6 month updat: Flat to 800cc First BA ! - Omaha, NE

I am 27 and I have one child. I never had anything...

I am 27 and I have one child. I never had anything. I've been waiting for breasts since I was 12. LOL. When I got prego I was exicted thinking it could happen, then well no luck at all. I've been wanting to do surgery since I was 18 but I never had enough money for it. I went to a lot of doctors so far but I am sticking with Dr. Finkle because he said he can do 800CC the first time. He also had a lot of exerpince with women in Omaha who want to go larger. I went to a couple appointments to meet a few doctors but dr. finkle said he could give me what I wanted the other doctors can only do 400cc at the highest.

My surgery date is for July 3, 2012. It will be here very soon. I've been looking up all kinds of information on here and other sites. It is very hard to find women who are going 800cc first time ariound. I will post befotre and after pictures when the time is closer. If you know anyone else doing 800cc the first time please let me know. Thanks for reading.

One month away! I wish I could re-edit my first...

One month away! I wish I could re-edit my first post. Sorry for all the misspelling and typing.

Ok So I am dropping my check off tommorow for my BA! I am so exicted. I got a sports bra this weekend with a zipper in the front. Everyday is different as the days get closer. One day I am exicted, next day I freak about having some one cut open my chest. I have an doctor appointment the 11th so I can figure out what size implants I am going to get. I am pretty sure I will do 800cc now I just need to figure out if I will do HP or MP. :)

We are set for Tuesday! I am going 800cc mod . ...

We are set for Tuesday! I am going 800cc mod . There is no going back now I had a hard time choose weather I wanted to do Hp or Mod +. I will try to do some pictures of before and after. As of today I am 5'5 172lbs. I wear size 36B which is still very lose on me. I am very excited. i got all of my pills ready to go and got a hoodie and Pjs ready that button up so no need to lift my arms. I also got straws and frozen vegetables since I was told it works better then ice. I hope Tuesday gets here soon.

Today is day 1 after surgery. The surgery went...

Today is day 1 after surgery. The surgery went very good. The nurses where so sweet and help along the way. I couldn't of choose a better place. My doctor was very nice as well he is always smiling.

So I got 800cc mod plus, under the muscle. My implant are very high right now. Even for me getting 800cc mod plus they seem small on my frame. I do know I still have to give it time. Honestly yesterday I barely feel any pain. Today I do feel it a lot but I keep looking at the end of the tunnel. I will post some pictures so you guys can see what the look like. Today I been putting a lot of frozen vegetables on my new girls. I will also update more later. Thanks for reading. I wanting to see how they look when they drop to say it it was worth it.

Honestly I am not sure if I would go thur this...

Honestly I am not sure if I would go thur this agian. The size I got fits my body makes it more of an hour glass shape. Still have a lot of pain on day 7. I dont rember barely anything from last week. I still have one more day before I can hold my baby. My spouse has not been very supportive. The hole experience seems a lot harder then it could of been. I gain 10 pounds day of surgery still trying to lose that weight. I feel huge and sore cause I am not used to them. I do like them one minute next minute I feel like I liked how I was. I am still undecided.

Thank you all very much for the support it really...

Thank you all very much for the support it really helps! I love this site and support! I feel better today 2nd day at work and couldn't find anything to wear so I put on a tight tshirt with out thinking that I used to only wear with that certin bra with a whole bunch of padding. I put that shirt on today and my Bf just smile at me and I asked what. He said that its all me under neath this time no padded bra. That made me feel good. I wore the same tshirt I wouldn't dare walk out if the house with before with out the right bra and this time all I had was a thin sports bra and I look bigger and better then I did with the bra. So there is a brigther side.

So here are something to expect when you get BA...

