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almost 1 full yr PO, upper tummy is hard, tight and measures larger than before

After almost 20 years of having babies...I...

After almost 20 years of having babies...I sincerely cant believe that i am really finally doing this! I am 46 years old..I have had 4 c-sections (my children are extremely spaced out in age 19,14,12 and 6) I have also had an emergency removal of ruptured tube and ovary plus two other minor laparoscopic surgeries..I gained a significant amount of weight with each baby, (always 50+ pounds) but luckily always lost it..and i was blessed with being stretch mark free! I am about 5'4 and stay around 130 on a good day (but can weigh 6-8 pounds more depending on what i had for dinner or what time of the month it is..seriously, i can have this much water weight over night..does anyone else do this??)...I love to eat, but try to keep it in check (i eat whole, fresh food as often as possible..limiting my intake of processed stuff) I am active..it is hard for me to "be idle"...i work out as often as possible..but there is always the c section shelf and stretched out tummy that doesn't respond to ANYTHING..I find myself spending a lot of time trying to find things to wear that "disguise" my middle or i resort to being hot and miserable wearing girdles with everything...I am a size 4/6 so I know you don't think of someone that size wanting to wear girdles, BUT my midsection is more like a 10/12 so it makes it tricky to dress for anything..does that make sense? For me, it has been a tremendous "mental" struggle to get my mind around doing something for ME...I have never really had extra money to make this happen and certainly can always justify "other" things to spend the money on!!! Plus, I worry about the message that i am sending to my kids about loving their bodies...BUT, I have made peace with my issues in the fact that by doing this i am regaining a strong core and simply repairing what no amount of diet and exercise can!! Not only will my tummy be "prettier" but healthier...i have to think that having your muscle structure put back into place will pay off down the road plus i do have a small hernia that will be repaired...sooooo, that being said May 2nd is the day! I have taken care of payment and pre-op this past week and making all the prep around my house that i can with preparing meals, cleaning, getting stuff in order for the kids etc...My husband is 110% supportive, but he also has a very demanding work schedule so I am hoping that we can juggle everything around the house (especially for the immediate week or so) and at least all the kids are in school for a few more weeks so that will help..I always did extremely well with c section recovery but i just dont know if this will be easier or harder.. plus each and every surgery is different of course...wishing all of you ladies much health and happiness in the journey to the flat side...blessings to all and good night for now, p.s. i am most freaked out about the drains?? my doctor said he anticipated 2-3 days...but it seems like everyone i read about has them for longer than that...any experience or thoughts?

Really glad to have this site...so great to chat...

Really glad to have this site...so great to chat with kind people in the same boat!! so nice to gather a variety of info...and i will have to say, for me it is kind of just therapeutic to write about my feelings!! hope everyone is having a good day...sending positive vibes to all!! may 2nd is just a heartbeat away...so many things to do!!

I am on day 4 or 5 of a fairly intense headache (i...

I am on day 4 or 5 of a fairly intense headache (i know that it is caused by going cold turkey off my birth control pills which help keep my hormone levels stable)but they do contain an aspirin product so it was a must to stop...Getting kids ready ready for school...i keep thinking, tomorrrow at this time i will be at the hospital!! so much to do around here, but there always is and always will be...I am actually trying to just take it easy on myself and not feel like i have to move heaven and earth (which is how i typically make myself feel) Am i nervous? yes, but not like i thought i would be considering it is less than 24 hours away!! I actually have a strange peace right now..i have my supplies and also ordered another binder to have on hand which i got in the mail yesterday...I tried it on and this is crazy but it felt so good..(yes, i know i wont be thinking that soon,,everyone says they get sooo sick of their binder) but it actually made my back and guts feel supported in just trying it on last night and i thought maybe i should have been wearing one of these for years...lol.
good luck ur gonna be soo happy w ur results ur skin look great....stay on top of ur meds and take each day at a time...just know that this is a big surgery u cannot expect to be pain free..but know that the outcome will be all worth it trust!!!
Good luck! Where in OK are you? I am going to Tulsa (where I am originally from and my parents still live) for 2 consults May 10.
i will send you a message with my info :)

