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Hi all, I am super excited but also nervous. I...

Hi all, I am super excited but also nervous. I have been reading on RealSelf for sometime now, and have read some fabulous journeys you ladies have taken. Congrats to you all!

A few years ago, a radio station had people call in about a funny thanksgiving story and one caller said that they had gone to pick grandma up for dinner. All the way to her daughters house she was complaining that her stomach was hurting her. They got to her daughter's and she still was saying that she still had the pain. Someone thought that maybe she just needed to go to the bathroom, so her daughter took her in there and went to help her. Lo and behold, her girls were tucked into her waistband of her pants. I laughed so hard when I heard this....Now that I have seemed to grow bigger over the past few years (like they wouldn't stop growing) I don't want that to ever happen to me...
My pre-op is scheduled for tuesday oct 22, so hope everything goes well..
Thanks to all who have shared their journey..

Pre-op went well

I had my pre-op on tuesday oct 22nd. Things went well. Picked up my patch to wear the day of surgery to help prevent nausa. Also got my TEDS to wear during surgery and for a week after. Going to spend the next week just trying to get things in order around the house so I don't have to worry so much about that.

Excitied but also a little nervous. I am trying to stop smoking now and cutting out my coffee with caffine. Switched to decaf tea. I know that by not smoking will help with the healing process. So please pray that I can stop the smoking...
I picked up a couple of support bras to wear during the washing of my surgery ones..Found a pretty pink one, can't wait till I can go shopping for pretty ones after the surgery, that will actually fit and look nice.
well I'm off to go to some holiday bazars with my daughter today. :)
Wish you all well...
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