One Year Post OP Tummy Tuck! Omaha, NE *new pics*

I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and in...

I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and in the past 5 yrs have lost 60 lbs and have sagging skin

Ugh so frustrated with myself!! My surgery is...

Ugh so frustrated with myself!! My surgery is Thurs and these last 4 days I have been eating everything in site! :( I need to stop b/c at this rate I am gonna go in 5 lbs heavier.....yuck!

On the other side the closer I get the less nervous I get...I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing lol!
3 days to go......

So I am on my last night shift before surgery! I...

So I am on my last night shift before surgery! I have so much to do tomorrow and not sure how to fit it all in along with sleep! I know the one thing that I will accomplish is a spinning class and I have to b/c I have ate so bad this last week. I have almost had the mentality that it's gonna get tucked and sucked so eat now while you can...NOT a good idea lol!
My kids have been hearing DH and I talk about surgery and today they asked me why I was having surgery. I told them the truth...I am having my extra belly skin taken off. They seem to understand (as best as a 5 and 8 yr old can) and agreed to keep it a secret (well at least until after the fact b/c I am so tired of people telling me that I don't need this!)
41 more hours!!!

Good luck!! Hope all goes well.. Can't wait to see pics..
Good luck tomorrow Kimmy! I know I have been eating so bad too.... my birthday was last Friday and there is all kinds of leftover cake at home and work... UGh! I feel like a ballon but it will be gone for you Tomorrow! Yippee and me on Friday =)
Good luck Friday! I decided I was bad all weekend and went out to eat tonight lol! Oh well back on track tomorrow and adding a flat belly to it also!! :)

Well today is the big day!! I don't seem to be...

Well today is the big day!! I don't seem to be nervous although with the crappy way I slept last night you would think otherwise. I have a feeling it was more due to the fact though that I just came off of 6 night shifts and tried to go back to "regular" time. I have the cubboards stocked and showed DH where I put everything....he got nervous and was like stop I u aren't dyin and I was like I know that's just the ocd part of me needing you to know where everything is at lol! I made two soups last night and stocked up on the yogurt (not 1st 24 hrs though) applesauce, jello, pudding, and popsicles! Ok well off to take my 2nd shower and finish getting ready! Wish me luck! I will post pics soon!
Thinking of you Kimmy and hoping your feeling ok. When your feeling up to it let us know how your doing. Take Care
Good luck - Today. I cant wait to see pics. Dont worry your not the only one that decided to eat eveything in site just before surgery. I have gained 5 pounds this week alone. Its all good. I know I can loose it again as soon as I get my head on.
Good luck everything will go well. I'm looking forward to seeing your post. My surgery is set for May 10th so any advice will be great.

Well ladies almost 24hrs post op and gonna make...

Well ladies almost 24hrs post op and gonna make this short and sweet.
Pain is bearable although I am staying on top of the pains meds for the first 48 hrs per PS. Pain totally isn't as bad as I thought it would be!
Drain tubes as everyone else has said are annoying!!!
Nausea is ok I had a horrible drive to and from the PS for f/u appt this morning even with the meds....this is my worst complaint so far!
On a sad note I was so nauseated at my appt that I didn't get to see my new belly when they unwrapped me but not stressing I have the rest of my life :) DH said it's super flat thought!
I am also posting some pre op pics and will post new ones as soon as I feel up to it!
Bought a wedge pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond and so recommend it to go under my knees! I also borrowed an airplane pillow from my sis and works wonders sleeping in a recliner! those and diet 7up are my god sends right now......ok back to napping! Oh and homemade chicken noodle soup made night before surgery was best food decision ever!
I weighed in yesterday 8 lbs above goal but same as u not worried about it!
i actually feel back to normal. swelling has gone downa lot, started my scar treatments really happy so far. sleeping on my sides again, sometimes i feel uncomfortable and tight but for the most part it hurts way less to sneeze cough ect!!! i wore jeans today!

So day 2 PO and doing good! Still in pain of...

So day 2 PO and doing good! Still in pain of course but it's tolerable and still staying up on my pain meds about every 5 hrs or so. Drainage tubes aren't bothering me as much as they were yesterday....still annoying but that's about it! I can really start to feel my scar though today so hoping that's normal....not painful just can tell that it's there!
This morning I changed clothes, washed up with some baby wipes, did the stairs (10 total) and just all around feel better although I was beat when all was said and done and took a nap! I got a glimpse of my new belly today when DH did the bandages and readjusted my CG (added a tank top under it b/c it was irritating my skin) and so far it looks good! Can't wait until I feel a little better and get a better glance.
Ok well I have rambled on long enough and not sure if I am even making sense lol! Will post PO pics as soon as I feel up to it!
Hope everything went well for you! Give us an update when you are able to.
Hmmmm. . . that's funny . . . I hardly remember typing this ha ha! Things are generally okay but I have developed this dry itchy cough. . . Just the worst thing that could happen to me right now, but I am off pain med's. I feel no pain excpet when I cough of course! Got my drains removed on Thursday, which was 3rd day postop. Take it easy :-)

Well everyone I'm 3 day PO and so ready to be...