I have been attempting to update for a couple of...

i have been attempting to update for a couple of days but it never seemed to posts...or perhaps i have been too strung out on pain meds...ha,ha..soooooo, everything went great on wed. 5/2...and here i am at day 3 post op...surgery took about 3 hours, i was able to get up on my feet without assistance several times the first afternoon after surgery...i even helped a little bit getting kids lunches ready for school etc the next day..it does seem like i am "peeing" a lot..but i am drinking a ton of water...when my husband first came into recovery and he saw the drains he became dizzy and nauseous...the nurses had to assist him in sitting down and gave him a bowl to throw up in...LOL??? bless his heart..here i am standing there (barely) ready to be taken away by wheelchair and i am actually having to wait until HE feels better...I posted some pics of all the fresh fruit that i had ready at home and this is what i have mostly been eating...in addition to grilled chicken and some fresh green beans...My throat was a little dry after sugery and a little sore...didnt have any nausea but i did throw up once (and believe me, i felt every muscle in my tummy then) I drained out quite a lot the first couple of days...but it is now minimal and it keeps getting lighter and lighter in color...I have not even sneaked a peek yet..i just dont want to take the binder off for even a second as it is my security blanket...both thurs and fri kids went to school and hubby at work...i just surrounded myself in my little nest with everything and anything that i might need...did not take pain meds on friday (except when i went to sleep) and havent had any today (Sat.) either...i did not get a recliner but rather created one on the sofa and it has worked out fine...with having 4 c sections, i had learned in the past how to navigate getting up and down without straining tummy too much so those same instincts apply now...i was having some pain this morning or more like a loose feeling as if my stomach was going to fall out...but i managed to tighten the binder and that made a huge difference!!! i do not have significant swelling/not sure about bruising because i havent really looked...hope everyone is taking it easy out there and taking good care of themselves...soooooo glad to have this behind me...let the healing begin!! thinking of all you ladies out there

Thinking about you and hoping you are doing well today:)

congrats..and happy healing..i love strawberries and pineapples...yumm..enjoy!!!!!

So here we are at day 4 post op....feeling...

so here we are at day 4 post op....feeling stronger everyday...swelling is minimal, I have no pain as long as i am just still and sitting somewhere...getting up and down brings some pain but i would still describe it as about a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10...I do think that it is key to stay on top of meds!!! i am taking pain medicine at bedtime only and doing extra strength tylenol throughout the day...finally had a BM yesterday and it wasnt painful..highly recommend keeping up with the stool softener! I have also been taking a powerful probiotic to counteract the antibiotic...right drain doesnt have anything in it and left drain is very minimal...still drinking tons of water, eating a lot of fruit...the most difficult thing is just staying sedate!! i am so used to doing a million things all day...i am not very good at just watching tv..lol...I did step on the scales just for fun and I actually weigh 6 pounds more than surgery day (no worries though, i know that is typical with fluid retention, swelling etc) I still havent truly looked at everything but i can tell that i dont have any bruising...i gave myself a sponge bath and washed my own hair today which felt awesome..i go back to ps tomorrow and hopefully drains will come out?? I feel as if i am having mild contractions every now and then...not really painful, more like "hey, we are your muscles down here..remember us?" Ha,Ha...I know this is a rambling message but hopefully details will help someone out there...wishing everyone a blessed, pain free day!! take care ladies
Glad to hear you are recovering nicely. Healthy and happy healing!!
thank you!