So here are something to expect when you get BA.
1. You will have boobs you might think or ugly/funny looking for a month or so until they fluff or drop if you like them sooner the better.
2. Your boobs side back ribs and tummy will all be swelled and very very sore where you feel like you wish u didnt do it.
3. You will gain weight day of surgery I gain 10pounds day off so don't worry much about being a certain weight cause u will have to lose it again. I still have 5 more pounds to lose.
4.You will be able to wear things unlike you did before. I want shopping last night and I love my new hour glass shape. I cant lift my arms above my head but I still love trying on new dresses.
5.make sure you have extra money saved for pills and new bras and clothes. You will also want scar cream and some doctors suggest vitamin e. Plus you will need bra for the first couple Weeks when ur swellen. Then youll need smaller bras for after ur swelling goes away and your twins drop and fluff.
6.if you have kids you need an overnight caretaker for a week at least plan. I was so druged up I dont rember much the first week I barely saw.anyone all I did was sleep and ice.
7. Get lots of frozen vegs you can keep switching out so are ice 48 hours to help with swelling.
8. Be ready to feel differnt mental for the first couple Weeks I didn't feel the same I had a lot of mix feelings. I felt like I was dreaming and I was in the background.
9.tell your friends and ppl you can lean on you need support. Dont let any negative ppl or things get in your way.

I am happer today I am very very dore each morning but it geys easier thur out the day. I love the new meet they fit my body great

I am doing good. My boobs are sore when I wake up...

I am doing good. My boobs are sore when I wake up and my scars hurt but each day is better then the next. Yesterday I want braless for the first time for a few hours out wearing a halter top. I love my twins hoping they drop and fluff soon too much room in the middle.

So I love my boobs I do wish they where a lil...

So I love my boobs I do wish they where a lil bigger I would like more cleavage but maybe that is boob.greed lol. I got a bikini I never had one before cause I never had boobs so I thought they look funny. Werid to think its all me kniw looking at the mirror. None of my friends or family notice dont know if that is good or bad lol.

Ok so i do go to vs they said i was 38dd but the...

Ok so i do go to vs they said i was 38dd but the bra was way to big so was 38 d i try on a c but it se that my side sticked out more then should.. Anyone else had bra issues? Otherwise i love them and for the first time i am wearing a bikini. Now i just need to lose more weight. This is the best thing i ever did even i never wear a vs bra again!

So i am a 38c with 800cc and a few ppl i told...

So i am a 38c with 800cc and a few ppl i told about my surgery when they saw they said "wow you didn't go very big". I did 800cc silcone. So if you are question ur size don't worry about goinv to big. Happy i chose the best doctor for cause the other 3
saids they only do 400cc i would of still been flat.

So i saw my doctor and He said they look great and...

So i saw my doctor and He said they look great and was very happy with how they looked. i was told by the nurse no need to come back and that the scars will go down more and My twins will get softer and still drop. My right boob is barely bigger then my left. i was told that was very common do to the muscles. I have pictures on here to show how they look now. Best thing I ever did for my self. A lot of my friends that know about it say i didn't go very big at all. It goes to show you you should trust your doctor and if in dought go bigger there are clothes and bras to make them look smaller and it's better to get the right size the first time.

Hi I have no compliances besides I wish I did this...

Hi I have no compliances besides I wish I did this sooner. I will be honest I have message them all the time like I should. I forget they are even there they feel so natural now I wish i did it sooner. I still have really bright red scars but they will fade sometime. I am very happy with my size and if i could would of did them bigger. I want from a 38 B to now a 34 DD do to me losing weight. :) Best money I ever spent on myself. Thank you doctor.
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Omg they look good do they feel heavy
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You look great ! You must have lost a lot of weight to go from a 38 to a 34 that good .
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Hey Sheri, I'd love to see new pics if you can! Glad to hear all is well, Happy New Year!
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Hi Sheri! Glad everything is going good!
I was wondering if you could you post a pic of you standing up in a profile or 45 degree angle?
We had the same specs and I'd like to see how 800ccs look like on us. =)
Thank you!
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Ok I posted some for you! :) I wish i could of got a little bigger to tell the truth.
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Thanks Sheri!
Wow, that is just crazy! I would never have guessed that was 800cc at all!

Are you at 6 weeks right now?
Does your doc have you massaging?

