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After YEARS of being self conscious of my big...

After YEARS of being self conscious of my big honker of a nose, I'm finally doing what I always have dreamed of doing but never thought it would happen or would I have the courage to do it.

My big nose is genetic, that I got from my Dad... Thanks dad. The whole side of his side of the family has BIG noses.. Unfortunately I was one of few grandchildren that got the nose.

I did get made fun of while growing up and always made comments how I wanted it to be gone but never wanted to go thru the pain and recovery of the surgery... Well a slight push from my boyfriend, May 2nd is the big day!

When I had my consultation with Dr. Perry Johnson he pointed out things that I have lived with my whole life and didn't even notice, a deviated septum, which does cut off the air flow of my right nostril. I never noticed it until he asked if I had troubles breathing out of my nose and pointed it out...

Be will be taking the large hump off my nose, fixing the deviated septum, and re-shaping the tip slightly.

I'm 10 days out and excited, yet a little nervous. I'm sure as my day gets closer my nervous will grow... Guess we will see in a few days how I am feeling!!

Congratulations Shellbee! You have an exciting road ahead of you! We'll all be eager to see your results and read your updates! It will be here sooner than you realize! :) ~Jemoiselle
Congrats on picking a surgeon! Good luck with everything. It looks like you have a good idea of what you want from the surgery; now you just have to wait :)
Good luck hun!!! I'm 4 weeks post op deffinately one of the best things I've ever done for myself

Well one week from today is my surgery day and I...

Well one week from today is my surgery day and I am very excited!!! I will be busy the next 7 days working so the days will go by fast and hopefully keep my mind free of nerves.
I'll post again the night before surgery. I'm sure I'll be nervous!!!

I'm so happy for you! Thanks for posting your story so far here on RealSelf!

Here's a list of supplies you might find helpful for recovery.

Please keep us posted as you get closer to your big day.

Good luck on your surgery! You already have so many beautiful features that will stand out even more after this. So excited to see your progress!
Oooo so close! Can't wait to follow your story and see your results! Good luck girl! You are beautiful and are going to look amazing!

Well tomorrow is the big day.. I woke up this...

Well tomorrow is the big day.. I woke up this morning with a very overwhelming nervous feeling. I work all day long today so it's going to fly by. Hopefully my nervous feelings will stay away.. Hopefully I can sleep okay tonight, but I have a feeling that is not going to happen.
Gooooood luck!!!! It's Ok to be nervous, I was crying in the car all mornin and then didn't want to go inside the building for surgery!!! Then I was cryin during my meeting with nurse... Omg, I kept wondering if I should go thru with it, even when I Was laying on the table waiting to be injected with the anasthesia... It was very depressing and I just laid there staring at the ceiling saying well this is it... Just lifeless... Really sad! I dunno if this will make u more nervous or what, but the silver lining is that I am so glad I did it... Recovery was fine and I love my result. I think bein nervous is normal... Otherwise we wouldn't be human. Can't wait to follow your story! HUGS
:) this does makes me feel a bit better!!!! I feel I am going to be a big cry baby tomorrow morning...the tears have already started! Ah!
Good luck on your big day! You're going to look amazing! :)

Well it's all over with... Ill start out with...

Well it's all over with...

Ill start out with last night.. I didn't get much sleep, I was really grumpy and in a terrible mood and on top of that I was nervous and crying. I only got 2 hours of sleep.
I got to the clinc around 7:15 this morning and was holding myself together pretty well, I did much better than I thought I was going to.

When I arrived I got all changed and my vitals taken. My nurse was awesome and super nice.. This kept my nerves away. She went over some things with me and finally my doc came in and went over what we were going to be doing again. Time flew by petty fast after his visit. The OR nurse and my anaesthesiologist came in and got me all ready to go in. This is the time I started to cry a little bit, I did become a little overwhelmed. They rolled me into the OR and the next thing I knew I was waking up in my room.

I felt pretty good at the time I woke up. I was breathing thru my nose and was in a bit of pain so they gave me some meds before they took my IV out. I was very dizzy getting dressed and walking to the wheelchair.

I am now at home feeling pretty good so far. I do have a headache and of course dry mouth. It's about nap time for this chick. I wanted to update real quick tho. Ill keep ya guys informed! Thanks everyone for all your support already!!
You did it!!! So proud of u!
:) :) I did!! Thanks to your post, it helped me stay calm!
You did it! The hard part is over! Congratulations! You are going to be so beautiful with your new nose. Good luck sleeping today and tonight, the first night was by far the worst for me. keep frozen peas on your eyes! You will be happy you did. All my best to you and let me know if you have any recovering questions!

Hey guys, finally the site is back up. I was very...

Hey guys, finally the site is back up. I was very frustrated that I couldn't update last night. :(

I don't remember much from yesterday being all doped up and slept off and on. I have major bruising and swelling on my left eye and minor bruising on the right eye.
I didn't sleep very well, I always breath thru my nose so everytime I would be comfortable and was about to sleep I'd startle myself by "not" breathing, which I really was breathing thru my mouth. I have been taking my pain meds every 3-4 hours, when I try to push the hours back without my meds I am in big pain.
I really haven't ate much, couple of scrambled eggs, toast, bananas, and some pudding. My jaw and teeth hurt and really don't have an appetite for food. I have been drinking LOTS of water.
A couple of hours ago we changed my drip pad and made me a bit more comfortable with a fresh new one. I managed to brush my teeth and swish some Biotienè, this really helped with my dry mouth.
I am feeling pretty spoiled and well taken care of from the boyfriend. He's done an awesome job and couldn't ask for more!

