39 Yrs Old, 1 Child, Breast Augmentation , 800cc over the Muscle – Omaha, NE

I went in as a 36 big B small C, knowing I wanted...

I went in as a 36 big B small C, knowing I wanted to end up with full sexy round breasts in the DD+ area. I was going to get 600 cc saline or that was my thought in my head. After my measurements were taken, I was informed that my chest width was wide enough to go bigger if I so choose. Well after trying on many sizers I picked out 750 cc salines. After going back to the hotel, we got a call saying they didn't have that size on hand. The DR. said since we drove 4 hours, he would give me the new silicone 700 or 800 cc's for the same price as saline! so her I am 3 days out of surgery, with 800 overs. Pain has been very minimal, I have been icing for 3 days strait, and tomorrow I get to shower and wash my bra, and see the new girls for the first time!


Glad its going well! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures if you can post some! I can't imagine what 800 cc overs is going to look like! I had 356 and 378 overs and feel like my skin is going to burst! Take care and get some rest!!! Congratulations!
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I hope I fluff out and get more round
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What size did this make you thus far? I'm getting 675 saline under the muscle and I am worried they might be too large. I'm only an A now but my doc says my chest measurements will allow. Plus congratulations I bet your breasts look amazing!
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A little before and after

Here is a before and after shot of the new girls, 4 days post op. Hope they get more round and full. Big difference though. :)


That looks great! And helps me feel more confident that my 675 unders won't look to outrageous. Looks like you got great results!
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:) thank you! Good luck!
I just post a quick side view.

10 days post op check up

Had my "7 day" post up check up on Friday, was actually 10, due to the fact its a 3 hour drive to Omaha. Everything is going great, little swelling left, and my incision scar looks like a small red pencil line right now, but they said it will get bigger. Started my breast massage techniques and away we go! Did some measurements and I went from a 36B to a 38 DDD. Cant wait for them to drop and fluff! Oh, also my nipples are SO sensitive! WOW!!! To sensitive in a good/ bad way!


Thank you for sharing!!!!! May 1st and May 2nd are my surgery dates, I will be getting 800cc's Hp above the muscle as well as a tummy tuck :-) I've been waiting for someone above the muscle to post :-) congrats on your me rack!!!
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Exciting!!! It's great you are getting HP's. That's my one regret, I now see they offer ultra high profiles in 800's. Good luck!
Thank you!!! :-)

17 days post op

We went out for the first time last night, I wore a regular push up bra for a couple hours with a fitted shirt, and this is the result . They look pretty big & full. :)
The bra is a 38 DDD and might be to small cup wise. :)


How was your first night out?! I sadly am only one week in and still waiting for my babies to drop. Thankfully they have a little and I can breathe easier(literally). They look so great in your new picture, I bet your happy :) hope you keep coming along awesomely
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It was fun thanks! Mine still haven't dropped, one has a little more than other. I do hope they get a little rounder. :)
You look great! how did you feel out for the first time?? You still have pain? Was your bra underwire as well?
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2 months post op .... 38DDD :)

So I'm just about 2 months post op. Been able to work out and jog again! Down about 15 lbs and they twins are starting to fall and fluff a little. Yay!!!


when was sensation come back ? i had mine 3 weeks ago, 325cc m+p. drop it very quick but my nipples and lower boobs dont hv much feeling
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After about 3-4 weeks my nipples became very sensitive, almost to the point of pain.
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