Thanks for posting those and keeping us updated. =)
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I think I can see the size better in the arms up photo, but the quality of the pic makes it hard to really tell.
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Aww sissy i am sorry that a bummer hope surgey will help. And hopefully be more easy. Good luck.
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Thanks Sheri !!! It will be like just having surgery . I'm thinking about getting bigger . We will see .
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Hi Sheri , my right boob is to far out on the side . I have to have surgery to fix it . I plan on doing it un December . I will have stitches in side that will always be there . I will have to start with the healing all over again .
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Sheri you look great, I wouldn't worry that your family has not noticed, they may have and don't know or want to bring it up either because they fear your sensitive to it or they may be to modest in their ways to speak about it. The only way my family knows about it is because I've practically put them in their face! LOL! I'm so happy and proud of them that I show everyone I am close with.
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Thanks guys. No more mix feelings I feel like they are a great size for me hopubg they don't get any smaller lol.
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Hello Sheri, you look really great already. I read your update and totally agree with the "having mixed feeling". Mine are still high after 3 weeks, their only 300cc. I'm trying to stay busy so that I'm not thinking about them & waiting for them to drop & fluff!! Anyway, CONGRATS to you they look great & they really fit your frame. ~take care
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hey sheri- 800 cc's.....?? I thought they would be much, MUCH bigger!!!!(like Dolly Parton) Lol Perhaps they are still very high and once they drop a fuller appearance will take place? Hope you're feeling better and your husband is being more supportive. Take Care 
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WOW! I'm really shocked, you look about the same size I look with my 510 and 600cc I thought they were going to be huge but they are perfect for your frame! I guess it has a lot to do with what you start with huh? Congratulations!
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Looking good !!!!!
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Post pics!!! I'm glad you're loving the size :)
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Sorry I try updating this review. my phone but I didnt get every spelled correctly and my spell checker on my phone missed some things up so sorry
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I try uprating on my phone but I didnt get every spelled correctly and my spell checker on my phone missed some things up so sorry.
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So glad you're feeling better & the bf is finally being supportive. You certainly won't be needing padded bras anymore!!! LOL Look forward to seeing the post op piks soon:-)
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Yay for you !!!!! Have a great day !
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Hang in there! I went through a time of doubt also. It has a lot to do with being tired and hurting and not healing as quickly as you expect. One day you wake up and realize how much it hurts and you are just soooo over being in pain and unable to live your life the way you want. Luckily, that passes as quickly as it comes. Please be patient with the process. That is so hard to do, but so very important. I am 6 weeks post op today and I am finally back to "normal" - almost. You will see changes and improvements every day. I also understand about a less-than-supportive mate. My DH did the best he could, but it's not his nature to nurture - that is my job in our relationship. He went above and beyond in his eyes - he made me soup and a sandwich the day of surgery :-)
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Awww i am so sorry you are having a hard time healing and i hope the hubby comes around. My boyfriend has been an amazing support system for me as well as my mother and my bestfriend. 800cc is a lot but i do understand you have broad shoulders and you will be surprised how even though the cc sounds a lot the size may look proportionate.I know they will look great Sheri. Dont panic just follow your docs instructions on your recovery process and it shall be well. I too was a fullA/small B maybe. went with 425 saline/unders,breast fold incision. I am 15days post-op and i feel great. all the pain is gone but my breast is high. i am using the strap to help them drop and started my massages a week ago. They are soft and i almost paniced when the doctor said 425 because i had made up my mind not to go over 375cc but guess what? i would have regretted it with 375cc cause even the 425 sometimes i question it being small but i am only 2weeks and a day out. i heard it gets bigger when it totally drops and starts to fluff. I will keep you updated on my journey and will continue to follow yours as well. Believe me its a bigger implant so will take a little bit longer to recover but the hard part is over which is the surgery. We are all here for you....Happy healing beautiful! :)
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I Am happy I have you guys! thanks the kind words. I am ok to do massages today still really tight and painful on the back and sides. I can hold my baby tommorow I can't wait. She probably thinks I am mad at her or something.
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I hope you get to feeling better . Sory your having such a hard time . It will get better in time .
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