One Breast Lower Than the Other, 325cc's

Pro's:largermore porportionate...


  • larger
  • more porportionate figure
  • confidence


  • one dropped more than the other?
  • bottoming out?

Reason to get surgery was to look proportionate. post ba-32aa

My Results are fairly good, however, when you take a pic of you look straight on, you can see aprox. 3/4 inch diff in the crease of one breast to the next one.

You should post another picture where you are standing up straight with both your shoulders at the same height and the camera directly infront of you on a flat surface. I find it hard to determine if one breast really is higher up or if you're just slouching/have one shoulder higher then the other.
Hi Newme and others with surgeon from Kirkland. I too had a surgeon in Kirkland and one breast never dropped. Really bad communication, almost to a point of verbal abuse. Was told to wait and then told I have to pay to have it fixed. Just wondering how many of us are out there with the same doc? My surgery was February 13, 2009.
Please can someone give me advice!! I had a breast uplift with silicone implants 4 wks ago exactly. They are a funny shape, square looking and the left is noticeably bigger than the right. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I'm just being impatient,I expected them to be the same shape and size.
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Lack of communication, seems to always say things are looking good when i can see a obvious difference in breast size

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