his eyes closed-well I don't know about that but seriously he made my horrible-looking breasts look great. His office is convenient-in Coral Gables and his staff is also very friendly. Whoever you choose to go with-do your research!! (although seriously go with Roudner:) FYI-he was also cheaper than my first surgeon was

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