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Hi everyone,ive been posting on here, but here is...

Hi everyone,ive been posting on here, but here is a little background on me and my life. I just turned 50 Im 5'1 136lb 3 boys,and married. I believe my boobs has double in size as i have got older and gain 15 lbs. Boob size 38DD going for a full C no bigger,because boobs are just fat,and if i gain anymore heaven forbid please,i don't want them to grow lol. My surgery is set for OCT,31 and my insurance has approved to pay,thank God,ive been waitin along time for this. The Insurance i had before 2008,turned me down. At age 14 i think my boobs were 32C,and never stopped growing. I will post pics when i can. connie

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not forsure final payment yet,insurance will pay 90%

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Connie, how are you doing? Did you continue to be pain-free? Were you sore? How long? How are you feeling at this point?
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Im doin great thanks for asking.My insurance before was healthnet and now is cigna my husband insurance.
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Hi Connie! You had your surgery about a week ago, right? How are you feeling?

Also, what insurance did you have pre 2008, and what now?
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How are you feeling, Connie?
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Ive been doin great iowa thanks for asking.Stop taken the pain meds that night,I havn't had much pain more itch than anything. I drove that friday to the Dr. He takes out the stitches this Friday. I posted before and after pics did they show up i didn't look.
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Before picture shows but not after. Glad you are doing well.
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Hope everything went well yesterday! I will be anxious to hear more of your story!
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thanks so much,very neverous and excited at the same time. i pray everything goes ok. One question though,when is it ok to drive i forgot to ask the doc
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Generally once you are off the pain meds - one to two weeks post op.  Play it by ear and see how you feel.  It hurts so the longer you can wait the better.  I drove at a week post op and it was miserable.

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yeah i can't wait,its be along road, but now i can see the end. I'm very nervous but praying for a fast recovery.I will post pics soon as i have some free time. I had some baby calves get sick on me trying to get them back healthy before my surgery, i won't be able to care for them afterwards.
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I will be thinking about you this week:)   Keep me up to date on your recovery.

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Welcome to RealSelf Connie!   

Thank you for sharing your story with us and I look forward to following your journey:)  I think a size C will be perfect for you!!  You will definitely feel like a new woman once you lighten the load.  

We are almost exactly the same size so I do know how you feel carrying the DD's around.  It hurts and makes you feel so self conscious.

Before and after pictures would be great!!   I am happy you were persistent with the insurance company and are able to get this covered.  That's very helpful:)

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Try being a 42H ! I am SO sick of these boobies. They're not sexy, they're just MY 'Dolly Parton's' that come into a room before I do!
I dress like an Italian widow for a reason.
Looking forward to wearing other colors.
I see my surgeon today for the meeting before the op, but unfortunately have still a time to wait. Am praying for several cancellations!
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Good luck Toronto! One of the best things has been the new clothes that I can wear. They are colorful and stylish and FIT ME!!!
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