4 1/2 Year Ongoing Radiesse Nightmare - Oklahoma

I just went for a consult, and ended up with the...

I just went for a consult, and ended up with the Radiesse injection in tear troughs-via a oral injection. I started getting sick with breathing problems/frequent infections soon after. Have not been well since-was told that the filler is not the problem by several Drs. Had to quit my job. 2 sinus surgeries since the injection. The first one, they cultured aspergillus mold. I took VFend for the fungus and nasal antifungals (1 1/2 years off/on). I had severe pain in my frontal sinus area when I coughed-saw a neuro-MRI/CT always looked ok except for one where my spenoid sinus had fluid. Saw multiple doctors-black chunks always coming out in the nasal rinse. The second sinus surgery was a ballon plasty of the sinus. My sinuses went right back the same as before, more VFend. Always have swelling in my whole face and nerve pain on the left side. When I cry, I blow black particles out of my nose. My eyes don't swell when I cry (not normal for me)-CT of eyes/sinus looked totally normal. I irrigated my sinuses heavily the other day and some waxy sticky stuff came out my nose-burned my throat and lips. Got severe asthma/heart beating irregularly (yes-3 years later this is no where close to ending). Now, my face feels like someone put glue on it. My fingers stick to my face when I touch it- This is a new development in my nightmare. I found this website and figure that I found the problem after everyone trying to figure it out for a year and 1/2. My sinuses are burning right now and it feels like I have glue and acid in my sinuses. Always on antibiotics too for nasty drainage coming out in my sinus rinse. I see my ENT dr. tomorrow to let him know that I think I found the problem. I hope someone can help me and I don't want to die.

My ENT Dr. told me today that my body would have...

My ENT Dr. told me today that my body would have already absorbed the Radiesse. He doesn't think it is the problem-the fungal infection is the reason for the weird drainage, swelling etc... in my face. I will always wonder about the Radiesse though, and I just want to have a normal life again.
Tulsagal~ Her name is Andrea Mitchell and she is with Emerge Medical Day Spa. I plan on seeing her in the next couple weeks or so. My schedule has been too hectic to make an appointment, so I can't attest to her work first-hand, but as I said before, she has a great reputation & we had a lengthy conversation over the phone recently about all the details of the procedure & I feel confident that she knows what she's doing.

Warison- any updates?
Megan, I don't know if I answered your question. I did see the plastic surgeon on the Friday. He did not have an answer for me, but since I got the IV immunoglobulin on thursday, the day before this appointment, I have started getting some golden waxy pellets out with irrigation from my nose. I know that this is dermal filler. I read of some cases where it migrated into sinuses and blocked the lymphatic drainage, and I feel certain after this whole nightmare that this waxy substance is dermal filler. The nodule on each side of my nose went down, but I have been massaging my nose and under my eyes vigorously and still applying warm salt compresses to my face. I am forcing air into my sinuses, and it's like they are stuck together up inside. I don't know if I have a fistula or not now. I am still trying to figure out where the mold is coming from.
Warison~ Thank you for contacting me & giving me that information - I wish you the very best! Please continue to keep us posted!

I had a big painful lump on the left side of my...

I had a big painful lump on the left side of my nose that hurt. I applied warm compresses and pressed really hard on the area which was painful to touch. Then I irrigated my nose and pus came out the left nostril as usual and the big lump on my face went down. I see my third plastic surgeon on Saturday to see if I can beg him to PLEASE find the abscess, fistula, or whatever it is that has been living in my face and nose since I got the Radiesse 4 years ago.
Surfgstor. I wish it was an easy fix, but I am living proof it is not easy. I had the Radiesse under my eyes in 2008 around May. My body never dissolved the product. My sinuses have like glue in them. Just yesterday I got this beige stuff out of my nose that looked like rubber cement. I have had the bags. They are finally getting better. The product is still no where near gone from my sinuses. The only thing that I have found to work after seeing countless Dr.s is vigorous massage to the area. I massage all the time. It is the only thing that makes it better.Good luck to you.
I am so disappointed....my wife has been getting Radiesse for a few years, and it is never what she wanted. I finally told her that she could spend what she wanted, to tell them to do everything correctly...I agreed to never complain about the cost but to get it done right this time. It's been a month or two...and she had a few personal issues to deal with....but all of this stuff has dropped from under her eyes and she has these ridiculous pouches. She is upset over that now. I told her to get back to the doctor and get it fixed. She said it didn't work that way.

