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I love my body, I work hard to maintain my body....

I love my body, I work hard to maintain my body. No amount of calorie counting or hours invested in the gym will change my breasts though. I had invested nearly 1000$ in the expensive -bombshell- bras so that everyone already thought I was a Full C Cup (even though I was an AA). I felt like a very attractive young lady but needed a chest to feel like a sexy, mature woman.

I Felt no pain, just tightness, I'd do it again. The only negatives are other peoples' ignorance. That is by far the biggest CON in the world.

Yesterday, I finally made an appearance at my place of work. (when I say made an appearance, I MEAN it. EVERY coworker was counting the days with me until my surgery.) So, go in yesterday. Wearing a tank top with built in bra and low cut, tight shirt. First response from the first 5 people I ran into was "WHY IS THE RIGHT BIGGER THAN THE LEFT?" I was so self-conscious all night after that. But a good friend reminded me that most people are un-educated on how this surgery really goes and I'm only one-week post-op. My advice? Don't go posting it on facebook- Don't tell it to your extended friend's fling. Keep it to a small circle. Then no one has high expectations about anything.

Omaha Plastic Surgeon

Dr Finkle gave me a chest that I only dreamed about! He's very polite so I didn't feel nervous or intimidated at any time. The surgery center is FANTASTIC, didn't know nurses could ever make a person feel so welcome and calm before a surgery. I paid with my own personal check, so i'm unsure about a payment process. I called for my consultation a MONTH in advance but they were ready to have me in a WEEK. I chose my surgery date in the SAME phone call, it could have been as soon as two weeks after my consultation if i chose. I've already recommended him to people! (:

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hi i was wondering how long it took for right to catch up with ur left? it seems like my right is still tighter and higher then the left and still a little tighter, so im wondering how till it catches up? and how r u doing now? how do they feel?
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In my head, it felt like forever. It wasnt long. Two months maybe. Im severely right hand dominate, so I blamed the difference on that. Just relax (: you'll be fine by summer, im sure of it!
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I dont want to say "regret" ... But if I knee things would be the way they are, I would have done like 350s or 375s.. Honestly. Im areolar incision.. No scars, all sensation still here (:
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Thank you for answering my questions and doong this post! Are the where are the marks at? Do you regret going so big? I want to be 750cc I am not sure if I should anymore I heard so many bad things. I am only a size a now but the doctor said I could handle it just seems scarey. So many choices
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I have a baby who will be one so I hope after a month or so I can still pick her up. I want to go about 700 - 750cc. I have a very wide chest and broad shoulders dr said I could handle them well but the 2nd dr said my skin couldny handle it. Did you have pain or results you weren't happy with?
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Awful stretch marks. I was told it wasnt likely but it totally did even with just 475cc... :( they drive me up the wall... Others say they're not visible but I focus on them! The skin stretching felt like an awful sunburn for a long time :(
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So did you do saline or silcone? Did you have any issues with the ba after? I saw dr finkle and daid for my body type he would recommend 800cc under the muscle silicone to get the results I want. I saw a differnt doctor who said there was no way I could go above 400cc cause I barely have breast tissue. So I am trying to see my options and if you had any issues. Do you have any pictures?
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How big are you trying to go!?! I have Saline, ubder the muscle. I dont know what you mean by issues.. Wheb I weight lift now, i feel very limited when it comes to chest workouts. Like, VERY limited. Still. And my BA was in october
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I had 425 overfilled to 475. I was a 34A / AA ish. Now im 34DD/DDD ish. I wish i'da gone a lil smaller.. Clothing isnt made for my proportions. Ha. (: but im very very happy!
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How are your they now? What size did you get?
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Hi Public Nickname,


You are right people are just uneducated about how the procedure goes.  With one week post op each breast heals differently... completely normal.  How are you doing now? When people gossip they usually are just jealous because they want one too. :)

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I agree keeping it to a small circle. I didn't tell a soul at work as I wanted to keep it private and didn't think it was professional telling people. Plus all the stares, gossip that goes along with that as well, its not worth it. I decided to only tell one family member, couple of friends and my hubby of course. People are now finding out, but after the procedure, now that I know everything went fine and they look good. My PS told me both sides are never going to be the same. I agree with Angie, it's probably just swelling. I think people are not only uneducated but also quick to judge and probably just jealous too! Ignore those people and be proud of what you've done.... I think good on you, and I too would do this again in a heartbeat!
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Sounds like one side may be more swollen than the other. Smart to keep it to a small circle, but hard when you're excited and an open person! Thanks for posting here on RealSelf.

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