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Old Formula Was Great, New Formula is a Waste of Money - Massachusetts

I used the cosmelan maintenance cream, C2, without...

I used the cosmelan maintenance cream, C2, without the mask with great results for a couple of years. Recently the formula has changed, however, and it does not work well at all now. I don't know about the mask as I haven't tried this, but would be worried about using the mask if the maintenance cream no longer works.


I had Cosmelan 1 applied at the dermatologist's office for $1000. The cosmelan 2 and face lotion were sent home with me (as well as the small remainder of Cosmelan 1, in case any areas rubbed off.) It wasn't even the dermatologist that applied it. Sooo expensive. It did, however, work. There was vast improvement in my skin where the dark spots were (cheeks and above upper lip which was embarassing b/c it resembled a mustache and I'm a girl!). My face peeled, was very red, and after a few days I started the Cosmelan 2. My skin remained sensitive to the Cosmelan 2 and was always red in the areas I applied it to. I began wearing Aveno or Neutrogena sunscreen. I eventually stopped the Cosmelan 2 b/c of the redness. I feel that even with sunscreen, when I am out in the sun, the darkness begins to return, which is frustrating. I have also noticed I am getting the dark spots on my forehead. Before the cosmelan treatment I tried Philosophy skin lightener with no results. I am now trying Clinique, only been a few days. I do recommend Cosmelan, however, I feel the $1000 price was a bit much; I would shop around for cheaper dermatologists. If Clinique doesn't work I will likely try Cosmelan again, but I am afraid it will keep returning. Unfortunately, I have been avoiding activities in the sun. For women with this problem, I was also told hormones and birth control could play a part in it. Hope this helps.
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What is old and what is new formula? Attention on this matter is highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards!
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After reading those comments, now I am afraid to take a chance to have "Cosmelan" on my face.
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