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I had bilateral prophylactic mastectomies due to...

I had bilateral prophylactic mastectomies due to extensive family history of very aggressive breast cancer. (Was not BRAC 1 or BRAC 2. I was told it might be a gene not found yet, but given the death of multiple close family decided to do this.)

The implants were the largest put in, but as I am 260lbs they looked much smaller A-B's than the 44DD's I had. Dr.s are not really comfortable stating that they will not appear as large on heavy women, but it is reality. Losing weight will make them appear larger, so it is the best incentive I have had to lose the weight. Kind of a shock but would do it again. Had an excellent surgeon. They really do look beautiful.

Doing pretty well. Still fighting the infection though. Resting and drinking lots of water, should be OK soon.

I hold the key to how I will end up looking, so am trying to use this experience as a game changer.

Thanks for asking! :)

That's a great outlook to have. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick recovery and getting that infection out of there. :)


Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your story. How long ago was your surgery?

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After trying for over a year to lose weight so...

After trying for over a year to lose weight so that the implants would appear larger, I have decided to have gastric bypass surgery for this and other health related issues. This is not the way I would have chosen for this to resolve itself, but it will solve the problem.
It has been 14 months since the bariatric surgery and I have lost 110lbs. I am now wearing a 38D and am a VERY happy camper. I am the healthiest I have been in years and the girls have shown up to the party. Sweet!
Update-I am now 35 days out from my gastric bypass and it was so much easier than the mastectomies, but it was also done laproscopically. Well, the "girls" are finally showing up, so to speak and it feels awesome. Not only to be better physically, no more high cholesterol, pretty soon no more CPap but I look pretty good and I am only 40 pounds down. One of the best decisions I made outside of the mastectomies.

Congratulations that is so good to hear!! I'm so happy that you are pleased with your results and are feeling pretty good too! :)

Omaha Plastic Surgeon

He has an excellent bed side manner and was patient with me when I was reeling from the shock of them appearing so much smaller. I was not a happy camper for a few days. Good guy, excellent surgeon.

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