Well everyone I'm 3 day PO and so ready to be up and moving again lol! I am not a sit and do nothing kind of girl! I am so bored!! lol :) Pain is still minimal (still just mostly uncomfortable). I haven't taken any pain meds since 9am this morning and started on tylenol instead and so far so good. The drains are still a pain in the arse and can't wait to get those out!
So DH this morning was helping me reajust my CG and redress my bandages and I almost passed out. He took off the CG and I just got so dizzy, turned white, and he said he was really worried there for awhile....this happen to anyone else? It's almost like I could sense my stomach missing and it made me nauseated....weird I know...hoping it goes away lol!
Hope you are doing well. The compression garment may help with eating - mine was so tight I couldn't LOL. You have come a long way and will look wonderful :)
yeah the CG has really helped me not eat lol although it's more b/c I don't want to and not b/c it's tight. Somedays I need to make myself eat! Day 3 po I actually was hungry but today again not so much....
lucky you my PS won't even touch the drains for 7-10 days!

Day 5 post op and woke up today feeling good!! I...

Day 5 post op and woke up today feeling good!! I slept through the night except to pee and take pain meds! I have moved from the recliner to the couch (next stop my bed)! I talked to the PS yesterday over the phone and he said the fact that I have weaned myself from pain meds and only taking them during the day is great! I have to call them today with my drainage output and we will set up an appt this week to take out the drains (can't wait! the tubes are still really uncomfortable) I will post pics soon but want to wait until drainage tubes come out lol!
Well I hope everyone else is feeling good!

Your pics look great!! What made me go to Hollins over at Village Pointe initially was because their surgery center was new. A fellow nurse suggested him so I checked him out. Suprisngly he quoted me almost $2k cheaper than Monteg (because she was charging my for the lipo of the love handles, where as Hollins automatically included that). So once I found that out I was sold, especially since he is so friendly & personable.

We'll see how my surgery goes tho lol. I dont go in till April 22nd, so next Friday. Your results seem AMAZING by the way.

How are you feeling? Have you heard of They have a forum/message board with TONS of April tummy tuck ladies. you should come over there! Id love to follow your progress especially since you just had your TT done & you live in my area! Hope to see you there! (here's the website )
Hey! Look at your new tummy! My gosh . . . looks great! Glad to hear your doing well. Take it easy :-)
kimys-dang I was going to go to Dr. Monteg at 89/Dodge, but went to the new Village Pointe Surgery center, with Dr. Hollins :) How are your results?

Well today is day 6 post op and I am feeling good!...

Well today is day 6 post op and I am feeling good! I had a dr's appt this morning and they removed drainage pump #1 (#2 should be removed on Fri). I am so excited to have it removed b/c they were really starting to bug me! I understand why they need to be in but it doesn't mean I can't not like it haha!
After the dr's appt I went to lunch and was out and about for the 1st time in a week! It felt good! We went to Famous Dave's and I got one of the new 600 cal citrus meals and it was really good! I have always been a huge out to eat and love to eat when I go out and I couldn't even finish the meal lol! I was so stuffed and my binder was starting to pull to I brought home the rest of the meat and ate it as a snack this afternoon!
Last night was rough again :( but I was expecting it b/c my Mon night was so good! Oh well the fact that I am not even a week post op and feeling this good I will take a couple restless nights :)
I'm gonna shoot you an email instead Kimmy! What is your makemeheal username??
kimmys on both :) I think I posted 2 below you today on makemeheal
thanks for the comment on the pics I have worked hard to get where I am and I think this made the final stage :) the gym just didn't help with all the stretch marks and saggy skin!
So can I ask what you are having done and what they quoted you? $2K cheaper maybe I should have gone there for an est lol! all in all I loved Heieck and happy with it no matter what :) (but I would still like to know if you don't mind sharing haha)
Next Fri is getting so close!
Yeah I am on makemeheal also although that board scared me more lol.....lots of negative post haha! but I have posted on the April TT board a couple times! I will check over there today! If you need anything my email is me! I would love to stay in contact with someone local also!

Well one week post op today!! and honestly again I...

Well one week post op today!! and honestly again I will state it's not as bad as I thought it would be! No regrets although I still want this last drain to come out lol (soon enough-tomorrow hopefully!) It's very irritated and red but the PS said it wasn't infected just irritated.
Well onto something that I haven't had the "guts" to talk about....warning TMI! It is one week today and I still haven't had a BM :( I went the morning of surgery (thanks to a susp) but not sense! I have been taking a stoll softener daily and then last night was told to take some milk of magnesia @ 6pm...still nothing....I am not super uncomfortable but I have never wanted to get a BM over with so bad haha! Ok well now that I have grossed u all out I am off to have bfast!

I am drain free!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!! So PS said...

I am drain free!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!

So PS said that everything looked amazing! I go back a week from Tues which will be 2 days short of 3 weeks po to have the sutures removed. I was told not to push myself this next week and she would prefer I didn't do much of anything! No light house work, (damn lol) small trips to the store but nothing major, and try not to drive until I feel really good and off the pain meds for 2 days.

I went to lunch after my dr's appt (Subway) and then Shopko gone about 2 hrs between the two and feel kinda swollen so I am in my chair with my feet up as I write!
your stomach look great after surgery how long would it be before u can return back to work
thanks! The PS told me about 10-14 days but I had vacation time so I took 3 weeks! I will go back 3 weeks and 1 day post op....wanted to give myself as much time as I could since I work 12 hr 3rd shifts (7pm-7am)
Your before and afters are amazing! Great results

Well I finally had a BM yesterday (sorry if tmi)...

