TT, MR, BL, and Lipo of Hips and Thighs - Omaha, NE

Because the reviews on this website have been very...

Because the reviews on this website have been very beneficial in helping me make my final decision about cosmetic surgery, I have decided to share my experience as well.

My surgery:

My mommy makeover, including tummy tuck, muscle repair, breast lift, and lipo of my hips and thighs, is scheduled in just 2 days. I have my final consultation tomorrow and surgery on December 1st. After much research and several initial consultations, I finally chose Dr. Heieck as my surgeon. While my family is still leary about the surgery, I am excited and ready to have my fat suit removed.

My story:

I am 5'1". I am a mother of 4 who has been pregnant a total of 6 times. My weight has yo-yo'd before and after each pregnancy.For example, I weight 250lbs after my 4th child and 140lbs after my 2nd child. Before I was married and had my children I was very active and weighed 120lbs. I currently weigh 160lbs.

Since my 4th child was born, I have taken to exercise, like a fat girl takes to sweets. Currently, I run about 5 miles every other day. I also do an ab and thigh video every other day. Even with all this exercise. I have failed to rid myself of my fat suit. Now that I am done having children, I want to get my prepregnancy body back.

Now, I am getting ready to travel to Omaha for my surgery. I am trying to get all the last minute details worked out. Babysitter scheduled: check. Hotel booked: check. Review written: check. Bag packed: uncheck(I am still uncertain on what type of clothes and things to pack). Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I will keep you posted. Today I am 2 days post op. I am very sore but seem to be doing rather well. Last night was a bit tough, as I was having bladder spasms. Today, is much better. I hope and pray for strength and patience.
Best of luck to you on the beginning of your new "you". So excited for you and cannot wait to hear how you are doing when you are up to sharing:)
I just saw your story. Wishing you all the best today, and a smooth recovery. Update us when you can. :)

Today is day 3 post-op. I am still pretty sore...

Today is day 3 post-op. I am still pretty sore and tender. I find myself really sleepy. I am unsure if this is an aftereffect of the surgery or if I am tired from not doing as much as normal. I started taking only 1 hydrocodone 325mg tab every 4 hours instead 2 today. I believe most of my discomfort is from the liposuction bruising. However periodically, my breasts, belly button, or abdomen incisions will sting.

My pain is no surprise. The doctor estimated from my abdomen and liposuction of hips and thighs, approximately 9 pounds were removed. Currently, my thighs are massive. They are very swollen and full of fluid. My abdomen is also quite swollen. I seem to have a "man" pouch just under my abdominal incision. Let us hope this goes away.

My breasts look much perkier, but much smaller. This will take quite a lot to get used to. I have always been known for having large "twins". I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't remove a pound or 2 of tissue from them as well.

After discussing it with my husband, we have decided to have one of our older children stay home to help with their youngest sibling who doesn't attend school yet. As for now, we are taking this day by day. I will keep you updated.
Will be saying a prayer for you for a speedy and happy recovery. I'm still in my consult stage, but def. trying to get my suregry in the new year. I'm 5'1, 150... always hapy to see another shorty in the forums :) Keep us posted!

Day 4 post-op and I am still pretty sore. I...

Day 4 post-op and I am still pretty sore. I started out with a burst of energy, only to have it replaced with major fatique. I still cannot sit in a chair for more than 5 minutes without falling asleep. Reminds me of when I was breastfeeding.

I have experienced a few concerns today including a declining supply of pain pills, an excessively tender area on the back of my right upper thigh, and a rather large mass of muscles in my abdomen. I will continue to work on my concerns throughout the next few days to get them resolved. Feel free to offer suggestions.

I have decided to wait until the swelling goes down before taking after pics. I will keep you posted.
They say healing can zap your energy (and burn calories!) much like breastfeeding. Maybe that's where the exhaustion is coming from... your body working super hard to heal! I'm up in just two days, super nervous. Thanks for sharing, sending my best :)
Hello. I am so excited for you. I know this time is usually the most difficult, so try to get someone to tell you a decent joke. Not a great one, cause laughing can be uncomfortable. Unfortunately, I just can't think of any right now.

