One Year On, I Still Have Lumpy Thighs

I had 2 treatments (was supposed to get 12) and...

I had 2 treatments (was supposed to get 12) and had a terrible reaction. I'm not allergic to soy (I am lactose intollerant so use soy all the time); not super sensitive, have had other surgery and procedures and have been fine. Here is what happened: - produced under-the-skin lumps that, 1 year on, have not gone away - had bruising for 6 weeks after procedure - I still cannot lie on one side of my body because the lumps hurt DONT DO IT - just work out, drink water and eat right. And learn to accept your body. I would hate for people to go through the same pain I did.


I had the mesotherapy procedure that was suppose to get rid of lumps of fat left by another surgeon after liposuction. Well, 1800.00 later I still had the lumps of fat and on top of that I was left with dark dime and nickle size scars from the injections. Now I have scars that I didn't have before and the fat is still there. It is not worth the pain and believe me it was painful or the money. I should have found a differnet surgeon and had lipo again, I would have spent about the same amount of money but I least I would have seen results. I was extremely dissapointed.
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