I do not want to be a stupid ignorant husband, but I think she is being taken to the cleaners on this. So I am asking for impartial advice.

1. Why can't she go back to the doctor and complain?
2. Surely for all that money crying for a day wouldn't ruin it...or would it?
3. Is there a solution?
4. Did her doctor screw up?

Thanks for any help. Again, I don't want to fly off the handle but this is just wrong.

I think it is so wonderful you are on here getting knowledge to try to help your wife. Here is a Q&A that might be helpful:

How Long for Radiesse Nightmare to Dissolve Under Eyes?


Ok, well I have suspected for a long time that I...

Ok, well I have suspected for a long time that I have a fistula from an infection under my left eye that empties out into my nose. Yesterday all the remnants of dermal filler (organge waxy material), black mold and pus came out of an opening in my nose when I irrigated my nose. It took irrigating all day to get the saline contents to come back clear in the sink. However, I can feel that it is coming from my face.-not my nose, and I can feel that the opening to this is not part of my nose anatomy inside my nose and it kind of hurts . Now, all I have to do is find a Dr. who can find that opening, and maybe I can finally get well and get this problem fixed.. I would definitely never get a dermal filler ever again.

I now have dermal filler coming out of my nose....

I now have dermal filler coming out of my nose. Although I have appreciated physician support on this website, I need to know if anyone has been able to recoup the financial burden when this product goes wrong. For example, is there any support from the company that manufactures Radiesse. They are afterall, aware that the procuct is being used off label. I will post photos soon. What is the FDA's role in all of this? How are they notified when a product is as dangerous as this one? I think that women are being terribly taken advantage of.
wow it has been years I hope you are healed and better!
Why doctors dont tell patients that radiesse or sculptra is not for under eyes or nasolabial folds is only for the cheeks and midface the only filler that should be used under eyes is restylane you can use perlane for nasolanial folds
Hi warison! Thank you for posting your experience with radiesse in the tear trough area. I am going through this now with juvederm. So anyone thinking that's safer than radiesse or any other filler, think again! It's not. That area is very sensitive, and attracts fluids. If someone is careless in how they inject, you may have a lot of trouble. I have been dealing with this only a few months, but I without people posting on this site, it could have been much longer. I had no clue what was going on because it happened months after the filler injection. I have had similar symptoms as yours. I have had about 6 injections of hyaluronidase, but it gave minimal relief. Just today, I got a hit of intuition that the sinus cavity may have been affected by the filler. Any doctor who can't see this connection is just out of touch with reality of this product. I'm sorry, but the evidence just keeps rolling in. I started using a saline spray days before even thinking it was in my sinus (it's only on my left side - I did not get injections on the right side - which makes it even more obvious it's the filler!) It has been getting better since the saline spray. I may try your epsom salt idea, too. Anything to clear this. It does feel stuffy most of the time, and when something does come out, it's as if I have a sinus infection...murky yellow/green mucus. But it won't always come out - that's why I got the saline spray. I have an extremely helpful doctor - not the one who injected it. I do not trust this guy anymore. I have been providing most of the research on this, however, as most PS's or aestheticians do not have much experience with this...even though they should! It is better now, but it's not completely healed. The swelling and pain has thrown me for a loop - distorting the whole look of my left side of my face and affected my smile. I will NEVER get fillers again. Not worth this side effect. And I will continue to post what is working to resolve this. Thanks for your info. If you will, please let me know how you're doing now. Hope all is well. BiggyC
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I don't think that a physician should be using a product in tear troughs that was studied/approved for naso-labial folds and considering that this is an "implant", injecting through the mouth is dangerous.

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