My tummy tuck journey.. that ended up with me needing a FULL revision.

After losing 121 pounds I was left with unsightly...

After losing 121 pounds I was left with unsightly excess skin. I was very fortunate that insurance paid for my tummy tuck because if I had paid for this with the results I have I'd be even more devastated. I know it's early still to judge.. but as it stands I fear that revision will be my future.. and at a cost.. hopefully I'll be able to afford it... out of all I've been through.. I just wanted a nice stomach.. now I feel as hideous as I did pre-op.. with a huge scar for nothing. I'm not even flat.. I look pregnant.


Need to remind myself I'm really still early post-op. I wrote the original review after a bunch of crying and was upset. I've seen worse TT's.. I'm thankful for what I have. I just wish my belly button didn't have the lines/extra skin around it. Hopefully if it doesn't improve after the swelling goes away.. there will be some sort of treatment option for me to achieve the belly button I want.. and to remove the wrinkled skin right below the belly button/around my vertical scar.

Bought a bikini..

Actually not minding what I see in the picture (as far as my belly is concerned at least lol)
Can't wait till next spring when I get my BL/BA!

3 weeks out yesterday~

Woke up this morning 3 weeks 1 day post-op and my swelling went down quite a bit compared to the swell hell I was in for days. I'm feeling "ok" about my results.. I think the main thing that bothers me is the side view.. I'm not entirely sure if that's swelling or fat.. I expected to have a flat belly. I'm a 21.0 bmi, size 2-4 jeans, size XS tops, and very active.. so I'm not sure why I now have this pot belly.. I really really hope it's just swelling.. it's the only thing that I have doubts about. I could live with the imperfect belly button.. if only I were flat... patience grasshopper...

Booked a consult with another surgeon.

Booked a consult with a really good surgeon in the area for BL/BA (different from my TT surgeon).. and getting a second opinion on my TT from him. July 29th! Saving up the cash to get the girls fixed.. the weight loss hit almost every part of my body.. but belly and breasts the worst. Hoping he can offer some insight on my TT results.. as much as I try to stay positive.. I can't help but think that I picked the wrong doctor for my TT. I don't see how this will get any better... I have obvious lose skin and my scar is very high making my private area look huge. Even though my insurance paid for this tummy tuck.. it looks like I will have to pay for a revision out of pocket in the future. Please people.. don't tell me to be patient. I know and I'm trying. I have very little hope because of the way it looks.. I'm hardly swollen.. 5'7 and weigh 134lbs.. super fit.. and with a gigantic belly that doesn't fit the rest of my body. I had someone ask me how far along I was yesterday at the grocery store. I think I have a right to be upset.

2 appointments made for second opinions~

I'm hoping for the best.. hoping that my worries are put to ease. I have two different consults with two different surgeons. Now.. just gotta wait till the end of next month..

After looking online a lot..

I'm noticing that maybe the issue was also in the mark up pre-op.. the surgeon marked me hip to hip in one quick swoop of the arm. Everything I see online shows careful mark up from hip to hip then from hip to hip and up to the belly button area.. she didn't seem like the markup even mattered at all with how it took 3 seconds and then I was back on the stretcher getting wheeled to the OR.. nor was there any mark up on me beside just the hip to hip one.. I don't understand why this happened to me. Trying to snap out of this "woe is me" thing.. but I can't. I feel cheated out of this opportunity.. it's hurts me.. and it's driving me crazy. :(

26 days

Well.. my after TT outfit finally came in.. :(

This was my after TT vacation goal outfit.. unfortunately with how my results are I don't think I'll be wearing this on vacation.


Going to try to take a break from realself until my second opinion consults have happened.. or at least closer to those dates.. I'm happy for everyone with good results.. they have what should be typical of this surgery.. it still really depresses me that I'm not one of them. I've worked so hard to get this far in my weight loss journey.. this was going to be my "closure".. now.. well.. the pictures say it all. Hopefully I can keep myself away from here for a bit.. I just wish this wasn't on my mind as much as it is.. but I had no idea this would happen to me.. I hope for a positive outcome with my consults next month..


Been in the hospital for almost a week with excruciating pain. Found out I have a hematoma/sermoma.. but the hospital doesn't think that's the cause of my pain.

Updated photos

Diagnosed with a hematoma/Seroma in my abdomen.. they are just gonna watch it I guess. Still not too happy with it.. but I have hope for improvements.. whether through time or future revision. Next week second opinion consults.

Feeling much better about it :)

I definitely have a dog ear that will need fixing.. but other than that and the skin looking bad when I sit.. I'm happy with how it looks when standing.

Sharing my before and after (weight loss picture)

Journey from 5'7 and 255lbs to 130lbs!

forgot to post the picture..

before & after!