So far everything is going fairly well....i cant...

so far everything is going fairly well....i cant sleep in my bed (platform and low to ground) but i have "created" a recliner with a club chair and ottoman in my living room...I return today to PS office and hopefully get both drains removed (considering i am now post op day 5 the drains are basically empty) I know it is different for each and everyone of us...but what are the standard questions i should be asking my PS at this point?? thankfully, i would say my pain is probably a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10...i still have not even looked at my tummy, but i can tell that there isn't bruising and minimal swelling...(although i did indulge in some BBQ last night and i think the sodium found my hips...i feel like my hips are the only swollen area) I enjoyed the weekend with my family and even sat outside and watched my kids play...sending good vibes to all out there for successful healing and if you have any tips or questions that i should ask PS let me know...even though i am no longer taking narcotics...i just feel a little foggy!!

Had appointment today with ps.....and i am soooooo...

Had appointment today with ps.....and i am soooooo thrilled to say that both drains are history!!! i was given the green light to take a bath IN ABOUT 3 INCHES OF WATER!!! but since the last shower i had was six days ago....the idea of anything that even resembled getting cleaned up seemed so luxurious...woo hoo, i loved it and then it felt wonderful to just put lotion all over my body...the simple pleasures...OK, but back to those drains...they are gone and i had feared that it would be very painful for them to be pulled out but it was really NOTHING!! i go back again in 2 more days to have sutures removed...i am not judging my results yet, not even close to what the finished "tummy" will be...but today was the first day that i got to see my new tummy. My first inclination is to think that the incision looks really, really high...but again, trying to just stay open and do my best at healing for now...happy healing to all...goodnight!!! i am wiped out tired as i actually drove myself to appointment today....(not what i had planned, BUT hubby was tied up and my father was going to drive and then he was not feeling well at the last minute!!)
Hey Sunny, Can't wait to see your PO pics. I'm ready for my new me surgery on Thursday! We need to plan our margarita night soon.
yes!! i am happy for you and i know you are going to do great...i will be thinking of you :) we are so doing a margarita night...

Glad to hear the drains are out!   Onto the next step of recovery and that wonderful bath:)  It sure does feel like heaven the first time you get to really clean yourself up.

Hang in there and keep us up to date.  


So i am officially 10 days post op today...i am of...

so i am officially 10 days post op today...i am of course not at "full speed" but getting around very well (my six year old told me yesterday "mommy, you are walking faster and your shoulders are up now"...ha,ha) i went back to PS three days ago and he removed my sutures so i started doing the silicone strips today...i asked him how much he removed?? he said that it amounted to a few grams but it was a significant amount of skin...he did not do any lipo...I have to be honest that i am now at the point where i am questioning myself thinking "all of this for no significant change?" BUT i went into this with realistic expectations and i have thought about the surgery for years so i just need to keep reminding myself time is my friend and i will see some change...As so many of us know, smaller ladies can have issues with their tummy BUT the results will certainly not be as immediately dramatic as they are for others....right now i took my measurements and they are all about two inches larger than the day that i went in for TT...(i really dont feel that swollen but i guess that i am??) I just see this big honking incision and my poor belly button and think "am i crazy?"...on the up side I am blessed to be feeling good and getting around well and to be able to have resumed so much of my life...i am driving and went to a mother's day thing at school...also went to sons track meet...very light grocery shopping ...etc...(mind you all of these activities were not in the SAME day and i am taking plenty of time to just put my feet up too) I actually love the compression garment...it makes me feel soooo supported and safe at this point and another positive is i can feel my "muscles" for the first time since i had my first c section....so nice to feel some core strength hiding in there, and i know this will be only improve and support my organs and back for years to come as they should be supported....happy mothers' day to all and happy healing ladies!! not trying to be "debbie downer" but just not loving it at this point....but two things I have NEVER truly heard of anyone that regrets it and my PS told me "it is not always what you remove in a TT but it is often what you leave that gives you natural, healthy results"....that being said I cant question his judgement!!! I just need to give my new Tummy some time...
Oh my goodness- I see a huge change! You look great, hang in there! Happy mother's day. :)
thank you! i just dont "see it" yet...i think i am "blinded" by that huge incision...ha,ha
I think you look great!! Hang in there =]

I am indeed feeling wonderful and like i am back...