I had similar swelling around my thighs and hips a couple of days after surgery where it felt like my skin would split. I adjusted my binder more often, and once I started moving more, the swelling went down significantly. I hope this helps. I hope everything else is going smooth.
I relate to your story and my before pics are very similar to yours! Not the breasts, mine are smaller and saggier but my stomach looks really similar. I have 4 kids too and having my surgery in Omaha. I just wrote my review today although I am not scheduled for my mommy make-over until Dec 20. I can't wait to see your after pics!

Today is day 6 post-op. I am finding myself more...

Today is day 6 post-op. I am finding myself more and more swollen especally around my peri area under my abdominal incision. I wonder if I am wearing the binder tight enough or even too tight. I also feel like my muscles in my stomach are balling up at times. I might be overdoing it. Not having my elbows go any higher than my shoulders has proven to be really hard to do.

I was scheduled to go to my 1 week post-op appointment tomorrow, but I called and had it moved to next week. The nurse said they like to see the total amount of fluid in the each drainage tubes around 25 cc's or less. I am still having quite a bit of drainage. Each drainage tube is around 75 to 100 cc's still.

I am now down to taking the tylenol throughout the day and 2 hydrocodone every 4 hours at night. However, after being out and about today for the first time since the surgery doing errands , I broke down an took more than what I had planned too of the pain medicine.

I would love feedback from others about the swelling issue.
Rest is good! It allows your body to heal. Be sure you are taking in lots of fluids and protein. I drank powerade and gatorade - sometimes I diluted them with water. I found room temperature was good at first then I added ice. Protein shakes are good too. I bought protein powder from Costco, add about 8-10 oz milk, one scoop of powder, and a couple of frozen strawberries and blend it. It gives you fluid along with extra protein for rebuilding. My ps said that my activity level will be dictated by my endurance - if I feel I need to rest/nap - don't feel bad about doing it! Good luck!

I am now 2 weeks post-op. I am feeling better...

I am now 2 weeks post-op. I am feeling better everyday. Not exercising and being confined to the house more than I am used to, seems to be the downfall to this surgery for me.

I am happier everyday with the transformation of my results. I thought my swelling # 1 is not ready to be taken out. I am so ready for the drain to be taken out. A warm shower would be awesome. Sponge baths are just not cutting it. My remaining drain is still putting out numbers around the 100 mark. This seem excessive to me.

My peri area still seems to be one of my biggest concern, as it is almost manly in size. The doctor reassures me this will go away with time. I hope.
I feel your pain on the swelling. I'm still holding about 11 lbs. of water on average, as I'm about a lb. over pre-surgery weight, and he removed 10 lbs. of fat/tissue. I feel like I'm wearing a water suit all the time. Making me crazy! Did you have a good deal removed by lipo? I did, and that's what I understand is resulting in the excessive swelling. I'm 9 days post op today, and it is getting better every day.
I calculated what they told me they removed and it was almost 9 lbs just from my abdomen, hips, and thighs. It was quite a bit. I hope the swelling in the groin goes down soon. It sticks out so far right now. I look like I have a man package.
Haha, I know what you mean about the man package. My PS gave me this foam to put in front of my groin, under the compression garment. The compression keeps the swelling down in that area.

Today I am 18 days post-op. Overnight I noticed...

Today I am 18 days post-op. Overnight I noticed my last remaining drain was starting to come out. By this morning it was over half way out and no longer was holding any suction. Unfortunately, the drain wasn't ready to be removed. I still was drain around 60 to 80cc in 24 hr period. I went ahead and pulled it the rest of the way out and called the PS. My appointment is tomorrow.

I am unsure what the process is after a drain falls out. I am hoping that I won't have to make several trips back to the doctor's office with it being 3 hours from home to have drainage suctioned out. Come on body, absorb!

My peri area still remains my biggest concern. It is still manly in size. I also have a lot of excess swelling in my thighs, butt, and abdomen. The scale has not been kind to me. I weighed in at 159 lbs on the morning of surgery. I had 9 lbs removed. I currently weigh 164 lbs. GRRR!

On the bright side, today marked my first shower in 18 days. Boy did it feel good! Hopefully, this will be the longest I will ever go without a shower.

Also on the positive side, I am drain free. Let's just hope it doesn't cause me any problems.
My doctor gave me a sheet of this stuff that's called epifoam.

It's about 1/2" thick, dense foam, sort of like memory foam, but more dense. You can cut it to shapes, and I cut a triangle about the size of the mons area and tuck it inside the compression garment. I can tell it's helping, I guess... Because the area that isn't under the foam is more swollen.

