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I was 65 years old and going through a divorce. I...

I was 65 years old and going through a divorce. I really was disappointed in how old I looked. I had wrinkles in the cheek area, around my eyes, and a turkey neck, with those awful hanging jowls. I looked older than I felt. I checked out another facility first. I was interviewed by the nurses on staff and told what the procedure involved. They said there was no guarantees on the outcome. I never was seen by the doctor. I had a hematoma in my hip removed at ASI three years earlier, so I went there to get a price quote and see what they had to offer. I was again interviewed by nurses, was shown a short video about the procedures. I was shown before and after pictures of other patients. I had chosen Dr. Bruneteau as my possible surgeon. He is board certified and was not new to the scene, so to speak. When I spoke with Dr. Bruneteau, he was articulate and gave me a guarantee of satisfaction in the procedure. I was given a proposed view of what I would look like after surgery. ASI was a little more expensive, but I felt confident in the Doctor and the staff.

You will need to have someone to drive you home from the procedure, and there will be pain. My ears hurt the most. There was swelling and bruising. But it was so worth all of it. I really like the way I look now.
I'm happy for you. Congrats.
Thanks for sharing.... Best of luck!
Thank you for sharing your experience. I too went thru a divorce and it's sad & painful but it does get better & you will soon enjoy your new found freedom. As for the procedure, I've heard how painful it is & most importantly you have to have trust in your doctor. Glad you are happy with the new you - now go out there and wow the world!
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I was very satisfied with Dr. Bruneteau and his staff. They are caring, friendly, more than willing to explain every step in detail. The follow-up care was great. If I had a concern and couldn't get a hold of the person I needed to speak with, they were very prompt in returning my call. A good experience!

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