Well I finally had a BM yesterday (sorry if tmi) but it had been a week and 1 day and I was starting to worry! I had been taking a stool softener daily since day after surgery and then a laxative the final 3 days....I feel so much lighter now :) It was horrible but it wasn't easy either but no stomach pain and that was my worry!
So it is day 9 po and I am feeling ok....kinda tired and my tummy feels kinda tight. It's not pain, not soreness, I really don't know how to describe it.
Not much planned for today! I threw some things into a crockpot this morning and got into trouble by DH b/c he said he could have done it but oh well :) Idk if we can post recipes but this is amazing and super easy to make for all you post op people (just make sure to by no salt or reduced salt if you can-I do!)
I may or may not make a quick trip to Wal-mart today I need to pick up 10 things and if I want to get out this afternoon may....if not I will with DH!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Oh and btw.....drain free is amazing!!!! and my shower this morning felt good.....I feel so clean :) !!!! although weird b/c I didn't have my CG on and that just feels weird still....I still feel like my tummy is pulling....

Well Day 10 PO and doing good! I talked to come...

Well Day 10 PO and doing good!
I talked to come girls on "make me heal" and we all 3 had the weird feeling...I pin-pointed it as a sunburn feeling and they were like totally! Well it's gone today but they both totally felt it also and someone on there said it was just another fun part of healing :)
I didn't go to wal-mart yesterday and instead went to Texas Roadhouse. It was delish as always but I totally overdid it with eating and between that and salt I was super uncomfortable and swollen. I came right how, put my feet up, and then drank lots of water and a couple hours later felt I hope that goes away b/c I love to eat out :)
Overall had a good night last night and only took one pain pill! I am only taking them at night (tylenol during the day) so that's awesome! I don't like that I can only sleep in one position :( and I get really tight and stiff!
I am going to limit myself to one adventure a day :) and today will be a 6yr old bday party for 2 hrs.
I can't wait until I feel more up to par after a shower to take some more after pics!
Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

I don't know if anyone will see this or not...

I don't know if anyone will see this or not but I some swelling above where my drainage tubes were and below my incision....if you push on it kinda looks like a water bed. I talked to my PS on call and she said to relax and keep my binder tight and to call in the morning if it is worse and they may have to drain it.....has anyone had to have fluid drained....does it hurt? I am afraid of needles so much :(

Day 11 post op and doing good other than some...

Day 11 post op and doing good other than some fluid on my belly! I decided just to lounge today hoping it would go away but it didn't and so I had a 3pm appt.
I just got back from the dr's and it wasn't bad at all! They did drain about "only" (their words) 20 from my stomach but said that it looked like more b/c I am so tiny :) She said that they remove the drains @ 25 in a 24 hr period and this was 20 in a 72hr period so she doesn't think that they took them out too early..yay! She said that the pocket may come back again but maybe not....if not no biggie (her words not mine lol) It didn't hurt just kinda stung a little here and there.

Day 12 post op and doing good! I tried to sleep in...

Day 12 post op and doing good! I tried to sleep in my bed last night and made it 2 hrs (which is better than the last 2 times I tried and made it 2-5 minutes). I moved at 11pm to the couch and then...wait for it.....slept through the night!! woot woot!! AND I did it with no pain meds or tylenol!
I am planning on taking it easy again today per dr's orders when they drained my excess fluid yesterday. She said that they can't guarantee that the pocket won't come back but this will help so why not!
Hope everyone else is having a good recovery! I was thinking today about going back to work and I still have 1 1/2 wks but it seems so close haha!

Hi Kimmy, This is my 6 days after PO and my tummy is itching like crazy. Well... Please let me know if your tummy is itching and did you take anything for it.
What was drain of excess fluid like? My PS said if I got it, I'd have to have it drawn, but he is 4 1/2 hr drive away, so hoping I'm just somewhat next visit not till May 6. I'm keeping my compression garment on 23/7. Is there anything else to help keep fluid at bay? Love seeing your posts and new tummy!
So happy to hear your doing well. Thank you for such detailed recovery reporting ;) I have a million questions running through my mind at one time and reading about your day-to-day post op has helped me immensly. Three weeks from today I go in!!

Day 13 post op and still doing good! I showered...

Day 13 post op and still doing good! I showered yesterday and then went out to dinner and to the mall b/c my 5 yr old wanted to get her ears pierced (which didn't happen b/c she chickened out lol) but my point is I ate WAY too much (it was a buffet) and went walking afterwards so of course I swelled BUT I ate more than day 10 and felt better afterwards so all in all a good day b/c not as much swelling! so in my opinion that's a good thing :) Not the extra eating but the fact that I could eat more and walk more and swell less :)

So today I want to touch on the fact of telling people. Before surgery I didn't tell people for two reasons
1) I got tired of people telling me when I was just thinking about the surgery, "You don't need that"
2) I was worried something was gonna happen (like I die) or it would get botched or just something bad....

Now I am one day out from being 2 weeks post op and everything is going great and I love my results so that in turn is making me be more open about what I have had done....when people ask why I am "couped up at home" or "why are you hunching" I now say I had a tummy tuck! I still get the occasional, "you didn't need that" and I almost want to scream, "You don't know what the hell I need u don't see me naked!" but mostly I get, "Wow I want one you are so lucky" b/c really think about it.....what woman (who needed it) wouldn't want a tummy tuck if they could afford it or do it lol!

