Question about C-Section scar! Omaha, NE

I am a 36 yr old mom of 3 little girls, age 10, 7...

I am a 36 yr old mom of 3 little girls, age 10, 7 and 6. All c sections. I have always had a pooch but after my babies it was more like a flap! I also recently lost almost 100 pounds and I am now 5'8” and 145 pounds and work out a lot but my stomach is a mess! Anyway, after years of going back and forth, i have decided to do it! Where Im nervous? Pain of TT vs c section (which I handled pretty well). Also, Im scared to death the PS will leave me looking like Franken~Tummy. Help anyone with the anxiety!


I was so scared to for the same reasons as you...i had 2 c sections 2 and 4 years ago. I had my tummy tuck 3 weeks ago and I'm so glad i did. It did take me three weeks to come to that conclusion but im really happy now. I wont lie its harder than c section due to the swelling and hunching but i really think its worth it. It depends how much you hate your tummy beforehand. I thought about mine everyday and it effected what I wore, how i exercised everything. So to me its the biggest gift to have my tummy back and the joy out weighs the pain. The first week is hard expect that and have help. Then every day gets easier and easier at week three i am back to almost normal except no gym. Its only a few months in your life and the rest of your life with a flat tummy. If you have had 3 c sections you will be fine...they are hard to. Well done on the weight loss thats brilliant effort. In regards to scar how did you scar with previous surgeries and in general? That will be an indicator. My scars heal well. Good luck if you have any other questions please ask.
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Thanks for the words of encouragement! I will keep everyone posted! :)
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Hi there. I didn't have c sections but I'm here to offer another view that th recovery was not hard at all. Yes of course I have had physical restrictions, swelling and general recovery issues but I have never had severe pain or anything that I would say has been "hard". There are enough stories on here for you to get a balanced view. A theme that runs through most though will be anxiety - whether it's about the cost, the surgery, the recovery or all three! This site is great for just getting your concerns out there. You'll always find someone who had the same issue/fear. Good luck on your journey!
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OMG!!!! My surgery got moved up to the 11th of...

OMG!!!! My surgery got moved up to the 11th of February! My pre op is in 2 weeks! I talked to the doctor today about some of my anxiety and she helped reassure me. So Im feeling better. My only other feeling is guilt! About spending so much money on a very vain thing when I have kiddos. Also, I feel guilty about asking for the needed help for an elective surgery ....boy, I need to get over it! Haha! But I am truly getting excited!

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I talked to a friend who had a tummy tuck and she...

I talked to a friend who had a tummy tuck and she said her experience was awful. She had very bad pain and her scar keloided. Has anyone had this?



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My "pain" was extremely minimal. I did not have muscle repair however. The actual incision is virtually pain free, probably due to numbness. My scar is still healing. The more reviews you read the more you will see that everyone is so different. You never can tell how any individual body will react, heal etc. So learn about all that could go wrong, prepare yourself for problems and then hope for the best. The bottom line - this surgery has a higher "worth it" rating than any other for a reason. The vast majority of women would make the same decision to have the surgery again and again.
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Thanks! I'm already so nervous! I have dreamed of this for years and now thatbits here, I get nauseous everytime I think about it. And the little horror stories, make it worse! I had 3 c sections that I handled really well so I hope its an indication of how I'll handle this.

Hi all. Well, I'm 1 week and 6 days from pre op...

Hi all. Well, I'm 1 week and 6 days from pre op and 4 weeks and 2 days from surgery! I am feeling a lot more relaxed. After years of wanting this surgery, the shock of it coming to fruition sort of shocked me! Anyway, I've spent some time talking to friends who had this surgery and though I've got mixed reviews, most say the same thing: 1. It hurts so be prepared but 2. Its worth it. I think if I go into it with that in mind, I can mentally be prepared. Besides, my husband is amazing! He says if it makes me more confident, he will do all thats necessary to make me feel better about it. I'm a little worried about the post operation depression. Has anyone experienced that? I had a bout of post partum depression after my girls so that is a little scary. I am getting more comfortable and excited. I just want it over with! Also, i have a wedding to go to about 5 weeks after the you guys think I will be up to it? I hope! My husband is in the wedding! Wanna be able to wear a hot dress and dance with my jot husband! Haha! So, my last question is what are the "must have" supplies for post surgery? Wanna be prepared to the hilt!!!!! Thanks all! You've all been great!


