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Hi, I'm new to this site and plan to have my tummy...

Hi, I'm new to this site and plan to have my tummy tuck on 2/19. One of my biggest fears is the recovery and how soon I can travel via airplane for work. Does anyone travel for work and if so what has been your experience? The PS said that I should be ok after two weeks but that really scares me since I travel alone with no one to help me.

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Flabab don't give up too soon my bp also was too high the 1st pre-op date and surgery was canceled i cried like a baby! i had to go see my pcp for bp meds and monitor it for a couple of weeks to ensure it was normal i'm now pod 12
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I am sorry to hear that you're unable to have the surgery. :( that has to be super hard to handle and I wish you the best of luck... I read your review the other day and was so excited for you to have your surgery today.. what are the doctors telling you to do as far as your high blood pressure? I mean... is there any medication that you could be put on and get it under control and reschedule the surgery when it's at a safe level? Again, I'm sorry to hear this, as I know how upset & frustrated I would be..
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Good luck in Omaha Flabab and onenervousredhead! I have to get my courage up to schedule consultations!
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Hi there!! I am also from Omaha area and getting my surgery on the 11th! I'm nervous too! February surgery friends! Dr Montag is doing mine.
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Hi. Dr. Edney is doing my surgery so we are getting it done at the same surgical center.
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He did a friend of mine and did a great job
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Welcome to the community.   February 19th will be here quickly!   

How long are you able to take off work?  If you can give yourself a good 3 weeks off for recovery, and then wait until 4-6 weeks before flying that would be helpful.  I realize each person is different in recovery but honestly two weeks is not even close.

The first 4-6 weeks is critical and you need to go as easy as possible.  You will be tired, swollen and healing from a major procedure.  You simply can't rush a good thing:)  I am sure you will do fine but really baby yourself for a while.  

I am happy you joined the community.

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