I lost 65 lbs and worked out at the gym 5-6 days a week for two years to try to get my body back! Two weeks ago my body was the best it has EVER been (even before kids) and now it is even better!! I needed to take this last step and loose the extra skin so I can feel better about myself.....not for them, not for you, but for ME!! and I have no regrets :) I worked my ASS off I deserved this :)
lookin good! Your incision looks like it is healing perfectly! Hope I am as lucky!!
You will!! Two more days for you!!!
itching I think is pretty normal mine wasn't too bad until I took off my binder and then once I started itching I couldn't stop. I just put on some GOOD expensive lotion and just made sure to stay clear of the scars! good luck to you!!!

Well today is 2 weeks post op! I am actually kinda...

Well today is 2 weeks post op! I am actually kinda grumpy today and probably won't write much. I am kinda sore but really stiff and I ate way to crappy this week! All I want to do is reach for the sky and stretch!!! and I can't :( I can almost reach to the sky but stretching wouldn't be a good thing......
I am also ready to be back to normal life! Work and most definitely the gym!! I miss it so much!!!!! gym that is not work lol!
I also have a small amount of fluid again building up. It's not as bad as last time (and last time was "only" 20cc) so I am letting it go for the time being....if it gets bad today I will go back in tomorrow but for now it's cool.
Well ok enough grumpiness and hope everyone else is having a good day!
Hi I totally understand you about what you say that everyone says "you don't need it". That sentence is what I always get when I am fully dressed in public. The only thing is that they don't understand that I have been tummy tucking all these years by sucking in my stomach and pulling my pants as high as I could to "tuck my tummy"!!! Now I am doing it surgically!! I think you look amazing! So happy you have done this for yourself and are now post op and getting better everyday. Grumpiness will come and go so don't think it is just you. I had my breast dones many years ago and I was the same. I had good days and bad ones which also included tears of regret. But ask me now if I regret it, No Way!! I am so happy I did that for myself (and only myself)and now this!! I can't wait for my day, three more weeks to go! Well keep us updated with your progress. =)
You look awesome!! Congrats!
thanks you look amazing!

2 weeks and 1 day post op! I don't have a lot...

2 weeks and 1 day post op! I don't have a lot to say are off for Easter break so of course my oldest wants the computer lol!
I will say I tried my bed again last night and DID IT! I even slept through the night only waking up once to pee! I have tried my bed 3 times before (twice I only lasted minutes and once 2 hrs) but I am so excited to be back in my is hubby lol!
I still have a small amount of fluid but it's not getting any worse and all in all it isn't that bad. I am gonna call the PS just to be sure since we are heading into the weekend but I am guess they will have me wait until Tues (my appt) unless it gets worse
Thats funny, I just had a physical today & the receptionist looked at my with a horrid look when she found out I just had my TT (2 wks ago). She said "but you are so thin - you never had a weight problem!!". I told her it has nothing to do with weight - it is the loose skin after pregnancy!
that is SO true!

We are at my inlaws for Easter and I ate SO much...

We are at my inlaws for Easter and I ate SO much :( ugh! Temptations are everywhere!! Candy, texas sheetcake, blueberry crisp, ice cream, homemade rolls, cinnamon rolls, ham, mashed pots, corn, green beans, stuffing, 3 types of jello salad.....need I go on! So needless to say I totally overate and feel like I am ready to explode out my binder :( I can't wait to go back to work next weekend or at least doing stuff this week! I think that is my main problem with overeating is I am SO bored!!!!
I was depressed yesterday b/c I feel like my butt looks horrible and I think I look like I am wearing a diaper!
Ok sorry for all the negativity today! As for being post op I am doing very good today! Up and moving around and not much swelling other than from overeating lol! I am hoping that when I go home my fluid isn't back but I guess we will see!! Stitches out in two days....can't wait!

Well everyone 2 weeks and 5 days post op today! I...

Well everyone 2 weeks and 5 days post op today! I am really beating myself up about the over eating I have done the last two weeks. I do/work for Weight Watchers so I weigh weekly and am maintaining overall from presurg weight but I am up from my goal weight (3 lbs) so need to get back down! I honestly think that all my bad eating is just boredom and being out of routine! I went to the gym 5-6 days a week before sx and now all I do is sit in my recliner and do nothing! I am so excited to get back on track and start eating healthy again! I have something planned for each day this week and then go back to work on Friday!
So here is my vow to all of you lol! and to myself of course :) I am done eating shitty though...seriously!! I am not gonna undo everything that I just did....that is just plain stupid!! I have eaten healthy for 5 yrs so I can do this!! I go to the PS tomorrow to get my stitches out and have one thing planned each day this week and then back to work on Friday....I will get back into the swing of life and be fine...I can do this!!!
Well I am off to the dr here shortly to get my stitches out!! I had both removeable and dissolveable ones and time to get them out!
Have a good week everyone and thanks for all the support through my negativity!! positive from here on out!

Omg I feel like a new woman!! I am so over this...

Omg I feel like a new woman!! I am so over this depression!!!
There is hope!! I just got back from my 3 week f/u appt (technically 2 days early) and I have the ok to burn my pantyhose on Thurs, start walking/light elipitcal/or stationary bike, and to only wear my binder with upped activity, and sleep on my side....there IS light at the end of the tunnel!!!! Next appt isn't now until 6 weeks!
I can't wait for Thurs to weigh in for WW....odd considering I ate so horrible but ready to own up to it and get on with my new life/new body!!
Whoo hoo!
Kimmys! Don't feel bad about overeating at Easter... YOU look amazing! I hope those stitches don't hurt when you get them out! I overate at Easter too =( I had dissolvable stitches and they are gone already. I think they dissovled pretty fast because they were gone when the dr took the tape off last Thursday at 13 days post op! Now my scar hurts...