I am indeed feeling wonderful and like i am back to myself...realized that i am hopping right up and down without even flinching or second guessing how i am going to lift myself...the internal muscle soreness is now dulled to just a very faint feeling like i had a good ab workout a few days ago, and sneezing/laughing etc. are no longer a concern. My belly button had felt very sore, but that seems to be resolving...reflecting back now, the first two days are a drugged haze with moderate pain but once you hit about day 4 or 5 i think it starts to get better and just improves from there!! I did finally try on my "normal" jeans last night, but i could not get them zipped all the way up so i do have to keep reminding myself that i am more swollen than i realize and that just takes time to resolve itself so i will continue to enjoy comfy sundresses and yoga pants for now and of course my best friend the compression garment..ha/ha......My question is, my incision site feels very, very hard! not painful, just hard...almost like there is a piece of plastic that runs the length of the incision? last night is the first time i have really "touched" my incision and was just surprised....everything else about the incision site appears completely normal?? does anyone else currently feel like this or recall their incision feeling this way?? happy healing ladies!!
You look great! I am glad you are feeling so well! I am 7 days po. I was only able to get rid of 1 drain. Boo hoo. Oh well, dr. knows best. I did have lipo on back, flanks, legs, chin, and arms so I guess that is why I am a little farther behind you in recovery. My flanks are the sorest and tend to swell the most. My tt doesn't hurt at all, still just taking tylenol extra strength. I am going to drive today, which will be a first. Keep filling us in!!
dear ourkids..thank you!! wow, sounds like you are doing great!! so happy for you...keep me posted...you will really feel like a million when you get that other drain out too, but yes you are right dr. knows best!! happy healing

Hi Everyone...officially 2 wk. post op now!!...

Hi Everyone...officially 2 wk. post op now!! (posted a new pic) i am very encouraged and thrilled with how great my incision is coming along! i am using the silicone strips religiously...i am still wearing the binder that PS put me in after surgery pretty much 24/7 on my own accord (he said it could come off but it feels good to me) i did take it off last night and switched to a spanx type garment under my jeans to wear for a few hours (my husband and i had a "date" night) I cant fully zip my regular jeans or skinny jeans but "fat" jeans (we all have a pair right??) fit great and no blubber spill over at top....I had a "buyer's remorse" day a few days ago where i just felt bad about myself and was thinking why did i do it?? and i even "whined" in private messages to a few of you...(you know who you are) but i have snapped out of the funk and am back on track!! thanks for the support girls, good to have people listen!! weight and measurements basically remain the same as when i had surgery (but again, i didnt have lipo so i didnt expect to see a real change on the scales) i know measurements will change with more time..swelling is minimal but present...My belly button is interesting right now, it almost has a "patchwork" look about it, i dont know how to explain it...lol...i am not "concerned" though as i am rapidly seeing BB changes and i know it will be ready for summer!! ha,ha....it is really an experience to wait and wonder what kind of a BB you are going to have?? Yesterday, i did a hot yoga class and although i took it easy with modifications in some of the poses, i was not sore at all and did not suffer any negative effects...it felt great to get some nice stretches and it felt amazing to have a vague feeling that there were indeed some ab muscles lurking inside!! I know that having all my muscles plicated is going to help everything structurally. Now, truly "recovery" time is pretty much over or at least it will be harder to "baby myself" as SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER and i have 4 kids going 4 different directions!! let the fun begin, Happy healing...hope everyone out there is doing well and especially my "early May" tuckers!! We are going to look and feel fierce this summer :)
You must be so happy! I am happy for you. today is the first day I can actually say i am feeling good. It is 9 days po. The flank lipo areas have really hurt and swelled, but not hurting much today, more stiff feeling than anything. Your scar looks so healed for only being 2 weeks, wow. Up close, does your bb look normal? would people notice if you put on a bathing suit? I am curious because we will possibly be putting bathing suits on Memorial Weekend and I will be 15 days po.
You look phenomenal!

