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I am totally frakkin out! My reduction mammaplasty...

I am totally frakkin out! My reduction mammaplasty + liposuction (near the under armpit area) is scheduled on MAY 31st! I really feel kind of alone in the fact that all i do is look up info about cost, sizes, others' results, wound care, healing and scarring on the net. I dont have alot of paperwork info on the procedure, just the stuff from the doctor about pre op rules and post op rules up to 6 weeks after. I noticed on here, alot of the rules are different than what I am supposed to do. No lifting (only 15lbs or less if have to) for 2 weeks, i have to get tubes (and that REALLY freaks me out), my support bra and dressings applied during surgery are to stay on for 2 weeks (except to wash and dry), follow up after 10 days, also no lifting greater than 20lbs after 10 days. At 3 weeks i get sutures removed. ALSO they say both my procedures will only take about 2 hours total and i see others' on here are saying theirs is like 3-5hrs long.... I have never even had a broken bone, and so i am very scared of this procedure. It is time though... I am almost 32 yrs old with 2 kiddos and huge boobs. I wear a 42FF and i'm 5'5'' and (hate to admit>) i weigh 195lbs. They are going to take me down to a 'C' cup. I dont even know what that looks like LOL. My everyday questions to myself are mostly ~What if C is too small and i end up looking fatter around my waist (if boobs are little)? What if the scarring is nasty like i've seen in some photos? What if i regret it and i get sad b/c i miss the old me? Plus i am scared about being scalpeled up! I've seen surgeries on TV and knowing that is going to be me just freaks me out. And the whole 'tube draining' thing has me scared too. Wondering what they are going to look like, how do i change the fluids every 12 hours without freaking out at the sight of it? I MUST SOUND LIKE A BASKET CASE, but this is the first time i am letting any of this out. I have never met or talked to anyone else who is going through this. I am doing the surgery because i want to feel lighter, run with my children (w/out my boobs beating me up:), be able to excercise (again w/out boobs flopping around LOL), and to wear shirts and bras better. I JUST WORRY THAT A 'C' CUP MIGHT BE TOO SMALL! If i lose weight afterwards, will they shrink even more??? WOW, i need some feedback huh? Sorry for rambling, i'm just hoping not to chicken out~! AND, i need some advice of what NOT to do after the surgery (what not to lift/pull/push...ideas)EX. no opening a tight refridgerator... HELP! Thanks to all who post and to all who have posted on others' reviews.

All normal worries. Just take a deep breath, and then another. A 'C' cup is going to look beautiful on you. I went from a DD to a C, and I have to say, I'm surprised by how ample a C cup really is. I still feel very womanly and sexier than ever. But yes, I can relate ro all your fears. For what its worth, every fear I had played out to ne nothing, and I'm so happy I had the guts to go through with it! You will be, too. Best of luck! Keep us posted!
I will def. keep y'all posted! Thanks for putting my worries at ease a little :)
I too have the same concerns. My surgery is set for Friday the 18th and my anxieties r starting to go. My dr. is saying a c cup too. I think a d cup would b better. Keep us posted!

Found out some new info! YAY! I was scared of the...

Found out some new info! YAY! I was scared of the 'out of pocket' cost, but its not going to be too bad, plus i can do a payment plan. So, the big day is getting closer. I am ALSO A SMOKER...AHHHHHHHHHHH! I have till Thursday to kick the habit. The 31st is closing in. Wow, my nerves are shaky. Every day i wonder "Am i still gonna do this?"

So glad to hear that you did well through surgery! How are you feeling now? Rest and fluids are your best friends right now! Give yourself plenty of both and you will be feeling stronger in no time!
everything went well. I am VERy drugged up right now but i will make sure to get on here tomorrow and properly update with my recovery. info. I am so very swollen and tired and the oxy meds make me itch SOOOOO bad. My mother is taking care of me and bought me a body scratcher and benedryl yesterday :) Well i better get to bed since we wake up every 4 hours to take meds! Hope you all are doing well and i"ll talk with ya tomorrow! GoOdNiGhT!

Hope everything went well for you today! Let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it!

This is WAY late, but i am now 14 days post op!...

This is WAY late, but i am now 14 days post op! WOW, was last week a pain in the ass!! I felt horrible the first 6 days after the surgery. Day 3 was the worst for pains and day 4 i remember being nautious ALL DAY! I cried alot. I HATE the sleeping on my back part! HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO DO THAT??? Im just waiting to feel good again. Im up and at em' but i HATE the numb tight feeling in my chest. I just want this all to be over with honestly. The narcotics made me hallucinate by day 5 so i quit them and am just taking ibuprophen as needed. You Guys.... I HATED the first week recovery!!! I felt so lonely (even though my mom was there taking care of me). I figured something out, when you're in pain, the days are LOOOOOONG! Just to get 1/2 hour over with seemed like hours. My drains were in for 4 LOOONG days. My left side was PAINFUL! My drain site had little blood leaks and my left nipple bled a little after the surgery. I honestly think my bitterness comes from the fact that i HATED MY DOCTOR too!! But thats a whole other story. So i am now waiting to feel better and smoke again and go back to work after the 17th. ALSO, HOW LONG WILL MY SKIN BE NUMB! ITS LIKE ARMPITS DOWN! I HATE the feeling. Grrrr....ANYHOW, HOW ARE YOU GUYS?!?!? PLease share your experiance with me :)

Hope you are feeling better, Tara. As time goes on the pain and inconvenience really does get better. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Good Luck!
Hi Tara, I had some of the same feelings you are having, I felt so frustrated and tired and i felt like the process was wayyy too long. Plus it seemed like everyone on this site was doing so much better than me, physically and emotionally, I was sick of sitting doing nothing, sick of being tired and fragile. etc. I am 16 days out and feel much much better, I can do alot more around the house now etc. One funny thing, I am 16 days out and STILL sleeping in my recliner! I tried my bed but it hurt my nipple incisions way to much and took forever for me to prop the pillows up just some of us just recover slower and that is OK...Gosh one gal was out bra shopping 5 or 6 days out and I can tell you even TODAY I could not got bra shopping..HANG IN THERE it gets better!

2 week post op appt was today! I am actually doing...

2 week post op appt was today! I am actually doing alot better! The appt went well and it was the first time i actually 'liked' my doctor's attitude.I'm healing well! Cant wait to get back to work and i cant wait to excercise. I also am allowed to sleep on my side now AND without a bra, but 'baby steps'. I think i will TRY and sleep on my side WITH the bra and then when i feel comfy...without! I did'nt know, however, that it takes up to a YEAR TO HAVE FEELING IN MY BREASTS AND SIDES AND ARMPITS!!!! Ahhhhh, i HATE the numbness!!! My nipples are the only things that HAVE feeling. I also need to start using Vitamin E 2x a day. I really hope in the end of all this, i look normal. I am scared i will look super scarred. How am i supposed to be comfortable around a man in the future if i have big scars??? (i am going through a seperation/divorce) Anyhow, i will keep you updateD! HOPE YOU ALL ARE DOING WELL!

I'm glad you are doing better. Did the doctor suggest anything to use on the scars or if he thought they were going to be large? How about silicone sheets that you could put on them? Bet you are going to sleep so well as you adjust to being on your side again!
Thank you :) Ya, she suggested pure Vitamin E. Rub on scars 2 times a day. Never heard of silicone sheets before though. Hmmmm. I slept on my side last night for the first time. It was a little weird and felt a little tight, but i did it. The crappy part is waking up sore from sleeping on my side, but i'd rather be sore for an hour than sleep on my back again! :)
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