Sorry about all of that extra fluid too... did it hurt getting it taken out? It must have poor girl!
Thanks for trying to make me feel better about overeating lol! I am still maintaining my weight but it still doesn't make me feel any better! I just need to get back on track! that's what i am going to post about today! I have my dr's appt @ 130pm to get the stitches out and hoping it doesn't hurt either! I had dissovleable ones and removeable ones! Nope since I was still numb the fluid removal didn't hurt at all!
Your results look great. Thanks for sharing your story. I go to my first PS consult today.. I am hoping to get my TT in Dec. I am soo nervous about it, mainly the recovery. What pain meds did they describe? I hate percocet.. I just feel like it just puts your pain behind a wall of fog

Well everyone I am 3 weeks post op today! I have...

Well everyone I am 3 weeks post op today! I have to say I have regrets but can't wait to see final results! I look back at my day 12 pics and I don't see that definition anymore due to swelling :( I wanted to take 3 week pics today but DH is out of town so it will have to wait until the weekend!
I have finally gotten mostly out of my down spunk lol! I have been able to go for walks the last two days! Day 1 I walked 1 mile and today 2 miles...feels so good! I called my PS nurse last night though b/c I was upset that non of my dress clothes fit for my part time job. I was informed that it could be 2-3 mos before I wear my pre op clothes again...wish I would have known that although I highly doubt it would have affected my decision haha!
I have been cleared to only wear my binder with work or working out. I went without it for 2 hrs today and started to feel slightly swollen so I put it back on! I figured I would take it slow and wean myself off of it haha!
Well I go back to work tomorrow....diving right in with 3-12hr night shifts this weekend...ugh! wish me luck!
You look amazing!! Congratulations to you! Mine is May 12th, and I am so ready to get rid of this extra skin and sagginess. Thanks for your honesty post-op, as this is really helping me to not be so scared of the recovery. You look fabulous!! I can't wait to get my flat tummy, and a new bikini!
Thank you!! You are gonna love it and honestly nothing to be scared of :)

So I started back to work last night (I am...

So I started back to work last night (I am actually on night 2 right now as we speak). I was 3 weeks and 1 day post op when I came back. I work as a tech/clerk on the neonatal icu floor 12hr night shifts. I stupidly scheduled myself 3 shifts in a row on my first week back but it was the only way to avoid using anymore vacation pay! My first night was a slow night (thank god) no pain but by about 2am I was pretty swollen and it only got worse. Honestly all in all for being up for 24 hrs it wasn't too bad when I got home and looked in the hour glass shape was just straight lol and my belly kinda pudgy. It felt really tight like my skin was pulling but pain. When I got up @ 1600 to get ready to come back to work it was all gone :) although arrived again about 1800 :( but not too bad yet @ 2300 so we will see!
I am hoping to take pics again soon so keep an eye out! Hope everyone else is doing well!
Consult went great and he uses the same pain med as what you got. He also puts in a pain pump for the first couple of days. He stated that the muscle repair is the most painful part. How is that going for you? He also uses 1 drain.
I didn't have a pain pump but did fine without it! I just set my alarm to stay on top of the meds lol! Honestly I don't think I would have wanted something else hanging from me haha!
My MR is doing good! Some days I can really feel it others not at all but he did say that once he got in there it wasn't separated a ton so idk if that makes a difference or not in the pain (more separation more pain idk?)
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.. .I am sure I will be on this site from now until December...I have 1 more consult appt but that is not until August. I am pretty sure I am going with the one I already saw as I have a good feeling about it plus he comes highly recommended. I just hope my anxiety level does not go through the roof.. I wish I was in your shoes already done and recovering.

4 weeks out today! I am doing good! I have...

4 weeks out today! I am doing good! I have returned to work and yes I have some swelling but it's not too bad. I have learned that I can only work 2-12hr night shifts in a row (3 is too much). I have started working out again either walking or doing my at home stepper. I had DH take some pics today for my 4 week mark!

So I just posted a pic day 12 and 4 weeks and I...

So I just posted a pic day 12 and 4 weeks and I don't like it at all! It's so depressing.....I look so mushy again :( Is it b/c I am loosing muscle mass and haven't been to the gym in 4 weeks!?!? help :( so depressed!

I am 5.5 weeks past my TT and I am feeling the same way as you. My upper stomach area is mushy and not as flat as it was. I am hoping that its the body still adjusting.
I belong to a TT facebook private group and I posted the pics and everyone that is @ 4 weeks with me agreed that their 4 week pics look nothing like 2-3 weeks... worse! so I am sure it's swelling but still not encouraging lol!
all that is is dont loose that much muscle and endurance in 4 weeks. i was worried about the same thing and my ps is also a trainer and he said not to worry about that. your looks like swelling to me...:)

So things are going good! I just posted 5 week...