Day 21 post-op and feeling bloated. I'm going in...

Day 21 post-op and feeling bloated. I'm going in tomorrow to have fluid drained. My abdomen looks like a water balloon. It feels like a boiling pot of fluid.

The swollen tummy issue is causing me alot of concerns. I hope I doesn't get infected, need to be drained more than once, or stretch my stomach enough that it looks deflated once the fluid is drained. I hope they prescribe an antibiotic just in case.
Sorry about all this swelling and pain you're having. Sending positive healing vibes your way! Keep us updated...hopefully this problem will be solved quickly for you. Wishing you the best!
Oh,my ... sending special positive thoughts your way! Let us know what the dr. says.

Day 24 post-op and feeling worse than when I...

Day 24 post-op and feeling worse than when I updated last time. I am back to taking my pain pills periodically. Last Friday I had a doctor appointment to removed fluid build up in my abdomen. They removed 180 cc's of fluid before I passed out. They also told me to take it easy. Yeah, right. Did they realize this is a holiday weekend and I have four kids.

Anyway, with the holiday I made an appointment for Tuesday to return and do the same thing as Friday. However, I feel way more bloated then when I went in Friday. I was told if I need to, I could call tomorrow and have the person on call drain my fluid. My stomach is so big that it protrudes almost as much as it did before surgery. I am quite bummed about that.

In the back of my mind, I would rather them, put in an another drainage tube and call it good. I feel like my stomach stretching this much cannot be healthy.

26 days post-op today and had a doctor appointment...

26 days post-op today and had a doctor appointment to have more fluid drained from my seroma. Today they drained 150cc and the fluid had started to moved up above where my binder was. I asked for a a 4 panel binder, instead of the 3. It works and feels much better. I have less worry that I have positioned the binder incorrectly. They want to see me back Thursday or Friday. They are talking about replacing the drain which fell out if the aspirated fluid amounts remain high. This doesn't surprise me.
How did your appt go? Did you have to get your drain replaced? What a bummer! It will all be worth it in the end, right?!

I had my last doctor appointment Thursday of last...

I had my last doctor appointment Thursday of last week, 4 weeks post-op. Doctor didn't think it needed drained at first. I told him I could feel the fluid and so agreed to try and remove more fluid. 90cc's later he admitted that he learned along time ago, always listen to the patient. He has proved to be a good surgeon.

I am set to go back tomorrow and have Dr. Heieck look at again. Trust me, it needs drained again. GRRR... When does the fluid stop? I am so ready to get active again. I was told not to go on 2 mile walks and to take it easy. Boo! Let us just hope that I don't gain all my weight back sitting around and eating.
Wow, it seems we all have that one issue that if it would just disappear we'd be thrilled with our recovery. I had my first tube slip out overnight long before it was ready. But lucky me I have the second to pick up the slack. I'm 2 weeks post op and I'm still collecting over 100 cc a day. After reading your problem I am going to baby that other drain like crazy. Still, some of the white shows and it gets me so worried. I'm sorry you have to go through this. I keep telling myself the things that happen now are short term (even though it may not feel like it right now) but the new body will last forever!
Id see if there isn't something your PS could do about stitching the remaining drain in. The trips to the PS have been tiring the past few weeks. I so wish I still had my drain in.
My second drain did fall out. I immediately became very worried based on what you are going through but mine was handled quite differently which is odd because we are going to the same place, just different ps. I am seeing Dr. Edney in the same office as Heieck. In fact, Dr. Heieck is the one who sent me to the hospital last week because Dr. Edney was out of town so I saw him instead. I went in yesterday and they felt my stomach and said there didn't seem to be enough to aspirate. Then went back in today and Dr Edney himself came in, not just PA like usual and he said he wanted to be safe and put a new tube in. He sent me straight over to Methodist for ultrasound to see how much fluid there was and where it was located for best postitioning of tube. When I had the ultrasound a dr. on call at Methodist said this was just not enough fluid to constitue a new drain. I do not feel bad or blown up like you describe but it may still be early for that. I hope it does not happen but so far seems ok. It is good that the amount of fluid they remove seems to be dropping, but it is too bad you couldn't have just got a new tube because it sounds like this has been horrible for you, especially with the long drive. I hope it continues to get better. If not you might ask about the tube. But like you said, how much longer can this go on? Your body has to be close to slowing down!