Second opinion consult

Just got back from my second opinion consult. Planning on a revision in the future. The new doctor agreed with my concerns.. I could have been pulled tighter and he wants to lower my scar. He's going to see if tricare will cover the revision since they covered the initial surgery, and if they don't he is waiving his fee for me (very kind since he didn't do the TT originally!). I'd be looking at $4,700 for the revision if insurance doesn't help out.. which is a very good deal if you ask me! I see him again in 4 months - still too early out to jump into the revision. I'm just happy I have a game plan and a surgeon I fully trust! Also planning on a breast lift too. Now - patience.

Revision ahoy!

Insurance is paying for my revision TT with my new surgeon AND a breast lift! Will update once I get the date scheduled!


January 17th I'm having a revision TT and a breast lift with a new surgeon. From here on out I will be updating on my tummy tuck revision review and I will also be creating a breast lift one as well! I'm on the cancellation list.. so hopefully I can get in sooner!

So I had my breast lift and revision tummy tuck with a different surgeon!

I meant to update here after.. but honestly I've just been updating my other review (on the revision tummy tuck board). I won't be updating on this review any longer. See you all on my other review!
Omaha Plastic Surgeon

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I can't believe that we had our messed up TT's on the same day! (Your original TT and my, I'm still not healed from it, botched TT) So glad that you were able to get the revision and that insurance covered it. How do you feel about the Fleur de lei TT? I think that may be my only option to get rid of all of my scar tissue.
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revision TT board where is the located so lost on this programs ....
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ok you should be finish now, I see this is 2013 please respond and post some pictures Okay!
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wow how did you get the insurance to pay for it.. even the first time. Blessed but you should not have had to go through all of this Pray every thing turns out okay for you and you get the results you want...
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good for u....Im dealing with the same least ur gonna be happy now!
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Will be following you! Wishing you stunning results the second time around!
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Thank you! I'm actually a little over 3 weeks post op breast lift and revision tummy tuck. I have another review on here for my revision. :)
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Wow, it sounds like your first surgeon didn't take the necessary time to mark you up. Especially after losing a lot of weight, I would have thought he'd done an extended TT. You look good and I'm sure after your revision you'll look GREAT! Best of luck and keep us posted on your recovery.
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Thanks! I had my revision on Friday. I saw it for the first time today and can already tell it's so much better! I'm happy I decided to get a second opinion from a different surgeon! I'll be continuing all TT updates on my TT revision review. I'll be taking pictures in the next few days! :)
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Also, since you are also post MWL, may i ask why you didn't go for the LBL instead of only the TT? I tend to think you can get more correction that way - of course you may not have needed as your posterior may have been fine - if you look at my pics, you can see HOW MUCH was removed from the front - i think this would have only been possible only if continuing onto the backside - if he had removed that much with a TT only i would have been left with not only "dog ears" - probably "elephant ears"!! - LOL.......
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I wasn't told LBL was an option! My previous PS really gave me no options at all. The surgeon who's doing my revision next week said he would go around the back with the scar, which I assume is basically a LBL. I'm also opting for the fleur de lis TT because I want to be SUPER TIGHT with the best possible contour. I'm feeling confident that my results this time will meet what my expectations were last time.. or pretty close!
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you know i just read your comments on the markup for 1st surgery - i am beginning to think that markup is VERY important doc took close to 2 hours marking me - looking at me at several angles - then "erasing" with alcohol and remarking....he very much relies on these as his "roadmap" for surgery - maybe all surgeons are different and rely on markup more than others, but I for one tend to appreciate the careful planning!
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I totally get that. I had a bad feeling when my first surgeon marked me.. maybe she was overly "confident" and I was naive for sure. As a massive weight loss patient.. I would have excepted the markup taking much longer with much more precision. I'll definitely be watching my markup and questioning it if I feel something is "off" at my revision next Friday! I think I was too scared to speak up last time!
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Good luck with the second surgery! I totally agreed that your first surgeon didn't do a good job at all. I'm curious, how did you get insurance to pay for your first surgery? Thx..
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I didn't do anything to "get" them to cover it. It was pretty much just the situation and how my doctor's handled writing the letter to. I had a hernia that needed repair & nearly constant rashes that occurred hip to hip under my skin "flap" and around my belly button. They deemed it medically necessary. I did nothing other than documented my issues with my doctor for a year, he referred me to plastics, had a consult, and they handled the rest from there.
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& thanks :)
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That is awesome! Nothing better than killing two birds with one stone and you don't have to pay out of pocket!! Wish his work was better so you don't have to go through it again. He should be liable for her work and should do redo if necessary right? Or you are too scared of her now? :(
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I realized it was a she .. Hehe forgot to change he to her lol
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She offered to only take care of the dog ears, because that's the only thing "wrong" she saw. So, I got myself a new surgeon!
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Wow that is quit a journey. Will be following you as I too am looking at a TT revision.
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Congrats on your weight loss xx Goodluck on your revision and new boobs :D xxx
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Good luck to you and let us know how your revision comes out!
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Who was the doctor that you went to the second time that said 4700.00?
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I feel the same as you-I feel it was worth it, but will need a revision as well. Prob a reverse abdominoplasty as I still have loose skin above BB. Will do it in conjunction with a breast lift. Good Luck
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