So things are going good! I just posted 5 week pics and I am 5 1/2 weeks today! I tried on all my clothes this morning and for the first time since sx my pre op clothes fit! Most of them are still pretty tight and would be uncomfortable but they still fit and that's better than where I was last week and the week before! It may also have to do with the fact that I gained 5 lbs post op but I am gonna blame it on the swelling :P I have been back on track with eating for a week now and feel so much better! I also am back to 30 minutes 5 days a week of cardio (either bike, eliptical, or stepper) and can't wait to get cleared for weights (hopefully on Tues!)
So is this cough because of the surgery and having a tube down your throat? I notice alot of people have coughs after their surgery? Im scared for this? Did you try taking cough drops..maybe that would help with the constant cough>?
I didn't have a cough so I am not sure what it's about......sorry!!

So I am 6 1/2 weeks out and doing good! I am back...

So I am 6 1/2 weeks out and doing good! I am back to full workouts minus abs but easing back in slowly! i did spin class twice this weekend but ended at 30 minutes instead of 60 and was careful on the drills!
I have been back to eating healthy for awhile now...still up from goal about 4 lbs but not too bad. I am a little stressed and upset b/c my clothes don't fit :( I can get into all of them and get most of the zipped but can barely breathe and definitely donsn't feel comfortable on the scar! I am hoping it's just swelling and the fact that I am still 2-6 weeks out from final results and not fat from the 4 lbs I am up.....

You really do look great! The swelling is the most frustrating part of the entire procedure (at least it is for me) and I keep telling myself that. Tomorrow is 9 weeks post-op, and it still is and issue for me. Still, I went to Myrtle Beach this past week with friends and walked on the beach in a crop workout top which felt amazing! Keep your chin up, it will only continue to improve.
thank you! the weird thing is I love what I see in the mirror and the only time I get depressed is when I put my pants on (or can't put them on for that matter) odd! lol! that is why I think it's gotta be swelling somehow (even though it's not obvious) b/c how could it not be.....I'm smaller and have a totally smaller profile!
I know it is frustrating if your clothes are not fitting, but you look awesome!!

Well I am 7 weeks and 2 days today! things are...

Well I am 7 weeks and 2 days today! things are going very well! I am over my humps and back into my clothes although my scar is still so touchy I am not actually wearing them lol but at least they fit!! I am not wearing my CG and/or binder except to workout or work :) I wore it last night to the Taylor Swift concert and I actually felt worse with it on! The only "issue" I am having is I am spitting stitches and some of them aren't healing the fastest so my scar is still very red, puffy, and sore!

Photo Update

I will be 15 wks tomorrow! I have to say that I...

I will be 15 wks tomorrow! I have to say that I am happy with my results but still not loving them......
I do love that I am finally back to normal and have resumed all activity including full workouts! It has just been hard for me with swelling and mental images. This whole thing is a true mind game and I would look in the mirror and see swelling (or in my mind fat) and that would drive me to eat and well let's just say that @ 3 mos I was up 12.6 from my goal and about 7lbs pre sx. I have now since lost 5.2 lbs and only up 7.4lbs from goal. I have been totally on track with my eating and working out for 3 weeks now!
I am still struggling with swelling on and off especially if I work 3-12hr night shifts. I hate the way I look in the mirror when I go home after work :(
I am struggling with what the "make me heal" boards call "the ledge". PS's assistant said @ 11 wks it was soft tissue swelling and could take 6 mos to go away but I again am struggling to believe that...I see it as fat or extra skin (or mainly hoping that's not where my 7lb gain went!!). I started wearing my binder 2 nights ago (at the suggestion of a fellow tt'er) and have noticed that it does help with the ledge which gives me hope that it may be swelling! If you look at my last two pics you can see it in the last one! It is under my BB and above incision and basically I have a ken doll above and below my incision :( Everyone tells me that it's "tiny" but for the money I spent I don't want it there at all lol!
Well it's 0400 and I have rambled enough :)

15 wks tomorrow and wore my binder for the 3rd...

15 wks tomorrow and wore my binder for the 3rd night in a row (just to sleep) in hopes to help with my "ledge"
I woke up this morning the flatest I have been in a long time so that gives me super hope that it's swelling!
Now...the next step is to learn patience for the swelling to go away b/c within about an hour my ledge was back... :(
i read that it takes at least 6 mo and up to 12 for all swelling to go down. even then 12 weeks u look good. i am not having lipo and keep on wondering if i should?hmmm
thanks again and I know that it takes time I am just not a patient person lol! It doesn't help that a close friend of mine had a TT lat Aug and had NO swelling....she must have been a lucky one! I didn't realize that it was normal and she wasn't lol! Idk about the lipo..for me to add it it was just under $1K so I thought that it was worth it. I am sure again..swelling..but as of now I don't really notice a difference in the hip/butt/thigh fact my legs/thighs feel tighter in clothes!
Wow u look great! Did u get lipo of flanks or anything else?

Well ladies I will be 5 mos on Thurs!! This has...