It's nappy time and need to ice my eyes. Hooefully I will be able to update later :)
Hey girl, hope recovery is going well! I'm so excited for your results. I had a very similar nose to yours (maybe more droopy :P) and thanks to my dad as well. Lol. Keep us updated!

Well I am day 3 of recovery and feeling much...

Well I am day 3 of recovery and feeling much better than yesterday or even Friday. I have been sleeping a lot bc of the pain meds, which have helped out lots! I have been sleeping with my ice pack on my eyes and this morning I was still a little out if it and ended up spilling the melted pack all over me, def woke up real quick!!!

I finally took a hot bath last night which was amazing and made me feel a step back to normal.

I'm still very swollen around my eyes, nose, and sides of my face and the bruising is slowly going away.
I have lots of oozing of mucus and blood so I still have my drop pad on! I can't wait to get this thing off!!

I'm finally getting my appetite back but it's still a little hard to eat bc of the drip pad, being swollen, and my throat hurts so bad!!... I can taste food for the most part.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings, I feel 30% better than I did yesterday so excited to see how I feel tomorrow!

Hey guys! I am day 4 of recovery and feeling...

Hey guys! I am day 4 of recovery and feeling pretty good!! I haven't taken any pain pills today which is a good feeling, not all high and drunk on meds! The swelling in my face has gone way down and my bruising is starting to work it's way out if my face.

I am very numb in the nose area but have feeling back in my upper lip. It does feel weird and hurts slightly to laugh, which the bf has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh. :)

I have my first post op appointment tomorrow morning and I can't wait! Get the gauze out of my nose!!!! I think this is causing lots of pressure in my face and I would feel amazing if the pressure wasn't there!
I finally have taken off the drip off and can breath thru my left nostril. I didn't sleep very well last night so hopefully tonight will be better.

Had my first post op this morning! They took the...

Had my first post op this morning! They took the splits out of my nostrils, which this is suppose to be a smooth and little to no pain. Dr got the left side out just fine and it's just an uncomfortable feeling coming out. The right side he couldn't find the splint! He made me blow my nose and put some saline solution to loosen things up, he still couldn't find it. They got a big suction machine out and stared to suck stuff out, finally he found it WAY up there.. This one hurt pretty bad coming out. I'm feeling pretty good. Still a little light headed and this is prolly due to my high blood pressure, which not normal for me. My next visit is in a month from today. I can't wait for the swelling to start going down to see my true new nose!!

3 weeks

On Wed of last week I had my first post op after getting my cast off. There is scar tissue building up on the bridge of my nose. Dr. Johnson didn't like that at all and neither do I. He gave me a steroid shot right into my bridge. Hopefully this helps break down the building tissue and also made some of the swelling go down. He told me to come back in a month and will prolly get another shot. Yay. The needle don't hurt it's the liquid that feels weird going in and hours after.

I am loving my new nose. I feel more confident already and can't wait for it to be normal.
I'm so happy for you. I hope that bump goes away over time... However if it doesn't I still think it looks beautiful and NATURAL... Rememeber no one's nose is perfect :) happy healing
So very nice, Congratulations!
You are looking great! Congratulations and happy de-swelling. I look forward to seeing how you progress :)

Day by day

I haven't updated in awhile..... The tip of my nose is still very swollen but day by day it goes down a little. It hurts to bump it because there is no give from being swollen. The little bump is going down also but it's very sore on my bridge still. It's only been a month since surgery but it feels like forever. Definitely got a long road ahead.
Looks good! Glad you have a great bf to take care of you too :)
hey it looks great, such a positive result.. i like how it still has a small bump it makes it look more natural i believe..
I think your new nose is perfect as you still look like you which is important but you look softer and prettier! Fab! So happy for you! Xx


I had another post op check up today and was expecting another shot in my nose. He decided he didn't want to do that bc he was afraid of the skin on the bridge thinning. I have to go back in 3 months and possibly go back under the knive for him to shave off the bump that has formed on the bridge. :( hopefully a it goes away as time goes by!

The little bump is there

ohh no! hopefully the bump is there due to swelling and goes away (even though its not really noticeable) looks really great so far :)
Thank you! Have a doc who is 100% perfectionist and don't like that small bump. I'm happy that he wants everything to be perfect!

Still swollen

Hey all! It's been a while since I've updated. I have been doing pretty good BUT the tip of my nose is still swollen!! Some days the bridge/sides of my nose feels great and some days(like today) it hurts. I massage it daily and makes it feel better. I do feel fluids move that have built up. The little hump is still there but I feel with the swelling going down, it gets better. I still have 2 months before I got back to see my doc so a lot can/could change!
I think it looks great, and with the small bump you mention, looks super natural and fits your face! Looks like an elegant refined version of your original nose.
Looks great!
Has your swelling gone down from the front? Mine is still swollen and I was just wondering.
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