Cough drops, cough drops, and more cough drops! They help extremely! Good luck and happy tummy tucking! =)
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Ohhh good call! On the list!!!
My surgery is February 21st and I have ALL the same worries you do. I was just telling my husband today that I feel so vain for spending all this money on plastic surgery. It's something I have wanted to do for many years now. Hopefully the healing process goes smoothly and the depression about it doesn't get too bad. Fingers crossed for all us pre op ladies!!
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Sorta had a sad thing today. My 6 yr old daughter...

Sorta had a sad thing today. My 6 yr old daughter was very upset this morning and I asked her what was wrong. She didn't want to tell me at first but then said, with tears, "Momma, I know I've told you to get rid of your belly, but now I'm afraid the doctor is gonna make you dead!". OMG!!! I feel like crap for putting my baby through this unnecessary worry! It took my husband to calm us both down. God love that man! She opened up and we ended up having a whole family discussion with her and my other two daughters. We let them express their worries and ask questions I tried not to scare them with my own worries too much but my heart broke for them. I'm sure they'd rather have a flabby belly mom then none at all! Am I overreacting?!?!


Oh another item was a light cotton robe. I didn't wear clothes for the first five days. Between drains and binders who want to worry about pants etc
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This is TMI, but I rarely wear underwear. And I was wondering if I should for support during all this
No underwear Wont provide the support you need. They'll just get in the way.

Welp! I just purchased the first of my supplies....

Welp! I just purchased the first of my supplies. Got some comfy clothes and some Tylenol and baby wipes and a various bunch of other things! Buying all this really makes it seem very real and very close! I am 1 week from pre op and less then 4 weeks from surgery. Most of the nerves have subsided into excitement and mental preparation. I am just ready! I know its gonna be a hard road but I'm ready to get it going! I just envision a summer of bikinis and tankinis versus one piece granny suits. I envision cute dresses that dont have a huge bulge in the front. I envision no more rashes and infection under my flap! Ahhhhhhhh! Yep....officially excited!


I bought Oleeva Scar shapes to use after my surgery. I did alot of research on them. They are a little pricey but it is worth it to limit the scarring after surgery (-: My surgery is 2/12/13
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Awesome. I will have to check it out! We will stay in touch during our recovery! Share stories and complaints. :). Haha!
hi onenervousredhead....i am 2 days behind you! my surgery was moved up this morning to 2-13-13. i am new to this site....what are the cough drops for?
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I have a great hubby!! He bought me a new leather...

I have a great hubby!! He bought me a new leather recliner for the living room for after my surgery! He's awesome. So in return I'm doin 10 days worth of freezer meals for him and the kids. Any good suggestions for freezer meals?


so far, my freezer meal list includes: seasoned meat for "taco or nacho" night spaghetti/meat sauce stew pulled bbq beef or pork sausage gravy for "breakfast" night misc. homemade sausage/egg/cheese biscuits. scrambled egg/sausage/cheese buritos. lunch meat/cheese/mayo sandwiches. sausage/cream cheese croissants. .... for breakfast and lunches.
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Perfect! I was thinking lasagna, chicken enchiladas, a roast for the crock pot, and some sort of chicken dish. I like the pulled bbq and taco meat ideas too! Good stuff! And if my husband has his way, we'll be ordering pizza every night! Cant go ruining my new tummy with that! Ha!
ha, i would be pizza everynight here as well!

I have had three c sections and my vajayjay bulges...

I have had three c sections and my vajayjay bulges a little at the top where the scar meets it. Will the TT fix that or make it worse? Do they cut the c section scar out?


Hey girl. Long time no hear. How are you?
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Hi there! How did your results turn out?!
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So excited for you, That is cool we are so close to each other. You should come visit me the day after I get home so you can decide if you really want to do this or not LOL. J/K you want to do it, you will be great :) One of my biggest fears was also that I would wake up and my belly would be all jagged and ugly but honestly I have so many stretch marks its not like I would ever pull it out anyways. Im just trying to get rid of the extra skin and have a flat belly. One thing I keep thinking about is the pain and how I feel like I wont have the right to complain because I didnt have to have this surgery. Is that weird?
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