Well ladies I will be 5 mos on Thurs!! This has definitely been a journey and I can finally almost say I am loving my results :) I honestly think that if I hadn't struggled with my eating for 2 mos and gained weight I would already be there but it is what it is! I am finally back into all my pre op clothes (including my tiniest jeans) even being up 6 lbs from goal so hey...I may just stay here :) I am gonna shoot to lose 2-5 more lbs and see where that puts me and then decide! I took a pic last week and love it!!! if only I would have included my head lmao! I am still struggling slightly with swelling although my "ledge" is almost gone :) hoping the little that is left will still go away b/c when I wake up in the morning I am super flat! I have a strong feeling that working 3rd shift and living on soda doesn't help lol! :)
Yea, I know its hard for me to get to the gym everyday.. I shoot for 4 days a week honestly, its impossible to do everything i want to do with working full time and having a 2 year! Sounds like you have a great workout schedule! Yea, I feel like you... Something doesn't look natural to me... Like my stomach doesn't sit flat its like its still puffy or something... not sure what it is but its better than it was before... I have to go back to the PS next month to have dog ears removed. Glad you are looking and feeling great!
Hey 4 days a week is great! I work 3-12 night shifts and so sometimes my basement is my gym :) I look great standing up but when I sit I kinda bulge out over my scar and it's no longer's not a lot but it's like "hey look here is where the top of scar meets bottom of scar" idk that's not the way to describe it lol! I am hoping that @ 1yr post op or so when all has settled and the scar no longer acts as a barrier it may all work itself out! I know I am still swelling so idk maybe it's that also! the thing I also have to remember is that when I look down that's not what people see....I always look bigger looking down at it than in the mirror lol!
Yea Kimmys good to hear from you! Glad you are fitting into you small pre op jeans! Doesn't it feel good! I know I had gained a few pounds to since post op... it sucks because it all goes to my love handles since I didn't get lipo... I probably should have but didn't want to spend the extra dollars.... I haven't posted pics in a while either.. Are you working out alot?

Well I am just past my 5 month mark! I wish I...

Well I am just past my 5 month mark!
I wish I could say that I had better news but I seem to be backsliding more than I am moving foward :(
*I have soreness on my MR on and off and it doesn't matter if I workout or not
*I have soreness along my incision....I want to massage it all the time sometimes
*My stomach from BB to incision is still really sore to touch at times!
*Yeasterday morning I got home from work and was relieved to put on my binder....will I ever lose that thing? (I only wear it to sleep)
*Sometimes my incision still feels like it is pulling (swelling maybe?)
*My ledge is gone (for the most part) and now I have budlges over any pants that are even remotely fitting on the sides! (again hoping it's swelling b/c it appeared out of nowwhere this last week or so)

I know that it takes time but I guess I thought at 5 mos I would be farther along than this! On the bright side I am back to gym 100% and loving that! I also have been back on point eating wise for 2 months (except for a minor setback last week) I have lost all but 4 lbs of what I gained in the first 3 mos post op!

I am hoping to get some new pics this week!
u look really good i havent been on here in a while because something came up and i could not get mines done but hopefully i can in feb @ cleveland 1029 r u from cleveland and if so where did u go
No I'm from Omaha, NE
Kimmy, I am almost 5 mos post-op too and I expected to be better than I am. I still have swelling off and on. Sometimes by the end of the nigh I look pregnant! but nice and flat in the mornings. I have a lot of numbness at the MR area. Dr says up to a year. :(

Well about 5 1/2 months post op and just posted...

Well about 5 1/2 months post op and just posted new pics today! I was really depressed when I took the pics originally but now looking at them side by side I am starting to love them :) I just thought that I would notice more of a change from 12 wks to 5 1/2 mos but I look good and need to realize that! With the weight gain and all the swelling I have lost my confidence and just now starting to get it back! I actually have felt very skinny and hot the last two days :) I am just my own worst critic and like to look for flaws...need to see the good things! :)

Warning...bloggy :) So I have been struggling...

Warning...bloggy :) So I have been struggling since about 4 weeks with loving my results! @ first it was swelling, then weight gain (I gained about 12 lbs), and now I am only up about 4 lbs and these last 3 days have been a complete turn around for me...finally!!! I am starting to finally see my confidence coming back and what has been important for me to realize is that I had super high expectations...I wanted perfect and nobody is perfect lol!! I do have a couple small things that I am unhappy with but hopefully they can be fixed with these last 5 lbs gone or slight revisions but yay! I also struggle with the fact that I love what I see in the mirror and not in the camera...naked I hate it and I think it's still more the stretch marks and scars I don't like b/c I love what I see clothed in the camera! Touching on that...I have never minded my stretch marks and still don't along with the scar....they are long as they aren't nakes in pics :P and I think that's why I have issues lol! These last 5 1/2 months truly has been a mind game and I am so thankful to finally be coming out of it! I just need the swelling to say away and keep me out of this mind game funk! All in all I think my mind set is finally back and I have 5 weeks of nothing planned (special events wise) and gonna kick ass to lose those last 4 or so pounds! and be hot for my 6 mos appt :) thanks for listening!
Hope you are doing well.
Hi Kimmys Dr H. is who is doing my surgery thanks for posting pic and all your updates good info to know. My surgery is scheduled for 11-17-11 just made hotel reservations for Comfort Inn. We live 1 1/2 hour away from Omaha. We will be drivin down the morning of my surgery and just staying that night.
You look amazing. Congrats

Well I am at my 6 month mark! I don't have my 6...

Well I am at my 6 month mark! I don't have my 6 mos appt for a couple more weeks though as my PS only does f/u appts once a week so not a lot to choose from lol! I am still struggling with my weight and up about 5-7 lbs but all in all I am happy with the way I look so not pushing too much to get back to goal although it is my ultimate choice! I also think that it will help with a couple of my "flaws" that I am not happy with and will discuss with PS in a couple weeks! I think I have a dog ear over one of my hips and not happy with my hips so idk if it's something I have to work off or if I need lipo...guess we will see! All in all I am happy that I did this and no regrets although I can't wait to get back to goal and see if we can tweak these hips :)

Oh and I don't like my slit aka belly button...idk...

