Lost 115 Pounds…and keeping it off :)

The day after I had given birth to my second...

The day after I had given birth to my second daughter, I waddled my way over to the scale in the hallway of Kaiser Hospital. I stepped on and took a deep breath. 229 pounds. This was after I had given birth to an 8 pound baby. For months, my knees had hurt from all that weight being put on them. My heart sank throughout the pregnancy because I consistently made healthy choices with my diet. When I wasn’t throwing up or on bed rest, I did my best to exercise and stay active. And yet despite all of that, I somehow managed to pack on about 2.5 pounds a week for 38 weeks straight. Some weeks it was 5 pounds. Some weeks it was 2. But nevertheless, it was hard. I gained about 99 pounds from my starting weight all said and done. My first pregnancy I gained 70, and then lost all 70 in the following year. But this, this time….it seemed much harder. Much more of a daunting task.

We took our precious second daughter home. I gave myself 2 weeks to recover, and then I put some running shoes on. I walked out my front door, and slowly jogged the length of two houses. Then stopped. That’s all I could do. My knees hurt, my thighs rubbed together, and my heart physically couldn’t jog another step. I turned around and walked home. The next day, I jogged the length of those 2 houses plus an additional mailbox. Wow. Slow slow progress. I turned around and walked home. The next day, I jogged 3 houses. The next day, I actually made it past the 3rd house and across the street to the next block. I was absolutely determined not to stay 200+ pounds. I didn’t care what it took. But I knew I would do whatever it took. By 2 weeks, I was jogging 2 blocks and then walking back. By 4 weeks I was jogging 2 blocks and jogging back. And granted, our blocks were not that long haha. They were short. But little by little I built up my strength and endurance. After about a month of jogging the neighborhood I had lost about 20 pounds, and I went back to my local gym. I was still very large though. I had one pair of XL sweatpants that I bought during the pregnancy that I wore for months straight. I drove to the gym, sans makeup and vanity, about 4-5 times a week. And I only got on the scale about once a week. And slowly saw a drop in pounds, little by little.

All while exercising, I continued to make healthy food choices, in addition to my twice a day PureTrim protein shakes from Awareness Life, which I had for breakfast and dinner for a year straight. Well, no, more specifically I would have 2 shakes a day for about 20 days out of the month. Then I would re-order them, and take about a week off, and then start up again with them when they arrived the next month. For more on these incredible shakes, click here:

Here was my mantra the entire time: every little decision I make will add up to the big result that I want. Every time I said no to that brownie that I wanted, or lazy day in bed that I craved, added up to the results that I have now. So I thought in terms of both long and short-term. My long term was decided by my short term decisions. Every moment, every self-disciplined, self-controlled choice added up.

It was hard. No doubt about it. It was hard to say no to myself, and say yes to things I didn’t always want to do. During the winter, the last thing I wanted to do on a rainy, cold day was drag my butt to the gym and work out. Some nights, the last thing I wanted to do was make yet another shake, after I had just finished preparing a wonderful delicious meal for the rest of my family. Sometimes I even had to make my shake first before I started cooking for my family-that way I was already full and not as easily tempted to join in on the bread and cheese and wine, etc. And don’t get me wrong, there were some days I did. Absolutely. And if any of my friends know me, they know I love bread. Anything with bread: bagels, muffins, pb&j’s, Macaroni Grill’s oh so heavenly rosemary salt bread with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Oh. I love bread. And there were times when I indulged, and it actually helped my body recover from the workouts (side note: ironically, my body actually does pretty well consuming bread..almost like it needs it). Throughout the years I’ve noticed that my pounds add up when I’m indulging in the fats and sugars. But not everybody is that way. Every one’s body is different and responds differently to different food groups.

Nevertheless, there are things we have to deny ourselves for the goal.

Ya know, one thing that surprised me though was everyone’s reaction to how amazing and focused and determined I was. I never understood that. I always looked at it as this: I wanted to do this, and so I did. That’s it. Simple. If you want to lose weight and be healthy, you will find a way to do it. If it’s not something that is really important to you, you will keep making excuses. As with anything in life; fill in the blank (ex. I really want to know the word of God so I’m actually going to spend the time studying it, reading it, and memorizing it). It all comes down to priorities. I knew I didn’t want to be at an unhealthy weight the rest of my life. And then just practically speaking, I had a whole wardrobe of clothes just sitting in my closet that I couldn’t wear. So I literally wore out one pair of XL sweatpants, day in and day out, until I could finally utilize my wardrobe again-because I was not about to go out and buy a bunch of brand new XL clothes.

Bottom line: you can anything, if you really want to.

Maintaining weight loss, feeling great!

It's been a little while since I updated this, so I thought that I would. A year has passed since my tummy tuck surgery, and nearly 3 years since my 115+ pound weight loss. Let's see….I am trying to get myself to exercise a little more (I try to make it to the gym 2-3 times a week, if that!), but I am just better at controlling what I put in my mouth. I still have a shake every morning for breakfast, and honestly attribute most of my weight loss, and now maintenance, to these amazing little guys. (For more on these Mediterranean shakes-just ask me and I will email you the link on where I purchase them, as I cannot post any link on this site). I came up with a new recipe that I love! I mix the vanilla shake with lowfat powdered peanut butter that I found on vitacost for about $4…mix it in a blender with water and ice and it tastes like a peanut butter milkshake…so good!
Let's see, what else…no more pain since TT. I love my results, so happy I did it. I'll post some updated pics. Let me know if you have any questions…I'd be happy to help in any way that I can! I love seeing women (and men) get healthy…even baby steps towards a more healthy lifestyle is better than changing nothing at all :)

Happy 214 to you all! xxoo

Being healthy is an every day choice...

