Full Abdominalplasty (tummy tuck) with Lipo of Hips and Thighs & Breast Lift

Im a 42 yo SAHM of 5. Actually, 2 are in college,...

Im a 42 yo SAHM of 5. Actually, 2 are in college, 1 has graduated college and temporarily moved back home, and my two youngest are 8 & 10. I have wanted a breast lift since I finished nursing my youngest. My husband used to joke that when I laid on my back, my boobs would flatten and looked like fried eggs. He was right, ya know, and it was pretty darn funny.

Before my surgery, I was 5'6-1/2, 153lbs and wore a size 36D/DD bra. Since my surgery, I am still 5'6-1/2 (thank God I didn't shrink!), and 149lbs - so I haven't lost an excessive amount of weight. I am currently 12 days PO, and still very swollen.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the tummy tuck. My tummy is flat and I actually have a waist - which is totally cool because I haven't had one is over 20 years. No more jelly belly or belly button that looks like a butt (sorry. that's a little crass, but it's how I feel). My belly button is pretty frightening, but after looking at others ppls photos, I think it will eventually heal nicely. I certainly hope so!

I wish I had really grasped ahead of time, just how much time it was going to take to heal. For some reason, there was a disconnect in my mind from hearing it from the Dr and nurses, and experiencing it first hand. My family seems to think I'm 150% simply because I'm standing. It's been a hassle to have to constantly remind everyone that I'm really not and I'm still healing.

With all this being said, I don't think I would change a thing, given the chance. So far I am very happy with my breast lift, although I think my nipples are lopsided. (I asked the nurse and she assured my that I still have uneven swelling, causing them to appear lopsided). The lipo on my hips and thighs has been surprisingly painful to me. But each day, they get a little bit better and a little less sore. I am going to start wearing the next size smaller in pantyhose to hopefully keep down any more excess swelling. As for my tummy tuck, well, time will tell. I really do look forward to wearing my skinny jeans, sans muffin top, and doning a new bikini this summer during my trip to Mexico!!!!

You look amazing!! Dr. Bruneteau had done my BB and I totally love the work he did. (do wish I was a little smaller though) I was thinking about doing a Tummy Tuck at that time, but never did. Still am thinking about it, but just wondering on the recovery time for it. I don't think my place of employment would give me the time. How long was it before you actually felt good enough to do anything (as far as the TT) ? I see this was a almost 2 years ago and was just wondering if you are still happy with your results. Thanks! and again you look totally amazing and he did fantastic!!
You look awesome! Realself girls should totally do a trip to the beach to show off our new bodies this summer! :)
Looking great!! I also totally underestimated what my recovery would be like :) But, it does get a little better each and every day. Hang in there!

2-1/2 weeks (19 Days) po and doing well. Typical...

2-1/2 weeks (19 Days) po and doing well. Typical swelling in the evenings, but nothing too terrible. Except yesterday when I had a bowl of Chicken Chili during the Super Bowl. That left me pretty miserable for the rest of the night. For the most part, I believe I am morphing into a slug. Or a sloth. Or a slug on a sloth. My house is absolutely filthy, but nobody else seems to be real bothered by it. What a gross family I must have. I am calling the cleaning lady today, though. I truly cannot take the dirt! I look forward to the day my PS says I can vaccuum again. I know it sounds weird, but I actually enjoy vaccumming. I think its the instant gratification! lol!

I found a spot last night, in the center of my incision & where the tape is starting to peel, that looks pretty nasty. The tape appears to be pullling my skin off and the area is pink and gross looking. I started researching Necrosis last night and now I'm paranoid. I really think it's just the tape causing skin irritation at this point, but the thought of having rotting skin has me a little freaked out! I posted 2 pics (warning! They are graphic), and would appreciate any thoughts on that.

I still have my darn drain in, but am SO excited to report that finally, at 19 days po, I woke up with only 25ccs!!!! Now, if only I had a ride to the ps, I could have the darn thing removed. I guess at this point, I might as well wait until my appt on Thursday. It's not like it's hurting anything. But the thought of having a real shower tonight, vs having to wait until Thursday - OMG! Heaven!

Well, gotta get off of here and do something. I was going to say "productive", but not really allowed to do ANYTHING!!!!
I am so jealous of your cute booty! Totally of topic, but I am :)
Hahaha! Thanks! That made me smile! :-)
I think you look great! The bb will heal with time and will soften up too. I have to agree that even after everything on here regarding healing time, I expected to be one of the ones who would heal quickly and unfortunately I am just like everyone else that is healing at a normal pace LOL. I am PO 4.5 days from my TT/MR & smart lipo on my flanks, and the swelling has actually increased since yesterday. Keep up with lots of rest and plenty of fluids, happy healing!

Feeling pretty good again today! Just tired. Had...

Feeling pretty good again today! Just tired. Had myself a little fashion show this morning and posted pics. I haven't been able to fit into these clothes for a very long time!

I must have overdone it today. I'm swollen and my...

I must have overdone it today. I'm swollen and my thighs are so sore! And, I'm seriously so exhausted I can hardly think. My poor family. I have been barking all evening. Dr appt in the AM. Hopefully will get this damn drain out. I talked to the nurse today, and she said they might even start removing stitches!!!!! Day by day, ever so slowly, I can feel and see the results and I'm loving it!
Good for you! You look great!
Looking good! A TT fashion show is a great idea. We should all post. Lol
Oh my my ....don't you look hot....
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Dr Bruneteau did a great job with my tummy tuck and breast lift. My tummy tuck scar is really low, so I know I will not have any issues with any swimsuit I purchase in the future. My breasts were quite large and heavy, and I am amazed every day at how wonderful and perky they look, as well as completely natural. His staff is absolutely fabulous and I just love my nurse, Autumn! She has been extremely patient and helpful with all of my post op questions and concerns. I would definitely recommend Dr Bruneteau to anybody looking to have these same procedures done!

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