Oh and I don't like my slit aka belly button...idk if this is something that I can/want to be fixed I guess it will depend on cost and what it entales!

Well I will be 7 mos next week and man can I say...

Well I will be 7 mos next week and man can I say this has been such an emotional roller coaster. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and it seems like everytime I get close I sabatoge myself :( I am now back up the 13 lbs (goodbye only be 4 lbs from goal) and so frustrated! But I had a hair appt last week and of all people :) she really put things into perspective for me! I have been on this weight loss journey for 6 1/2 years and I can't let 6 mos derail me. I keep thinking that 13 lbs is so "far" from goal but in all reality if I just buck up and stick to the plan (Weight Watchers) I will be there by my one year and summer (if not way before)! I can do this I just need to get my faith in myself back :)
I have my 6 mos f/u with my PS in 1 1/2 wks. I am only up 5 lbs from day of sx and hoping I can get a couple more off in this week :)
U look great!!! I love the side by side picture BTW :)
sister, you look insanity or P90X and you will see the results you want in no time...believe me...:)
Thanks! Have u done it and seen great results? I go to the gym at least 5 days a week and love it :)
Idk I have heard px90 is crazy hard lol!

So I had my 6 mos (although I am technically 7...

So I had my 6 mos (although I am technically 7 mos) check up last week and all went well! I see him again in Feb for 10 months!
I did have a spot that I showed him (posted today) and his response was "You are still a long ways out from a year but if need be it's an easy fix just clip and tuck" so I am guessing he thinks it will flatten by a year....

I have also attached a new pic of my belly button (sorry it's sideways lol!) and I need some advice! I told my PS that I thought my belly button looked weird..."more like a slit than a BB" and he told me "Yeah I could widen it but I wouldn't do it if it were me....I shaped it like all the models now days"
Am I crazy or does my belly button look weird.....opinions please

Also, for anyone who has had a bb revision....did you go under or is it just easy peasy?
hmmm... i kinda see what you mean with the belly button. It looks totally fine when it's not a close up. If it was a super easy/cheap fix then I would probably do it. But that may actually be more trouble than it's worth. Really you look quite fabulous ;)
newmeat! thank you! I am gonna sit tight and see what 10 months brings and go from there but as I look at my pre op picture tonight my bb was never round but I guess with all the extra skin the bb was the least of my concerns lol!
thanks again!
You look so AMAZING!!
Since you asked specifically about the BB, if it were me, I would want mine opened a little bit (assuming it isn't a dreadful procedure). Naturally I have more of a vertical slit for a belly button but there is some opening to it. That would just be my preference. If it is something that really bothers you, I'd say fix it. If you aren't bothered, then don't worry about it. You look beautiful!!

Wow I can't believe in about two weeks I will be...

Wow I can't believe in about two weeks I will be one year post op! I seems like just last week I was thinking I was never gonna be "normal" again!
Well what can I tell you all.....hmm where to start lol! Well all through my recovery I struggled with eating, depression, and the fact that I couldn't work out. By 3 mos post op I was up about 10-15 lbs. I finally told myself enough was enough and really started watching what I ate again the 1st of the year and am now back at goal (well technically up 3 lbs but it's my new goal lol since I don't have all that extra skin!)
I saw PS about 3 weeks ago and we are doing a revision of my right hip I have a slight dog ear and I am still in "negotiations" with him about my belly button. Idk if I am gonna get it fixed or not...I am not happy with it (it's just a slit...nothing to it) but if I have to go completely under anesthesia again I am not sure it will be worth it! I also and a little sad to say that I still have a small amount of excess skin. It's mostly only noticeable when I sit down and am wearing fitted clothes it kinda poofs out over the top...not much but more than I would like for $7K. PS said it's b/c I still have a ton of strech marks and it's just sadly my skin elasticity :(
I am posting a couple pics I was able to take by myself! I will add actual belly shots in a couple weeks closer to 1 year and when hubby can take them so I can make side by sides!
If I had to do this over again.....yes I would do it! I would also hope that I would
*not be so hard on myself for a couple lb gain (which turned into 10 lbs etc)....
*also it's swelling!! I saw it as fat :( swell hell swell hell swell hell does exist!!

The biggest thing I have come to realize in the past year is no one is perfect! I truly had unrealistic expectations and it took my realizing this for me to truly love myself again :) I mean my mind my new belly was even tan!! I have never been tan lmao! I am as white as can be haha! :)

Ok I think I have rambled enough and hope that I even make sense! I am in the middle of a night shift lol!

I also wanted to add for those who didn't go back...

I also wanted to add for those who didn't go back and read my "history" I had lipo of the hips, butt, and thighs.
*Legs...I was actually comfortable with my legs for the first time in my life leading up to sx and debated on even getting it but thought "what can it hurt" I know hate my legs again :( They are bigger than ever and idk if I gained there and didn't lose it again, swelling still, or what but :(
*Hips...I don't even notice a difference! I will say that when I gained my weight a lot of it showed up in my flanks (not lipo'd) but dissapeared again as I lost the weight (for the most part)
* booty is now very well shaped and although I think it's huge I have gotten tons of comments lol!
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