Just tried this on this morning...my six year old...

just tried this on this morning...my six year old daughter took the pics, lol...she said "what exactly did they do to your belly button? it looks good for a pretend belly button"...that gave me a good laugh!! feeling good and healing well....so glad to have the worst part behind me now..wishing everyone healthy, happy healing!!

p.s. feeling a lot of twinges that remind me of mild contractions...or muscle spasms? not painful at all...just strange little feeling...definitely still some swollen but tolerable....by my choice i am still wearing my binder as much as possible (ps said i could stop but i like how it feels)

...also forgot to mention that as of now 17 days...

...also forgot to mention that as of now 17 days post op "officially" changing my vote to worth it! I know that i am going to have a new found confidence in not having to continuoulsly camouflage my tummy ....but i truly feel like I can take better, deep breaths now...i know it sounds crazy and maybe it is just psychological but i believe the muscle plication already makes me feel better
I'd love to see how you're doing now! You look fantastic in your pics! :)
thank you!
I think you look amazing, I can only hope for results like yours!! I get why you're disappointed but hey, maybe there's still some swelling to go down? I hope everything turns out for you. I am happy to hear that the process was good for you though.

I can't believe that it is has been almost a full...

I can't believe that it is has been almost a full year! I hope everyone from the may 2012 TT club is doing well and i am happy that it appears to be the ticket for many of you...don't want to be a downer, but just want to be honest about my personal experience....I am relatively happy that my saggy BB has been replaced but that is about all that I am pleased with. I never went into this thinking that I would look 20 again and I have exhibited an extreme amount of patience in waiting for "results" but here i am nearly one year later and I have a very hard sm football that exists right above my BB...it is uncomfortable and almost has the tight feeling of braxton hicks contractions all the time...I have ugly dog ears on both sides that make my now non existent c section scar look lovely in comparison. Weight has never been an issue for me, I am relatively the same weight from this time last yr. (actually down 3 pounds) but my overall tummy measurements are larger than before...The real capper is how my stomach takes on a strange splotchy look after spending time in the sun and it also feels very warm to the touch...I contacted my dr. in sept. to discuss why?? I showed him the photo that i had taken after being in the sun and all he said was.."i have never seen anything like that"....when i inquired about my "larger" measurements and how my upper tummy felt so hard, he said I had probably gained weight (which i have not) and i should give it more time. I was the very last patient that he ever saw that September day or any future day for that matter, as I mentioned before, he retired...I just wish he would have mentioned that retirement was in the making prior to surgery as this would have changed my decision in selecting him..I guess I will eventually find another doctor for a new opinion but frankly, I am terrified that a new doctor would want to do a new tuck and I can assure you that I will not go down that road! ok...enough negativity from me...wishing each and every one of you the tummy of your dreams!! take care
The good news is the dog ears flatten out over time but everything else you mentioned is true and frustrating. I am pretty sure our poor stomachs will never be normal again. My stretch marks where pretty bad but pale in comparison to all the negative aspects of the tt.
So sorry you've had problems with your TT.. It would be very disheartening to go through all the pain/recovery time to not be thrilled with your results! I'm 3 weeks po, and very fortunate I'm having a good recovery.. Your tummy does look awesome though.. You are rockin' that bikini! Maybe it would be worth your time to go have a consultation with a new PS?!? Wouldn't hurt to ask your questions, maybe an easy fix for those things you do not like! I wish you the best of luck! :)
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i wish that my doctor would have told me when i booked my surgery in april that he was retiring in august....surgery went well, but follow up was non existent...i only saw him for my 6 wk. check up and he spent about 3 minutes with me and that is when he said he was retiring and if i needed anything in the future that i should contact one of the other doctors in his practice

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