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One Eye Smaller After Botox

I had Botox between the brows and three days later...

I had Botox between the brows and three days later I noticed my left eye looks smaller than the right.Even working with make-up it looks smaller. I did remember thinking at the time of the injection that the doctor was putting more serum on above the left brown. Is this a side effect and does anyone know if it will correct itself?

I agree with all of you, we ourselves know our face and eyes and how we look in the mirrors and pics etc... others may not notice, but we do. Since I carry my face, I would like to get the best job for me. Different Dr's have different understanding of what is considered " eye opening", in the case of uneven eyes, I also have that issue, I have made arrangments and appointments to add a few more units, as a back up, I also made an appointment with my regular botox dr to redo the whole thing in 3 months. 3 months goes back very quickly.
I had botox done for the first time on Oct. 15th, 2011 and over the past two weeks people have been noticing my right eye is alot smaller. People are wondering if I have a week eye. I never had a week eye in my life untill I had botox injected into my forehead. I have no idea why this is happening.
I have realized that Dr's will not take responsibilities for their work IF the outcome is not as good as you anticipated. I have concluded that as irritating as it may be especially after spending several hundreds of dollars, it is best to find another Dr or go back to the one who got it right...They know exactly what you are referring to but instead of arguing, it is better to move along to another Dr. In my situation, I have noticed that arguing with the Dr doesn't do anything. I have tried. I am simply going back to my original Dr who knew exactly what I needed without any justification or explaining. I also have scouted out a different Dr just in case. The most recent botox lift, was not enough, but instead of fighting it, I am approaching it from a different angle. My one eye is smaller than the other, and the lift is 3 units away from being perfect for me.

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