Hello all,

Wanted to take a moment to update and sort of just talk out my thoughts here. Now that I've been maintaining my weight for some time, I must confess it doesn't get any easier. Friends will comment to me "oh man if I looked like you I would definitely indulge more! You can afford to!". But the truth is I put on fat just like you do. I have to watch what I put in my mouth every day-like we all should. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. When I have chocolate cake at night I toss and turn and get a horrible night's sleep (not because I feel guilty lol but because of the sugar and caffeine). There are consequences to our food choices, and just because I am lean now doesn't mean that I am exempt from them. I'm writing this because I think people often mistake their end goal as just that: the end. But it really is only the beginning…the beginning of a new way of living…every single day. Now of course I don't deprive myself of birthday celebrations, and date nights with my husband, etc…I do live and enjoy food and drinks :) But I am conscious of everything I put in my mouth. I am aware. I have to be. Otherwise I will end right back up at 200+ pounds. I just wanted to say that I am right there with you. I look in the mirror every day and make a choice to KEEP my body like this. I've said this before…I don't have some crazy fast metabolism. I actually have the opposite: incredibly strong fat genes. My shape and body takes after my father's side of the family…where obesity is huge (no pun intended, really). If my father didn't work out for 2+ hours a day…he too would be large like his siblings. Thankfully he set such a good example for me…that even if you have a predisposition of more fat cells than the average person…you don't have to stay that way. You can work hard and be healthy. Now he tends to opt for the exercise way of doing it…while I prefer to control what I eat. I think I've said this before too- but I've found it INCREDIBLY difficult to do both at the same time…(exercise AND eat right) and do both well. If I exercise for an hour a day, 5 days a week, WHILE watching what I eat….one tends to suffer and it's usually my eating. I get so famished from working out, that I just eat everything in sight (mainly carbs). And it's not that they're bad carbs, but they're still carbs. And that caloric deficiency that's needed to lose fat gets eaten up real fast when I'm so hungry. So through trial and error I've found it's easier and faster to maintain my weight through nutrition. And from personal experience, I really do fully believe what they say is true: 80% of weight loss has to do with what we put in our mouths. Only a small percentage has to do with exercise.

The company that I buy my nutritional shakes through actually just came out with a new flavor last week...Strawberry Sorbet and it is to die for. Chunks of real fresh strawberries….it tastes like I'm having a strawberry milkshake for breakfast. I love it. After consistently having vanilla and chocolate the last few YEARS….I was definitely excited for this new addition. The company also added 20 new herbs and nutrients which make you full for longer. I've also started this new supplement called "Adaptogen complex" from a different company…Quantum Nutrition Labs I think it is….and it's a blend of herbs that sort of "adapts" to what your body needs. I'm hoping it will balance out my hormones-as I've tried all sorts of female balances that have not done a thing. Other than that I've just been sticking with the shakes, the experience cleanse almost nightly, and then the chocolate truffles that help curb cravings as well. Those are the staples in my weight loss pantry so to speak. The cleanse I take at night, not only rids your body of toxins, but the herbs work to scrape off the years of built up plague in your colon and small intestine. It also contains a natural diuretic and an herb that is an natural appetite suppressant so it is my 3 for 1 supplement. I love it. The chocolate truffles are good for when twice a month (thanks to hormones) I get that sweet tooth. The ingredients the company put in these little truffles claims to promote lipid fat binding in cells. Not entirely sure how or if it works, but they're great to have on hand when I want some chocolate and no I'm not sabotaging my entire day if I have a few. And they taste great too and do fill me up almost instantly. Although they are kind of expensive so I can't buy them every month. Let's see…what else….I've been trying to watch my sodium intake more. I kicked my soda habit long again thankfully, but still crave that fizz/bubbly drink so I switched to sparkling mineral water and it really does the trick. I buy the little bottles from Trader Joe's. I love love love them. They come out to about 50 cents each.

I've been attempting to exercise more consistently, but again since I'm a mesomorph (a certain type of body type…there are 3….look them up to find out which one you are)…I put on muscle very easily. Which if I ever decide to do some sort of muscle body building competition…then great lol. But that's not on the agenda today. And so if I work out more than twice a week…my body gets wider. And I don't like it. So I'm just still trying to find that balance of keeping my heart and insides healthy, while not having all my pants become tighter :)

All that to say…I struggle just like the next gal does. I think about my weight every day. I'm not magically in this happy place now that I am leaner. There are still problem spots that I can obsess over, things that I wish I could change. But I just do the best that I can, when I can, how I can, and try to let the rest go :) Trying to find the balance in it all :) Take care everyone, and as always, I'm here if you need me or have any questions.


Lost 115 pounds…and keeping it off


Here are some of the recipes I came up with for the shakes…

1) Simple banana: grab a blender, fill with a few ice cubes, about 16-20 oz of water (depending on how thick or thin you like your shakes), one small banana, and then pour in either the vanilla or chocolate packet. Blend for about 15 seconds and your meal is made. This one when made with the vanilla packet tastes like creamy cake batter to me.

2). Cinnamon roll: Same directions as above (using the vanilla packet), but in addition to a small banana, add about a teaspoon of cinnamon. This one also tastes like dessert.

3). Peanut Butter Milkshake: in this one, I forgo the banana and only use the packet of Pure Trim (chocolate or vanilla, but vanilla is my favorite) and this time I put in about 2 tablespoons of low-fat powdered peanut butter (I buy PBSlim from vitacost.com for around $4). Again, some ice and water. This one is so darn good cuz it’s not too sweet and has a tad bit of saltiness thanks to the peanut butter. This one is good for both breakfast and dinner.

These 3 are my go-to recipes that I alternate back and forth between, depending on my mood and what sounds good.
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