I had another appointment today with my PS to...

I had another appointment today with my PS to drain fluid from my seroma in my tummy. They removed a total of 60 cc's today. I guess it is a good thing that is going down. I just am tired of the long drives into the PS office. I have to return again on Friday for much of the same.

I also noticed that I am havinga bit of drainage from my tummy tuck incision and below my breast. It is a small amount, so for now I am not too concerned.
If I had to do it over and could only choose lipo or BL in combination with my tummy tuck, I would choose the BL hands down. It is funny, because it was the one thing that I was least sure about before surgery. However, now I am even more pleased with my BL than my tummy tuck. I am sure in time as I heal I will love my tummy tuck just as much, but I have had some complications with it. My BL has been great. No more bras in combination with my swims suits. Oh, and I can finally wear the pretty tops most women wear that before I couldn't even dream of wearing because of my saggy, oversized breasts. For the lipo. It has left me with a sort of numb feeling up and down both sides of my thighs. I don't think I look much different than before. I hope this helps.
Yes it does sweetie and I am so excited now I am going to do the tt and bl bl was one thing I wasnt sure of doing but wanted. thank you

40 days post-op and feeling more and more like my...

40 days post-op and feeling more and more like my old self everyday. Still very swollen and retaining fluid in my seroma. Last Friday they removed 35cc's. I still feel like I am getting fluid higher up in my stomach. I hope when I go back this Friday, they will be able to remove it as well.

I am supposed to be able to ditch the binder at 6 weeks, which is Thursday, but I don't think I will be allowed with the fluid build up. I don't look at my binder as a security blanket. I am ready to rid myself of it.

I was also told that I could start light exercise. However, with the seroma, light exercise means not even walking miles. I am about to go insane staying idol. Exercise is my time to do something for myself. I miss it.
Hang in sounds like it is finally getting better for you. Exercise will be soon enough and this will all be behind you.
Thanks for the support. I hope things do continue to get better.

I had another PS appointment last Friday. PA only...

I had another PS appointment last Friday. PA only aspirated 10cc of fluid from my seroma. This was good news. However, she told me I would have to continue to wear my binder until after I see the PS on my next appointment on the 24th. I am so ready to ditch the binder. It makes sleeping almost impossible.

I know they keep telling me that everything looks fine, but I think at times I look huge above and below my belly button. I am sure they know best. This is why I am keeping my exercise low key and continuing to wear my binder.

8 weeks post-op tomorrow and had my PS appointment...

8 weeks post-op tomorrow and had my PS appointment yesterday. PS did not attempt to drain any fluid this time. He said I seem to be healing well and thought that my seroma was gone. He also allowed me to ditch my binder. Woohoo! I feel so much freedom now without it when it comes to getting dressed. However, I feel better wearing the binder at night for a little extra support.

I was so excited about being able to ditch the binder that I forgot to even ask about exercise and lotion for my scars. I will probably have to call and ask. He also said to call if I felt like fluid was building back up. Because he used the phrase "we will see how it goes," I am assuming I am supposed to take it slow when getting back into exercise. With the area over my belly button looking a little fluid filled, I probably don't want to over do it and produce even more fluid and have another seroma form. Oh well, even if I can't do as much as I would like, I am just happy to say goodbye to the binder and hope all goes will in the next 3 weeks until my next appointment.
woohoo no binder! you look fabulous!

I am around 11 weeks post-op. My last doctor...

I am around 11 weeks post-op. My last doctor appointment was last Monday, the day before Valentine's Day. The PA gave me the ok to start more active exercise, like running and ab work. She did say to only do what my body would allow. I have been away from exercise for so long. It is going to take quite a bit of time before I am back in the swing of things.

I am really happy with my results so far. I feel better when I am dressing. I feel more confident. It is great. While I do find that I swell quite a bit throughout the day, it is way better than it used to be. I can't wait until I no longer have daily swelling from just regular activity and I can see the full transformation.
So glad you updated!! Glad to hear you're fully recovered and happy. I need to do the same. Just haven't made time for it. I was 10 weeks last Thursday and I'm so happy with my results, too. Now if I could just lose this last stubborn 10 lbs :)
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